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Steaks Delivered To Your House

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Trusted By Thousands Across Canada

Anh T

What a great company! Excellent quality meats, excellent delivery service and excellent customer service. They have exceeded my expectations. There are so many meat choices to choose from! They offer organic and grass-fed meats but at very reasonable prices. It’s easy to use their ordering platform and you can easily change your preferences and delivery times whenever you need to. I highly recommend you give truLOCAL a try – definitely saved me a weekly trip to the butcher shop.

Christine Fredericks

I love truLOCAL! The quality of the meat is always the best, but honestly the team at truLOCAL is what I am consistently impressed with. They are always quick to respond, always friendly, helpful, appreciate a loyal customer and are just 100% authentic and I love speaking with them. Honestly I feel like Im e-mailing friends thats how real they are. Highly recommend this company if there was a 10 star Id choose 10. Check them out, you will not be disappointed.

Alycia Crooks

This is an AMAZING service and company. We received our first order of meat/seafood to our doorstep, and we were kept up to date on when it was being delivered. It came packaged so wonderfully, in a cooler with an ice pack, everything was so well frozen and packaged. The food has all been EXCELLENT so far, so fresh and wonderful. And, the customer service truly is great!!! THANKS TruLocal!!!

Britney Holmberg
Jennifer K
Alex Milevski
Mike Henry
Joanne Singh
Judy Morrison

Top 11 Best Mail Order Steaks Reviews

Theres nothing better than a truly tender, juicy filet mignon. These Premium Angus Filet Mignons by Chicago Steak House are better than any steak from the finest restaurants in the world.

The Premium Angus Filet Mignon comes in weights ranging from 5 oz. 10 oz. Specifically handpicked from the top one-third of USDA choice cattle based on extent of marbling, texture, and color. When cooked just right, this filet mignon cuts with a fork and provides one of the most delicious steak flavors you can ever experience.

In addition to their top of the line tasting filets, the Chicago Steak House focuses on sustainability practices and raises all their beef hormone and antibiotic-free, making them the best online meat company. They are also the best online steak delivery service in the business as they offer overnight delivery on orders placed by 4pm.

Who Should Get This?

If you are looking for the juiciest, most tender steak for your next celebratory meal or date night, this filet mignon cant be beaten.


Kansas City Steaks dates back to a 1930s family-owned butcher shop, so they know steaks.And one steak, in particular, they prepare extremely well is their Frenched Bone-in Ribeye Steak. This steak is my pick for the best mail order steak for the money, so if you are new to mail ordering meat, this is a low-risk, affordable place to start, and these cuts are worth every penny.

Who Should Get This?



Who Should Get This?


Who Should Get This?




Mistake #: Ignoring The Competition

Often, were tempted to settle on the first decent solution we land on. Why? Its convenient and saves time.

Youll be more pleased with the results if you shop around because each meat delivery service offers something distinct. Perhaps its unique cuts of meat, standout quality, or organic certifications on the products. Maybe the sustainable methods of the farm draw your attention, or even just the price. If you dont shop around, you could miss out on something special.

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Best Mail Order Steaks

Ordering steaks online can be confusing your first time. When mail-order steaks first came to be, there were only a few brands. Now, however, there are dozens. Our team has tested most of them and narrowed down the best providers to order a steak from in this best online steak company reviews.

Best For Surf And Turf: Chicago Steak Company

My Best Home Order Meat Delivery So Far!
  • Exact source/farm information isn’t provided

  • Shipping costs can be expensive

You can find everything from premium Angus beef to wet or dry-aged beef to American Wagyu on this company’s website. The variety of cuts is also impressive, from filet mignon to cowboy steaks. Steak assortments are also available, which are great for gifting or treating yourself to something special.

When it comes to seafood, the Fresh Fish Market section offers a variety of fish options. You can click over to the Maine Lobster House to order live Maine lobsters to make dinner extra special, whether its a quiet meal for two or the whole family.

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Kansas City Steak Company

Kansas City Steaks is another butcher shop turned web-based meat provider. The business was founded in 1932 as a family-owned butcher shop in Kansas City.

Since then, they have become one of the larger mail-order steak companies in the US. Some of their most popular cuts include their T-bones, ribeye, sirloins, and tenderloin.

They also offer a selection of other meats, including lamb, pork, chicken, and seafood. Their price tag can be a bit higher for some items than some of the other providers on this list.

You can learn more about the company in our Kansas City Steaks company review.

  • Discounts on delivery over certain amounts
  • Large variety of high-quality meats
  • Easy to use website

Grass Fed Vs Grain Fed

Grass-fed meat is typically seen as superior to grain-fed meat for several reasons. Grass-fed cows, lambs, and goats have healthier diets, for starters, but theyre also allowed to graze on open fields as opposed to being cooped up in pens. Its simply more humane, but grass-fed products are also leaner and boast higher levels of good omega-3 fats compared to the alternatives.

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Top 10 Meat Delivery Services In 2022

If you are looking for the best meat delivery, you should definitely consider ButcherBox. They deliver 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, free-range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork directly to your door.

They source their products from partners with high standards for quality.

You can get a range of different cuts, from ground beef, American wagyu, to filet mignon, at a good value.

ButcherBox allows you to choose from 4 curated boxes or create your best custom box full of high-quality products for your meat subscription orders.

  • Order can be canceled anytime
  • Orders are packed in an eco-friendly box
  • You can select a delivery frequency
  • Focused on caring about animals and improving livelihoods for farmers
  • Lacks better control of whats in the box

Crowd Cow is the marketplace for quality craft beef and pork from farms and ranches around the world.

They work only with farms that they know personally.

Crowd Cow considers it very important to know where and how animals were raised and proudly discover new, independent farms to work with.

They have various options like ground beef, wagyu beef, and dry-aged ribeye steak. You can search for Crowd Cow products by the farm or by cut.

  • Supporting local and independent producers
  • Recyclable and compostable boxes
  • You can send an order as a gift with a personalized gift note

Snake River Farms is a family-owned and operated business, selling and shipping high-quality products like beef, pork, and poultry.

Best For Beef And Pork: Snake River Farms

  • Meat grade guide to help you shop

  • No poultry or seafood options

Snake River Farms specializes in American Waygu beef, Northwest beef , and Berkshire pork. Youll find everything from burgers to roasts, including gift boxes with selected cuts of meat.

For something just a little different, you can order a variety of smoked hams as well as bacon, and for a real treat, you can order dry-aged beef. They dont carry a lot of extras, but you can find salts and seasonings along with a few clothing items if youre shopping for an interesting gift for your favorite meat-lover.

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What Is The Procedure For Using My Omaha Steaks Gift Card

Online redemption is available at 2. Go to any Omaha Steaks location. Call 1-800-228-1444 or go to to find a location near you.

Omaha Steaks has long been known for its delicious beef products. But, as with many other food delivery services, the company has recently expanded its offerings to include quick-cooking meals, including chicken, soba noodles, chicken and beef stir fry, and even pizza. So, how long does it take for Omaha Steaks to deliver these meals?. Read more about omaha steaks delivery tracking and let us know what you think.

Best For Something Wild: Fossil Farms

With a tagline of Wild. Natural. Sustainable. you know youll find some interesting meats on this site. From alligator to yak, youll find options here that you may not find elsewhere, including wild Scottish game, python, and kangaroo.

Of course, there are also more familiar meats, so you can pick up a rib roast or chicken breast and thighs. These won’t be your average dinners, though. Fossil Farms offers meat that’s antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and sustainable.

For many types of meats, from bison to chicken to alligator, you’ll be able to order sausage in addition to whole cuts of meat.

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And The #1 Meat Delivery Company Is

We have tried all services we have mentioned in this article, and after months of research, we have found the best meat delivery – ButcherBox.

Subscription service went smoothly, we received mail confirmation very fast, and we were able to start ordering the next day. They have various boxes to choose from, so those who prefer beef only or mixed meat will always find the perfect combination.

The quality of their products, packaging, and shipping experience went well with our needs.

  • Order can be canceled anytime
  • Orders are packed in an eco-friendly box
  • You can select a delivery frequency
  • Focused on caring about animals and improving livelihoods for farmers
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of

Best For Delicacies: D’artagnan

Steak Dinner Menu at Home  A Steakhouse Experience Delivered  Omaha ...

DArtagnan prides itself on hormone-free and antibiotic-free meats from animals that live a stress-free life with plenty of space to move around. They have a wide range of beef, pork, lamb, and poultry , as well as more uncommon fare like rabbit, venison, and wild boar. Charcuterie items include rillettes, cured meats, bacon, sausages, and mousses, as well as charcuterie gift boxes.

For those who want something a bit more special, they also sell duck foie gras, fresh truffles, caviar, and ramps and fiddlehead ferns. A wide range of gift boxes are great for gift-giving or treating yourself, and the pantry section is worth a look for the demi-glace, duck fat, and fancy olive oils.

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Buying Guide For Choosing The Best Meat Delivery Service

In todays world, you can get just about anything you need delivered right to your door: groceries, furniture, electronics, even cars. And while local butchers remain institutions around the globe, meat delivery services have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years.

Why? Meat delivery services offer several advantages over local alternatives. You neednt leave your house, for one, and theyve further adapted to societys changing needs by offering contact-free delivery. In addition, delivery services can bypass snags like local shortages and distribution errors.

The best meat delivery services offer the juiciest, tastiest, and most sought-after premium cuts on the market. Whether its grass-fed ground beef, dry-aged steaks, humanely raised chicken, or organic fish, the quality of these products has an incredible reputation that often surprasses that of the local butcher. These services can grant you access to premium meats from around the world, including those that may be difficult to get in your area.

With the best meat delivery services, juicy steaks and mouthwatering burgers are just a few clicks away. Before you place your order, peruse our comprehensive buying guide so you can make an informed and delicious choice.

Hardcore Carnivore Black : Steak Seasoning Rub


Hardcore Carnivore: Black is a gluten and MSG free rub, designed to complement steaks and meats of all kinds. Black has all the standard spices and ingredients to take your steaks and meats to the next level, with the addition of one exotic ingredient… there’s charcoal in the rub! Black will boost not just the flavor, but the appearance of your food. First: it provides a great foundation base for a crust to form, particularly when grilled. Second: since the product darkens the exterior of the meat prior to cooking, you won’t be tempted to overcook it just to achieve an appealing outer color – it’s already half way there before you even start cooking.Thirdly: the vivid black color creates an amazing contrast against interior of the meat, making it incredibly visually appealing. Consider it cosmetics for meat!Yes, the charcoal is safe.This is definitely not the same charcoal as the stuff in your grill! Hardcore Carnivore: Black contains food-grade activated charcoal made from coconut husks.Hardcore Carnivore: Black contains all the classics like salt, pepper, garlic, brown sugar, onion and a hint of chili. It’s a flavor profile that’s neutral enough to work with a variety of different proteins. It can be used for pan and oven searing but best results are found when cooked over charcoal or open flame. And, of course, it’s proudly made in Texas.

Shaker size: 13 oz. Net weight: 13 oz.

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The Best Places To Order Meat Online In 2022

  • Bulk and gift options available

  • Doesn’t ship outside contiguous United States

If you’re looking to stock up on everything from ground beef and chicken to sirloin steak, pork chops, sausage, shrimp, and salmon, Rastelli’s has you covered. All of the products can be stored in your freezer for up to a year, and you can order in bulk or save money on a subscription.

Items like the Chicken Drumsticks Box, Steak Craft Burgers Box, and Ground Beef Box come with 12 servings so there’s plenty for the whole family. There are also gift box options that are perfect for holiday or corporate gifting.

Started as a one-room butcher shop in New Jersey, Rastelli’s remains a family-run business. All of the meat is responsibly sourced and completely free of antibiotics, steroids, and hormones.

What To Look For

Certified Hereford Beef Top Sirloin Steak with Grillin’ Medley Potatoes, Asparagus & French Baguette

When trying each of these meat providers, we looked at a few key considerations to ensure that their steaks were truly high-caliber. These include:

  • Flavor of the steaks
  • Reputation of the butchers and farms
  • Customer feedback
  • Wide menu option
  • Value for money

Because there are a lot of different steak delivery providers, it was important for us to narrow down the top providers. These key considerations allowed us to objectively name the top businesses for steaks on the internet.

The customer service at Butcher Box is only rivaled by their superior products. For anyone looking for top-quality, sustainable, humanely raised meats this is the place!

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Gretchen R., Verified Better Business Bureau Reviewer

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See Some Of The Local Businesses You’re Supporting

You’ll be able to browse products from farms, butchers and suppliers specific to Ontario

Why is the bacon so good? That’s a good question. Because we do it on site here, we control all aspects of it, it’s naturally brined so we’re not forcing the brine into the bacon, it’s soaked overnight. It’s a natural wood smoke as opposed to a chemical smoke.

Jeff MiedmaOwnerTownsend Butchers

We’re quite different than the conventional farm, we have our doors wide open, our chickens go outside every single day. We wouldn’t farm and we wouldn’t raise chickens if we couldn’t raise chickens this way.

Lori BrownOwnerHidden Root Farms

One of the cool products that we supply to truLOCAL is our salt & pepper burger. In today’s world everyone is looking for simple products, so the salt and pepper burger is good quality beef, salt, and pepper. Gluten-free, and extremely good product, that we’re excited to offer through truLOCAL.

George MaxwellOwner

Delivered To Your Doorstep For A Fine Dining Experience At Home

To maximize freshness and preserve quality, our products are frozen in a blast freezer and packaged individually. This locks in all of the natural juices and preserves texture. Each steak is then carefully nestled into a polystyrene cooler containing more than enough dry ice and/or gel packs to ensure safe delivery. Our painstaking shipping process spares no expense in providing you with a superior-quality steak delivered straight to your doorstep.

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Whats The Greatest Website For Ordering Steaks Online

The finest mail order steak businesses to try this month are listed below.

  • Editors Pick: Snake River Farms
  • Editors Pick: Holy Grail Steaks
  • Kansas City Steak Company is a steakhouse in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Chicago Steak Company is a steakhouse in Chicago, Illinois.
  • New Yorks Lobels
  • Rastellis.
  • Fossil Farms is a company that specializes in fossil farming.
  • LaFrieda.
  • Premium Angus Beef Bone

    Best Steaks in Town That Offer Home Delivery

    If you like strip steak but unsure if its for you, start out trying the Premium Angus Beef Bone-In Strip steak by Chicago Steak Company. By cooking the steak with the bone still attached, you receive a richer, more robust flavor. I keep several of these in my own freezer to grill up for any occasion. While they took longer to thaw due to the bone, the flavor was just as delicious as the ones I grilled right out of the box.

    What I like about Chicago Steak Company is that they stand behind every order, guaranteeing the best possible beef available and total customer satisfaction. This clearly shows in how they vacuum wrap and flash freeze these bone-in strip steaks to ensure the best possible flavor.

    Who Should Get This?

    For those who like strip steak but want a richer flavor without breaking the bank, these Bone-In Strip steaks are a great option.


    Another top selection offered by Kansas City Steaks is the USDA Prime T-Bone Steak, and it will not disappoint. This is one of those rare steaks you cant exactly put your finger on what it is that makes it taste so good, but it surely has to do with the bone slid in between the two prime cuts of meat.

    Each box contains four 16 oz. bone-in steaks. They come with a complementary seasoning packet to get the best flavor out of the meat and a free Kansas City Steak Company cookbook.

    Who Should Get This?

    Everyone should keep a few of these USDA Prime T-Bone Steaks on hand for flavor, affordability, and easy grilling.



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