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What Do You Use To Marinate Steak

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Should I Marinate Steak Before Cooking

How to Marinate a Steak

Some steak recipes call for marinating a steak before cooking it. This method does take more time than pulling steak from the refrigerator and cooking it, so you might naturally wonder if its worth the extra time and if its even necessary at all.

We love a good steak marinade to add flavor to steak, but we can also admit when its not a necessary step in the process of getting your steak to the dinner table. Read this guide to determine when steak marinade is needed and when you can skip it in favor of a quicker meal.

How Long Should You Marinate Steak In Pineapple Juice

The meat began to break down and had a slightly mealy consistency. If you prefer the sweetness of the pineapple, tenderize for up to 24 hours. If you just want to greatly improve the texture of the top round, then stop at 14 hours.

The meat began to break down and had a slightly mealy consistency. If you prefer the sweetness of the pineapple, tenderize for up to 24 hours. If you just want to greatly improve the texture of the top round, then stop at 14 hours.

how long can you marinate steak in pineapple juice? Marination TimesFor cuts thinner than 1 inch, stick to about 10 to 15 minutes of soak time for moderately thick steaks of 1 to 1 1/2 inches, for roughly 15 to 20 minutes and for thicker steaks, for about 30 minutes.

Also, can you use pineapple juice to tenderize meat?

While imparting a great deal of flavor, pineapple juice helps tenderize tough cuts of meat. The enzyme in pineapple, bromelain, digests protein, softening the tissues in meat before cooking it. Most juice manufacturers pasteurize the juice, a process that kills the enzymes that tenderize the protein found in meat.

Can you marinate steak in pineapple juice overnight?

It can be used for large cuts of meat like rib roasts and smaller tougher cuts like bottom round and eye round. Just cover your roast will a 4-6 tbsp is salt, cover and refrigerate overnight.

Karlynns Tips & Tricks For Making A Great Steak Marinade

  • Dont overdo the acids and if you have good quality steak to start, you arent going to need the acids at all. Remember that if you are marinating overnight or all day, skip the acids as they can toughen up your steak and you could possibly ruin a good rib eye or T-Bone!
  • Adjust the seasonings to your liking before you pour it onto the steaks. I sometimes add more garlic if my dads coming for dinner!
  • Add in some beer or some red wine, it really makes a great marinade! Just add it in to taste.
  • You dont really need more spices than what is in this marinade, lets face it, the soy, Worcestershire and garlic are the main components that completely take over the taste. This is fast, simple and you will have the spices in your cupboard. I find that rosemary can hold its own, however and it is a great herb with steak, trust me!
  • You DO need just that tiny bit of sugar to balance out the marinade. You should always have a balance of sweet, salt and savoury for the best tasting steak marinade otherwise it tastes flat.
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    Can You Use This Marinade On Other Steaks

    Yes! Because this marinade contains vinegar, which is a steak tenderizer, you can use it to tenderize and flavor any of your favorite cuts of steak. I do not recommend marinating an already tender cut, like a filet mignon.

    For more tender steaks, like the sirloin pictured throughout this post, a ribeye or New York steak, I recommend a quick marinade between 20 minutes and 2 hours. For a tougher cut of steak, like a flank or strip steak, I recommend marinating for 4-8 hours.

    Try the marinade with any of these cuts of steak.

    • Top Sirloin
    • Skirt Steak

    How Do You Make A Steak Marinade Without Soy Sauce

    The BEST Steak Marinade

    If you are allergic to soy or dont like the taste of soy, you can use a substitution instead on in the marinade.

    • Consider skipping it all together and just using the other ingredients, increasing your oil and balsamic by cup each.
    • Tamari sauce is another Japanese sauce you can use that tastes like soy but is thicker and more flavorful than soy sauce.
    • Coconut aminos make a good substitution for soy sauce.
    • Bragg liquid aminos will help to tenderize your steak and add flavor as well.
    • You can also increase the amount of worcestershire sauce if you enjoy that flavor more.

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    How To Make Steak Marinade

    This easy steak marinade literally comes together in seconds! Heres a summary of how to make it:

    • Make the marinade. Pour all of the ingredients into a gallon sized plastic bag. Mix to combine.
    • Add the steaks and turn to coat. Marinate for a minimum of 2 hours.
    • Cook & enjoy. Discard the marinade, blot the steaks with a paper towel, and cook as desired. We recommend using a cast iron skillet for the best sear.

    Levels Of Doneness For Steak:

    • Rare: Cool red center, 125° F
    • Medium Rare: Warm red center, 135° F
    • Medium: Warm pink center, 145° F
    • Medium Well: Slightly pink center, 150° F
    • Well Done: Little or no pink, 160° F

    In general, we want it at least 145° for a safe-to-eat internal temperature. However, unlike with chicken breast, it is safer to eat undercooked steak than it is to eat undercooked chicken. Keep in mind as well that the steak will continue to cook and increase in internal temperature by approximately 5° F AFTER its removed from the heat.

    If you dont have a digital thermometer , here are some tips for how to know when steak is cooked.

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    How Long Is Too Long To Marinate Steak

    Ideally, you should not marinate a steak for more than 24 hours especially if you have a tender cut of steak. Any longer than that and the muscle fibers will break down and the texture will become mushy.

    Some types of steak, like skirt steak, are naturally not very tender and should be left to marinate for a longer time in order to tenderize. For tougher cuts of beef, I recommend you prepare the marinade the night before and let the steak tenderize and soak up all the flavors overnight. Then, just grab and cook.

    How To Grill Sirloin Steaks

    How to Make the Best Steak Marinade |

    Once the steaks are marinated, I highly recommend cooking them on a grill for the best flavor. To grill the perfect sirloin steak, follow these simple steps.

  • Heat a grill over medium high heat, between 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit. Wait until the grill is hot before adding the steaks, to give them perfect sear marks.
  • Remove the steaks from the marinade and discard the marinade. Add the steaks to a hot grill.
  • For a perfect medium rare steak, grill a 1 inch thick steak for 4-5 minutes per side. For a steak that is 1 1/2 inches thick, add 1-2 minutes to the cooking time per side.
  • Insert an instant read thermometer into the steak. Remove the steak once it reads 130°F for a medium rare steak. For a medium steak, wait until it reaches 140°F and for a medium well steak, wait until it reaches 150°F.
  • Quick tip! A steak will rise approximately 5 degrees after you remove it from the grill and let it rest.
  • Remove the steak from the grill and let it rest for 5-10 minutes. This ensures that the juices redistribute throughout the steak, leaving you with the most juicy steak!
  • Sprinkle coarse kosher salt or sea salt flakes over the steak and optionally garnish with fresh chopped parsley before serving.
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    How Do You Know Your Steak Is Done

    Everyone loves their steak done to different degrees and using a thermometer is the way to go to make sure you cook it just right. Remember too, when your steak is taken off the heat it will continue to cook for a minute or two, raising the temperature about 2-4 degrees more. I often remove my meat right before it reaches that perfect temp.

    Steak Doneness

    What To Serve With This Easy Steak Marinade

    You can serve the steak whole or serve or thinly sliced. We enjoy ours with a dab of butter and a sprinkle of fresh chopped parsley. Though those additions are optional, they elevate and complement the other flavors of the dish.

    Steak pairs so well with many sides, like a baked sweet potato or sweet potato fries, a regular baked potato, and a simple side salad for a complete meal.

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    The Perfect Steak Temperatures For Your Taste Pro Tips

    The most sure-fire way to gauge when your steak is done is by using a digital thermometer. This way, you will know for sure that your steak is cooked to your fancy, and if you are entertaining guests, it means you wont mess things up. You insert your thermometer into the thickest part of the steak to check its level of doneness. Our first pro tip dont cook our steaks over 150 degrees F, or your cut may come out feeling dry and tough. Also, please remember to let your steaks rest! This is so important for keeping flavor and maintaining tenderness. Let your steaks rest for at least 5 minutes before cutting into them. Here are a few tips to ensure your steak is done at the right temperature:

    • Rare: Should have an internal temp of 130 degrees F
    • Medium Rare: Should have an internal temp of 135 degrees F
    • Medium: Should have an internal temp of 145 degrees F
    • Medium Well: Should have an internal temp of 150 degrees F
    • Well Done: Should have an internal temp of 160 degrees F

    Remember, not all steaks are created equal. At Steak University, we suggest that you keep your steaks below medium well in order to have the most tender and juicy cuts of meat.

    What Is The Best Steak Tenderizer


    Tenderizer of the Best overall variety: Williams Sonoma reversible meat tenderizer. An easy and inexpensive way to tender meat is to use the Amco 4-in-1 Stainless Steel Meat Tenderizer. You should use Rosle Meat Hammer, the best mallet-style tenderizer. I recommend you JY COOKMENT meat tenderizer if you have a Blade-Style.

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    Other Recipes For The Grill

    If you love grilling as much as I do, then you should check out my Grilled Flank Steak with Mexican Corn Salad. Topping this recipe off with a corn salsa is delicious! I even like to eat it as a snack! These Asian Steak Roll Ups are healthy and keep me full for several hours. I also love making kabobs on the grill. These Italian Marinade Steak and Vegetable Kabobs are perfect for any lunch or dinner. And this Greek Marinated Chicken is hands down the most flavorful and juicy chicken dish! The secret is in the marinade!

    Choose The Best Steaks For Your Next Marinade With Holy Grail Steak

    The best steak marinades are nothing without the right cut of meat. That’s why you want to be sure that you are investing in only the best of the best. Whether you’re looking for a specific steak or want to make sure that you’re getting the best cut of steak possible, you’ll want to use Holy Grail Steak.

    We are a premium steak brand committed to offering all of our customers the best steak experience possible. We are committed to providing the best steak cuts possible and have a wide variety of high-quality cuts to choose from.

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    What Is A Steak Marinade Recipe Made Of

    A steak marinade recipe usually has four basic components:

    • Salt Kosher salt, sea salt, or something salty like soy sauce or Worcestershire.
    • Oil Because beef is naturally saturated with water, beef wont absorb the oil in the marinade. However, since herbs and spices are oil-soluble, they require the oil to release their full flavor.
    • Flavoring Spices and herbs are your friends and theyll add a punch of flavor to any marinade.
    • Acid Depending on the desired flavor, many marinades have an acidic liquid like lemon juice or vinegar. The acid helps flavor the beef, but it does not tenderize it.

    Does Marinating Steak Tenderize It

    How to Marinate a Steak

    The following items can be used to tenderize meat in a marinade made with lemon or lime juices, vinegar, buttermilk, or even yogurt. It is imperative not to leave meat sitting in a marinade for long periods of time, because acids can weaken the meats protein structure, resulting in it becoming too mushy and soft.

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    How Long Should You Marinate Steak With This 3

    You don’t need to marinate a steak for as long as you might think. In our first 3-ingredient steak marinade test batch, our top sirloin steak was in the marinade for only 30 minutes before cooking it. Was it long enough? You bet! The flavor coated the exterior of the steak, seasoning each slice to the perfect amount of flavor. The flavors were stronger when we extended the marinade time to four hours but not necessarily any better or worse than our 30-minute marinade.

    You certainly don’t want to marinate the steak for longer than 24 hours. The acidic component of the marinade will work overtime. Instead of tenderizing the outside of the meat, it will turn it to mush. That’s not exactly the texture we’re hoping to use to describe our steak. The salt in the marinade can also become too intense over time, so try to keep your marinade time between 30 minutes and 12 hours for the best results.

    The Best Steak Marinade Recipe

    This post may contain affiliate links. See my privacy policy for details.

    There is nothing like an awesome steak marinade recipe to start out your barbecue season. Fix this steak marinade and forget it until you are ready to BBQ, marinating your steak before cooking is the easiest way to get a full-flavoured steak. It is especially delicious when you BBQ the steak up, adding in that charcoal BBQ taste that we all know and love. Im updating this recipe from 2009, its still as delicious as it was all that time ago and its a keeper!

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    What Cuts Of Beef Should You Use With Marinades

    Marinades really shine on thin cuts of beef. They also do great with cuts of beef that are tougher and need a little extra help to soften up. As weve talked about before, the toughest cuts of meat are those at the steers leg and neck, since those muscles do most of the work. Examples of these cuts are skirt, and flank steak.

    Should You Pre Marinate Steak

    The BEST Steak Marinade!

    skirt steaks they tend not to be tender when left marinating for an extended period of time. For tougher cuts of beef, its best to prepare the marinate overnight, so the ress, skirt steak are naturally not very tender and should be left to marinate for a longer time in Grab a quart of coffee and have a cup of soup ready before going to work.

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    How Do You Soak Your Marinading Steak

    You can place your steak in a bag with the marinade. Then every little bit you can go and grab the bag and massage the meat to really help infuse the marinade into the steak more to give your steak the best chance of those rich flavors soaking in. Or if you want you can use an airtight container.

    For anyone curious, I massage my steak about once an hour when I am marinading it.

    How To Marinate Steak

    I always marinate my steak in ziplock bags which I acknowledge is not environmentally friendly, but it is the most effective way to marinade steak because it keeps the steak evenly coated with a relatively small amount of marinade.

    If you want to use a container instead, use a glass or other non reactive container and I would recommend doubling the marinade.

    How long to marinate steak?

    12 to 24 hours is best. You can also freeze it immediately then it will marinate as it thaws!

    Pan fry or grill it, and marvel at how JUICY and FLAVOURFUL your steak is!!

    The steak marinade injects enough flavour into the steak such that you dont need to serve this with a sauce. But I couldnt resist adding a smidge of garlic butter on top!

    You could also serve it with a Creamy Mushroom Sauce or Creamy Peppercorn Sauce, or even gravy.

    As for sides, its pictured with buttered baby potatoes and a classic Rocket/Arugula Salad with Shaved Parmesan. Here are some more suggestions for great sides!

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    Tips For Grilling Steak

    While this marinade is full of vibrant and savory flavors, you also have to remember grilling your steak properly is equally important. The reason being is if you overcook your steak it will end up dry and chewy.

    • Preheat Grill | Always preheat your grill, this will help get the grates hot and when you put the steak on the grill it will offer that sear sound which means success.
    • Steak Tip | I always sit my steaks out for at least 15-20 minutes before I plan to place them on the grill. I watched this tip on the Food Network channel years ago, and have done it ever since. This always sets you up for the success of a juicy steak that is cooked nicely.
    • Dont Cut Steak | When checking the done-ness of your steak dont slice into the steak to see how red or done it is. Use a meat thermometer and check it that way. If you cut the steak it will leak the juice and dry out.
    • Rest the Steak | Once your steak is done, lay it on a plate and put aluminum foil over the top. Let it sit for five minutes to allow it to soak in all those juices for a juicy and flavorful steak.

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