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Omaha Steaks 1 4 Cow

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How Is The Customer Service

St. Patrick’s Day Meal: Omaha Steaks Corned Beef Brisket

The customer care is anything but poor. We like how the support team operates seven days a week. You can get in touch with a representative by contacting their toll-free phone number during the hours of:

  • Weekdays – 7 am to 10 pm
  • Saturday – 8 am to 7 pm
  • Sunday – 9 am to 5 pm

They would also answer a lot of questions on their website fact center. Their support page is quite extensive to read, making the experience of ordering from them much easier overall.

Best Mail Order Steaks In 2021

SmokedBBQSource is supported by its readers. We may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you if you buy through a link on this page. Learn more.

Until recently if you wanted to buy the best quality steak you were severely limited by where you lived.

Luckily we are now spoilt for choice, with a range of specialty butcher shops delivering restaurant-quality steak online.

Even if you live in a small city, these online butchers deliver steak to your door anywhere in the continental United States.

Weve rounded up the best mail order steak companies in the country for buying steak online.

For Five Generations Omaha Steaks Has Been A Family Business

In the company’s century-long history, Omaha Steaks has remained a Simon family enterprise the current CEO and owner, Bruce Simon is the great-great-grandson of Omaha Steaks founder J.J. Simon. Simon has grown up in the family business and used to accompany his father to the plant as a child before working there during summer breaks from high school and college. This made Bruce Simon a natural choice to step into the position, as he had served various other positions within the company until 1994, when he became president and CEO.

Unlike other meat industry giants like Tyson Foods and Oscar Mayer, Omaha Steaks remains a privately owned company, meaning that investors cannot purchase shares of Omaha Steaks. While going public is typically looked at as a huge accomplishment for any major company, remaining a private, family-owned business has allowed the company to focus more on its long-term strategies, rather than constantly worrying about quarterly earnings.

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What Are The Different Cuts Of Beef For Jerky

Learning the different cuts of the cow would help you understand and puck the best cuts of beef for making homemade beef jerky. Some parts are mainly used for roasts, steaks, and ground beef or ground meat products.

Brisket Cut

Beef brisket is best suited for BBQs, pastrami, and corned beef. This marbled cut has coarse grain and toughness that is ideal for a slow cooking process under low temperature.

This brisket is usually found below the chuck, which is under the cows shoulder section. Beef brisket usually contains fat, which makes it prone to spoilage. You can still use this beef cut for your jerky, but make sure to prepare it on time and properly to prevent spoilage.


The chuck part is usually used in bone-in or boneless steaks and roasts. It is located at the top of the brisket, which is the top shoulder of the cow.

The chuck is also trimmed to create that perfect steak cut, in which the trimmings are grounded and turned into ground meat for hamburger patties.

Using the chuck steak cut may take time for making beef jerky as you need to cut those excess fats before slicing them into thin slices. Just like the brisket, higher amounts of fat would result in faster spoilage of the meat.

You can buy it here.

Plate Cut

This part of the cow is primarily used in beef short ribs and pot roasts as it is located at the underbelly of the animal. A cut for skirt steak , called fajitas, is also located at this portion.


You can buy it here.

Flank Cut

You can buy it here.

Omaha Steaks Ran Into Trouble Over Their Website

Omaha Steaks 1 (2 lbs.) Fully Cooked Pot Roast: ...

When you hear about the Americans with Disabilities Act, it’s usually in reference to physical entities you know, things like wheelchair ramps, parking spots, or restroom accessibility. But one little known fact about the ADA is that websites also have a vague set of rules they must follow in order to be in compliance with the act.

Some advocacy groups have been known to take businesses to court if their websites aren’t easily accessible for blind users. However, because these rules aren’t quite set in stone , these cases are often gauged on a case-by-case basis.

See, if a business’s website isn’t rendered properly so that it can be easily read using text-to-speech software, that essentially leaves the website useless and inaccessible for someone who’s visually impaired or blind. The Omaha World-Heraldreported in 2017, that the advocacy group Access Now had partnered with three blind would-be customers to sue Omaha Steaks for a number of accessibility issues with their website.

The company, however, claimed that it was planning on doing a complete renovation job on the website later in 2018 and did not want to update its website until it rolled out the full update. The lawsuit was terminated shortly after it began, as the ADA is relatively vague with regards to internet compliance.

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Snake River Farms Top Pick

Snake River Farms is a family-owned business out of Idaho whose meat is used by Michelin-star restaurants.

Luckily for us, they also sell directly to the public via their website.

Their claim to fame is their American Wagyu beef, which comes from crossbreeding imported Wagyu cattle with American Angus.

Their beef is rated higher than USDA Prime .

You can choose from a huge variety of cuts but you cant go wrong ordering the American Wagyu Ribeye fillet, the new york strip or the filet mignon.

They also sell top-quality Wagyu beef brisket and Kurobuta pork.

How Long Can Omaha Steaks Stay In The Shipping Cooler Before Spoiling

Weve left our meat in its Styrofoam container for upwards of 6 hours from when it arrived on our doorstep . So this means that the meat was in the cooler for over 30 hours and there was still a huge block of dry ice in it. My rule of thumb for anything being delivered frozen is to ensure it is frozen when I open the box or else I consider it spoiled and contact customer support.

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Menu Choices: Butcherbox And Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks takes the win here.

If you’re talking about a vast menu option, Omaha Steaks has an overwhelming number of meats: 11 cuts of steak, filet mignon, sirloin steaks, heritage breed pork, sole cod, mahi-mahi, snapper, bison, and so much more!

In comparison, Butcher Box offers more narrow and limited cuts of meat including Wild Alaskan salmon.

But you feel less overwhelmed going through ButcherBox’s selection of steaks, beef, chicken, and pork. All that high-quality meat makes it easier to choose and straightforward.

Buy Beef From Nebraska

How to Cook a Chateaubriand Roast Sweet Red Pepper Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Mouth-watering beef is only a click away. It is the perfect gift for those on your holiday list with good taste. Beef from Nebraska can be delivered anywhere in the United States. Several companies offer steaks, roasts, prime rib, burgers and specialty products. Below are a few of the Nebraska companies that offer beef products directly to you.

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A Little Goes A Long Way At Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks is quite well-known for its lavish and pricey boxes of food. For example, some of these boxes, like their Gourmet Stock-Up Package, which features filet mignon, sirloin, chicken breast, and many, many more meats and side dishes, will cost you a couple of hundred dollars. While these are great deals for doomsday preppers, chances are, you don’t need to be spending that much on some fancy meat that you probably can’t get rid of fast enough.

That said, Omaha Steaks has plenty of more reasonable packages for the everyday diner as Business Insider reported in 2018, $20 can actually go a long way over at Omaha Steaks. For starters, it’s hard not to find at least a couple of promotional sales on their website. But also, you can typically grab a pack of eight sausages for around and a lot of times, just below $20. The same goes for certain cuts of beef, like their tenderloin tips.

But what’s the point of a cheap steak if it doesn’t taste any good? As Business Insider reported, the quality of what you get at Omaha Steaks typically surpasses that of what you can find in your local supermarket. If you’ve got the extra cash to spare and want to go to a local butcher or steakhouse, then, of course, you can’t beat that but Omaha Steaks might just be the next best thing.

Cost Of Shipping And Delivery Area

Shipping policies and delivery services are important for any service.

Butcher Box offers free standard delivery around the U.S., sure. But Omaha’s service expands even to Canada and Puerto Rico.

Shipping rates might rack up quite a bit though – between $18 to $50.


Omaha Steaks offers a 100% refund policy while Butcher Box does not.

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Final Thoughts: Who Is Omaha Steaks Right For

Omaha Steaks is one of the tougher reviews weve done. On one hand, their food is delicious and they have quite a lot of variety. On the other hand, the way they price their foods is confusing and can lead to one-off orders being very expensive.

However, my main gripe with Omaha Steaks though is their lack of transparency. Nearly every other meat delivery company we have reviewed in the past has been upfront about where they get their meat, the USDA grade of their meat, and the quality . It was nearly impossible for me to find any information about these things in my research.

With all that said, Omaha Steaks may not be the best value but they do provide the most convenience and variety when compared to nearly every other meat delivery service weve tested. This convenience and variety makes them a great option for people who are hosting big parties, holidays, or get togethers where there will be groups of people eating.

Plus, I cant deny that their food is delicious. Everything weve had in each box weve ordered since 2017 has had an abundance of flavorfrom the filet mignons to the chocolate lava cakes.

Have a questions about Omaha Steaks we didnt answer in this review? Have you tried Omaha Steaks before? Leave your comment below and well get back to you as soon as possible!

Is Omaha Steaks Overpriced

Fully Cooked Beef Short Ribs

Omaha Steaks are overpriced according to some comments left on a couple of helpful review sites, such as Trust Pilot. While some are disappointed, other commenters note that the items are of a high caliber and well worth the money. Per our review, the food is of reasonable value, and they still deserve a star rating.

The cost of each delicious cut you get to enjoy varies greatly, and you can find everything from the best quality Wagyu to lower-cost beef cuts to cook at home or eat in restaurants. Some examples of price include:

For Under $100

  • Steakhouse Sweet Potato Fries

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Are Omaha Steaks Shipped Fresh Or Frozen

Omaha Steaks are shipped frozen to ensure they retain the freshness they need. Every product is packed in a gift pack with dry ice, and the package is then placed in a styrofoam container. The idea is to ensure the product remains cool during the day of the delivery to your doorstep. As soon as you receive your pack, place the meat in the cooler or freezer.

The dry ice will be well enough to keep one or two orders frozen during transportation and for sous vide cooking. But there could be some shipping costs depending on the subtotal.

Who Would Enjoy Omaha Steaks

  • Variety. Variety. Variety. Nobody says MORE better than Omaha Steaks. You’ll find just about all cuts of beef, pork, and chicken on their site.
  • Anyone fancy apersonalized cart of meats? – Omaha doesn’t stop at giving its customers variety. They provide frequent sale deals up to 50% off and even clever bundle packages so you get the whole package of meat, sides, dessert, and wine.
  • Your next best gift for friends & families who love meat – With more meat cuts than any of us can even count , it’s like your next-door butcher mart with add-ons, great packaging, and gift-worthy items to give friends & families.
  • Now that I’ve warmed you up in this Omaha Steaks Vs. ButcherBox review, it’s time to sear your brains and get them to WELL-DONE in the next sections below.

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    Reverse Seared Picanha: Simple And Juicy Beef

    This post is sponsored by Omaha Steaks. These posts and affiliate links enable me to maintain and operate this site which is free to the public. I only partner with brands that I personally use and believe in.

    Picanha is claiming its place as the next big thing in American barbecue. The crispy crust on the outside holds in the juicy, moist, perfectly cooked meat on the inside. Sliced thin or thick, it doesnt matter, the reverse seared picanha rules the cutting board.

    This popular cut of beef is popular in Brazil and other Latin American countries. Typically roasted on skewers in a steakhouse, its served with a variety of sauces and sides. Picanha is meant to be an experience for the eater . Theres a number of ways to cook it over the fire, this happens to be the method that I chose to highlight, and Ill explain why!

    Is Omaha Steaks Worth It

    Cutting Filet Mignons from the Beef Tenderloin

    Omaha Steaks may provide adequate service if you’re looking for higher caliber meat than the things you would typically find at your local grocery store.

    But according to our research, we believe there is one better option for future meat purchases. Out of all the companies weve reviewed, ButcherBox has been better for consistent and premium-quality meats.

    Aside from high-quality beef, they also offer free-range organic poultry and wild-caught seafood. The packages are affordable, and you get to curate your own box, too.

    If youre looking for top-notch flavor delivered throughout the US, make sure to check out ButcherBox.

    #1 Recommended Meat

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    How To Choose The Steak

    The success of this Instant Pot beef steak recipe starts with the meat you choose for your steak. As you can see from the list of ingredients, I like to use meat from the top side of the sirloin, but this is not mandatory. Since the meat will be cubed, sauteed, and then pressure cooked, you can choose a piece of meat thats less tender.

    Still, its best to select a piece with fine grain and as little connective tissue as possible. The connective tissue is the part of the meat that makes it chewy, which can ruin the experience, especially if youre cooking for fussy children.

    As a side note, a piece of meat with connective tissue is not bad, but it works best with recipes where you use slow cooking because then the tissue will melt and turn into delicious gelatine.

    A good way to select meat for steaks is to ask your butcher for a cut thats from a single muscle and medium to little fat marbling.

    Now, some people prefer a piece of steak with a lot of fat marbling on the account that the fat provides more flavor. While this is true, I would rather choose a piece of meat with a medium amount of fat marbling since this recipe incorporates butter.

    Bake Sirloin Steaks In The Oven At 425 Degrees Fahrenheit For 30 Minutes Until They Are Cooked To Your Desired Taste

    Omaha steaks oven cooking sirloin beef tips. Learn more about the different cuts of steak, flavor profiles, and steak cooking recipes. By colleen sowa @colleenlucky7 1. Season the steaks liberally with flaky sea salt.

    However, some steaks might cook faster than others. Set oven for broil and preheat 10 minutes. Transfer the skillet to the middle rack of the oven.

    Bring the meat to room temperature. 1 photo of sirloin tips. Once beef is cooked, cut or shred, then return to slow cooker and stir in lime juice.

    Cook steaks 4 minutes on each side, pressing down as necessary. This classic comfort food is loaded with premium beef sirloin tips and is packed with robust, beefy flavor. Let each side cook for 1 minute, or until seared.

    If they are in the refrigerator, take them out and let them sit covered for about 20 minutes before you begin to grill. Be sure your steak is completely thawed. Sear steaks on both sides for about 30 seconds each.

    Combine the beef broth, tomato paste, and seasonings in a measuring cup. Before you begin, remove the steaks from the fridge and allow to come to room temperature preheat the oven to 180°c/gas mark 4. Try our simple recipes for smoky applewood, blue cheese, roasted garlic or bourbon and bacon compound butters.

    Find the perfect steak cooking times and temperatures with our favorite steak cooking tips. Flip and cook the other. Once the pan is very hot place the steaks into the pan.

    How to Cook a Sirloin Strip Sirloin strips recipe

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