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Reverse Sear Steak On Pellet Grill

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What Should I Serve With Pellet Grill Steak

Reverse Sear Steak on a Pellet Grill

I love a hearty potato with my steak. That can be Smoked Cheesy Potatoes, mashed potatoes, grilled veggies, smoked cauliflower or pesto cauliflower, or a nice fresh salad. Whatever you serve, you always want to make sure that the sides are done before you cook your steaks. There is nothing worse than serving a cold steak to your guests.

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Tips And Tricks For Heat Searing On A Pellet Grill

When you are preheating your pellet grill, make sure you set your grill to the smoke setting. Keep the lid open and monitor the flame. Once smoke forms, you can shut the lid, wait about 10 minutes and you are ready for searing.

Under this method, it is recommended that cast iron is used against steak for even cooking and searing. Poke into your steak to see the center. This method results in rare centers, but make sure the meat is cooked the entire way through.

Should You Traditionally Sear Or Reverse Sear When Grilling Steak On A Pellet Grill

Which type of searing will net you the best results? Honestly, theres no clear-cut winner between traditional and reverse searing except for you and your hungry guests.

Now that you know how to cook steak on a pellet grill, you have no excuse not to pick up some ribeyes, T-bones or sirloins for dinner tonight. Perfect isnt always possible when it comes to grilling steaks, particularly on a pellet grill. But when youre cooking on a Grilla, youre on your way.

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What Temperature Do You Reverse Sear Ribeye

First we get the smoker preheated to 225 degrees . And you slowly bring the internal temperature of your meat up while smoking, until the internal temperature of the meat reaches 110 degrees . .

Youre not trying to cook the steak completely for this step, youre just adding a layer of incredible flavor while slowly and steadily warming up the meat. Depending on the thickness of the cut this should take around an hour but temperature is king here! Always cook to temp, not time. This is where its vital to have a good thermometer.

For something like this we use an instant read thermometer, like the Thermapen MK4 . You dont want to mess around with something thats going to take a long time to get a proper reading, not after youve already invested in a good cut of meat and not to mention the time it has taken you to cook.

Once your meat hits the 110 degree mark , thats when you move the steak over direct heat and finish to get that sear mark.

Alternatively, you can finish the steak on a hot cast iron pan if you dont want to heat up a second grill . Just smoke the meat to 110, then transfer it to your hot cast iron pan over the stove top.

What Is Reverse Sear

Reverse sear on a pellet smoker. ...

Reverse-sear refers to steaks and other meats brought to the desired doneness through a low and slow cooking method like roasting or smoke cooking. After this, the meat is seared at high temperature. This is a complete reversal of high-temperature searing first to seal in juices, then slow roasting after the fact.

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How To Reverse Sear Steak On A Grill

If you are completing the reverse searing process for perfectly grilled steak on your grill, you need to utilize two-zone cooking. This means that your grill is set up with a high temperature zone with direct heat, and a low temperature zone with indirect heat. You want your low temperature zone to be around 225 degrees F. I like to use my smoker for this step for smoked steaks, but the process also works beautifully on a gas or charcoal grill. Here is how to perfectly grill a steak:

  • Preheat your grill. Preheat your grill or smoker for two zone cooking. Your target temperature in your grill is 225 degrees F. If you are smoking, I recommend using oak or hickory wood.
  • Season the steak! Season liberally on all sides with Beef Seasoning, salt and pepper, or your favorite steak seasoning. Press or pat the seasoning into the meat.
  • Cook indirect. Place your steaks directly on the grill grates and close the lid. Using a reliable meat thermometer, smoke until the internal temp of the steak reaches 115 degrees F.
  • Prep for the sear. Open the lid to your grill to heat up your charcoal, crank the heat to high on the direct heat side of your gas grill, or preheat a cast iron skillet to high heat. If using a skillet, drizzle the pan with high temp cooking oil .
  • Sear the steaks. Place your steaks directly in the hot pan or on the high heat side of your grill and sear each side for 2-3 minute until the internal temperature of the steak reaches your preferred doneness.
  • The Best Cut For Reverse Sear: Ribeye Steaks

    While the reverse sear works for any cut of meat, in this case I find it best with steak. And the thicker the cut of steak like filet, ribeye steak, porterhouse, cowboy cut, or New York strip the better. These thicker cuts can take on more smoke, which equates to more flavor without the meat cooking to finished temperature too soon, which could result in an overcooked steak.

    For a ribeye look for at least 1 1/2 inches thick. Ask your butcher if they can cut it for you. We love Snake River Farms American Wagyu Ribeyes or their Double R Ranch Prime Ribeyes. Amazing flavor!

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    Best Smoking Wood Choices For Ribeye Steaks

    Like weve done previously with smoked lamb chops, since you are only smoking these ribeye steaks for a shorter period of time relative to something like a ham or leg of lamb, you can get away with using some stronger flavored smoking woods.

    We prefer the mid range smokey flavor of hickory wood on our smoked ribeyes, but if you want an even bolder flavor you can try using mesquite.

    If you DO want to try mesquite, we would only recommend applying smoke for the first 30 minutes and no longer.

    Otherwise, your ribeyes can get TOO smokey and the mesquite will overpwer them.

    If you are looking for a milder wood to smoke them with, you can try oak, apple, or cherry instead.

    Searing A Reverse Seared Ribeye

    How to Reverse Sear a Steak on a Pellet Grill | Grilla Grills Pellet Smokers

    This is when the magic happens and why we call it the reverse sear method. When your steak gets to the target internal temperature, pull it off the grill and tent it with foil.

    If your smoker can get up to a temp of 500+ you can use it for the sear. If not thats ok. Just place a cast iron skillet on your stove top and get it nice and hot.

    The cast iron skillet gives you more surface area for the sear, creating a more even crust. If you have one, I strongly recommend using it for your steaks! Right before you put your steak in the skillet, add a tablespoon of butter.

    When the skillet is piping hot, put your steak on it. After a minute or two flip the steak, and let it cook for an additional 1-2 minutes. The whole goal here is to get a good exterior crust, without burning the steak.

    Use a Thermapen to check the internal temp, and when youre 10 degrees from the target temp, pull it! The reverse seared ribeyes internal temperature will continue to rise while its resting. Let your steak rest for at least ten minutes. If its a thicker cut of meat you can let it rest for up to 20 minutes.

    Resting the steak allows all the juices in the meat to redistribute, giving you tasty flavor throughout.

    Reverse Sear Vs Front Sear

    Enjoying a perfectly cooked steak is a delicacy and cooking one can make you the hero of your household. It seems the with every perfectly cooked steak, there are dozens of overcooked or undercooked steaks. Have you ever struggled with the art of grilling steak? Dont worry you are definitely not alone!

    Until roughly 2001 the only way a steak was made was by grilling over direct heat. Conventionally, you were supposed to sear it on high heat to achieve a browned crust on the outside of the steak while keeping it internally medium-rare. The unfortunate part of this method is that it creates a gradient color in your steak. While the outside of the meat is perfectly seared, the inside is left with an interior color scale of gray to pink. Compared to the even cook throughout when using the reverse sear method.

    What Temperature Do You Cook Steak On A Pellet Grill

    One of the most difficult things when it comes to cooking is knowing what temperature to cook meat at. This is especially difficult when you are working with a pellet grill. However, we would recommend cooking your steak at a temperature of roughly 375 degrees Fahrenheit when grilling steaks.

    But, this doesnt mean that you should set your grill to 375 degrees, then add your steak immediately. The most important thing when it comes to cooking is preheating, and this is very important when you are grilling. So, around 15 minutes before you want to cook, set your grill to this heat and close the lid.

    After the grill has preheated, it is ready to use to cook your steak. You should then keep your steak on the grill until the internal temperature of the meat matches your desired doneness .

    Cooking Tips On Pellet Grill

    • You need to know what you are cooking. For example, knowing the cut of meat is important for cooking a steak.

    That is because every cut requires a different treatment. Also, it is the same as other meats and veggies.

    • Always offering the good quality of weed pellets. You have been explained about the best choice of products for the fuel.

    Importantly, pay attention to the wood that matches the flavor you desired. Simply find out the pellets that go well with the dish

    • Using a pellet grill like an oven is the simplest trick to learn. Thus, you can set the right time and temperature of cooking just like while using the oven.
    • Importantly, use a thermometer to know that the cooking is done. It is one of the best steak tips on pellet grill.

    After it reaches the cooking time, you have to check the internal temperature before taking it out of the grill.

    • The upper racks have extra space inside the grill. This part will give you a more even cook since it is cooked by convection, not radiant heat.
    • You should choose the reverse searing method. It is obviously the best method for cooking for this smoker.

    A sirloin steak on pellet grill? It is going to be perfect.

    Adding Herbs And Butter When Searing The Steak

    Pellet Grill to Cast Iron Reverse Sear Prime Tomahawk : steak

    You will see a lot of restaurants searing the steak and then adding herbs like rosemary and thyme to the pan along with a few cloves of garlic and butter.

    If you want to add them make sure you do it at the end so the herbs dont burn.

    Also turn of the heat when you add the butter and herbs, there is enough residual heat to keep melt the butter but not enough to burn it.

    If you dint want to add the ingredients to the pan and risk burning them you can just make my garlic herb compound butter and place it on the steak while its resting.

    If you really want to go all out then my Chesapeake Crab Butter will make you thick youve gone to heaven.

    How Should I Season The Ribeye Steak

    Im a purist when it comes to steak but I do like to add some flavors as well. When I season the steak I only use kosher salt.

    Let the steak come up to room temperature then season the steak on all sides. This is kind a quick dry brine to help you get a great sear.

    For thick cut steaks dont be shy and make sure to season well on all sides.

    Black pepper tends to burn and fall off when searing. You can finish the steak with fresh cracked pepper after you have cooked the steak.

    How To Cook Smoked Ribeye Steak On A Pellet Grill

    Recipes on how to cook smoked ribeye steak were some of the first things I looked up when I bought my pit boss pellet grill. A Juicy tender smoked steak is amazing.

    After Smoking ribeye steak medium rare internal temp. For the first time, I thought I had gone to heaven. It was juicy and full of great flavor.

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    Reverse Seared Rib Eye Steaks On The Yoder Ys Pellet Grill

    Reverse Sear Method of cooking Steaks The Reverse Sear method is a great way of cooking those really thick steaks, especially if you like them perfectly Medium-Rare all the way through.I cook steaks on a Yoder YS640 Pellet Grill using Aircraft Aluminium Grill Rails as I have found cooking over a wood flame gives more flavor & a more juicy steak compared to gas.

    The big advantage with the US manufactured Yoder is that it was designed from the ground up to direct flame grill.

    How to do it.

    Start with great produce, this method works best for those really thick steaks.

    Start with your YS640 set up with the HMP removed & Grill Rails in as well as the top shelf in.

    Preheat the YS640 to 200F

    Place the steaks on the top shelf at the flu end and always cook with the door closed.

    Cook them until the center of the steaks is 95F this will give your steak a beautiful smoke flavor profile as well as retaining moisture.

    Once your steaks are at 95F internal, turn up your YS640 to 495F

    When the YS640 reads 460F on the digital display, place the steaks on the Grill Rails over the flame & remove the top shelf dont wait for the temperature to reach 495F The YS640 will continue to Ramp-Up& deliver pellets to the fire, this is what you want.

    After 2 minutes of cooking on the Grill Rails, turn the steaks 90 degrees to achieve those awesome grill marks.

    After another 2 minutes turn the steaks over.

    After a further 2 minutes turn the steaks 90 degrees.

    Are Pellet Grills Good For Steaks

    How To Reverse Sear A Steak On A Pellet Grill – Reverse Seared Ribeye

    Yes, pellet grills are good for cooking steaks. In fact, pellet grills are perfect for cooking steaks. A good steak is juicy and mouth-watering, and seared on both sides, and you can achieve this perfection with a pellet grill.

    Pellet grills are packed with wonderful features that make them excellent, from efficiency to less mess, and the fact that they do not run on charcoal. All of these features that make pellet grills excellent, also explain why they are so good for cooking steak.

    For example, the last thing that you want is to be eating a steak that stinks of charcoal. With a pellet grill, this will never happen.

    So, yes, pellet grills are good for steaks. This is mainly because a pellet grill will showcase the natural flavor of the steak, instead of masking it with the scent of charcoal. So, if you have a pellet grill, you definitely can cook your steak on it.

    Perfect Grilled Reverse Seared Steak

    I grew up in a restaurant family and steak was one of the top sellers on our classic American menu. I learned at a young age how to order a steak medium rare and to politely pass on the steak sauce.

    However, what I did NOT learn while waiting tables and filling up ketchup bottles at the restaurant, was the best way to grill a steak in my own backyard. After a long and delicious journey of of steak cooking and sampling, I discovered it. THE method for grilling perfect steaks. It is a take on the classic restaurant preparation, made simple for the backyard grill enthusiast. This magical method is called Reverse Searing.

    How To Grill The Perfect Steak

    Perhaps the most important thing for a grillmaster to know is how to grill the perfect steak. The list of things you need for this is pretty simple, but each is essential.

    The Right Meat

    Finding a good piece of meat can be as important as the way you cook it. The writers over at The Reluctant Gourmet have compiled a comprehensive list of things to look for when buying a steak, which you can find here. As far as deciding what type of steak to buy we thought wed highlight some of the more popular steak cuts, and the flavors unique to them

  • Ribeye A highly marbled piece of meat that makes it quite possibly the richest cut.
  • Strip Steak Moderately tender with less pieces of fat than the Ribeye .
  • Tenderloin Tender and almost buttery in texture relatively low in flavor.
  • T-Bone A combination of the Strip and Tenderloin
  • For more information on the types of steaks, check out Serious Eats article on them here.

    The Right Method

    For our recipes, we like to season steaks with salt and pepper. Its simple, tried, and effective at producing great steaks. That being said, if you really prefer another rub, feel free to use it.

    There are several ways you can cook a steak, and personal preference is important. We here at Memphis are biased toward the reverse sear method, which takes advantage of our pellet grills smoking capability, as well as its direct flame setting. You can find the recipe for it here.

    The Right Heat

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