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How To Make Dry Aged Steak

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Does Your Child Grind His Teeth At Night

How to DRY AGE BEEF AT HOME Properly – 45 Day Aged Bone in Ribeye

Parents are often concerned about the nocturnal grinding of teeth . Often, the first indication is the noise created by the child grinding on their teeth during sleep. Or, the parent may notice wear to the dentition. One theory as to the cause involves a psychological component. Stress due to a new environment, divorce, changes at school etc. can influence a child to grind their teeth. Another theory relates to pressure in the inner ear at night. If there are pressure changes the child will grind by moving his jaw to relieve this pressure.

The majority of cases of pediatric bruxism do not require any treatment. If excessive wear of the teeth is present, then a mouth guard may be indicated. The negatives to a mouth guard are the possibility of choking if the appliance becomes dislodged during sleep and it may interfere with growth of the jaws. The positive is obvious by preventing wear to the primary dentition.

The good news is most children outgrow bruxism. The grinding decreases between the ages 6-9 and children tend to stop grinding between ages 9-12. If you suspect bruxism, discuss this with your pediatrician or pediatric dentist.

Welcome To Penn State Behrend Early Learning Center


Need a little help finding us? A few helpful details below:

When entering Penn State Behrend campus, you travel up Jordan road from Station road. When you get to the top of the hill, there is a sign to turn left onto Knowledge Parkway. Once on Knowledge Parkway, turn right onto Merwin Lane which is the first right hand turn. Once on Merwin Lane the first right is into our parking lot with Penn State Behrend Early Learning Center sign.When on Station road near 1-90, turn left at Get Go on Knowledge Parkway. Travel all the way to the end of the parkway and take the last left onto Merwin lane. The first right turn is into our parking lot with Penn State Behrend Early Learning Center sign.

Your Subscription And Billing

We will bill you though an online account for use of any services through this website. By purchasing credits, you agree:

  • To pay all charges at the agreed upon price at the time of your purchase
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  • If you reverse a payment, we can terminate your account immediately and you will not be entitled to a refund or a reinstatement of your subscription
  • To provide current and accurate billing information for your account
  • To alert us to any security breaches associated with your account or payment method

If you wish to change or cancel your subscription, you can contact us here.

Requests for refunds are reviewed on a case by case basis. Please submit your request here. We will respond to your request within 3 days.

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Alaska Free Car Seats

Center for Safe Alaskans Child Passenger Safety Program supports state laws in keeping children safely secured each time they travel in a motor vehicle by promoting car seat and booster seat use. They also provide car seats to families in financial needs by providing car seats for a small donation.

Mat-Su Services for Children and Adults hold monthly car seat safety checks for the public. These events are free of charge and provide information about choosing the proper car seat or booster seat for your child along with hands-on instruction about proper installation, correct use, and other factors important to safe car seat usage. Limited car seats are also available that you can get after completing the training.

The Juneau Police Department offers free car seat inspections during the week by appointment only. This is a free inspection where Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians will assist you and assess for proper car seat use, safety, and installation. Replacement seats may be available at minimum expense for those who qualify.

The Juneau Police Department is the Southeast Alaska Agency for child booster seats. For more information, please contact 907-586-0600, Officers Kathy Underwood, Jennifer Adams, or Blain Hatch.

Selecting And Preparing The Meat

Understanding Dry
  • 1Choose a high quality, large cut of meat. You’ll also want your meat to be a kind that uses quick cooking methods, like New York strips, rib steak, and porterhouse cuts. Small cuts of meat should be avoided, as the loss of moisture during aging can make these seem too small to be the main course of a meal. Larger pieces, on the other hand, can be trimmed down.
  • Individually cut steaks will not work for the dry aging process. You’ll need a whole cut, like rib sections 103, 107, 109A, and 109 Export.
  • Boneless beef rib or loin roast rated as “choice” or “prime” are also good options for your dry aging.XResearch source
  • When buying one of these cuts from a butcher, you should ask him not to trim your cut of meat at all.
  • Do not trim your meat before storing it for dry aging.XResearch source
  • 2Examine the color of the meat prior to storing. The color is directly related to the tenderness of the beef and how long the aging process should last. If your beef is darker, it does not need to be aged more than a week. Beef that is lighter in color should be aged more than 7 days, but no longer than 30 days.XResearch source
  • If you have difficulty discerning the color of your meat at a glance, you might want to compare it side by side with a fresh cut of meat.
  • You can also protect your meat from sudden dehydration with a triple thick layer of paper towel.XResearch source
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    Why Dry Aged Beef

    So what makes dry aged beef different, and how is it done? Lets start with what sets dry aged beef apart from unaged beef. There are two major elements that are affected in dry aging beef the tenderness and the flavor. If you look at dry aging from a scientific perspective, you can think of it as a controlled decay process. When done in a monitored environment, introducing the beef primals to the air allows the occurrence of natural enzymes that slowly begin to break down the molecular bonds of the meat. As these bonds are slowly broken, the end result becomes more tender. Now, the next question youre probably asking yourself is So the longer dry aged the better? Not necessarily. In a properly controlled dry aging environment, you could in fact take a primal out 100, 150, even 200 days. However, the noticeable tenderness of the dry aged steak at 200 days will not be tremendously different than that same steak dry aged 100 days, or even 45 days. What is going to be a hugely different is the flavor.

    At this point, more than a few of you are probably wondering can I dry age steaks at home? In a nutshell, yes you can, but the real question to ask, do you want to? Lets take a look at exactly what goes into the aging process, so you can best understand the requirements.

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    Wyoming Free Car Seats

    Cheyenne Regional is a reputable hospital that is providing top-notch services in the medical field for years. They an amazing 222-bed register hospital. Cheyenne Regional is giving back to the community through their Kohls Car Seat Distribution Program. It is a huge collaboration of Kohls with 160 hospitals around the country. Hundreds of distributed car seats make it a big option for people who are struggling to get a car seat for their kids. You can contact them at 634-2273.

    The Teton County Car Seat Program also provides car seats to low-income families. You can find more about the program here.

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    Oregon Free Car Seats

    Josephine County in Oregon is doing its part in making the kids of Oregon safe through the Child Passenger Safety Program. This program is run by Grants Pass Fire / Rescue . Through years of training and effort, a lot of police officers and firefighters are certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians. Child Passenger Safety Program can give you access to car seats for as low as $10. You are qualified for a car seat if you are enrolled in government-assisted programs like WIC. You also have to be a legal guardian, have a vehicle in the family, and you will learn how to use the car seat. There is also a restriction of one car seat per child, which, in all honesty, is enough. Please contact program coordinator Travis Marsh at 541-450-6200 for more information.

    Similar to Josephine Countys Child Passenger Safety Program, Umatilla Morrow County Head Start are running their own The Car Seat Program with the goal of providing low-cost seats to the people who are dealing with financial restrictions. The car seats are provided to low income families at a reduced cost. The price of the seats range from $10-$30 depending on the seat needed.

    Randall Children’s hospitals Crying Babies and Shaken Baby Prevention program is worth checking out too. You need to show proof of low income to get a free car seat.

    How Long Should You Age Meat For

    How to Cook Steak – Steakhouse Wet & Dry Aged Steaks | MEAT AMERICA

    Heres where the art of dry aging becomes a rabbit hole Lets chat for a moment about tenderness. Yes, dry aging can help tenderness, but its mainly undertaken to intensify flavor. After about 28 days of aging, the meat is about as tender as its going to become. Technically speaking, for you sticklers, it has the capacity to continue to tenderize, but its practically negligible beyond this point. What you are looking at now is intensity of flavor, and nutty notes from the mold and controlled decomposition .

    Short answer the length of time you leave meat to age depends on numerous factors. What cut are you using? What kind of mold do you have in your fridge? Is it more intense than other strains? How much of that mold is in there? And most importantly: what is your personal preference?

    Generally, it takes at least 30 days before you can start to taste any signature dry aged flavors. My personal preference is for something between 60-80 days. That may change as I get to know my own set up better . After a certain point, dry aged steak turns from a delight to a delicacy. Meaning the more funky it gets, the fewer people it will appeal to. Kind of like a light blue cheese versus a gorgonzola. One is much mustier than the other, and some palates find that too overwhelming.

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    Readying Your Freezer For Dry Aging

  • 1Designate a separate dry aging refrigerator or freezer. To dry age your meat safely and properly, you’ll need to take steps to limit changes in temperature and humidity. It is especially important to keep your meat at the right temperature during the aging process. Designating a separate dry aging refrigerator or freezer is the easiest way of doing this.
  • Meat will spoil above 40°F but will freeze below 32°F . The ideal temperature for aging is 36°F throughout the entire aging process.XResearch source
  • Using your everyday refrigerator is not recommended. The more you open and close your refrigerator/freezer, the more the temperature and humidity will change.
  • You might use a small, temperature adjustable “dorm” refrigerator or a storage freezer for your dry aging.XResearch source
  • 2Clean your refrigerator of possible contaminants. Meats will absorb other strong flavors and odors. Items like cheese, fish, and garlic will likely influence the taste of your meat while it ages. A thorough cleaning before dry aging will help protect the natural flavor profile of your meat.
  • The best way to ensure that there are no subtle contaminants in your refrigerator/freezer is to defrost and clean your freezer with a suitable general purpose cleaner.
  • If smells linger after cleaning, sprinkle a layer of baking soda on the inner surfaces of your refrigerator/freezer and thoroughly wipe it with a rag.
  • Georgia Free Car Seats

    Georgia department of public health has a comprehensive guide on kids safety in the cars. This resource includes videos, tips, and safety programs. They will also help you get a free car seat through your local counties. You can contact your local country to inquire about the availability of the car seat.

    Childrens Hospital of Georgia will charge you $10 for an extensive course on how to keep your kids safe in the car. As 4 out of 5 car seats are used incorrectly, this is a great place to learn how to make sure you are using the seat properly and not putting your kids life in danger. They will also provide free car seats to deserving people. You can contact them at 706-721-7606.

    South Health District of Georgia Department of Public Health also has a car seat programthat aims at facilitating low-income families by providing them free car seats. The seats are distributed through local counties, and you have to complete a small course before getting the seat.

    SAFE KIDS Cobb & SAFE KIDS Douglas Counties is a collaboration between Cobb, Douglas Counties, and safe kids worldwide. They provide education and training on things related to the safety of the kids like water safety, Bicycle Safety, Fire Safety, Pedestrian Safety, and Youth Sports Safety. They also have inspection stations where you can get your seat inspected for safety. Free car seats, although limited, are also available. You are encouraged to contact them and schedule an appointment first.

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    What Happens To The Meat During The Aging Process

    Whats happening, Poll and Kawa both told me, is that the enzymes in the meat are breaking down, resulting in a more tender, juicier steak with a much more concentrated flavor. There’s also some shrinkage.

    Essentially, the water is coming out of the meat and its technically shrinking. The flavor of the meat is getting more and more intense as it gets denser in the dry-aging process, revealed Perry Pollaci, Cutthroat Kitchen champ and the executive chef at Castaway in Burbank, California.

    There’s also often mold that forms on the meat. But that’s natural too, and while eating a hunk of meat that has mold on it might seem counterintuitive, it’s actually just a part of the maturation of flavors.

    Think of it this way, Pollaci said, the meat is almost breaking itself down, so the natural enzymes are causing the muscle tissue to break down, which is going to make for a more tender and flavorful cut.

    Grant Helps Lower Maternal And Infant Deaths Among African American Women

    How to Dry

    The death toll among black mothers and babies is staggering. Black babies in Erie County are almost four times more likely than Caucasian babies to die before their first birthday. Black mothers in Pennsylvania have maternal complications at a rate of two times the overall rate of other mothers in the state. The inequity is palpable.

    With a grant from The Erie Community Foundation, Emmas Footprints launched a prevention program to save the lives of mothers and their babies. This issue has long been an Erie Vital Sign indicator that the Foundation has measured, said Mike Batchelor, president of The Erie Community Foundation. Emmas Footprints is providing a meaningful pathway forward to positively impact the numbers while also offering hope and equity to mothers and families.

    Over the past seven years, we have walked alongside 1,250 grieving families and frankly, thats too many, said Tracy Dailey, founder of Emmas Footprints. While we will continue to provide healing to those who have experienced a loss, if we can save one mother, one baby, we are on our way to setting this injustice right. We will not stop at preventing deaths of Black mothers and babies but we must start here because these statistics are so high compared to those of our White sisters.

    Contact Us

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    Need Erie Pa Breast Pump Accessories Reach Out To Us Today

    In addition to breast pumps, we also offer a variety of pumping accessories. That includes maternity compression garments as well as storage bags, bottles, and spare breast pump parts. When youre trying to get the most out of your pumping sessions, sometimes having the right accessories and settings can make a huge difference. Getting this all figured out can take a bit of trial and error. If youre having a hard time or have some questions, feel free to contact us today for more information. Our team is here to help you out!

    ‘the Best And Worst Time Of My Life’

    She graduated from Erie’s former Academy High School on June 8, 1970, and the next morning was in the car with her parents and on her way to Our Lady of Victory Infant Home outside Buffalo, New York, where she would stay through her baby’s birth.

    “On one hand I just wanted it to be over and wanted to go back to life the way it was,” DeSanto said. “But it would never be the way it was again.

    “At the same time, I didn’t want it to be over it was the only time I had with , just a few months. I wrote poems for her. I talked to her. I wrote letters to her. I knew our days were numbered,” she said.

    When her daughter was born that August and was placed in her lap, DeSanto changed her mind about giving her up for adoption.

    “I called my parents and told them I would be bringing her home,” DeSanto said.

    “My poor parents. They were wonderful through the whole thing. Whatever I decided would be OK with them. They never pressured me one way or the other,” she said.

    DeSanto didn’t sleep that night.

    “I got a picture in my mind of adoptive parents picking her up and taking her home, and standing over her bassinet while she slept and thinking how lucky they were to have her,” DeSanto said.

    “Then I pictured what it would look like if I took her home, and me sitting in the dark rocking her and crying because I didn’t know how to raise her. I was just a kid. I felt so overwhelmed. It was a chance I couldn’t take,” DeSanto said. “I didn’t want to ruin her life as I had ruined mine.

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