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Bbq Steak On Charcoal Grill

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My Method For Grilling New York Strip Steaks

How to Grill a Perfect Steak on a Charcoal Grill | Weber Grills

Sometimes I’m in the mood for a really simple steak. Today was a salt and pepper day. I simply sprinkled salt and pepper on both sides of my huge steak.

Use a good quality Kosher salt and a coarse ground pepper. none of that table salt for a beautiful steak like this.

Once my grill was heated to the appropriate temperature I added my steak over direct heat. Make sure you have a probe thermometer on hand to monitor the temperature of the steaks throughout the grilling process.

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How To Grill The Perfect Steak

Aside from the grilling tips weve already discussed, there are other things you can do to ensure your steak is cooked to perfection and packed with flavor.

  • Try using a salt dry brining process. When you use salt, it draws the moisture out of the meat. The juice will dissolve the salt before its reabsorbed back into the steak. This can result in a steak thats packed with juice and flavor.
  • Always use a thermometer. Always check the doneness of your steak using a thermometer. This will prevent over or undercooked meat based on your taste preference.
  • To rest or not to rest? Some grillers swear by resting a steak before serving. This is done to allow the juices inside the steak to settle. Not every griller agrees that this method works, but you can give this technique a shot and decide for yourself. To rest a steak, youll remove it from the grill and wrap it tightly in foil for a period of ten to fifteen minutes.

Constantly Flipping Your Steaks

It can be tempting to keep flipping your steak to make sure its cooking evenly, but this is the exact opposite of what you should do. So, when should you flip a steak?

You actually should only flip a steak once through the cooking process. Wait until the first side is fully seared before flipping to the other side. Depending on the cut of steaks you have, it can take anywhere from two to five minutes on each side to get that crispy brown crust.

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How To Create A Perfect Cooking Source For Your Steaks

To get that really hot searing heat that creates the perfect steak, you need to fire up a full chimney of good quality lump charcoal or briquet. A Chimneys Starter is the easiest way to get a fast hot fire ready for grilling.

You can also light a pile of about 100 briquets. When the coals are ready, arrange them in a two-zone fire. Replace the top grate, allow it to heat up all vents should be fully open.

You should always start with a clean grill and coat the grill by pouring cooking oil on a folded paper towel, oiling the grate using long-handled tongs to hold the paper oiled paper towels.

Cooking On A Dirty Grill

How To Grill Steak On A Charcoal Grill

Yes, youre supposed to season your grates before you start cooking, but they should never, ever be dirty. Not only can leftover food on the grill make your new food taste funny, but its also a serious health hazard to cook over bacteria thats been sitting there since last weekend.

Clean your grill after every use. It only takes a few minutes to brush down the grates while the grills still hot and itll make for a much simpler cleanup when your cookout is over.

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How Long Do You Cook A Steak On A Charcoal Grill

This depends on the thickness of the steak but if you are using a regular steak, about 1 and a half inches thick, it would take no longer than 15 minutes to finish cooking it.

That is if you use high temperature to cook it.

This is necessary if you want a crispy crust on your steak as the heat will help give the outer parts a charred finish after a few minutes.

Cooking regular steaks at high temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit will take only 7 to 10 minutes to get medium doneness.

Cooking it further will give you more well-done doneness.

Grilled Ribeye Steak Recipe

Which one do you like best? This one. Or this one?

I put my family through this photo editing process at least once a week. But given that this is 100% my husbands recipe/passion/craving-every-single-week, consulting him on which photo to lead this post was part of the process.

Definitely the one on the grill, he replied. Really? But its not on a plate. Its not all styled out. Its not my usual style of pic.

Exactly. Its a big, beautiful ribeye grilled to perfection on a grill. Isnt that what you want to show?

Yes. Yes it is. Why do I always overthink it?

This grilled ribeye steak is the epitome of summer. Big. Juicy. And it serves a crowd. Or if youre my husband, serves enough for dinner and leaves some for a breakfast burrito in the morning.

Hes smart that way.

Ribeyes are my mans go-to steak. Theyre rich. Theyre buttery. And its all thanks to serious ribbons of marbeling through the beef to create the ultimate decadence of any steak you can slice a knife through.

My husband moved his killer indoor steak-making-technique outdoors with this ribeye recipe. And there are several factors that come into play.

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Why Does High Heat Make My Steak Tastes Better

The surface of a steak tastes best when the high heat gets several important chemical reactions going. It might be a little TMI, but you can always impress your guests with your grilling knowledge!

The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction between amino acids and sugars created by heat. Caramelization is the browning of sugar by oxidation under heat. There are small amounts of sugars in meat, that cause this reaction and give you that rich, complex, caramel or butterscotch flavor that makes your steak memorable.

There are also fats on the surface, and they contribute a lot to the flavor of the meat. When heat melts the fat and chemically alters it, the flavor is also drastically altered.

Fat reaches its most rich and succulent point when it becomes golden brown, just before it burns. While your steak is at best when the color is more of a nut brown. Blackening or charring a piece of meat is carbonization, and wont taste much better than the charcoal, so pay attention to what youre doing on the grill. Timing is everything!

For me the rarer the better, while my wife likes no signs of pink, with her steak well done.sigh. Its proven quite challenging but also very satisfying when I get it right.

I also like to experiment with the seasonings I use, trying to masterfully create perfection. Many famous steak houses are known not only for their steaks but for the secret seasoning they use to create added flavors.

Best Charcoal Grill For Steaks Buying Guide:

New York Steak on the Weber Charcoal Grill

There are various issues you need to take into consideration so that you can buy the best charcoal grill for steaks. First, check on the cooking area. If you intend to cook a lot of steaks, then you need a restaurant with a large cooking area. Here are other factors to check out:

Even distribution of heat

The charcoal grill should be built to distribute heat evenly. A product with even distribution of heat allows for the perfect cooking of the steak.

Heat retention

You need to retain and control the heat to achieve the perfect cooking experience. You need to check on the construction of the tool to ensure it can maintain temperature before buying.


If you would like to cook food outdoors, then you need to pay attention to the portability of the grill. A portable tool allows you to cook outdoors quickly.

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Gas Vs Charcoal Grills

Most people will tell you that charcoal or wood-fire grills are preferable for grilling steaks because they bring that smokey, charred flavor. If you are using a charcoal grill, skip the charcoal briquettes and lighter fluid, as these can add a kerosene flavor to your steak. Instead, opt for wood or natural, hardwood lump charcoal .

But don’t fret if you have a gas grill. The heat is ultimately more important than how you get it. You can still achieve great results with a gas grill. And gas grills allow for greater precision and control over the heat, which is definitely a plus for the amateur and the grill-master alike.

Being Too Eager To Eat

You know how you need to rest after youve had a big, delicious, grilled meal? Well, your steaks need some resting time too after you cook them.

Resting lets the juices run back through the meat while collagen in the meat thickens them, allowing your meat to be more tender and juicier than it would if you cut it immediately after cooking. Take your steaks off the racks when theyre about 10-degrees less than your optimal temperature and let them rest for five to ten minutes.

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Tools Needed For Perfect Grilled Steak

  • Charcoal or Gas Grill that can get hot for the initial sear.
  • Instant read digital thermometer, like the Thermoworks Thermapen, to monitor the internal temperature of the meat and avoid overcooking.
  • Long tongs to be able to move the steak and avoid flare ups that burn the steak.

Grilling on pellet grills If you have a pellet grill its still possible to sear the steak. The best method is to get the pellet grill as hot as it will go. Use infrared grill grates or a cast iron pan that warms up as the grill warms up to get the sear quickly and avoid overcooking.

How To Grill A Steak On Charcoal Grill

Ultimate Charcoal

Im going to tell you five quick and easy steps to grilling the perfect steak on your charcoal grill!

Step 1 Prep and season the steak

The first thing you will want to do is take your steak out of the fridge and season it on both sides with your favorite rub or the one we used below. After you have seasoned the steak let it sit for 30 minutes. Seasoning the meat and letting it sit for this time will help it cook faster and more evenly while holding the seasoning better.

Also, if there is any excess fat please trim that off to avoid flare ups while grilling the steak.

Step 2 Fire up the grill

For steaks you want your charcoal grill to be as hot as possible. Ideally anywhere for 550-650 degrees F.

You can either use a chimney for your charcoal or light a pile of about 100 Kingsford Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes.

When the coals are ready you will want to arrange them into two zones. Essentially you want all the coals on oneside of the grill for direct heat and then the otherside that doesnt have any coals will be your indirect heat.

Replace your top grate, allow the great to heat up. Place cover on the grill. Remember all vents on the grill should be fully open.

When ready to grill pour cooking oil onto a folded paper towel and oil the grate using a long-handled tongs.

Step 3 Grilling the Steak

Flip the steak over and sear the other side.

After the steak is properly seared move it to the warm side where there are no coals.

Step 4 Check Steak for Doneness

130°F Rare

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How To Tell When Steak Is Done

How long steaks take to cook depends on many factors like the cut, thickness, grill temperature and preferred doneness. The best way to see whether or not your steaks are ready is to check the temperature with an instant-read thermometer. Measure the temperature in the thickest part of the center and make sure not to touch any bones.

Meat Doneness Temperatures:

Thicker Steaks Should Slide Over

Using only high heat can grill most steaks perfectly. If you see flare ups is the only time you would really need to move them around on the grill. Some cuts of steak are so thick that they would burn on the outside if grilled over direct heat alone and wouldn’t reach the desired internal doneness. This is why you should consider the sear and slide approach for steaks thicker than an inch. After you’ve seared both sides nicely over direct high heat, slide the steaks to a part of the grill that is not so hot, ideally over indirect heat, and complete the grilling process there.

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Salting Early Pays Off

You might have heard the warning that you shouldnt salt meat too far in advance of cooking because it can draw out moisture. Its true that salt draws moisture towards itself, but over the course of 20 to 30 minutes thats a good thing, because the salt begins to dissolve into that little bit of moisture.

When the steak hits the hot cooking grate, the sugars and proteins in the moisture combine with the salt and other seasonings to create a delicious crust. Any moisture you might lose is well worth the flavor of that crust.

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

Grilling Steaks for Beginners | The Easy Way Using Charcoal

The charcoal grill has a cooking area of 222 inches wide making it ideal for my cooking process. My family members love steaks, and I can easily prepare them. I had to check on the quality of the product before buying it.

It is a highly durable and reliable product I can recommend to anybody looking to realize the best results when grilling steaks. With a one-touch cleaning system, I can always keep the unit clean for my family members to enjoy eating healthy food.

Porcelain enabled lid, and the bowl helps in retaining heat making it energy efficient. The use of rust-resistant materials makes it possible to use the grill even outdoors with fear of rust. Lid hook provides the perfect place to hold the lid instead of placing it on the ground. The hinged cooking grate allows for easy addition of charcoal while grilling.


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How To Grill Steak:

1. Season the meat and allow it to rest before grilling!

You can use a wet marinade , or a simple dry seasoning to add flavor to your steak. Allow the steaks to rest at room temperature at least 15-20 minutes before grilling and season them about 10-15 minutes before grilling.

2. Clean and oil your grill.

Turn your charcoal or gas grill to high and heat it for about 10-15 minutes before you start cooking. If you have a temperature gauge on your grill, look for it to reach about 450-500ºF. Otherwise, observe the coals or gas heat level to see if the coals are barely covered with ash or hold your hand over the heat and you shouldnt be able to handle it for more than about 3-4 seconds.

Use a grill brush to brush away any chunks of charred meat and drippings. To prevent the steak from sticking to the grill, soak a paper towel with some vegetable oil and use tongs to rub it gently over the grill rack.

3. Sear and cook: only flip once!

The cook time of your steak will largely depend on the thickness of the steak. Heres a rough guide but use a thermometer for more accurate internal temperatures.

  • 1 inch thick : grill 3-7 minutes per side depending on desired doneness.
  • 1 ¼ inch thick : grill 8-10 minutes per side depending on desired doneness.

Only flip steaks one time during cooking.

4. Use a thermometer to check for doneness.

5. Let it rest.

Dont Cook Your Steaks Straight From The Fridge

Prentiss recommends taking out your steak from the fridge about one hour before youre going to cook it and setting it on a roasting rack.

Sharp prefers to season his steaks a couple of hours in advance, and then agrees about letting them come to room temperature before cooking. Theres an exception, however: If on the thinner side, he says, starting it cold will give a buffer from overcooking the center.

While chefs differ about the amount of room temp time before cooking, chef Dinesh Jayawardena recommends not squeezing the time below a half hour.

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The Six Inexpensive Steaks You Should Know

These are the steaks that butchers and chefs love to use because not only are they more inexpensive, but they’ve got character. Many of them are whole muscles that must be trimmed by the butcher just-so if you want them to be tender and large enough to cook as steaks. There are also not many of them on a steer. For every 20 pounds of ribeyes and T-bones you can get off a steer, you get two hanger steaks. That ain’t much.

These butcher’s cuts tend to be more packed with flavor because of the work they do, yet because they’re not as marketable to the general public and require a bit more skill to cook and serve correctly, they remain much cheaper than their mainstream counterparts. This is good news for you if you want to maximize your flavor and your dollar.

The Hanger

Also Sold As: Butcher’s steak, hangar , arrachera , fajitas arracheras , bistro steak, onglet .

Where It’s Cut From: From the plate section of the cow , it “hangs” off of the cow’s diaphragm, hence the name. U.S. meat-cutting classification of NAMP 140.

The Skirt

Also Sold As: Fajita meat, Roumanian Strip .

Where It’s Cut From: The outside skirt is the diaphragm muscle of the cow, cut from the plate. It is the traditional cut for fajitas, and is generally sold to restaurants. Inside skirt is part of the flank, and is the more widely available form of skirt.

The Short Rib

Also Sold As:Kalbi , Jacob’s Ladder , asado de tira

The Flap

The Flank Steak

The Tri-Tip

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