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Knife Set Without Steak Knives

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Best Quality: Shun Classic 6

Unboxing the Shun Classic Four Piece Steak Knife Set

Shun knives are renowned for their stunning design, as well as their surgical-level precision. The blades are handcrafted in Japan with VG-Max “super” steel, clad with 34 layers of stainless steel. The result is a durable, razor-sharp edge that gives cooks incredible control. This set’s eight-slot wooden block includes Shun’s celebrated chef’s and santoku knives, as well as versatile kitchen shears and 9-inch honing steel.

Users love Shun knives for looks and performance, saying they are worth the cost. It’s no wonder they’ve earned a 4.7-star rating on Williams Sonoma’s site. “Shun products live up to their reputation,” one reviewer wrote. “They are very well-balanced, stay sharp, and are a work of art.”

To buy: $420 at

How Does The Knife Feel

A good knife should feel like an extension of your hand. It should be comfortable to grip and easy to control. Neither the handle nor the blade should feel exceptionally heavier than the other. Before you make a purchase, or make the first cut in your own kitchen, its a good idea to simulate slicing and see how a knife feels to you.

Knife Sets That Pro Chefs Actually Use In Their Own Kitchens

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Ask any professional chef, and theyll tell you that a high-quality set of knives is a must have in the kitchen. A sharp, well-balanced knife makes food prep faster, easier andbelieve it or notsafer, which is why the best knife sets are a worthwhile investment.

When shopping for a knife block, youll want to first figure out how many pieces you need. The first and most important step is determining what kinds of knives you use the most and which ones feel comfortable to you, explains Mat Schuster, chef and owner of Canela in San Francisco. In general, you should have a chefs knife and/or a santoku as your primary knife. These knives range in length from 6 to 8 inches, and the best way to see which ones feel the best is to hold them.

Next, a paring knife is a good part of any knife set for smaller, hand-held tasks, says Schuster. After that, a serrated knife, around 8 inches in length, for slicing bread, tomatoes and other foods where you dont want to squish the center.

Misen’s Essentials Knife Set includes a chefs knife, serrated knife and paring knife, all of which … are made from high-carbon stainless steel.


  • Knives Included: Chefs knife, serrated knife, paring knife
  • Block Included: No

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An Attractive Set With High


  • Material: Cromova 18 stainless steel
  • Knives Included: Paring knife, utility knife, chef’s utility/prep knife, nakiri knife, chefs knife, bread knife
  • Block Included: Yes

This knife set will make an attractive addition to your kitchen thanks to its unique block, which is made from bamboo with acrylic sides, allowing you to see the blades inside. Plus, the knives themselves are every bit as functional as they are aesthetically appealing: I feel very confident recommending Global Brand knives, says Taylor Reilly, executive chef and founder of Greenroots Living. They are easy to sharpen at home, hold a blade very well, and are at a great price point for home cooks and professionals alike. The Japanese steel is excellent quality, and Ive had mine for many, many years and theyve maintained their integrity over time. My Globals are my most often go-to knives out of dozens of other specialty knives Ive collected over my career.

This brand is also touted for being exceptionally durable. Being married to someone puts them in a dishwasher, they just hold up better and maintain an edge longer,” says Chef Cole Ellis, owner of Delta Meat Market.

Ja Henckels International Forged Premio 18

Stainless Steel Steak Knives

FREE DELIVERY: An excellent value set. Offers a wide selection and forged quality at an affordable price. Set includes 3 paring knife, 5 serrated utility knife, 5 boning knife, 6 utility knife, 7 santoku hollow edge, 8 chefs knife, 8 bread knife, 9 sharpening steel, kitchen shears, Stamped Steak Knives , and the Hardwood Block.

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Kramer By Zwilling Euroline Damascus Steel 7 Piece Knife Set


SG2 micro-carbide powder steel
Lifetime Warranty
Designed by Bob Kramer

Set includes the following: one 8 chef knife, one 9 slicer, one 9 bread knife, one 5 utility knife, one 3.5 paring knife, one 12 sharpening steel and a 14 slot storage block.

The Euroline Damascus Collection is a result of a partnership between master blade-smith Bob Kramer and Zwilling Henckles. Bob Kramers knives have been long time favorites of famous chefs around the world. Unfortunately they are difficult to buy and very expensive. Fortunately the partnership with Zwilling Henckles has made it possible for the rest of us to buy a Kramer designed knife or even a knife set.

The knives in the Zwilling Karmer Euroline Damascus Collection are works of art. They are definitely some of the most beautiful and unique knives on the market, but they are not another example of form over function. These knives are designed for hard working chefs who put in long hours. The comfortable micarta handles, great balance, excellent steel and outstanding blade geometry combine to make this set of knives one of the best performing sets manufactured today.

No steak knives ship with this set, but Zwilling did make a set of matching steak knives that can be bought seperately. The steak knives are made of the same high quality raw materials by the same craftsmen as the other knives in this collection, but they are not cheap.

Wsthof Classic Ikon Steak Knives

These Wüstof steak knives are forged from a single block of High Carbon Stainless Steel and tempered to 58-degree HRC . Precision Edge Technology is used to yield a blade that is said to be 20% sharper with twice the edge retention than previous models. All in all, these are possibly the most high-tech steak knives you will find. Thats also the reason why theyre over $100 apiece.

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Notes On Materials And Construction

If youve spent more than a few minutes researching knives, youve likely run into a bewildering fog of jargon and technical specifications. Heres a quick guide, which applies to steak knives, chefs knives, and everything in between:

The phrase high-carbon steel is basically marketing hype: every steel alloy used to make knives is high-carbon. You can ignore the phrase it if its used, and you neednt worry if its not. Do note, however, that if a knife is listed only as high-carbon or carbon steel, it will easily rust. To be sure your knife is rust-resistant, make sure it is also listed as stainless.

Stainless steel is steel alloyed with at least 12 percent, and usually 14 to 18 percent, chromium. The chromium forms a dense layer on any exposed surface which rapidly oxidizes, preventing oxidation of the steel underneath. There are multiple types of stainless steel, some more corrosion-resistant than others all those used on our recommended knives are high-performing: extremely corrosion-resistant, capable of taking and holding a sharp edge and easy to re-sharpen.

There are thousands of different steel alloysmixtures of iron, carbon, and any of 20 or more other elementseach designed for a different purpose. Knife alloys alone run into the dozens, and the names are alphabet soup: AEB-L, VG-10, 19C27, ZDP-189. My advice is: ignore them all, at least for steak knives. Whatever alloy a good manufacturer chooses will perform perfectly well.

Best Nonstick Knife Set: Cuisinart 12 Piece Color Knife Set With Blade Guards

Wolfgang Puck 12piece Steak Knife Set with Wooden Gift B…

The ceramic, nonstick coating on these Cuisinart knives makes chopping easier and faster. Jewel-toned colors can help you color-code during the food prepping process to help reduce the risk of cross contamination. Each knife comes with a matching blade cover and they can be stored in a drawer if you prefer not to keep your knives out on the counter. BUY IT: $19.87

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Amazon’s Choice Knife Set: Home Hero Stainless Steel 17 Piece Knife Set With Block

With over 11,000 five-star reviews, this knife set has earned the number one spot on the Amazon best-sellers list. It includes 13 knives, kitchen scissors, a peeler, a quality knife sharpener, and a modern acrylic stand to hold them all. One reviewer said, ” If you are having doubts, don’t. Just go for it! It’s a great, affordable product that looks beautiful on your kitchen counter.”BUY IT: $49.99

Best Chef Knife: Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Knife Set

Specifications :

Why youll love it :

  • Knives are colorful this allows coding during food prep to avoid cross-contamination. Especially good in the teaching process or if someone is just starting out in the kitchen.
  • This set a very cost-effective this is one reason it won in the category it did. Being the best set under $100 on
  • It comes with matching blade guards and ergonomic handles, which both offer safety and comfort.
  • Non-stick color coating for easy slicing and dicing.

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Should I Buy A Wusthof Classic Knife Block Set

There are over 10 types of 7 to 36 piece Wusthof Classic block sets on offer which might make it a bit confusing to decide. But lets make it easier and divide them into 2 categories. The sets that feature steak knives and the ones that dont. If you are not interested in buying steak knives or you already have your own you might want to take this factor into consideration.

When deciding which one to pick you must know that the number of pieces in a set is irrelevant to the number of knives. In order to find out the right number of knives you have to first subtract the block, the steel and the kitchen shears. In other words you take out the storage, maintenance and accessories part of your set. Thus from 7 to 36 piece knife sets you get between 4 and 33 knives.

Also keep in mind that the larger knife sets have multiple steak knives featured in the set. If we subtract that number also, you might find that some sets that initially felt large, might not be big enough. For example the larger 12 to 20 piece sets actually have between 5 and 9 cooking knives in the set. While the top two 26 and 36 piece sets remain the largest at 15 and 25 cooking knives.

Now lets take a closer look at each set to see what unique cooking knives you actually get.

Wusthof Classic 36 piece knife Block Set

Wusthof Classic 26 piece knife Block Set

Wusthof Classic 20 piece knife Block set

Wusthof Classic 16 Piece knife Block Set

Wusthof Classic 12 Piece knife Block set

Unboxing The Wusthof Classic Knife Set

Cherry Wood Steak Knives (Set of 4)

If the features of the Wusthof Classic line suite your expectation of what a good kitchen knife, at the right price should look like, we can move on to choosing the best set for your needs. You might be a beginner cook and might want to keep it low on the budget by selecting the best all in one, basic knives set. Or, maybe you do not have a specific budget, love the knives and want to get a set for the whole family. In any case there are over 40 sets and 15 set sizes from which you can choose one thats best for you.

In order to make your decision easier, we have grouped the Wusthof knife sets in two categories. Thus, you have the sets that come with a block and the ones that do not have storage. We did this for two reasons. First, for the obvious fact that one has storage and one doesnt. Second, because the sets that come with a block, usually feature between 7 and 36 pieces in the set . This makes these sets ideal from the smallest to the largest household.

On the other hand, the sets that come without a block have a smaller number of pieces per set but in a larger variety. Thus these sets are best for a single intended user. Because of the variety in types of knife sets, you can get around 10 versions of a 2 piece set. In which case, most cooks can find something suited to their needs.

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Aicoks Professional Set In 6 Parts

All knives are precision forged using German stainless steel .

Apart from the serrated one, the belly of the knife bends slightly to the tip, perfect for chopping using the light rocking motion.

The spine is quite thin at 2.5 mm, while the edge is ground 17 degrees on each side.

All have full pliers and bolsters, are triple riveted and have black ergonomic handles.

The sloping pine block has five parallel slots on top.

Measures approx. 3 inches in width and 8 inches in length, this is a real space saver in smaller kitchens.

The addition of retractable stainless steel gives this simple block a modern, sophisticated look.

The entire collection is available for under $ 100 plus a lifetime warranty.

If you are lucky, you may have a chance at a reduced price, yourself.

Best For Steak Knives: Laguiole Jean Dubost 6

Whether you’re cutting into seared steak, roasted vegetables, or comforting baked pasta, a sharp table knife is essential. And the Dubost family has been crafting fine cutlery for generations. The French brand’s timeless design is not only chic but comfortable to hold. What’s more, each knife is hand-polished for an extra shine before heading out of the factory.

This stainless steel set comes in a beechwood box and features slightly curved blades with serrated edges to cut effortlessly through meat. It’s the perfect buy for entertaining, or even as a holiday gift to your favorite steak lover. “These look great with most place settings, but are also super knives,” a user gushed about the brand. “I spent quite a bit of time comparing the available sets of steak knives and I’m so happy I settled on these.”

To buy: $100 at

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Zwilling Ja Henckels Twin 1731 Series 7 Piece Knife Set With Block


Made in Germany
Designed by Matteo Thun

Set includes the following: paring knife, bread knife, Santoku knife, slicing knife, sharpening steel and a magnetic storage block

Set includes the following: paring knife, bread knife, Santoku knife, slicing knife, sharpening steel and a magnetic storage block

This elite level cutlery set was designed by architect and product designer Matteo Thun. He and his firm are responsible for some of the most functional and visually appealing products and buildings in the world. In order to match great design with top-of-the-line quality, J.A Henckels chose Cronidur 30 stainless steel for this set which is one of the highest quality knife steels, but it is rarely found in kitchen cutlery due to its high cost. However, J.A. Henckels pulled out all the stops when they designed the 1731 series and the $2400 price tag reflects that.

Not only are these knives made of a superior steel, they are tempered with J.A. Henckels proprietary process called Friodur ice hardening. This tempering method is reserved for their premium knives, because the process is relatively labor intensive. The combination of high end steel and an advanced tempering process has resulted in blades that set the standard for edge retention, corrosion resistance and flexibility.

Cut Your Steak Produce And More With Ease

Wolfgang Puck 12piece Steak Knife Set with Wooden Gift B…

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Steak knives are great to have for any meal that features steak, chops, or other thick cuts of meat because theyre a little difficult to cut neatly with the regular cutlery that comes with your flatware. They can also come in handy in the kitchen for slicing tomatoes or cutting a sandwich neatly in half. There are two basic styles of steak knives. Serrated knives are more common and stay sharp longer and cut easily but can be difficult to sharpen at home. Straight-edged knives are easier to sharpen but lose their edge a little faster.

If you only bring out the steak knives for special occasions, sharpening may never be an issue. If you toss the knives into a drawer and use them daily like utility knives, sharpening will be required more often. While expensive knives will last longer, budget knives can be replaced every few years to add a different style to the table. Here, find the best steak knives for your specific needs.

  • Delicate tips may bend if stored improperly

This eight-piece steak knife set will look great at the holiday table or for family dinners. Cleaning is easy since theyre designed with dishwasher-safe. Henckels’ steak knives are made to fit comfortably in your hand and can cut through any meat, thanks to the sturdy blade and handle design.

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Laguiole En Aubrac Birchwood Steak Knives

These French-made, hand-crafted steak knives are no doubt an investment. At $100 apiece, youre getting what you pay forbeautiful yet extremely sharp and durable steak knives. The ergonomically designed birchwood handle fits perfectly in your palm. Because of their popularity, there are a lot of Laguiole knock-offs out there, but these are the real deal.

Chicago Cutlery Insignia Steel 13 Piece Set Kitchen Cutlery Set


The steak knives do not feel as durable as the rest of the set
8 utility knife is a little on the big size for some tasks.
Full Review

If you are on an extremely tight budget, and you need a knife set cheaper than anything listed here, check out the Top 5 Critic article on the top knife sets under $50.

If you think you may want to spend a little more in order to get a better quality cutlery set, check out our article on the best kitchen knife sets under $200.

If you want to take a significant step up in quality check out The Best Kitchen Knife Sets Under $300

If you think you want to spend a lot more for a better quality knife set, check out our article, The Best Kitchen Knife Sets Under $300.

Proper Care and Handling of budget kitchen Knives

While it is true that modern manufacturing in 2021 technology has greatly improved the quality of budget kitchen knives it is also true that cheap cutlery generally will not last as long as higher priced kitchen knives. However, with a minimal amount of care and maintenance the kitchen knife sets under $100 listed in this post should last for years. Here are our recommendations for getting years of use from budget cutlery sets.

  • Avoid trying to cut or chop anything frozen. This often results in a rolled or chipped blade, and it will dull the blade very quickly. Froze items should be cut or chopped with a cleaver. If you are looking for a good budget cleaver, check out our the Utopia 7 Inch Cleaver Review.
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