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Most Tender Steak Cuts For Grilling

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The 4 Most Mouthwatering Tender Cuts Of Beef

I Made The Best Teriyaki Sauce And Grilled The Most Tender Steaks!

by Rafter W Ranch | Feb 16, 2020 | Beef, Grassfed

Here well identify which are the most tender cuts of meat by highlighting four mouthwatering steaks. Each of these steaks comes from the same area or cut of the animal, the loin. One of eight primal cuts of beef, the loin is comprised of two sub-primal cuts, the strip loin, that runs along the spine another is the tenderloin, which is smaller than the strip loin and runs parallel to and beneath it.

Starting just behind the rib section, the loin makes up the most tender cuts of beef, which are typically the most expensive. These are the most expensive cuts of beef because relative to the entire animal, these premium cuts make up only a small percentage. If you are looking for a great tasting, tender, and flavorful cut of steak, its well worth the price.

Types Of Steak And How To Cook Them

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Theres nothing better than a steak dinner, but understanding the many different types of steak can be confusing! Knowing how to choose the best steak cuts by tenderness, flavor and price is all part of preparation. From porterhouse to flank steak, this guide covers the most common types of steak and how to cook each cut to perfection!

You can read from start to finish for a complete guide, or use the links below to jump to the sections you are interested in:

Why Is My Steak Not Tender

In general, exercise toughens muscles. … Additionally, overcooking meat, even meat that comes from the more tender muscles, can make it tough. That’s because heat causes the proteins in the meat to firm up. Overcooking also basically squeezes the moisture out of the meat, making it dry as well as tough.

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Steaks To Avoid For The Grill

The endless choices of prime meat cuts can be overwhelming. We want to help you get to grilling fast, so heres a breakdown of steaks that you want to avoid putting on the grill at all costs.

Roasts such as rump, London broil, or chuck roasts are tougher in texture and could require several hours of cooking to achieve perfect flavor and tenderness. Brisket and short ribs are two other cuts that you should pass up in the grocery store if youre set on grilling. Although, any of these cuts can be smoked without losing too much moisture.

Most of these cuts are best cooked low and slow in indirect heat, so placing these steaks on an open fire grill might not be the best choice. These steaks will quickly become tough in high heat, so we recommend a slow cooker or dutch oven for cooking.

How To Cook Teres Major

The 10 Best Cuts of Steak to Grill

Preparing Teres Major is easy and no fuss, pan searing or grilling would give a good result.

Firstly, simply season it with salt and pepper, then pat dry. In the meantime, preheat a cast iron pan or grill with some oil until the oil is sizzling. After that, sear or grill it over high heat until the internal reaches the desired temperature. We suggest serving as rare to medium rare.

Remember to always let the steak rest for a couple minutes which helps retain the juices. Enjoy it with your favourite side dishes and drinks.

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How To Cook Ribeye Cap Steak

Similar to ribeye steak, quickly grill or pan sear it over high heat would create a stunning outcome. Make sure to preheat the pan or grill before putting the meat on it, as it would affect the outcome significantly. Then, cook with your favorite seasonings until the Ribeye Cap Steak reaches the desired doneness. Remember to rest the meat for 5 to 10 minutes before enjoying it. Finally, enjoy this luxurious cut and let it melt in your mouth!


Did you discover that all of the above steak cuts require high and fast cooking? This is because they taste great even just simply sear while most of the tougher cuts need to be slow cooked.

Now you know the 5 most tender steak cuts, why not try them all one by one? Trust me, you wont regret it!

Striploin Aka New York Strip

You probably wont hear much about this particular steak, but the truth is, its actually one of the best beef cuts available. The striploin steak is cut from the short loin, which despite not being as tender as the tenderloin, it still provides a nice, beefy chew.

In most supermarkets and butcheries, striploin is sold as a choice or select grade steak as its leaner than the ribeye and filet mignon. It is, however, very tender and the lack of fat pockets significantly reduces the chances of overheating, and flare-ups, which are quite common when you brush your cuts with oil.

Additionally, Striploin is rich in flavor and cooks fast, especially if you warm it up on lower heat before moving it to a high heat section. You may find the flavor a bit lacking if you are used to ribeye steaks, in which case you only need to add a bit of seasoning. I like seasoning my striploin with brown sugar, dried rosemary and red pepper

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What To Look For When Buying Steaks

If youre buying steaks at a local grocery store, here are a few tips for choosing a good cut:

  • Color: fresh steak is bright red or purplish-red. Brown spots are a sign of old steaks.
  • : Look for steaks that are well-marbled, since marbling affects tenderness, moistness and flavor.
  • Moisture: the less moisture in the package, the fresher the steak.
  • Grade: USDA grades beef according to the quality. Prime is the highest grade, followed by Choice and Select.
  • Sell by date: make sure to purchase a steak before its sell-by-date.

Best Boneless Cuts For Grilling: Ribeye Top Loin Or Top Sirloin

Is this the most TENDER Steak in the World? – Sous Vide Filet Mignon

For a boneless cut, look for ribeye, top loin, or top sirloin.

  • Ribeye is cut from the center portion of the rib, same as a prime rib. These steaks are well marbled, very juicy, and have a full beef flavor.
  • Top loin is cut from behind the ribs and is also known as strip steak, Kansas City steak, or New York strip. Its full-flavored and very tender.
  • Top sirloin steak is cut from the hip of the cow and is also called London Broil. Top sirloin steaks vary in tenderness and marbling and are leaner than the other two boneless options.

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Best Steaks For Grilling For Your Next Cookout

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Dont limit yourself to the same old ribeye and striploin steaks over and over.

While theres nothing wrong with sticking to the classics, there is a whole world of different steak cuts out there to explore.

No matter your budget, youll find a delicious cut of steak to grill below.

Whether You Prefer Boneless Or Bone

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The best cuts of beef for a juicy steak are well-marbled cuts with visible flecks of white fat throughout the cut.

The USDAs beef grading system helps with this: beef graded as prime has the most marbling and is cut from young, well-fed cattle beef graded as choice has less marbling but will still be tender, juicy, and flavorful. Both are ideal choices for grilling!

More specifically, here are the beef cuts that are a cut above the rest for the grill, at least!

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How Do I Cook The Most Tender Steak

In order to have the most tender steak, you need to prepare them properly.

This is one of the most important steps and youll notice that cooking a tough steak will make it easier to eat and more tender.

There are many ways to cook a filet mignon, but my favorite way is to pan-fry it.

Ensure that you season your steak before you cook it.

Some people like to add butter or oil, but I dont think its necessary and that adding other ingredients will spoil the taste of such a delicious steak.

You should also ensure that your pan is very hot before you add your steak.

This ensures that searing takes place, which locks in all the juices of the steak.

You should also be very gentle when you flip your steak, so that it doesnt break apart and remain juicy throughout cooking.

Eating the most tender steak is an incredible experience, but its worth noting that all cuts can be tasty.

It may take some practice to get used to other cuts of meat, but after that, youll be able to enjoy them just as much as filet mignon.

The Best Types Of Steaks For Grilling

Gentleman JOE: Cooking the perfect steak

Nothing says “delicious” like the smell of steaks sizzling on the grill. Buying the best types of steaks and following a few simple rules will guarantee that your cookout dazzles your family and guests. Sufficient marbling and freshness are qualities to look for in a great piece of beef.

There are several types of steak that cook up tasty and tender on the grill if you follow a few simple rules. They range in price, so you have options no matter your budget. You can’t go wrong with these types of steaks:

  • Flat iron

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Why Are There So Many People Who Think Other Steaks Are Tender

I hear this question asked all the time, and it baffles me that there are people who think other steaks are more tender.

In fact, I even get told that a cheaper cut of steak is the most tender.

The reason for this view is clear, because when you eat a filet mignon it melts in your mouth and all you taste is buttery goodness.

So it makes sense to believe other cuts of beef are more tender because its the most decadent tasting.

But, when you try other cuts of meat, they dont taste that great, and this is why people think others are more tender.

However, if you eat filet mignon one time after another, eventually your tastebuds will stop noticing how good it is, and youll get used to the taste.

At this point, its easy to tell that other steaks are also tender.

But, dont get me wrong here, the filet mignon is still better than others when it comes to tenderness, but it does not last forever.

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What Are The Best Cuts Of Steak

Theres really nothing quite like a well-cooked steak. It pairs perfectly with just about anything, its extremely versatile, and its great for any occasion and in any setting.

While the cooking method and surface you use are certainly important, a great steak actually starts with a great cut of meat. You can have the best seasoning, the best grill, and the best cooking tricks up your sleeve, but if youre starting out with a mediocre cut of steak, the steak will be, well, mediocre.

Youve probably noticed there are a lot of different types of steaks, whether youre browsing the meat department at the grocery store or checking out a restaurant menu. How do you know which ones are any good? Do you have to shell out big bucks to get a decent steak? Hint: not necessarily. To make steaks slightly less mysterious, weve put together this guide to the top five cuts.

How To Grill A Steak:

The Most Tender Cut of Beef – The Tenderloin

Ok, you bought a great steak and you prepared it well! Now, lets cook it!

  • Preheat a gas grill well, at least 15 minutes.
  • Clean the grates and lightly oil the grates. Heres how I do it: I pour a little vegetable oil on a piece of paper towel. And rub the oiled paper towel on grates, using a pair of kitchen tongs.
  • Place the prepared steak on the grill. Cook it for about a minute, then turn it quarter turn for a nice diamond grill marks, if desired. Flip and cook for another minute. Then continue to grill the steak until desired doneness, flipping every minute or two. I like my steaks medium rare, which means I cook mine till 130°F.
  • Transfer onto a clean plate, cover and rest for at least 10 minutes before slicing and serving. If desired, place a slice of butter on top of the steak before covering.
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    The 5 Best Cuts Of Beef

    5. Top Sirloin Cap

    The top sirloin cap is a rarer cut of meat to find as it’s usually already sectioned out into steaks. The cut comes from the triangular-shaped muscle immediate above the top sirloin. It’s a very versatile cut of meat, both lean and flavorful, with a variety of different preparation options like grilling, broiling, and pan searing available. The top sirloin cap works really well when marinated or seasoned with a dry rub.

    4. Tenderloin

    The tenderloin, referred to in other parts of the world as a filet, is a cut from the loin of beef. The tenderloin exists beneath the ribs and next to the backbone. The tenderloin is, as its name implies, the most tender cut of beef. Those who do not prefer the marbling of the rib eye and strip loin will thoroughly enjoy the tenderloin.

    3. Top Sirloin

    The top sirloin is a cut from the loin that offers good flavor in a thick cut ideal for grilling, broiling, sautéeing or pan-frying. While the top sirloin doesn’t have as much marbling as a rib eye or New York strip, it certainly has enough to provide good flavor for a steak. Preferred thickness for top sirloin cuts tends to be in the 1-inch to 2-inch range, with 2 inches being ideal. Thicker steaks don’t run the risk of drying out as easily when cooked.

    2. Strip Loin/ New York Strip

    1. Rib Eye

    How To Cook Filet Mignon

    The best way to cook Filet Mignon is to sear it over high heat with herbs, garlic and butter, which adds a rich essence to this lean cut. Searing quickly gives the steak a desirable surface and keeps the inside juicy.

    Once the steak is nicely charred on both sides, finish it in the hot oven until the interior reaches the desired temperature. Medium rare Filet Mignon is great with 130°F internal temperature. But bear in mind that its necessary to remove the steak from the oven when the thermometer registers 5-10°F lower than desired doneness. This is to avoid overcooking, otherwise it will be tough and dry owing to the low amount of fat.

    Then, let it rest for 10 minutes which allows the heat to redistribute over the whole piece of meat. And lets dig in!

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    Thickness Of The Ribeye Steak

    Another important factor of cooking competition-worthy steak is making sure youve got a good thickness in your steak cut. A thinner steak will quickly dry and out and become tough on a hot grill. The optimal thickness for grilled steak is 1 to 2.

    Again, it may be hard to find steaks of this thickness in the grocery store so this is another reason your local butcher shop is a good bet.

    # 2 Strip Or Strip Loin Steaks

    Flat iron steak is the 2nd most tender, next to filet ...

    Alternatively known as the New York Strip, Kansas City Strip, or top loin steak, this cut gives the ribeye a run for its money. Its tender, flavourful, and well-marbled. Just like the ribeye steak, its a favorite for grillers around the world.

    Strip loins are steakhouse favorites. Some chefs say that they pack a more intense beefy flavor than the ribeye steak but, of course, this depends on many variables. Its more common to have a boneless strip loin than a bone-in strip but when they do still have the bone in, theyre usually called club steaks.

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    Selecting The Right Cut

    First, a definition. Steaks are basically any piece of meat that falls under the category of “fast-cooking” cutscuts that are low enough in connective tissue that they don’t require the long cooking times that “slow-cooking” cuts require. The difference between a steak and roast essentially comes down to size. Any good roast can be cut into individual steaks .

    Secret Recommendation Ribeye Cap

    If you love tender steak, then there’s a secret cut of steak that you don’t hear about much, but you just have to try. It’s called the ribeye cap .

    You may have noticed that the ribeye didn’t make it to this list of tender steaks, despite being one of the most popular cuts . The truth is, ribeye is loved for its flavor and marbling, not tenderness.

    However, the ribeye cap is basically where they carve the outside of the ribeye steak off, so you get the most tender and flavorful part of that particular steak. It’s hard to find, and very expensive, but worth it if you can find it .

    When I buy it, it’s always wrapped with twine so it forms a ball-shape, similar to a filet mignon.

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