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How Long To Grill Tri Tip Steak

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Why Is My Tri Tip Chewy

How to Grill Tri-Tip Steaks | Beef Recipe |

No one wants chewy tri tip, so dont let it happen to you!

The biggest keys to tender tri tip are to:

  • Massage the oil into the meat. Dont skip this part! You can tenderize your roast now with oil and a free massage, or tenderize it later via chewing.
  • . 8 hours is ideal. 3 days is great too If you only have an hour or even 15 minutes, guess what, youre still going to get a great roastas long as you massage the oil into the meat! However, the longer you marinate, the more flavor and tenderness there will be.
  • Remove meat from the refrigerator 30-40 minutes before cooking, so that it starts cooking at room temperature.
  • Use a meat thermometer! Dont overcook! Remember, the temperature climbs for about 5 minutes after the meat is off the grill. Take the tri tip off the heat once it reaches 135 degrees for a medium rare tri tip, or 5 degrees below your preferred doneness.
  • Follow the slicing instructions! Much of the toughness of a slice of meat comes from cutting it incorrectly. Follow the slicing instructions above.

    The Key To An Ideal Tri

    Indirect Heat with a Two-Zone Fire: Most of us dont have an authentic Santa Maria grill in the backyard, so we took our tri-tip to a gas grill. A two-zone fire configuration for indirect and direct heat cooking is in order to let this cuts best qualities shine through. Read more detail on how to set up a two-zone fire with a charcoal or gas grill in our post Indirect Heat: Sweet Stuffed Pork Loin. The ambient temperature surrounding the meat cooks it more gently than direct heat.

    A grill grates surface is usually around 500-600°F over high, direct heat. On the indirect-heat side of the grill where the grill is turned offor there arent any hot coalsthe grill grate will typically be in the range of 200-250°F perfect to avoid overcooking the outside of the meat. Even at low cooking temperatures, the tri-tip will cook through quickly because of its size and shape.

    Two-Zone Fire Setup

    Charcoal Grill Gas Grill

    Not only is a two-zone fire the ideal setup for grill-roasting larger cuts of meat, its a good practice anytime youre grilling. When cooking multiple items on the direct-heat side of the grill, each can be moved over to the indirect heat side once at their ideal pull temperature. This dual-heat method along with careful temperature tracking is a simple way to manage the ideal doneness of several foods at once.

    Let it Rest

    How To Pan Sear Tri

    One of the most convenient ways to cook a tri-tip steak is in a cast-iron skillet or carbon-steel pan. Youll want to be sure the pan is large enough to hold the steaks without overcrowding, which can cause the steak to steam instead of getting a nice sear.

    Preheat a large skillet over medium-high heat and add a splash of neutral oil until its shimmering and almost smoking. Add the steak, reducing the heat to medium. Cook for five to six minutes per side for one-inch-thick steaks. If the steaks become too charred on the outside before they reach a medium-rare temperature, transfer the pan to a 350° oven. Continue cooking until the steaks reach an internal temperature of 135°.

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    Rd Step: Mix The Spices And Ingredients

    Mix all your preferred spices and olive oil in a bowl.

    You can also remove the fat at this point, but for added flavor, its best to keep the fat. Once your steak has been set to room temperature, its time to give it some TLC .

    Generously rub the mixture and make sure the meat is thoroughly coated. You dont want to waste all that goodness.

    Once the seasoning is on, leave it for a couple of minutes just so the seasoning has enough time to seep into the meat.

    Trust us, this step will seriously ENHANCE the flavor.

    Tri Tip Cooked 2 Ways

    How Long To Cook Tri Tip Steak On Treager Grill ...

    Sometimes I start to make a list of things to buy at Home Depot, and I get totally overwhelmed. Does this ever happen to you?? Its basically impossible to stop at a home improvement store for just one item because there are always SO many projects on the to-do list when youre a homeowner.

    Like yesterday, I was going to head to the store to grab a new broom. Then I remembered that I also needed to shop for a new meat thermometer . I asked Eric if we needed anything else.

    Yeah. Get a wall patching kit, the kind with the mesh screen. Oh, and get some more ducting for the air conditioning, I need to patch some of it. And some new ceiling tile, the entry to the attic is getting worn down. And grab some nails, Im running low, oh and some sand paper and wood oil so that I can refinish that bench on the porch.

    I can see future Karen, standing in the aisles of Home Depot, paralyzed with choices. But WHICH ducting should I get?? And nails, do you KNOW how many kinds of nails there are at Home Depot?? Like, 10,000, at least.

    I ended up just not going at all. Home improvement, schome improvement. Instead lets get down to business: Its tri tip time. Are you ready??

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    How To Grill A Tri Tip Roast

    Here is a recap of the video :

    1) Before you light up the grill, take the tri tip roast out of the fridge and bring it to room temperature . This evens out the temperature throughout the roast which will help the roast cook evenly . Trim the roast as needed.

    2) While its resting, put your favorite rub on the roast be as liberal with the seasoning as you want. As you pour it on, rub the entire surface and press it into the meat. A note on marinades: I prefer to taste the tri tip instead of the marinade, so do not marinade longer than 12 hours. The bottom line: experiment with how much more flavor you want on your tri tip, but it is such a great tasting piece of meat to begin with so dont overdo it!

    3) Light the grill and bring to medium heat . Preheat for 7-8 minutes. This is the ideal heat to cook the tri tip fully in 35-40 minutes, depending on the size of the roast.

    4) Place the meat fat side up in between the burners. Why? This will prevent flare ups from any dripping fat that lands on the burner covers.

    5) Put the cover down and keep an eye on it you dont want to lose your roast to an accidental flare up and you want to make sure that the temperature stays around 350 degrees for the entire grill.

    9) Remember to cut against the grain when it is time to trim, and cut the slices as thin as possible . We will have a video coming soon that just addresses trimming, but the short version is this: cut it in half then slice long ways.

    Enhancing The Flavor: Marinating Tri

    Here is the part where you can get creative: enhancing the flavor of meat. The good news is that tri-tip tastes so deliciously that you wont need much to enhance the flavor. Whether you use a marinade for more flavor infusion, or the dry rub for instant spice, you will still get the flavor you want and crave quite easily.

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    Smoked Traeger Tri Tip Roast Recipe: A Step

    This recipe is straight forward and uncomplicated. A 2 to 3 pound roast will feed approximately 6 to 8 people. You will need 10 minutes to prepare the meat and approximately 2 hours to smoke it to medium rare. The roast then needs to rest for 20 minutes before slicing so that the juices are reabsorbed into the muscle fibers.

    Pro tip: Remove the meat from the refrigerator 30 to 60 minutes prior to cooking. You want the roast at room temperature for optimal results.

    Tools and Equipment Needed:

    • 2 to 3 pound tri tip roast
    • 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon coarse sea salt
    • 1 tablespoon mild chili powder
    • 2 teaspoons onion powder
    • 2 teaspoons instant espresso powder
    • 2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper
    • 1 teaspoon garlic powder


  • Take the roast out of the refrigerator 45 minutes prior to cooking. Place it on a platter or in a glass baking dish with the fat side up. Score the fat about an inch apart with a sharp knife. Turn the plate 90 degrees and score again to form a hatch pattern. Do not cut into the flesh.
  • In a small bowl, mix together all of dry rub ingredients. Season the meat all over with the rub, pressing it into the roast with your hands.
  • Remove the roast to a clean cutting board and tent loosely with foil for 20 minutes to allow the juices to be reabsorbed. Slice the roast thinly against the grain and serve with your favorite side dishes.
  • Heres How You Make It

    How to Grill a Tri-Tip Steak

    Making the Tri-Tip Marinade

  • Combine olive oil, soy sauce, lime juice, garlic, Chinese five spice, and Sriracha in a bowl. Whisk well. Add to the Tri-Tip Steak in a bowl with a lid or a Ziplock bag.
  • Allow to marinade for 20-30 minutes.
  • Making the Tiger Sauce

  • Stir the mayo and Sriracha sauce together.
  • Then add the lime juice, stirring again. It should be able to be drizzled over the grilled steak. If its too thick, add a little more lime juice or a couple teaspoons of water till its the right consistency.
  • Grilling the Tri-Tip

  • Take the marinated Tri-Tip out of the bag or bowl with tongs and add to a grill thats been preheated on high.
  • Sear each side of the steak for about 2 minutes. Then turn the heat down to medium and keep cooking the steak for another 8-10 minutes, or till an internal temperature reaches 145 degrees on a meat thermometer.
  • Take the Tri-Tip off the grill and let it rest for 5 minutes.
  • Slice the grilled Tri-Tip against the grain, and drizzle with teriyaki sauce and tiger sauce. Dig in!
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    More Grilled Steak Recipes To Try:

    Grilled Ribeye Steaks are a classic dinner for date night or special celebrations with family and friends. Tender, juicy and full of delicious flavors.

    Garlic Butter Steaks are one of my favorites. Grilled ribeyes that are finished with a simple garlic and herb butter that is even better than your favorite steak house restaurant.

    Garlic and Onion Ribeyes are another favorite on the grill. Tender, juicy and crazy- delicious with our sweet garlic and onion rub for a restaurant quality meal made right at home.

    Bring a wow-factor to the dinner table with this simple tri-tip recipe. It’s so easy to cook on your outdoor grill and sure to become one of your favorite recipes.


    The Best Way To Cook Tri Tip Steak

    Tri tip can be grilled or roasted. By now you may have surmised that grilling is by far my favorite way to prepare tri tip steak.

    Grilled tri tip is the ultimate in juicy steaks. Its tender enough to cut with the side of your fork and requires no special skills to prepare.

    I rub the meat with a spice blend of salt, cayenne pepper, black pepper, sugar, garlic and granulated onion before cooking and I absolutely love the flavor it adds to the meat. Completely savory with just the very faintest hint of spice, this grilled tri tip is a hit with everyone who tries it.

    Last time I made this grilled tri tip receive, I served the steak with sauteed zucchini, buttery steamed green beans, and Salt Potatoes. Even my pickiest eaters ate every bite!

    Tri-Tip steak is flavorful but simple and pairs well with just about any side dish you like. Weve also enjoyed it with Garlic and Paprika Roasted Cauliflower, Smashed Potatoes and Roasted Sweet Potatoes. Theyve all been great pairings and I love how easy this steak makes it to create a delicious meal with whatever sides you have in your fridge.

    Theres no way of eating this steak that my family hasnt enjoyed!

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    Indirect Heat: Grilling Tri

    Tri-tip is a lean and juicy cut from the bottom of the sirloin that boasts big, beefy flavor. Its boomerang shape and uneven thickness require a little extra TLC for the best results. The secret to getting this tender, flavorful cut just right is in the grilling method, and temperature tracking is critical every step of the way. Keep reading for the key temps you need, and grill one up tonight!

    Tri-tip pull temp: 125°F for medium rare

    What Is A Tri

    How Long To Cook Tri Tip Stake In A Smoker

    Tri-tip steak is steak from a tri-tip roast, a triangular-shaped cut from the bottom sirloin. It may be called bottom sirloin steak or Santa Maria steak because it was popularized in California. The boneless roast is usually cut into one-inch-thick steaks, a perfect size for grilling or searing in a cast-iron pan.

    Like other sirloin cuts, tri-tip steak is lean, so you wont find the same fat cap thats on a ribeye or New York strip. Tri-tip is well-marbled, though, so it should have plenty of white flecks of intramuscular fat. Put it all together and the result is a steak with a rich, beef-forward flavor you wont find in other cuts.

    If you cant find tri-tip steak at the grocery store, use the opportunity to visit your local butcher. They can usually special-order cuts like tri-tip upon request.

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    Bobby Flay Shows How To Grill Tri

    Bobby Flay explains how he’s going to cook a couple of tri-tip steaks, and how butchers know that tri-tip steak comes from the bottom part of the sirloin, a cut that has a lot of flavor. He seasons the tri-tip steaks with salt, pepper and granulated garlic. Bobby tells how when he was on the Central Coast of California, he saw a grill with a crank for raising and lowering the rack. The grill allows for the cook to control how much direct heat is used when the rack is in the lowered position. He adds hardwood charcoal and red-oak chips, a staple of Central California Coast barbecue he recommends soaking the chips for at least two hours before using them. The grill works as both a live-fire grill and as a smoker. The red-oak chips create smoldering smoke, adding flavor to the steaks. Bobby lowers the grill rack to give the steaks more direct heat until they develop a nice crust on the outside. He then raises the rack to slow the cooking time, which is true barbecue: low and slow. The goal is to slowly cook the meat through. Bobby points out that you need to be careful to not overcook the meat as there’s no going backwards once it’s overdone. Bobby inserts a meat thermometer into a steak and pulls the meat off the grill to rest. It’s important to find the grain of the meat, then cut across the grain when slicing it up. The meat has a pink center and is juicy. Bobby admits it’s making his mouth water.

    Santa Maria Style Rub

    I firmly believe that not tri tip roast is complete without the Santa Maria rub. Its super easy to make. In fact, its just three ingredients: salt, pepper and garlic powder. Hard to believe that the original rub that has become so famous includes just 3 ingredients, but its true.

    • 1 Tbsp Kosher salt
    • 1 Tbsp finely ground black pepper
    • 1 Tbsp garlic powder or 2 tsp garlic salt

    Mix together these spices and rub it liberally all over the roast. There may be some leftover if you have a smaller roast.

    Remember to sprinkle the rub over the roast, then use your hands to spread it, rather than putting your hand directly into the bowl of rub. Then you can save whatever is leftover for another use.

    You dont have to allow it to marinate or sit with the rub for a long time. The joy of the rub is that when its cooked at a high temperature, it forms a sort of crust on the outside of the meat that is so delicious.

    You might also want to try our other dry rub. It has more varied spices, if you want something more robust than this one.

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    What Part Of The Cow Is The Tri

    The tri-tip or Santa Maria steak is a triangular piece of beef thats cut from the sirloin.

    The tri-tip has excellent marbling as well and its very tender if cooked properly.

    But the bottom line is, theres only one tri-tip cut on each side of the beef, which is why this cut is not easily accessible at the grocery store.

    So its best to ask your local butcher if they have a tri-tip cut available.

    The Secret To Making The Best Tri Tip On A Traeger Grill

    How to Cook Tri-Tip on the Grill

    The tri tip roast cut of beef is the triangular shaped muscle that sits just below the sirloin. Tri tip is a fairly lean piece of meat. Many butchers will grind the tri tip and add it into a lean hamburger blend. This roast is a more affordable cut than say a rib roast or tenderloin.

    Many home cooks do not know what to do with a tri tip roast, as it has not been a commonly prepared protein until recently. There should be no fear of this very tasty roast. It is especially good when cooked over smoke or fire. Slow smoking in a Traeger grill is an excellent way to cook this particular cut of beef.

    When shopping for tri tip you may not see it in the butchers display case or packaged in the meat aisle. You may have to ask your butcher if he or she has this in the back. Ask for either a tri tip roast or a triangular roast. Do this before it ends up in a ground beef mix.

    Pro tip: There is often a fat cap on the tri tip. Ask your butcher not to trim that off, as it adds flavor and moisture to the roast while it is cooking. You can either eat this charred treat or slice the fat off after the meat has rested if you dont care for it.

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