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How To Cook Strip Steak

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What Do Steak Grades Mean

How to Cook New York Strip in the Oven – NoRecipeRequired.com

USDA Prime this is the highest quality. Comes from young, well-fed cattle and has a lot of intramuscular marbling. It is not as widely available as choice quality so if you see it, I highly recommend you get it.

USDA Choice high quality and much more widely available. These cut will have less fat content and less marbling than prime but still a good choice.

USDA Select these are lower quality steaks and therefore much cheaper. There is less marbling so it is leaner, tougher, and less juicy.

When choosing your steaks, try to get prime or choice grade and remember that you will get what you pay for.

Soups Stews And Stroganoff

If youre using the beef strips for a soup or stew or for something like beef stroganoff, the process isnt that different. The only thing thats different is that you can toss the beef in some flour before cooking it. This gives the beef a bit more of a crust and also that bit of flour can add a touch of thickness to whatever liquid you later add.

So what youll do is, in a large bowl, mix together ¼ cup of all-purpose flour, 2 teaspoons of salt, and 1 teaspoon of black pepper. You can also add 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, if youd like.

Add 1 pound of beef strips and toss to coat. Transfer beef to a plate, shaking off excess flour. Discard the excess flour.

Then proceed by heating a large skillet, adding oil, and cooking the beef as instructed.

At this point you can also turn this into a quick beef and gravy dish by slowly adding 2 cups of beef broth while stirring constantly then simmering until slightly thickened.

Temperatures For Your Ideal New York Steak

When you cook a steak, the best way to check the temperature is to use an instant read probe style thermometer. Stick the thermometer into the thickest part of the steak to read its temperature. Remember that the best thing you can do for a steak, or any piece of meat is to let it rest. When it rests it will continue to rise in temperature, about 3-4 degrees at least. You will want to remove your steak right before it reaches its optimum temperature and let it finish cooking while it rests. This will result in the most succulent steak. I dont recommend cooking your New York Steak above 150 degrees, as it will become dry and tough.

  • Rare: 130 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Medium Rare: 135 degrees Fahrenheit
  • For Medium: 145 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Medium Well: 150 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Well Done: 160 degrees Fahrenheit

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Key Ingredients And Substitutions

  • Steak When cooking steak indoors, I prefer boneless strip steaks. For the best flavor, choose steaks with good marbling.
  • Extra virgin olive oil Often my go-to choice, but you may use a high smoke point oil like canola oil instead.
  • Sea salt The coarse grind not only adds flavor, but texture to the finished steaks.
  • Freshly ground black pepper Grinding peppercorns just before using ensures a fresher and spicier flavor.

How To Prepare Pan Sauce To Go With The Steak

Grass Fed NY Strip Steak

When you prepare your strip steak, you still get the opportunity to make a quick and delicious pan sauce. Although the variations for making this steak are quite many, the basics of preparing it are quite similar.

After removing the strip steak from the pan, look for the fat and juices left on the pan. If they are minimal, get some butter and let some melt in the pan. Add garlic and sautéed a minute. Afterward, add some liquid to the pan to create a base for the sauce you are preparing. This can be any liquid such as water or wine. You will need to stir to dissolve browned bits at the bottom of your pan. This will be your flavor. You can even do some season using dry herbs such as rosemary.

When preparing the sauce, you need to note that it is important to let the liquid reduce a bit. Depending on the amount you had added, this should take about one minute. In the case of juices around the plate where the steak is resting, you can add them.

Another important thing is that you should not make so much sauce because its essence is to be drizzled over the meat. Aim to achieve a thin and highly reduced sauce, which will give off delicious flavor.

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How To Cook A Strip Steak On The Stovetop In 5 Easy Steps

  • Set out your meat at least 30 minutes before cooking. Lightly coat it with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper all over.
  • Preheat your pan for several minutes over high heat, it should be smoking hot when its ready.
  • Add the meat to the hot pan and LEAVE IT in place so it can get fabulous caramelization. Cook for 3-4 minutes per side or until the meat is done to your taste. For a rare steak, cook to 125 degrees F, Medium Rare to 135 degrees F, Medium to 145 degrees F, Medium Well 155 degrees F, Well Done to 160 degrees F.
  • Add some butter to the pan and baste the meat a few times.
  • Remove the meat to a plate, tent with foil and let rest for 5-10 minutes while you make a quick pan sauce.
  • Which Cut Of Beef To Use For Beef Strips

    If youre going to cut your own beef strips, youll want to buy a cut of beef that is good for grilling. That can be a rib eye or strip loin steak or even filet mignon, but all of those are a bit pricey for this. I typically go with flank or skirt steak. Other cuts that are good for cutting into strips and then cooking quickly are sirloin, tri-tip, tenderloin, shoulder center , shoulder top blade , and shoulder petite tender. Also be on the lookout for chuck eye steaks. This is a slightly rarer cut of steak that Ive been seeing more often at my own grocery store. Its very juicy and tender. Perfect for grilling, and perfect for cutting into beef strips. And it tends to be quite a bit cheaper than rib eyes and strip loins so its a win-win for sure!

    If youre thinking of cutting your own beef strips, just go in and see if any of the above-listed cuts of beef are on sale. That might help you choose one.

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    How To Cook Strip Steak

    The strip steak is a Kansas City original, and that’s where it gained its name: The Kansas City Strip Steak. Others borrowed the idea and call it New York Strip Steak or NY Strip. All are the same cut, and are prized for a rich, hearty flavor. The best way to cook strip steak is on the grill. But no matter which method you choose, our cooking instructions and video will deliver the tender and juicy steak you crave. Use a meat thermometer and you can be sure your steaks are cooked to perfection!

    Other Names For The Strip Steak

    How to cook New York strip steak | Best New York Steak Recipe

    Also known locally as the Delmonico steak, because of its association with New York, it was soon given its common name, the New York Strip steak.

    Here are some of its other names:

    • Kansas City Strip steak is the name given to the Strip with a small portion of the bone and a thin layer of fat still attached, as this is how the locals like it. This is one of the more popular names.
    • Strip Loin is what Canadian meat purveyors call the Strip steak.
    • Ambassador steak and as Jess Pryles honestly puts it, is a new name that is either used to show off or confuse customers.

    To make it more confusing, across the pond in the United Kingdom, they call the Strip the Sirloin steak, as do the Australians.

    But what Americans know as the Sirloin steak, the Great British public would call the Rump steak.

    Being seriously popular, and over hundreds of years, it has gathered many more nicknames, so just in case you are somewhere that has a different nickname for it, the industry identification code is 1180 , or 1404 .

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    Fajitas Or Stir Fries

    If using them in fajitas or stir fries, start by seasoning them with salt and pepper. Then add other seasonings, if desired. For fajitas, using some chili powder, cumin, and a touch of cayenne is a good bet. For stir fries, try a touch of Chinese five powder spice or the tiniest bit of ground ginger.

    Then heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. You can use a wok if making a stir fry. Add a tablespoon or two of vegetable oil or other cooking oil with a high smoking point. Grape seed oil is also great for this. When the oil is really hot, add your beef strips in a single layer. Dont crowd the pan. Now dont touch those beef strips for at least 2-3 minutes. You want them to get a good sear on the first side.

    Once that first side is seared well, flip the strips over. Now cook, stirring often, until they reach your desired done-ness. They really dont take long to cook so you might only need 1 or 2 more minutes after you start stirring them.

    If the beef strips are for fajitas, you can serve them straight from the skillet. If youre making a stir fry, remove the beef strips from the skillet. Wipe out the skillet. Then proceed with cooking your vegetables. Return the beef to the skillet at the end to heat through and so that it gets covered in a bit of whatever stir fry sauce you have on the veggies.

    How To Buy Beef Strips

    They are often sold already cut into strips at the grocery store. You can get them like that for convenience sake, or you can cut your own. Unfortunately, if you buy them already cut, there is often no information provided about the cut of beef that is used. But thats okay. Look at the packet and choose one where some of the strips have a bit of marbling but no gristle. Thatll be your best bet.

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    Tips For Making Strip Steak

    As I mentioned earlier, strip steak is extremely easy to make and doesnt require a lot of ingredients or fuss. With this in mind, here are some of the most important things to focus on when grilling strip steak:

    • Get your grill hot, hot, hot! Turn on your grill as high as itll go, and make sure to allow the grill to fully preheat before cooking your steaks. A nice, hot grill is key to ensuring these steaks cook perfectly and remain nice and juicy.
    • #restingbutter. That compound butter? Its just a tiny bit magic. By placing your hot steaks directly on the butter while it rests makes for the most flavorful steak ever. Do not skip this step! This resting butter is a complete game-changer, and youll never eat strip steaks without it again.
    • Use a reliable thermometer. Make sure you are using a trusty meat thermometer to keep track of the internal temperature of your steaks while they are on the grill. My family prefers steaks cooked to medium-rare, but as always, cook to the doneness you prefer. I highly recommend cooking your steaks to medium-rare or medium for maximum flavor and juiciness. Anything over medium begins to dry out and become tougher to chew.

    My New York Strip Steak Recipe

    Around The World Restaurant: Easy Grilled Indoors New York ...

    The seasonings are up to you. Sometimes I just use salt and pepper. Other times if I dont see enough marbling in the steak, I will marinate it in an olive oil, red wine, and minced garlic. When I do that, I will still dry my steak before searing.

    I like a steak medium rare and will take it out of the oven at 135 degrees F. I use my oven probe. This meat thermometer works well too. Then, let your steak rest for five to ten minutes. During that time, make a nice salad from the list below.

    If youre a meat and potatoes type, make these smashed buttery fingerling potatoes or purple lemon dijon roasted potatoes.

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    What Is A New York Steak

    The New York Steak is also known as New York strip steak, ambassador steak, strip loin steak, club steak, or the Omaha Strip. But its most commonly known as the New York Steak. They are the queen of steak in that they are usually not too expensive, they cook up fast, and they are insanely delicious.

    • What Kind of Cut is it? Cut from the area of the cow below the backbone, NY strip steaks are tender, lean, and typically boneless. It has a good amount of marbling, which lends a ton of flavor to this evenly, but its not quite as tender as a ribeye or a tenderloin.
    • Whats in a Name: The strip steak is called after the city it originated in. New York is known for its steak houses and this cut of beef was one of the firsts and remains a favorite.
    • What to Look For: Look for New York Steak that is bright in color with tons of marbling. This what gives the strip steak its flavor and tenderness. Look for a steak thats 1/2-1 inch in thickness. Remember the thicker the steak the longer itll take to cook.
    • Nutritional Value of a New York Steak: A 6-oz portion packs in 320 calories, 12 grams of fat, 50 grams of protein, 3.2 milligrams iron, and 9 milligrams zinc. Id say thats a pretty good steak!

    Why Use A Cast Iron Skillet Or Pan For Cooking

    I use a cast iron skillet for cooking N.Y. Strip Steaks. Use any pan / skillet you like. Just make sure your pan can handle going into the oven at 375F straight after searing the steak on the stovetop.

    Why a cast iron skillet or pan? It’s solid – cast iron maintains heat and has consistent heat throughout it’s surface. It gets hot and holds it’s heat. Cast iron can go straight from a screaming hot as hell heat on the stovetop and then can go straight into a screaming hot oven right after that.

    New York Strip steaks are perfect for cast iron skillets because they are an even and flat cut. The surface layer lays beautifully even on the solid cast iron skillet. There is no curling of the meat and the heat stays consistent throughout the surface layer of the pan as well.

    When plating this steak, the other side will be browner because the butter steamed off some of the caramelization. Plate the browner side up for presentation.

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    Should I Cover My Steak On The Stove

    Do I need to cover the steak during frying? Professional chefs do not recommend creating an accumulation of steam for Striploin. It will change the frying process to stewing.

    The juices inside the steak can clog up only from direct exposure to high temperatures. also, frying on an open fire is significant for creating crumbly fibers.

    How To Cook Ny Strip Steak On The Stove With Butter

    How to Cook Strip Steak on the Grill

    You can cook a steak on the stove in butter. To do this, prepare the following ingredients:

    • steak
    • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
    • herbs

    Step-by-step cooking technology:

  • Prepare the meat, rinse it under cold water. Brush the meat with butter and rub with spices.
  • Preheat the pan to very hot. Place the meat on a hot surface and reduce the heat to medium.
  • Fry the meat on one side for 3 minutes, then on the other side.
  • Place the meat on a plate and let the dish rest for a few minutes.
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    Hot Steak Is Tasty Steak

    A steak is a relatively small piece of meat compared to a brisket or roast, so it heats and cools quickly, allowing only for a few degrees of carryover cooking, if any. In between the resting, slicing, and moving to the plate and table, most home steaks get pretty cool before we actually eat them. The pleasure of eating a hot steak is manyfold: the crust is still incredibly crisp, the butter from cooking is still warm and dripping, and the juices pool on the plate into a playground for dipping.

    In a side-by-side taste test of a rested steak and a steak that was cut just moments out of the pan, I barely noticed a difference in the tenderness and juiciness in the hot steak. It was just more pleasurable to eat! Side by side, Id pick the hot steak every time.

    If you need a few minutes to make a pan sauce or to sauté some spinach in the still-hot pan, go ahead and let your steak rest. If you followed the other three hallmarks of this recipe buy a great steak, season it well, and cook it hot and fast then you already did all the important stuff to make a perfect steak. Now youll have a perfect steak with really good pan sauce!

    Armadillo Pepper Smoked Strip With Bourbon Butter

    A slow smoked steak and a butter made with bourbon? Every BBQ foodies dream, right?

    This recipe results in a steak cooked to perfection with extra smokiness and a flavorful butter to finish it off. This is the mainstay of this recipe, and the key to perfection is using an external instant-read thermometer to get your steak to the optimum temperature.

    Head here to see the recipe and video.

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