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Wusthof Grand Prix Ii Steak Knife Set

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Wusthof Grand Prix II Colour Chrome series of professional HACCP knives! With Cutco Scissors Also!

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Wusthof Grand Prix Ii Paring Knife

The Wusthof Grand Prix II Paring knife line from Wusthof features 3 types of paring knives. Thus you get the classic 3 1/2 inch paring knife, the Japanese style 3 inch flat cut paring knife and the 2 3/4 inch peeling knife also known as a birds beak paring knife. All paring knives are forged from the X50 Cr MoV 15 super steel, full tanged and precision edge sharpened.

  • 2 3/4 inch Grand Prix II Peeling knife
  • 3 1/2 inch Grand Prix II Paring knife
  • 3 inch Grand Prix II Flat Cut Paring knife
  • Wusthof Ikon Chef Knife

    BUY NOW $250285

    Why the heck, for the sake of clarity, didnt Wusthof officially name this knife the Ikon Blackwood? At any rate. . .this top-of-the-line version comes with a genuine wooden handle made of Grenadilla wood one of the hardest woods in the world. Classy stuff and its an eye-catcher in an understated sort of way. And, yes, you can feel the subtle difference of the natural wood in your palm. Whats more, the blades tend to be ever-so-slightly thinner and lighter than the Classic Ikon. I assume its for balance, to match the lighter weight of the Grenadilla wood.

    This is the knife to buy for that very special person whos passionate about cooking and appreciates fine things. Medium-to-small collection: 20 knives including a 6-, 8-, 9-inch chef 5-, 6 1/2-, 7-inch santoku.

    Wusthof Classic Ikon: BUY NOW $160200 Double-serrated might sound like a gimmick, but its not. The cutting edge of this bread knife has larger serrations and then smaller ones within the larger ones which adds up to one smokin bread knife. If you are sick and tired of your bread knife sliding off crusty peasant bread loafs, or smooshing down baguettes before actually carving into them, your time has come. This knife is meant for you. Even angel food cake!

    If you eat any kind of baked items on a regular basis that need to be hand slicedthis bread knife will make you smile and keep on smiling.

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    Wusthof Grand Prix Ii Santoku Knife

    For Asian style knives enthusiasts that do not afford a authentic Japanese chopping knife, the Grand Prix II line from Wusthof features 2 Santoku knives. Thus you get a 5 inch Hollow edge Santoku and a 7 inch Hollow edge santoku. Both knives feature a hollow edge that prevents food slices from sticking to the wide blade.

  • 5 inch Hollow Edge Grand Prix II Santoku knife
  • 7 inch Hollow Edge Grand Prix II Santoku knife
  • Wusthof Grand Prix Ii Features

    Wusthof® Grand Prix II 4

    The Grand Prix II are the the entry level knives for the Wusthof forged knives lines. Thus the Grand Prix II knives come at a more affordable price than other forged Wusthof knives. Because this line is considered as entry level we can safely say that it is intended more for home users. In this case you will find a large number of various sets of knives put together by taking into consideration various user preferences. This fact can also be seen in the types of chef knives. Of course you get the professionally preferred 10 inch chef knife but you do not get the variety of big chef knives as in the Wusthof Classic line.

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    Wusthof Classic Chef Knife

    BUY NOW $170200

    The originalwith a traditional triple-riveted polypropylene handle and a full bolster. Well-balanced and not too heavy. Holding it in your hand, you feel like a pro.

    BOLSTERIn a traditional forged knife, the bolster is that narrow wedge of steel that separates the handle from the blade. Its supposed to protect the cooks fingers from slipping on to the cutting edge. Many modern forged knives have minimal bolsters or none at all. For more details, read How to Buy a Great Chef Knife.

    The Classic line boasts the largest collectionroughly 70 types of knives in all . Everything from an ultra-narrow salmon slicer to three cheese knives to a birds beak paring knife. And chef knives, Lordy! It sports 8-, 9-, and 10-inchers and, in case youre cooking for an army, 12- and 14-inchers, too. And, of course, it has a full range of santokus, and a nakiri as well.

    If all your kitchen knives simply must match , that would be a definitive reason to go with the Classic line. Its the most comprehensive collection of knives Wusthof manufacturers. As you grow your kitchen knife collection, adding specialty knives, etc., you can rest assured youll find it in the Classic series. If you cant find it in Classic, Wusthof doesnt make it.

    Wusthof Grand Prix Ii Fillet Knife

    Both Grand Prix II Fillet knives in this line feature a leather sheath for you to safely keep your knife in. The line features two types of fillet knives. The 7 inch and the 9 inch fillet knife. The only fillet knife missing in this line is the Flexible fillet knife.

  • 7 inch Grand Prix II Fillet Knife and Leather sheath
  • 9 inch Grand Prix II Fillet Knife and Leather sheath
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    Wusthof Grand Prix Ii Utility Knife

    The Grand Prix II Utility knife line features all types of utility knives you need to cut any sandwich meat and vegetables. Thus you get the small 4 1/2 inch utility knife and the big 6 inch utility knife. Plus, the 5 inch serrated utility knife perfect for slicing tomatoes or small baguettes. Because of the serrations featured on this blade you can easily slice through ingredients with hard exterior and soft interior without squishing them.

  • 4 1/2 inch Grand Prix II Utility knife
  • 6 inch Grand Prix II Utility knife
  • 5 inch Serrated Grand Prix II Utility knife
  • Inch Grand Prix Ii Carving Knife

    Wusthof Knives Complete Lineup Comparison

    The Grand Prix II Carving knife has a long and narrow blade that makes it easy to slice any piece of meat. Also the blade features small vertical indentations that help create air pockets when slicing. The air pockets prevent your slices from sticking to the blade. Thus your cuts will result in perfectly even slices.

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    Wusthof Steak Knife Setsrecommendations

    I must admit, Im not a huge fan of paying a premium for steak knives. Most of us dont use them often enough for their sharpitude to be a major issue. They just need to look nice and cut reasonably well. Thus, in this one instance, Im not a stickler about recommending only the premium Wusthof forged lines for a steak knife set.

    Below is a sampling of sets that cover a range of blade quality as well as style, fit, and finish. In my opinion, any one of them could do the job. Priced from $55 to $375.

    Wusthof Stainless-Steel Steak Knives, Set of 6

    Inch Grand Prix Ii Offset Deli Knife

    As specialty knives this line only features the 8 inch Grand Prix II Offset Deli knife. A deli knife features a raised handle in order for you to easily use it on the cutting board. It is designed to cut through sandwich meats and vegetables with ease. Because of the serrations featured on the blade you can even slice bread and tomatoes without squishing them.

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    Wusthof Grand Prix Ii Bread Knife

    There are 2 types of Grand Prix II Bread knives from Wusthof. The classic 8 inch bread knife and the double serrated 9 inch bread knife. The double serrations on the 9 inch knife makes it much easier for the blade to cut through ingredients and minimises the number of crumbs you end up with. Also, the double serrated blade, can easily be used for delicate ingredients like cake.

  • 8 inch Grand Prix II Bread knife
  • 9 inch Grand Prix II Double serrated Bread knife
  • Wusthof Grand Prix Ii Knives Full Review

    Wusthof Grand Prix II Knife Block Set with Forged Steak Knives, 15 ...

    The Wusthof Grand Prix II knives line article is part of a series of articles we have prepared in order for you to get to know and select the best Wusthof knives for your needs. Also make sure you check out the Wusthof Epicure, Wusthof Ikon,Wusthof Classic Ikon, Wusthof Classic and Wusthof Pro lines in order to get a complete view of the entire product lines


  • 2.4 Grand Prix II Handle
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    Wusthof Kniveshow Theyre Made

    Wusthof knives all use the same X50CrMoV15 stainless steelwith molybdenum and vanadium added to enhance their hardness, durability, and resistance to corrosion. There is nothing out of the ordinary about this steel, but its tough and definitely wont rust. Each knife is drop forged from a single billet of steel, the blade and handle one solid piece, thus they are all full-tang . The knives are heat-treated to a Rockwell hardness of 58 which is the norm for German-style knives. Finally, they are all sharpened to an angle of 14 degrees per side. This is much sharper than what German-style knives used to be sharpened at and shows the influence of the Japanese invasion.

    Wusthof Classic Nakiri 7

    Sur La Table

    As Ive already mentioned, santoku knives can stand-in for traditional chef knives. The size I recommend is a 7-inch blade. And thats the size that comes with the sets below.

    Wusthof Classic Ikon 2-Piece Asian Santoku and Paring Knife Set

    Wusthof Classic 2-Piece Asian Santoku and Paring Knife Set

    For those who already own an 8-inch chef and are adding on, or are certain they want a smaller chef knife, heres a set with a 6-inch chef:

    Wusthof Classic Ikon 2-Piece Knife Set

    In celebration of 200 years of knife making, Wusthof has issued a limited edition 2-piece set in a vintage style circa 1920s. Wusthofs way of making whoopee. The handles are real wood, rosewood to be exact, the rivets are brass, and the blades, and this the most important part, are forged from carbon steelnot high-carbon stainless. Carbon steel is what most knives were made of before the stainless revolution. This sets these knives apart from all the other forged knives Ive covered in this article and heres why: 1) carbon steel is harder than high-carbon stainless and will take a sharper edge and stay sharp longer 2) unlike stainless, carbon steel corrodes and is susceptible to rust if you do not keep it dry after using. It will also gradually develop a dull patina that will give it a cool, vintage look.

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    Wusthof Amici Santoku 7

    Equipment Review: Best Santoku Knives & Our Testing Winners

    BUY NOW $28000

    Although billed as a santoku, if you compare the shape and width of the Amici santokus blade to the chai dao above, its pretty similar. The main distinction would be a straighter cutting edge. And it has a wonderful scoopability factor, tooall good things.

    Next to the Classic Ikon santoku, youre getting seriously more blademainly in the widthalong with a chunkier handle. If you want a slimmed down, agile santoku, this is not the one for you.

    On the other hand, compared to the Amici chef, the santoku is lighter and more compact. Yet it carries the same amount of cutting power. The blade is a full half-inch wider than chef at the heel and keeps a lot of its width to the tip. So even though its, technically, an inch shorter than the chef, it can handle the same amount of food with ease. Which is cool if youre a fan of santokus.

    Unfortunately, like the Amici chef knife, it is pricey. If youre looking for beauty and performance, there are better values to be had. Otherwiseif youre seeking a German-Japanese hybrid thats well-made and stylish, the Amici santoku is highly worth investigating.

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    Free Standard Shipping On Orders Over $39

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    Wusthof Classic Wide Chef Knife

    BUY NOW $200225This bad boy is a fantastic option for cooks doing some serious slicing. A wider blade can power through large fruits and vegetables or large quantities without being overcome by the food. The Classic wide blades are a 1/4-inch wider than regular blades. So a regular chefs, at its widest, is 1 3/4 inches, while a wide chef is 2 full inches.

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    Inch Grand Prix Ii Boning Knife

    The 5 inch Grand Prix II Boning knife has a curved and narrow blade which allows it to cleanly cut along the bone. Because of its shape you can move the blade in tight spots, like in between bones with great ease. All Grand Prix II boning knives are hardened at 58 on the Rockwell scale.

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