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Best Indoor Grill For Steaks

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Do Smokeless Indoor Grills Exist

Best Indoor Grill for Steak & Chicken 2021

The concept of smokeless indoor grills is close to impossible to make a reality. After all, cooking meats and veggies let off a certain amount of heat, vapor, and smoke. Its not realistic to expect a 100% smokeless indoor grill.

However, there is a new type of grill that could reduce smoke output to nearly zero. Instead of using the standard electric heating coils, this type of grill uses Indirect Infrared Light to provide the heat. The indirect heat cooks the meat, but the juices and drippings dont sizzle and smoke when they drip into the grease tray.

The Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill HD6371/94 is the first of its kind, and there are a lot of pros to using this smokeless grill:

  • Less smoke, obviously. The indirect infrared light produces 5 to 10% of the smoke produced by other indoor grills.
  • Fast heating and high maximum heat. This makes cooking quick and easy.
  • Easy cleaning. Because the drippings and juices dont burn, theyre much easier to clean off the grill and grease tray.
  • Dishwasher safe. Everything but the heating element can be put in the dishwasher.

On the downside, its bulkier than your average indoor grill, so it may not be convenient for indoor grilling in an apartment or small kitchen. Its also scorching hot, and it produces such high heat that it can damage cabinets and wallpaper. Its also much pricier than your average grillup to $300, compared to the $20 to $50, youll pay for other indoor grills.

Powerxl Smokeless Indoor Grill Best To Buy In 2021

Theres no need to beat around the bush: Tristar Products PowerXL Smokeless is the ultimate indoor grill. This powerful grill can sear steaks, grill salmon, and cook burgers with desirable results on a constant basis. But what separates this grill from the rest is the combination of overall performance, reasonable price, and ease of control. Its these attributes that make the PowerXL Smokeless a worthwhile addition to the best grills of this year.

  • Short warranty


The grill measures 22.1 inches long by 13.2 inches wide by 6.1 inches tall. The cooking surface measures 15.5 inches long by 9 inches wide, offering nearly 140 square inches of grilling space.

Grillers commended the way the grill can handle multiple large items. It can cook four large steaks, eight burger patties, three racks of ribs, or a whole chicken in one go. For such a small unit, it can serve up a considerable amount for a family of six or seven.


The grills base is heavy duty die cast aluminum. As for the cooking surfaces, this has a ceramic nonstick coating that eliminates eliminating the need for extra oil and butter before cooking.

Ease of control also struck a chord with us. The grills temperature range goes from 220°F to 450°F, and it can be precisely adjusted with an LED-lit and touch-controlled dial.

Cleaning Ease

The PowerXL Smokeless grill is pleasantly easy to clean. Unlike charcoal and gas grills, theres no need for metal scourers or soaking.


Extra Features


Swissmar Stelvio 8 Person Stainless Steel Raclette

  • The Swissmar has a special crepe plate. This permits you to grill food to your visitors, set it to break, and turn the grill to the crepe plate. You can certainly prepare sexy crepes to wrap the broiled vegetables and meats in.
  • This is the way the Swissmar makes your cooking component of the pleasure! This unit includes a granite rock for heating. It is a showstopping bit to get a Raclette celebration or other interesting needs.
  • The grill is incredibly simple to use and very quick to clean. Getting started is as easy as taking it out of the box and plugging it in. Youll have delicious plates of food for you and your guests to enjoy before you know it!

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How To Cook A Perfect Steak Indoors

The barbecue may be hibernating, but that doesn’t mean you have to take a break from grilled steak.

By Kristen EppichUpdatedFebruary 13, 2019

Ill be the first to sport a parka and boots and face the elements on a cold winter night if it means a juicy steak for dinner. However, there are times when you just want steak without having to bundle up.

The classic method of pan-cooking a steak involves searing it for about two minutes per side in a hot pan, then sliding that pan into a hot oven to continue cooking. This method works reasonably well, but when dealing with thicker cuts they tend to cook unevenly dry on the outer edges and undercooked in the centre. In order to correct this, its time for a little rethink.

The method below begins in the oven and finishes in the pan. Slow-roasting the steak first allows heat to evenly penetrate the meat, giving the interior a chance to begin cooking without overcooking the outside. Its crucial that the meat is roasted on a rack, allowing all the surfaces to be exposed to air. This helps to dry the surface in preparation for pan-searing, which will result in an unbelievably delicious crust on the steak. Give it a try, youll love it. And who knows maybe next summer you wont even bother dragging the barbecue back out again.

You Dont Have To Be Outside

Best Indoor Grills: How to Cook Steaks Inside During the ...

If youre a sucker for a good BBQ meal like a savory burger or a juicy steak, chances are youve had your fair share of food prepared outdoors by charcoal or gas grills.

As delicious as they can be to cook food with, its simply not feasible in some situations. Some parts of the world get way to cold to grill during winters, or you could be in an apartment that doesnt allow grills.

Additionally, theres an important reason why these grills are exclusively used outdoors. This type of grills is usually quite bulky so they demand a lot of space to set up and store.

Of course, theres also the issue of producing smoke and how being outdoors is best for ventilation. if you use a gas or charcoal grill indoors, the amount of smoke produced could trigger your fire alarm before you even get to finish cooking!

An indoor smokeless grill is a handy solution to all of the above problems. They let you enjoy grilled meals right from the comfort of your kitchen and out on your patio. Theyre also a great alternative if you live in an apartment or a studio with no access to a large yard.

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First Prepare The Steak

You should rinse the steak beneath the tap with cold water to remove the natural moisture that accumulates in the packaging. In packaging, the protein in the steak releases purge, a liquid byproduct. Its completely harmless, but when oxidized it produces an undesirable smell that can be off-putting.

Dry the steak off with a paper towel. This will allow for a nice sear on the meat when you cook it. Protein exposed to temperatures around 300° Fahrenheit takes on the same properties of sugar that caramelizes. This occurs as the amino acids interact with carbohydrates. The result is a nice, golden-brown color, which adds to both the appearance and flavor of the meat.

Delonghi Perfecto Indoor Grill

Weighing less than 11 pounds, the Delonghi Perfecto Indoor Grill with lid is quite portable, and with cool touch handles, it makes this the best table top grill available for picnics and tail gating. The BG24 has an extra-large surface area which means it can easily accommodate bulk grilling. The cooking surface is die-cast aluminium, and it has a detachable and adjustable thermostat, which ensures quality results and long lasting use. Customers appreciate the BG24s tempered glass lid which contains heat and splatter. The indented surface also ensures that there are fewer spatters when grilling. It is also great for doing an indoor Korean BBQ.

Furthermore, the removable parts, including the grill plate and drip tray, make for easy and convenient cleaning. Just make sure to detach the thermostat from the grill plate before putting it into the dishwasher. Its price ranges from $50-$112.

Some concerns raised by customers about the Delonghi BG24 are that it has an open bottom design which causes the BG24 to heat up slowly, and lose some heat. This compromises its searing capability and the longer cooking time dries the meat up. To minimize this issue, wait for the grill to reach its desired high temperature before placing food on it. While the glass lid can contain heat loss, it would also trap moisture. However, the grill plate heating element is M shaped and fully embedded so the food cooks evenly with no hot or cold spots.

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George Foreman Gr3060b 4

George Foreman grills were invented by a man named Micheal Boehm. Micheal, then, reached out to different athletes to endorse his grill and eventually caught the attention of George Edward Foreman. That is when George Foremans grills became popular all over the world. These indoor grills revolutionized grilling and the sales sky-rocketed.

The reason is the ease of use and the latest features. The cooking capacity of the grill is perfect for small families and dorm rooms. You can prepare 4 servings of any food whether its meat or vegetables. The closing hinge is adjustable to a 1-inch margin so that you can grill a variety of meat cuts.

The GR3060B also has the advanced George Tough non-stick coating, which is two times more durable and enhances the cooking performance. The grilling surface is sloped and drains up to 40% of the excess fats and oils from your food.

The food is prepared quickly as well, thanks to the fast heat up. The grill takes 1-2 minutes to heat up, and prepare delicious meals in 10 minutes. After you are done cooking, just remove the grilling plates and put them in a dishwasher for cleaning. The perfect grill for quick and healthy cooking, and even quicker cleanup.

  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • The slope can drain the seasoning sometimes.

Ninja Fg551 Indoor Grill

Best indoor Grill for Steaks | Blitzwolf | Buy at Banggood

Ninja products are the most versatile and multi-functional products. Whether its a fryer or a grill, their cooking appliances are high-quality, easy to use, and capable of performing various functions. The Ninja FG551 indoor grill is also an easy-to-use grill with 6-in-1 functionality. It works as a grill, air fryer, roaster, baker, dehydrator, and broiler.

The FG551 indoor grill has some great features that justify its high price. You get a large cooking capacity for cooking with a 4-quarts cooking chamber. You can prepare food for up to 5 people at once. The grill can prepare up to 6 steaks at the same time for a full family meal. The grill has only a single heating element and a closing lid. The grill uses 500F hot cyclonic air and grill grates to perfectly grill your food from each side.

This grill is the best indoor grill for steaks as it has a specific control system to get the perfect steaks. The grill has a smart cook setting that allows you to grill 4 different types of meat in the right way. You can grill your steak for 6 different doneness levels, from rare to well done. The grill comes with a Foodi Smart thermometer that you can leave inside your steak to monitor the temperature at all times. This takes out the guessing work from your cooking and you always get the desired level of doneness. All these features can be controlled using the digital touch panel on the front of the grill.

  • Very good for preparing steaks.
  • Digital control system.

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Presto 09020 Indoor Grill Best Indoor Grill For Bbq

Why waste time and money going to a steakhouse when you can do it yourself with the Presto 09020? Small as it may seem, this little grill is second to none in recreating the flavors often found in outdoor cook fests.

  • No lid


On the grills official website, the manufacturer claims the grill measures 11.25 inches long by 18.43 inches wide by 2.18 inches tall out of the box, but theres no official listing of the cooking surface. However, it can cook a cozy dinner for three or four diners. The Presto 09020 weighs 4.84 pounds.


The grill base is heavy cast aluminum. The 1300-watt heating element heats up relatively quickly and evenly across the grate. The temperature can be adjusted via the control probe attached on its side, ranging from 200°F to 400°F with a warming function.

What we like about the Presto 09020 is the slightly raised grilling surface, which acts as a slope to drain the droplets of grease and fat away from the meat. Since the nonstick coating could eventually deteriorate, the manufacturer advises applying butter or cooking oil before cooking to prolong the coatings effectiveness.

Cleaning Ease

The grate and the drip tray are both removable and dishwasher-friendly. In case manual cleaning is the only option, all you need is a non-metallic scouring pad and dish soap. Most grease stains will come off easily, although you can look to specialized cleaners for stubborn spots, but only as a last resort.


Extra Features


What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Indoor Grill

Outdoor grills give food a distinct taste that up until recently was difficult to replicate in the kitchen. But modern indoor electric grills are giving outdoor grills real competition thanks to improvements in cooking surfaces and temperature control. For those looking to ditch the gas grill, or who simply want a way to grill hot cheeseburgers on a cold winters night, the best indoor grill is the perfect appliance you didnt realize you needed.

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Is An Indoor Grill For Steaks Worth It

Some of the latest indoor grills are better at preparing steaks than outdoor grills. Some indoor grills allow you to control the grilling temperature, so the steak is prepared exactly how you like it. Some are designed in such a way that they remove the excess fats from the steaks. They are also faster, easy to use, and easy to clean. So, in our opinion, indoor grills for steaks are totally worth it.

Best Smokeless: Power Xl Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill

The Best Indoor Grill

Thanks to its built-in fan, the Power XL electric grill nearly eliminates the smoke that comes from grilling your favorite meats. The smokeless grill comes with two different types of plates classic grill and flat griddle that can easily be swapped depending on what you’re cooking. Shoppers love that it heats up fast and has fully removable and dishwasher-safe parts, which makes the entire grilling process quick and efficient. Plus, the clear glass lid allows you to check in on your cooking progress. “I have used it for many kinds of meats, including chicken, steaks , and once you adjust timing to using the grill, they come out wonderful and there is absolutely no smoke,” a customer wrote.

Buy it: $120

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Faqs About Indoor Electric Grills

Q: Should I apply cooking oil to my grill before using it?

A: If you have a non-stick grill, then this is unnecessary. However, we understand that for many, this has become a habit to do so. Just make sure that youre only using a light coating of oil, as this can create a mess, extra calories, and an increased risk of fire.

Q: How can I easily clean off cheese from my grill?

A: The easiest way to go about this is to heat the grill up just a bit to where the cheese softens, but not too hot that you burn it on even more. You can also use a bunch of paper towels and push them into the grooves of the grill.

Q: Can I use metal utensils on my grill?

A: All of the models on our list can be used with metal utensils, as well as just about any other standard barbecuing and grilling utensils.

Q: Can I cook frozen foods on my grill?

A: While you technically can, we recommend strongly against it. Not only does it take an incredibly long amount of time, but the taste is really going to diminish.

Philips Kitchen Appliances Hd6371/94 Philips Smoke

  • Advanced infrared technology and special reflectors guide heat to the indoor grills cooking grid for delicious, evenly grilled food. The drip tray underneath remains cool so there is virtually no smoke.
  • No need to adjust the heat. The indoor grill quickly heats up to a consistent 446°F, the optimal temperature for cooking and searing your favorite meat, poultry and fish leaving it juicy and tender on the inside.
  • The electric grill ensures food is not cooked into its own grease and the fat is separated during grilling Voltage: 120 volts
  • Clean up your electric grill in less than a minute Either wipe the grid clean or place it in the dishwasher. Cleaning a grill has never been easier.

If you are looking for a sleek and compact indoor grill, the Philips Kitchen Appliance HD6371/94 Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill, is an apt choice for you. With advanced infrared technology and heat reflectors, it can cook delicious grilled meals for a medium-sized family.

It comes with a 12 x 7 inches cooking surface, perfect for two to three people. The dimensions of 7.5 L x 21.8 W x 16.9 H inches occupy significantly less kitchen counter space.

The electric grill ensures the meat doesnt cook in its fat and gets separated during the grilling process.

A drip tray is a unique feature that makes it one of the best indoor grills. It collects the moisture dripping from the food placed at the grill and reduces the smoke.

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Is Cooking On An Electric Grill Healthy

Yes, it is! Lots of people are going back to a simple, healthy lifestyle nowadays and it starts from the daily menus. So if you still love grilled food, an electric grill can be the best choice.

Compared to charcoal or gas grills, electric grills stand out because it can decrease up to 42% of fats. Most electric grills feature an abundant oil stray so you dont have to worry to eat a full-of-oil dish.

Oil and fat are the major reasons that cause serious diseases and health conditions such as acne, obesity, or cancer. So by using electric grills, youre close to getting a healthier lifestyle.

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