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Kansas City Strip Steak Price

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Why Is A Ribeye Called A Delmonico

Kansas City Steak Company (6) 10 oz. Strip Steaks on QVC

There are five key distinctions between Delmonico steaks and ribeye steaks that you need to be aware of. The following are some of the distinct characteristics of a Delmonico rib-eye steak:

It costs double the Delmonico steak.

Does the KC strip steak have a bone?

To put it another way, the Kansas City Strip is the same cut of meat as the New York Steak but with the bone still attached. It will be flavorful and tender, much like a New York Steak, but it will also have the distinct appeal of a steak with the bone still in it.

Whats In The Kansas City Steak Company Catalog

The Kansas City Steak Company catalog is filled with Kansas City Steak Companys premium and exotic gourmet menus. These include their steak menus, their beef menus, lamb and pork menus, their poultry menus, their seafood menus, and their exclusive signature dishes. The catalog also features Kansas City Steak Companys lavish desserts like their Mississippi Mud Cake.

Does Kc Strip Have A Bone

The Kansas City Steak Company now serves a Bone-in Strip Steak, which is often reserved for the most exclusive dining establishments. The Bone-in Strip Steak is similar to our boneless Kansas City Strip Steak in that it is well aged and has great marbling.

However, the Bone-in Strip Steak features additional juiciness and taste thanks to the bone. The process of wet-aging steaks for up to 28 days can improve both the taste and the softness of the meat. Each order comes with a free copy of the Kansas City Steak Book and a packet of Original Steak Seasoning, as well as bone-in steak strips that have been individually vacuum wrapped.

Find detailed instructions for grilling steak, as well as grilling timings, steak recipes, and more here. Steaks are sliced according to weight, thus the exact thickness might vary. The city in the American Midwest that is credited with creating this now-famous cut is where the Kansas City Strip Steak got its name.

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What Steak Is Picanha

Where on the Cow Does Picanha Come From? What Part of the Cow Is It? The picanha cut of beef is obtained from the uppermost portion of the cows rump, which is located just behind the fat cap. The picanha cut is most often known as a rump cap or sirloin cap in the United States.

It is also sometimes referred to as a culotte steak. Another name for it is a rump cover. It is not very usual to see this particular cut of meat at grocery shops in the United States, where the animal is normally butchered into more manageable portions, such as loin or round steaks. This is a shame because the whole picanha is a succulent and flavorful cut of meat.

It has a flavor and texture that is comparable to sirloin when it is correctly prepared and it is buttery, delicious, and lean.

What is most tender cut of steak?

The filet mignon is one of the most popular cuts of steak, and there are a lot of good reasons for it! A filet mignon is a cut of beef that is taken from the core of the beef tenderloin. It is often regarded as having the most soft texture of any cut.

Kansas City Steak Company Pricing & Price Comparison

Dry Aged Prime Kansas City Strip Steaks (4 per pack)

In my opinion, Kansas City Steak Company is very expensive. When I saw that 4 Kansas City boneless strip steaks were close to $90, I was shocked. Thats over $22 per steak and they were only 8 oz each . To put that in perspective, at $89.95 for 4 8 oz strips, that comes out to $2.81 per oz.

To give you an idea of how Kansas City Steak Company compares to the other meat delivery services listed above, heres a look at all of their boneless strip steak pricing:

  • Omaha Steaks: At $79.99 for 4 8 oz strips, that comes out to $2.50 per oz.
  • Snake River Farms: At $30 for 1 12 oz strip, that comes out to $2.50 per oz.
  • Crowd Cow: At $20 for 1 12 oz strip, that comes out to $1.67 per oz.
  • Porter Road: At $21 for 1 0.75 lb strip, that comes out to $1.75 per oz.
  • Rastellis: At $89 for 4 10 oz strips, that comes out to $2.23 per oz.

You can see that Kansas City Steak Company is most comparable to Omaha Steaks and Snake River Farms in terms of pricing.

Food Box HQ Note: These companies often change the pricing of their products. These were the correct prices at the time of publishing this review. If they are incorrect as you are reading this, please let us know in the comments and we will update accordingly. Thank you!

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Where Does Omaha Steaks Source Their Meat

Unfortunately, Omaha Steaks does not make it clear exactly where they source their meats from. Even in their blog article here where they talk about why their beef is better, they dont exactly mention where it comes from. They speak very vaguely about how they select the beef and where it comes from. All of this is a bit discerning considering that Omaha Steaks markets themselves as high-quality meat but fail to mention what makes them high-quality.

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The Kansas City Steak Company

For over 80 years, the Kansas City Steak Company has remained committed to delivering quality in every dish. They have evolved into a top distributor of all American steaks for the entire country. They are now recognized as authorities on all things steak and they take pride in providing their customers with the highest enjoyment from the cooking and dining experience.

From premium steaks and succulent beef to perfectly cooked poultry, tasty seafood dishes, savory lamb racks, and delish pork chops, Kansas City Steaks Company brings their A-game to providing you with the best options for whatever occasion you have.

Enjoy the most tempting selections and combos of protein available online and a variety of other appetizing entrees and sides for whoever is eating. If you are interested in something more exquisite, you can try out their signature dishes.

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California Reserve Dry Aged Kansas City Strip

Simply put, the Kansas City Strip is the New York Steak with the bone left on. It will have all the flavor and tenderness of the New York Steak, with the unique appeal of a bone-in steak.

This steak is the first cousin, twice removed, on the Mothers side, of the Dry Aged New York Strip. Its simply a New York with an attitude left in. Unlike the round longer bone found in the Prime Rib and the Rib Steak, the bone in the Kansas City Strip is from the lower vertebrae, and therefore is thinner and wider than the rib. Picture a Porterhouse Steak remove the Filet Mignon and the bone at the bottom of the Filet Mignon. What remains is your Kansas City Strip.

The topic of discussion here is whether or not the presence of the bone improves the flavor of the steak, beyond that imparted by the dry aging process, in the cooking process. Id say the unwashed masses are split evenly on yes and no. I myself, not being one to take a stand, come down squarely on the no side.

Heres the reason: I believe that the only time the bone comes into play is in a braising environment. There, by virtue of the slow process and the liquid enveloping the meat you have an interaction and more importantly, a transfer medium that will draw out the essence of the bone and impart it to the meat. On the grill, the transfer medium is absent. Additionally, being vertebrae, there is finite marrow when compared to the rib bone.

See how even handed I can be!

Receive Special Offers

Wagyu Kc Strip Steaks Are The True Choice For Discerning Steak Lovers And Grillers Alike This Highly Marbled Steak Brings Together The Strip’s Hallmark Bold Great

Kansas City Strip Steaks, Starring Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine | How Do You Game Day
  • 9 to 12 ounce Wagyu/Angus cross steak
  • Subtle, complex taste and dense marbling for added juiciness
  • Bold beefy strip steak with intense flavor
  • Meticulously hand-carved
  • 100% unconditionally guaranteed to satisfy

What is American Wagyu beef?

American Wagyu” beef is the result of cross-breeding Japanese Wagyu with high-quality continental breeds of cattle, usually a full blood Wagyu with Angus. Each breed of cattle offers a unique set of attributes that contribute to an equally unique eating experience sure to please.

Angus beef originated in Scotland and made its way to the United States in the 1870’s, and has become the most popular breed in the country. It is known for it’s deep marbling, that is more evenly distributed resulting in a juicy and tender cut of meat.

Authentic Wagyu is among the most sought-after and luxurious meats in the world. What makes it so special is its copious marbling, which creates a luxurious, buttery tenderness unlike any steak from cattle raised in America.

The end result of this Wagyu/Angus cross breed is a perfect blend of famous Wagyu buttery marbling and the robust beef flavor that American beef is known for. It is the best of both worlds.

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You Can Have Great Steak Delivered Right To You

House cleaners are in a profession that often has them out of their homes for long stretches of time, which can make cooking dinner or meals for themselves hard. Especially after a long day of cleaning, youre probably not going to want to go to the store, pick out groceries, then come home and cook.

Its also hard to find quality meats to add to your meals at the store. You dont want to waste time looking for the best quality and cuts of steaks at the store after work. Kansas City Steak Company has solved this problem by making it super easy to have premium cut steaks and meats delivered right to your doorstep!

No more walking aimlessly around a grocery store, checking tags on meat to find the best cut and price, because they have the best meats at amazing prices!

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How To Contact The Kansas City Steak Company To Claim A Warranty On Amazon

All you need to do is go to the order page and find the order of interest with the list of orders. For the chosen order, select Problem with Order and choose the appropriate problem then Contact Seller. You should provide information that would be reviewed, The steps are quite easy to follow, You can learn more about contacting a Seller on Amazon from here.

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The Best Burger In Kc

The Best Burger in Kansas City is at the Westport Flea Market, according to The Food Networks Meat and Potatoes. And The Pitch. And Zomato. Andwell, you get the picture. But were more than a just a great burger. Try us on Monday steak nights, we guarantee youll be back. Were Westports favorite, quirky, funky 30+ year old local-dining institution. Boasting some of the countrys best made-to-order eats served up with a healthy side of atmosphere, nostalgia, local history, and a stubborn resistance to change.

Like Trivia contests? Check. Pool, shuffleboard, video games? Yes, yes, and yes. Need a private room for 10 to 210? Weve got you covered. Like your brew cold and in various flavors? We have 44 cold and delicious beers tapped and waiting. Live music? Of course. Great burger? Are you even paying attention?

North of the Country Club Plaza, south of downtown Kansas City and the Power & Light District. On the west-side of Westport. Open for lunch and dinner, 7-days a week.

Dry Aged Ny Strip From Porter Road

Kansas City Steak Company Qty. 4 (12 Oz.) Boneless Kansas City Strip ...

Want to treat yourself? Or got a special occasion coming up where you want the top of the line steak for? Might I suggest checking out Porter Road.

They are my favorite online butcher as they offer dry aged, pasture raised steaks that they source from small farmers. I have yet to be disappointed in any of their steaks. That all have had great marbling.

Pick up a fresh, not frozen New York Strip steak from Porter Road for $29. They do offer sales from time to time, keep an eye out for those.

Also sign up for our Porter Road mailing list, to hear all about the great steaks, roasts, and more that can be shipped to your door.

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Kansas City Steak Co 8

Recommendation Test Anchor, dont delete

Recommendation Test Anchor, dont delete

or 4 Easy Pays of $33.74

+ S& H and tax

Were sorry.This item is not available at this time.

Pre Order Possible.

  • Includes four 8-oz filet mignon steaks and gift box
  • Net weight 2 lbs
  • Individually wrapped
  • Arrives within two days of shipment packaged with dry ice, but may arrive with little to none remaining
  • Cannot ship to PR, VI, Guam

The Trails At The Ridge

It is still cut from the short loin of a cow, and it is a soft cut that has some marbling spread throughout the flesh. In essence, a KC Strip is the same cut as a New York strip.

Whats the difference between a New York strip and a Kansas City strip steak?

In contrast, the Kansas City strip does not come with a bone attached in New York. In most cases, the tail part is omitted from the New York comic, however this is not the case with the Kansas City strip. The Kansas City strip is served with a larger chunk of fat along the edge, whereas the New York strip is cut closer to the meat to create a leaner appearance.

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Where Does Kansas City Steaks Source Their Meats

All of the food that Kansas City Steaks sells comes from National Beef, which has locations throughout Kansas. The beef comes from U.S. Premium Beef, with ranchers across 37 different states. Its not clear whether the cattle the steaks come from are actually from Kansas City or even Kansas.

On the Kansas City Steak Company website, they dont make it clear where any of the other meat comes from. On their All About Steak page, they are pretty vague about the source of their meat, only stating they source from tight cattle supply from producers with known and approved management methods.

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You can order a gift for Fathers Day from Kansas City Steak Company. It is offering 15% off and free shipping with promo code DAD15 for a limited time.

15% off and free shipping
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Kansas City Steak Company Pros

  • They offer a ton of variety. Between the different cuts of meat, different types of meat, sides, appetizers, desserts, and gift bundles, they are up there with Omaha Steaks in terms of the amount of food they have available to purchase.
  • Some foods were very delicious. The steak fries and brookies desserts were absolutely delicious.
  • They have a great money back guarantee. If youre unhappy, you can contact them and they will refund your money or replace the items youre unhappy with.

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What Is A Good Price

You can expect to pay around $12.99 to $14.99 a pound for a New York Strip steak. You can do cheaper at the right store or if you buy a value or family pack with 3-4 steaks. For quality that is what you should be expected to fork over.

This is about the same price as a good Ribeye as well. If you shop sales I bet you can beat that. Grocery store typically have some type of steak on sale each week, especially during the summer months and around Valentine’s Day.

Costco had one of the best prices. I also think their steaks are better quality than at other places with similar prices. It could be worth a membership just for the beef prices .

If you want Angus or Prime you are going to pay a little to a lot more. Trader Joe’s and Walmart both have Angus strip steaks but I don’t think the quality of steaks at either of these are all that great.

If you want to be really ambitious and cut your own strip steaks, then you might consider buying a whole one from Costco. You can even get them as USDA Prime. How about that?

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