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Butter Aged Steak For Sale

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Butter Aged Ribeye Steaks By Refined Meats

Tomahawk STEAK dry aged in Compound Butter – EASY

We make butter aged beef and dry aged steaks ready for the Anova precision cooker.

We make butter aged beef and dry aged steaks ready for the Anova precision cooker.

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    • Butter-aged ribeye steaks by

    • Smoked butter

    • Place bag with two butter-aged steaks into water bath.

    • Step 2

      Cook at 129° for 2:45 for medium rare.

      • Finishing Steps

      • Step 0

        Finish in a lightly oiled cast iron pan on HIGH for 1.5 minutes per side. Finish the steaks with cold-smoked butter, also available at

      • Step 1

    Usda Prime Dry Aged Beef

    We are so sure that youll love our steaks, that we are willing to give you a $95 Value FREE on your first order of $129+

    Use Promo Code: FREEGIFTSand get FREE Shipping plus 12 Steak Burgers. This offer is valid while supplies last and expires Sunday at midnight . With over 3,000 positive reviews and counting, check out what others have to say about our steaks:

    If youre looking for the very best steaks on the market, then youve come to the right place.

    Iron Chef Marc Forgione hosted 120 guests at a steak tasting event in Manhattan NY pitting 8 of the leading online steak retailers against each other to win the Peoples Choice Award and Chicago Steak Company won the contest, making our steaks the most popular in taste and quality!

    top 2% of beef worldwide

    How Does Dry Aged Steak Compare With Normal Steak

    A cut of aged steak can look reasonably similar to a standard cut, yet overall, aged meat is simply richer, beefier, and considerably more tender than standard steaks. Theres a notable difference in every bite, with a melt-in-your-mouth moment. This is why so many steak lovers and food connoisseurs seek out the leading fine dining restaurants and expert chefs, looking for more premium dining experiences with this unparalleled dish.

    If youre ready to discover dry aged steak for yourself, make a booking at your nearest Meat & Wine Co to enjoy exquisite dry aged beef, and change your perception of incredible steak forever.

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    Cant I Just Dry Age My Own Beef At Home

    With the prices of dry aged beef you might think it best to just do it yourself. There are definitely some ways you can dry aged beef at home and I will definitely give it a shot sometime. has a great article on dry aging beef at home and Jess Pryles wrote up a great tutorial as well. Follow those methods and you will have some great dry aged steak.

    But you do need a dedicated fridge. And you need to be able to find they right cuts to age. The primal you get needs to have as much of a fat cap on it as possible and there are specific ways to cut the primals to maximize the yield. Since the outside of the primal dries up and needs to be trimmed you want as much extra stuff on the primal. A strip loin from Costco will be your best bet. But if you want a ribeye? You will have to get really friendly with your butcher and get a 107 or a 109A rib roast. The 109 Export is what is normally sold and that has had the fat cap mostly removed. The result is a dried out spinalis muscle which is such a waste.

    So you can definitely dry age your own steaks but it does take a bit of work and you will need to find a good source for your beef.

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    Chicken Stock And Bone Broth

    Butter Aged Ribeye  MKKS Food Industry

    We take the bones from our organic chickens and pasture-raised cattle, and simmer them for 24 hours with organic vegetables and seasonings, to produce what we think is the richest, most flavourful, and nutrient-packed stock & broth you can buy anywhere.

    Chicken stock and bone broth have been known for their health benefits for thousands of years, by almost every traditional culture. They are both excellent sources of collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, gelatin, amino acids, minerals, and other compounds supporting the health of your muscles, joints, hair, nails, and skin.

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    Why Only Ribeye Porterhouse Or Ny Strips

    Like I mentioned you can pretty much only age whole primals. There is no way to effectively dry age individual steaks. The best primals for dry aging are the rib which is where you get the ribeye and the strip loin where you get the NY strip and Porterhouse. Occasionally you will see dry aged filet mignon but the lack of fat in those prevents them from really developing the dry aged flavors.

    Also those are the cuts that are generally sold bone-in. The bones provide some great protection for the dry aging process and the meat near the bones is generally some of the funkiest flavor. And cuts like sirloin, chuck, round, etc. arent good enough to start with to really benefit from dry aging.

    There is a lot more I could say about dry aging but this gives you enough information to make a good decision on where to buy dry aged beef. Stick with a reputable retailer, get a good dry aged ribeye, and enjoy the differences between a dry aged steak and a standard steak. And is dry aged beef too rich for your blood? Check out our guide on where to by prime steaks.

    LGCM / Gift Shop / Winter Bundle Sale / USDA Prime Dry Aged Steak Bundle

    This bundle includes all of the steaks from a short loin, quantities and thickness will vary about, but this is approximately what you can expect:

    • 3 porterhouse steaks.
    • 5 t-bone steaks.
    • 1 club steak.

    There are important terms and conditions to know about buying a package through our Winter Bundle Sale. Please read these before buying:

    Dry Ageing Is The Process Of Preparing And Drying Meats To Amplify The Flavours And Texture In Every Mouthful

    Modern dry ageing is an expensive, painstaking, and comprehensive process that is not easy to replicate at home, which is both why it is largely unknown, and why it is such a phenomenal, exclusive dining experience.

    This process uses larger pieces of meat that are cleaned, prepared, then moved into a specialised refrigerator for a minimum of four weeks in order to draw out moisture and intensify flavour. This process creates a strong unique taste profile that further enhances the beef.

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    Our Certified Organic Cage

    Our certified organic chicken has a rich, full-bodied flavour profile that is worlds away from the factory-farm chicken you see in the supermarket.

    Our birds are raised 100% free-range, in a European-style spa-like environment with natural wood shavings for bedding. They are free-fed certified organic food and water, and are free to fly around, nest, and perch however they like.These chickens are raised cage free, drug free, antibiotic free, artificial growth hormone free, and fed on GMO-free, organically grown corn & feed.The meat is moist, tender, and packed with flavour. We offer whole roasting chickens, pre-cut whole chickens, and individual cuts: chicken breast, thighs, drumsticks, wings, legs, and ground chicken. Plus chicken sausages and chicken burger patties.

    And well deliver it frozen, direct from our farm to your door!

    Were Steaklovers Like You

    60-Day Butter Aged Wagyu

    SteakAger was founded for a simple reason: an amazing dry-aged steak should be accessible. And fun. Tired of shelling out the big bucks for a once-a-year, steak-worthy occasion, we took the bull by the horns and designed an easy and affordable way to enjoy delicious, dry-aged steaks at home, whenever we want. Had a great Tuesday? A bunch of buddies are over for a socially distanced BBQ and some football? Steaks on your grill will never be any better.


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    High Functionality With A Modern Design

    DRY AGER DX 500 Premium

    Maximum flexibility: The standard floor grate, including the stainless steel hangers of the DX 500 Premium and the optionally available push-in sockets allow up to 20 kg of meat to mature in the appliance at one time. An invoice which incidentally goes up: When fully loaded the device is paid in the trade after only 4 dry aging sessions.

    Our meat maturing cabinet adapts perfectly to your needs here are some examples of the possible loading: 4 quarter backs on 1 floor rack and 1 sliding shelf or 2 half backs on 2 hangers. Also, sausage & amp Ham can be matured with the appropriate accessories. See the Shop.

    DRY AGER DX 1000 Premium

    Maximum flexibility: The serially produced stainless steel suspension gear of the DX 1000 Premium and the optionally available half& normal shelves make it possible to age up to 100 kg of meat simultaneously. A win-win situation: in the retail industry, when loaded to its maximum capacity, after using the device just twice, the fridge is payed.

    Our meat maturing fridge perfectly adapts to your needs. Here, you will find a few examples of loading possibilities for the device: 2-3 whole beef saddles on 2 hangers, 2 whole beef saddles and up to 3 halved ones on 2-3 hangers , 2 whole beef saddles and up to 50 kg of meat cuts hung by 1 hanger, and 5 half-shelves or just meat cuts and up to 100 kg on 5 whole shelves. You can even age sausage or ham, with the proper gear. Read more in the Shop.

    Tender And Delicate Free

    Like all of our meats, our goats and lambs are grown the way nature intended, with no antibiotics, synthetic hormones or other artifical growth promoters. They live a happy, stress-free life on rich all-natural pastures which we believe translates to the best-tasting lamb and goat meat you can find anywhere.

    Our young, delicately-flavoured lamb is dry-aged to give it maximum sweetness, tenderness, and flavour, to add to its already nutrient-rich profile. It is then artisanally hand-butchered into individual cuts, and packaged in individual vacuum packs.

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    Recipe To Cook Butter Aged Steak By Sous Vide:

  • Remove the Butter Aged Steak from the dry age refrigerator and allow to come to room temperature for approximately an hour. Cut the prime rib into steaks and place each one into a vacuum seal bag with the butter and seal.
  • Set your sous vide machine up with a large container or pot and fill 2/3 full with water. Place the sealed bag into the water bath, bring to 125°F for 2 ½ hours.
  • Once the sous vide process is completed, remove the steaks from the bags and bring the Cast Iron Skillet to medium high heat and season steaks with salt and pepper.
  • Add the butter from the sous vide with the thyme, rosemary and garlic to the skillet for about 30 seconds and until fragrant.
  • Pan sear per side or until blackened. Use a large spoon to ladle the butter over the top of the ribeye.
  • Place on a cutting board for 5-8 minutes to rest before serving.
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    Best A5 Wagyu Beef For Sale Online

    Reverse Seared Dry Aged Ribeye Steaks on the M Grills M36 Sear box

    Originating from Japan, Wagyu beef is considered by many to be the best beef in the world. Like Kobi Beef, the luxurious taste and tenderness of highly-marbled Wagyu beef has the makings of a truly unrivaled eating experience, which is precisely why its found its way into the kitchens of gourmet cooks and fine restaurants across the United States. However, not all Wagyu beef is the same, as divergent cattle-farming techniques and country of origin vary in presentation and flavor profile.

    If youre looking to buy the best prime gourmet beef online, our diverse Wagyu beef options are a succulent must-have. From Grass-Fed Tajima Wagyu beef to Australian Wagyu Beef for sale, we offer a vast selection of premium options ready to be delivered to your door.

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    Where To Buy Dry Aged Beef

    Steaks are great. Beef in general is great. But do you want to take a great steak and make it outstanding? That is where dry aged beef comes in.

    I will get into a bit more detail in a bit but if you just want the short explanation and want to know where to buy dry aged beef here you go:

    Dry aged beef is beef that has been stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment that allows the natural enzymes in the beef to change the texture and flavor of the beef. There is more to it than that but that is the simple explanation.

    You can dry age your own beef at home but here are 4 great sources to buy dry aged beef. They are all different and have their strengths and weaknesses but if you just want to buy some dry aged beef:

    Disclosure: This post is monetized with affiliate links. If you buy something through them I earn a commission which helps support this site and lets me buy more meat so I can write about it.

    OK, the introductions are out of the way. Still reading? Great, lets dig into dry aged beef a bit more.

    Chef Ages His Steaks In Logs Of Butter

    Yepyou heard that right.

    A trendy first class respected chef in Denmark at the Marienlyst Strandhotel is using his unique method to age his beef in butter.

    After ChefCasper Stuhe Sobcyk prepares the meat he then submerges the cut into a bath of softened butter and then allows it to rest and age for a specified time that meets his requirements. Chef Casper states that he leaves the meat ageing for at least 30 days. The meat is in-cased in a thick coat of butter and has an appearance of a large yellow cocoon.

    While most meat connoisseur or people that enjoy their meat in general, the wet ageing and dry ageing methods has always worked out fine, there always is an understanding that ageing meat will have some yield loss aspects due to the process. But the end result is well worth the effort with an enjoyable eating experience that garnishes flavoursome tones from the process and of course that extra melt in the mouth tenderness that happens to the meat as its natural enzymes break it down.

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