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Inside Or Outside Skirt Steak

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How To Cut The Meat

Which Steak is better Inside or Outside Skirt Steak?

Despite all of their differences, skirts and flanks have a few things in common. This includes how you should cut and serve each piece of meat. Each one has a well-defined grain structure. This makes it easy to see which way the muscle fibers run. Top tip: you should always cut against the grain to reduce toughness and make it easier to chew.

What Is The Difference Between Skirt Steak And Flank Steak

Both skirt and flank are active muscles that do a lot of work during the lifespan of a cow. This means that both cuts are lean and tough, and contain less fat than more common beef cuts like ribeye or tenderloin. For this reason, they are both rich in flavor and can be a bit too strong for some peoples tastes.

Now that weve taken a deep look at each of the two beef cuts, we can say that the four main differences are:

  • Muscle content: Skirt steak is rich in muscle fibers, which makes it tougher and with a more intense flavor than flank
  • Preparation: Skirt steak should only be served rare or medium-rare, and is best seared
  • Location on the cow: Flank steak comes from the bottom abdominal area of the cow, whereas the skirt comes from the diaphragm muscle.
  • Appearance: Flank steak is wider and thicker than skirt

Should You Marinate Skirt Steak

Skirt steak has a unique accordion-like structure of coarse muscle fibers that provide increased surface area. That means more flavor can be captured, giving the meat a tasty boost.

No more than 30 minutes is needed for marinating time so that the taste does not overpower the beef. Instead, serve with some additional sauce for dipping or topping. Make sure to dry the meat after marinating .

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Inside Vs Outside Skirt Steak: Whats The Difference

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If you know what skirt steak is then you probably know that there are two types of skirt steaks including inside skirt steak and outside skirt steak.

From which part of the cow they come, what is their flavor, how they are prepared, which one is better for consuming, and why they are different you are going to read in this article. First, lets learn what skirt steak is so we could find the differences between inside and outside skirt steaks.

Skirt steak is a muscle in the cow that is located between the chest and the abdomen. This cut from the cows diaphragm is long with a lot of marbling and connective tissue.

You can choose between inside skirt steak and outside skirt steak. They both have a lovely beef flavor, but the outside skirt steak is more flavorful than the inside skirt steak.

You can cook them on the grill, under the broiler, or in a cast-iron skillet. The crucial thing is to cook the skirt steak on a very hot surface, very fast so it doesnt get overcooked.

Outside skirt steak and inside skirt steak are pretty similar, but they also have some differences. That said, lets learn more about these types of skirt steak.

What Is The Most Tender Skirt Steak


The most tender skirt steak is the outside skirt steak. It has a good marbling, which gives a beautiful flavor and keeps the meat juicy while it cooks.

It is harder to find and buy outer skirt steak because it is often sold to restaurants, where it is used to prepare dishes like Carne Asada and fajitas.

Meaning, the skirt steak you are purchasing in the stores is inside skirt steak, which is less tender than the outside skirt steak. However, with proper methods, you can turn it into a nice and flavorful skirt steak.

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How Can You Tell The Difference Between Inside And Outside Skirt Steak

There are few differences between inside and outside skirt steak. The first one is the place where they are located in the cows body.

Outside skirt steak is placed diagonally between the 6th and the 12th rib, and it is covered with a membrane that should be trimmed before cooking.

The inside skirt steak, on the other hand, is placed in the body wall, across the lower part of the ribs, and beyond them. It is usually sold with a removed membrane so it is easier to trim it.

Another difference between the outside and inside skirt steaks is in their appearance. Outside skirt steak is thinner and longer, while inside skirt steak is thicker and wider.

They are flat muscles 20-24 inches long and 3-7 inches wide if the membrane is trimmed. Inside skirt steak is tougher than the outside skirt steak which is tender and more expensive.

They are expensive because one cow has only four skirt steaks . Outside skirt steak is available in restaurants because it is more tender than inside skirt steak. You can find inside skirt steak in the butchers shops and stores.

Where Does Skirt Steak Come From

The outside skirt steak is located on the outside of the chest wall of the steer and runs in sort of a diagonal orientation from the bottom of the 6th rib to the upper portion of the 12th rib.

Inside skirt steak is located inside the chest wall of the steer further back than the inside skirt. The inside skirt also runs parallel with the steers belly as opposed to the diagonal of the outside skirt.

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Tips For Cooking The Best Skirt Steak

Slice up the skirt steak into pieces. Marinate the skirt steak for about 30 minutes, or if you want to enjoy the real flavor of the skirt steak just sprinkle some salt and black pepper over it.

After you remove the skirt steak from the marinade, pat dry with a paper towel. This will remove any excess moisture, so the meat can make a crust easily.

Make sure to heat the grill properly before you put the steak on. For a medium rear cooked steak, you need to cook each side of the steak for 2-5 minutes depending on its thickness.

Remove the steak from the grill and leave it on a warm plate to rest for a few minutes, so the juices can redistribute inside the steak.

Slice the skirt steak against the grain, and enjoy the perfectly tender piece of steak.

You can serve the skirt steak with grilled vegetables or grilled potatoes. You can also slice it and put it in a salad, or fajitas with some sauteed onions and peppers.

How To Grill Flank & Skirt Steak

What’s difference between INSIDE and OUTSIDE skirt steaks? | Jess Pryles

Both flank and skirt steaks are thin, flat cuts. Because of their toughness theyre best enjoyed seared and medium-rare or rare. BBQ tricks like indirect grilling dont really work on these cuts, just because the flesh is so difficult to penetrate.

Simply cook it directly over the grill, and look to sear it to add some beautiful grill marks down the sides of the meat.

Skirt steak ends to be thinner than flank, so will typically only need about 3 minutes per side when being grilled. Flank on the other hand will need about 5 minutes per side. Aim for an internal temperature of 130F for both steaks. If you dont have one already, be sure to invest in a good meat thermometer.

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How Do You Cook Beef So Its Tender

8 Simple Ways to Make Tough Meat Tender Physically tenderize the meat. For tough cuts like chuck steak, a meat mallet can be a surprisingly effective way to break down those tough muscle fibers. Use a marinade. Dont forget the salt. Let it come up to room temperature. Cook it low-and-slow. Hit the right internal temperature. Rest your meat. Slice against the grain.

How Do You Serve Skirt Steak

Skirt steak can be served as a main dish with roasted potatoes or grilled vegetables.

My sauce of choice is a tangy avocado chimichurri. Slice it up for fajitas with sautéed peppers and onions. Put it on a salad, with greens like romaine, spring mix, or arugula with a tangy vinaigrette. Chop it up to make quesadillas or nachos.

If I ever have leftovers, I always look forward to the next morning’s breakfast, so I can enjoy it with over-easy eggs, sliced avocados, and sautéed spinach.

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What Part Of The Cow It Comes From

Both cuts come from the side of the cow. Throughout the cows life, these areas work very hard. This results in both cuts being relatively tough and fibrous. The skirt steak comes from the plate primal. The outside variety is from the diaphragm while the inside variety is an abdominal muscle. The flank steak, as you mightve guessed, comes from the flank primal.

What’s The Difference Between Outside Skirt Steak And Inside Skirt Steak

Whats the Difference Between Inside and Outside Skirt ...

Glad you ask!

Outside Skirt Steak is a popular meat cut praised for its rich fat marbling, tenderness and flavor. This is a very favorite cut among Argentinians, who also know it as “entraña”. On the other hand, Inside Skirt Steak comes from the flank and is thinner, leaner and narrower than its outside counterpart.

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How To Cook Skirt Steak Perfectly

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Skirt steak is a super-tasty, deliciously beefy cut, but there are a few tricks to doing it right. Learn them, and your skirt steak will be amazing every time!

Ive long been a fan of rib-eyes and New York steaks, but skirt steak is fast becoming my new favorite. It has an intensely beefy flavor thats truly deliciousits what I always dreamed a steak could taste likeand is amazingly inexpensive compared to those others.

Skirt steak is also incredibly quick and easy to make. But its also easy to make tough and dry. So heres what you need to know to make great skirt steak every time.

Recipes For Skirt Steak

Although perfect on a hot grill, you can also cook a skirt steak in a cast-iron skillet or under the broilerâor anything else you can get extremely hot. Just remember, you need to cook this cut very hot and very fast. Under no circumstances should skirt steak be cooked past medium-rare it will be way too tough.

If you’re making fajitas or any other stir-fry dish, slice it up first , then marinate and cook it.

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Best Cooking Practices For Each

Seeing as they have a low fat content, flanks require little preparation. With skirts, you should trim off the excess fat. If you get the inside variety, be sure to trim away the membrane.Both cuts have loosely packed muscle fibers, allowing them to marinate well. You can marinate them to give them a little extra flavor. This is why they work so well in Mexican dishes – they marinate amazingly in spices. Both also grill quickly. You should turn up the heat and watch them closely. Do not cook past medium rare. If you cook past medium rare, it will be very tough. Some people choose to smoke these cuts. This can add a little flavor, but it is usually not worth the effort. The cut wont be in the smoker very long, and youll have to finish with a sear anyways.

Need Some Flavor Ideas

Grilled Beef Inside Skirt Steak

The robust flavors of skirt steak can handle some hearty dry rubs or marinades.

Try creating a customized blend using coarse salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, thyme, oregano, mustard, chili powder, cayenne pepper, or coriander, or use this recipe for Steak Dry Rub!

Get creative with marinades like citrus juice, chopped fresh herbs, garlic, red wine vinegar, or soy sauce for an Asian twist.

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Whats The Difference Between Skirt Steak And Flank Steak

Both skirt steak and flank steak are lean cuts of beef that are often grilled, pan-seared on the stovetop, or stir-fried.

Flank steak comes from the flank primal, the abdominal area right next to the short plate, where the skirt is located. It has a less intense beefy flavor compared to the skirt, and it is noticeably thicker.

A good visual cue is that skirt steak has its grain running across the width of the meat, whereas flank runs lengthwise. With both steaks, you want to cut them across the grain to end up with a tender slice.

One 8 Oz Wellborn 2r All Natural Inside Skirt Steak

Our all-natural Inside Skirt Steak is wider and thinner than the Outside Skirt, but also very tender. This cut is typically marinated and seasoned and slow-cooked over low heat on a grill. Often sliced and served as fajita or taco meat. Suggested to cut 1/4 to 1/2 thick against the grain.


No antibiotics. No added hormones. Nothing Artificial. Ever! Cattle eat a vegetarian diet of top-quality grains, forages and essential nutrients. Cattle receive treatment when needed to restore health, but they are no longer eligible to be in our Verified Natural Beef Program.


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Heres Why Skirt Steak Is The Best Cut For Grilling

Are you looking for a new steak to grill? Try the outside skirt steak. Besides being among the most flavorful cuts, this long, thin piece of beef is quick-cooking, making it perfect for backyard BBQs and entertaining. Read on to learn more about this steak and get our favorite recipes.

The outside skirt steak is a special cut just ask anyone in Texas. This cornerstone of Tex-Mex cooking its the original and most authentic cut for fajitas is a chef favorite and should be on your grill, too. Since there are only 2 per cattle, the outside skirt steak is something of a hot cut.

Skirt Steak Vs Flank Steak: What’s The Main Difference

What is Skirt Steak? (Also: Inside Vs. Outside Skirt)

Craving steak? We dont blame you. Every bite is filled with unmatched juiciness, tenderness, and flavor. A problem what arises when selecting meat is that youre faced with so many different cuts of meat. Theres ribeye, filet mignon, T-bone, sirloin, beef tenderloin, and plenty more. How do you know which to choose? Knowing the difference between cuts will help you pick the perfect one. In this guide, we go over the difference between skirt steaks and flank steaks. Read on to become a more informed meat-lover!

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Flap Steak Vs Skirt Steak: What Are The Differences

Once never preferred and left only for ground beef or for butchers to taste, certain meat cuts have now made their way to restaurants as the main menu. The not-so-famous steaks that have got the attention of every steak eater are skirt steak and flap steak.

Similar to famous meat cuts like New York strip, tenderloin, ribeye, and sirloin, these steaks have taken the fair share of the limelight. One of the reasons is to use the whole beef less expensively and utilize every meat cut or because steak eaters are bound to fashion.

These rich flavored yet fibrous and chewy steaks are equally common in Latin Americans, French, and Asians. If adequately prepared, these steaks would be rivals to star steak menus and that too without being heavy on your pocket.

As many of you might be completely unaware of the flap steak, many will consider that skirt steak and flap steak are probably the same. They are the same in many ways, but actually, they are different. There are subtle but crucial differences in them. You can understand it by the fact that no two muscle groups on a mammal are exactly the same.

Today, we will introduce you to what skirt and flap steak are and their subtle differences that we should know. We will also cover their nutritious value, marinating potential, way to cut, and a lot more:

What Is Skirt Steak

In hindsight, inside and outside skirt steaks are very similar to each other. They are both long cuts of meat with a thick membrane running across the whole cut, making them hard.

However, if cut and trimmed properly, these kinds of cuts are very soft. Unlike most meat labeled as steaks, the skirt steak is thin, so they are still good for grilling or searing.

For a full-grown cow, the skirt steaks usually measure between 20 and 24 inches long and three inches wide. That is if the butcher has trimmed off the membrane and grain.

You will usually have an inside steak when you get one from your local butcher. They are sold separately for different purposes, which brings us to their first major difference.

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How To Cook Skirt Steak:

Ive written a pretty comprehensive blog about the best way to cook skirt steak here, where I discuss using a very high heat to sear while not cooking past medium rare. This cut of beef is also great for marinating the course grain and thin nature of the cut allows marinade to work well for thin slices used for tacos and quesadillas.

How Does Skirt Steak Taste

Preparing and Trimming Wagyu Inside Skirt Steak

Both are very flavorful cuts of beef, but the outside is without a doubt more flavorful than the inside. Both pack a hearty and robust beef flavor and both are very well marbled as you can see below after the steaks are trimmed. Id compare the marbling in these cuts to that of a prime grade ribeye, and certainly better than the flank steak they are often compared to. Because of the thick grain of this cut, many people prefer to marinate these steaks.

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