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Save A Lot Steak Prices

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Getting A Boneless Beef Tenderloin Is Best

This is how I SAVE MONEY buying STEAKS

First, this is boneless. Unless you own a bandsaw or you really want to add labor, I do suggest you buy it boneless. Next, the fat cap runs end to end. This can and should be trimmed based on thickness and preference. I do like to keep some of it on for flavor and appearance, but three major can be used to grind for burgers or use this as tallow. Dont throw it away. There is a tough, sinewy portion that runs across the top, which is known as the chain.

You can usually follow it along with your fingers. You can go ahead and remove that prior to cooking, or if youre not really comfortable with that yet, just go ahead and leave it on. Its a bit more tedious, but you can always take it off after you cut this into steaks.

Florence Save A Lot To Open Wednesday Morning


Florences new Save A Lot will open Wednesday with a 9 a.m. ribbon cutting to mark its grand opening an event that will feature in-store promotions and prizes followed by four days of giveaways and a community cookout.

FLORENCE, S.C. Florence’s new Save A Lot will open Wednesday with a 9 a.m. ribbon cutting to mark its grand opening an event that will feature in-store promotions and prizes followed by four days of giveaways and a community cookout.

The store, located at 310 North Dargan Street, features a bright and easy-to-shop footprint that includes shorter and wider aisles, new dairy and meat cases and a focus on fresh produce.

To celebrate the stores grand opening, customers will be treated to four days of promotions, beginning Wednesday with the giveaway of a free bag of groceries to the first 100 customers. Daily giveaways of select items, such as a free two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola or a loaf of Grissoms bread for the first 100 customers, continue through Saturday. A free community cookout is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.

What Methods Of Payment Are Accepted At Save A Lot

Most Save A Lot stores accept cash, checks, WIC, SNAP and EBT, and some stores accept debit and credit cards. WIC and EBT cards are accepted in the states they are issued. The accepted methods of payment may vary at some Save A Lot locations, so please check with your local store. Use the Store Locator to find stores in your area.

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They Have A Line Of Stores Aimed Directly At Hispanic Customers

2010 was definitely an experimental year for Save-A-Lot. The same year that it co-branded with Rite Aid in South Carolina, the grocery chain went after the Hispanic market in Houston and parts of South Texas.

The move came about when the grocery company teamed up with longtime Hispanic grocery operator Rafael Ortega of El Ahorro Supermarkets. The result was a new line of stores branded what else? El Ahorro Save-A-Lot. According to then-CEO Bill Shaner, the partnership was to help Save-A-Lot introduce itself to Texas’ large Hispanic community.

According to El Ahorro’s website, they focus on bringing their customers both “nostalgia and tradition” with an “extensive selection of sauces, jalapeño peppers, cookies, Mexican sodas, and all kinds of imported canned products.” The grocery store coupling so far has proved more fruitful than the Rite Aid mashup, with El Ahorro Save-A-Lot still being in business as of 2019.

Save A Lot Is Not Only Offering A Great Shopping Experience At Low Prices It’s Also Helping Underserved Communities

Save a lot Weekly ad Flyer January 16

Most Save a Lot stores are located in underserved communities that larger grocery chains typically ignore.

“I’m on disability and really have to watch how I spend my money,” Betty Duffey, a shopper in Tampa, Florida, told the Tampa Bay Times in 2017. “At Publix, I’d spend $200 a month for groceries. At Winn-Dixie, I’d spend probably around $150. But at Save-A-Lot, I’ll spend $80 for the same amount of food.”

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They Serve Communities That Bigger Chains Ignore

If Whole Foods is to higher-income shoppers obsessed with organic produce, Save-A-Lot is at the other end of that spectrum. The particular demographic that Save-A-Lot is going after are the shoppers many grocery chains overlook folks on a fixed income who don’t want to comb through 20 aisles at Walmart for groceries.

“I’m on disability and really have to watch how I spend my money,” shopper Betty Duffey told the Tampa Bay Times. “At Publix, I’d spend $200 a month for groceries. At Winn-Dixie, I’d spend probably around $150. But at Save-A-Lot, I’ll spend $80 for the same amount of food.”

Save-A-Lot’s stores are often in lower-income neighborhoods where many of their shoppers have incomes under $35,000 and depend on having a grocery store that doesn’t require a 10-minute drive. “Our goal is to be a neighborhood grocery store, which means we serve people who live within two to three miles of the store,” company spokesperson Chon Tomlin said.

And when a store closes, it can be especially hard on residents of the area who depend on it. “It is disappointing to lose a grocery store that serves a large neighborhood,” county economic development manager Dianna Cantler said after the 2018 closure of a Save-A-Lot in Johnson City, Tennessee. “Once again, the North Side community will be a food desert, with nothing within a walkable distance.”

Were The Nations Leading Independent Discount Grocery Chain

Save A Lot stands out from the competition, but for customers and our independent retail partners, were not a grocery store franchise. Ours is a licensing opportunity specializing in value and convenience. Customers love that they can easily stop into one of our stores to find the groceries they need, whether its USDA-inspected meats, farm-fresh produce, pantry staples, cleaning supplies, and other household essentials. They particularly value the award-winning proprietary brands and low prices we offer that they cant find elsewhere.As a retail partner, youll greatly appreciate that Save A Lot allows you to build a thriving business using a time-tested model proven to be efficient and effective. The support youll enjoy along the way makes it easier than ever to grow.

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Yellow Banana Buys 32 Save A Lot Stores

CLEVELAND Save A Lot has sold 32 company-owned stores across the Greater Cleveland, Greater Chicago and Greater Milwaukee areas to Yellow Banana LLC, as part of the discount grocers ongoing efforts to convert corporate-owned stores to local ownership.

The 32 stores generate annual revenues in excess of $130 million, immediately positioning Yellow Banana as one of Save A Lots largest Retail Partners nationwide.

Yellow Banana is controlled by 127 Wall Holdings LLC, a minority-owned holding company co-founded by Walker Brumskine, Ademola Adewale-Sadik and Michael Nance.

We are thrilled to partner with Save A Lot on this opportunity to invest in underserved, predominantly minority communities in three major cities, Brumskine said.

Adewale-Sadik added, As the COVID-19 pandemic has made clear, providing affordable, high-quality nutrition to working families is an essential service that creates meaningful impact.

Yellow Banana intends to continue to employ all 400 store associates and maintain their current wages, health insurance and retirement benefits. The stores will continue to emphasize convenience, offer high-quality products, deliver great value and promote easy-to-shop store experiences. Yellow Banana also intends to expand each stores assortment of local and regional products and hire talent from local communities.

Does Save A Lot Accept Coupons

Hurry Run Into Save A Lot Supermarket! Meat Sale Prices!! #GroceryHaul

We understand the importance of coupons to our shoppers. Because we operate more than 800 independently licensed stores, each store tends to have its own coupon policy. Across all corporate stores, we do not double coupons, but we do try to accept online and manufacturers coupons . To find local information and contact Save A Lot stores near you, use our Store Locator.

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Their Brand Names Have Special Meaning

While we’re on the subject of Save-A-Lot’s brands, let’s take a moment to talk about those names. What’s going on with some of those in-store brands like Grissom’s Mill and Tipton Grove?

Ask any first-year marketing major and they’ll tell you that most companies spend a lot of time deciding what to name their various products, and Save-A-Lot is no different. Their exclusive brands account for the majority of what’s on the shelf, and it turns out that many of them are named after store and company employees.

For example, the McDaniel’s coffee products pay tribute to an employee named David McDaniel, and the store’s line of Shaner’s frozen chicken products take their name from then-CEO Bill Shaner. The company prides itself not only on naming their own products, but also designing their own packaging in-house. “Through package design, we will continue to communicate our product quality at a fantastic price,” Shaner told Store Brands. “Each product is like a work of art.”

Calling Kiggins Captain Chocs cereal a work of art might be a stretch, but if it keeps the prices low, keep doing your thing, Save-A-Lot.

Look Before You Cut The Bag Open

There are two ends. One is just all one clean muscle. The other portion connects to the cow where it eats the sirloin, and its going to have a couple of different muscle groups. Usually, theres a thick, fatty vein that runs through the middle. To get it out of the bag, dont cut it down at the end.

Theres a lot of purge and a lot of additional juice. We dont want to run out and make a mess. I just use my boning knife and cut it right down the middle. Get it opened up and dont tear it all the way to the end. It takes a little bit of work, but we can go ahead and get it out of there. Its a big boy.

There are all the juices neatly trapped inside no mess on me or the countertop. Well get rid of this next week. Just get some paper towels and dry this off. Its just going to make it a lot easier to work.

Hopefully you can see the difference between the two ends. This is the portion that has the different muscles that kind of come together, and you can really even see it. This is where they get the veins from. We have a couple of different connective pieces together. You can feel it, and its a great cut to use as a roast.

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Buy The Whole Ribeye Cut Your Own Steaks

It is not that hard to slice your own beef into steaks of your desired thickness. You just need the right knife.

I like a long, butcher knife, like this one. Great for making nice long and even cuts. Probably can be used to slice bread as well.

If you buy the whole ribeye or ribeye roasts that are prime you can get close to restaurant prime rib in your own kitchen

They Were A Pioneer In Small Grocery Strategy

Save A Lot Weekly Ad Dec 02 â Dec 08, 2020

Small scale grocery stores are becoming more commonplace in today’s grocery market with chains like Aldi and Dollar General expanding into more regions across the United States. In terms of who started this trend first, most of that credit should be directed at Save-A-Lot at least when it comes to the U.S.

It all started back in 1977, when Bill Moran, a former marketing executive in the grocery business, opened an alternative to the big grocery chains in Cahokia, Illinois. Of course, small mom-and-pop grocery stores have been around for decades, but Moran wanted to bring the chain concept of the small grocery store, as was popular in Europe, to the U.S. Compared to the bigger stores like Kroger and Publix, Moran’s new stores would be smaller in nearly every way. Building sizes were around 15,000 square feet or “about the size of two Krispy Kreme doughnut stores” as one profile piece put it, and had fewer items as well. Whereas a larger grocery store like Harris-Teeter might have 35,000 items, Save-A-Lot stores carry around 1,250.

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It’s Changed Leadership A Lot In Recent Years

From Save-A-Lot’s earliest beginnings until the mid-2000s, founder Bill Moran was the head guy in charge. That changed though, when Moran retired from the company in 2006. Since then, the company has had trouble retaining a CEO for any length of time.

Moran’s replacement Bill Shaner led the company for just five years before being replaced by Walmart executive Santiago Roces. A 2011 announcement said Roces would aid in accelerating Save-A-Lot’s plans to more than double their number of locations, resulting in more than 2,400 stores by the end of 2015. But by January 2013, Roces was long gone and the company still had around 1,300 locations some 1,100 off its lofty goal.

Roces lasted two years with Save-A-Lot before being replaced by Ritchie Casteel in 2013. Thankfully, Casteel stuck with the company and led it to new horizons only kidding! He was out by early 2016, when former Red Apple CEO Eric Claus came in.

So why has Save-A-Lot’s CEO office been a rotating door the past decade? Supermarket consultant David Livingston told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 2013 that he suspected they were hoping a turnaround specialist could right the ship. “But they have a massive amount of debt,” Livingston said. “And they have some retail concepts that don’t seem to be resonating with the consumer. So just having some new people in there isn’t going to change that fact.”

Save A Lot Sells More Stores To Yellow Banana

Discount grocer Save A Lot is expanding its retail partnership with Yellow Banana LLC through the sale of six company-owned stores in Dallas and Jacksonville, Fla. The deal is part of Save A Lots ongoing efforts to convert corporate-owned stores to local ownership.

The acquisition by Yellow Banana, a young retail grocery platform, will enable these six stores to remain open. The company intends to employ all of the nearly 100 associates and maintain their current wages, health insurance and retirement benefits.

The new locations now operating under Yellow Bananas ownership in Texas and Florida are:


  • 3021 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Dallas
  • 2611 South Lancaster Road, Dallas


  • 762 Edgewood Avenue North, Jacksonville
  • 5276 Blanding Boulevard, Jacksonville
  • 8000 Lem Turner Road, Jacksonville
  • 5995 University Boulevard, Jacksonville

Each of these stores will undergo a significant remodel in 2022 to fully reflect Save A Lots updated brand image. Inside and outside enhancements include new décor, upgraded flooring and lighting, and updated produce and meat cases. Additionally, Yellow Banana plans to expand each stores assortment of local and regional products, and hire talent from local communities.

The Yellow Banana team has great confidence in the Save A Lot brand and format, and we look forward to delivering affordable, high-quality food to working families in the important southern cities of Dallas and Jacksonville, said Yellow Banana CEO Joseph Canfield.

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Can A Former Lidl Executive Revive The Chain

As we said, Save-A-Lot hasn’t exactly been able to save a lot of CEOs from jumping ship in the past decade. But the store’s latest CEO may just stand the best shot at elevating the grocery chain’s ranking in the market. Save-A-Lot was sold by Supervalu in late 2016 to Onex Corporation for $1.4 billion, and it wasn’t long after that they brought in a secret weapon an Aldi nemesis.

More specifically, that would be Kenneth McGrath, former CEO of Lidl, Aldi’s main competitor in the European market. McGrath was instrumental in bringing Lidl into the U.S., and replaced Save-A-Lot’s last CEO Eric Claus in April 2017. But what’s better than one Lidl executive? Two of course. Also in , Save-A-Lot brought in Kevin Proctor, the former EVP of real estate at Lidl. As of March 2019, Proctor serves as Save-A-Lot’s Chief Investment Officer.

The company hasn’t explicitly laid out what McGrath’s strategy will be, but it’ll likely draw on what Aldi and Lidl have already done. “I think you’re going to see Save-A-Lot turning back toward more traditional discount roots,” Neil Stern of retail strategy firm McMillan Doolittle said. “I think obviously the model for them is and remains trying to get closer to replicating Aldi or Lidl…”

Considering that Save-A-Lot stores are drawing visual comparisons to Aldi, that seems to be the strategy.

Whole Beef Strip Loin How To Save Big $$ On Tasty Strip Steak

How to Save A LOT of Money on Prime Steak

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In this video, well show you how to save big money buying a whole beef strip loin and breaking it down into strip steaks, roasts, and thick loin filets!

Today, Im sharing another bite-sized kitchen hack. When we think of great steaks, steak house-quality steaks we usually associate that with high costs.

While that generally may be true, it really doesnt have to be! There are a lot of reasons why beef costs more than other proteins, but they all have one thing in common: The product youre buying in the store required quite a bit of labor to get it there. One way to reduce the costs is to take on some of that labor yourself.

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Need Shampoo Don’t Buy It Here

Save A Lot struggles in this department, but so does Aldi. Limited square footage puts the squeeze on household goods and toiletries, and neither store offers much beyond the bare minimum. While there was a decent variety of cleaners and paper products at Save A Lot, beauty and health selections were scant. As with Aldi, prices were also lackluster I could get a three-bar pack of Irish Spring at Target for 30 cents less than Save A Lot, or a tube of Banana Boat Ultra Sport sunscreen for $1.50 cheaper.

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