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Domino’s Philly Cheese Steak Pizza Calories

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Super Tuesday At Dominos

Domino’s® | Philly Cheesesteak Pizza Review ð?ðð§ð¥© | Peep THIS Out! ð

If you only take a pizza a week, Dominos has an irresistible offer. On Tuesdays, Dominos will offer you two pizzas for one!

The two for Tuesday offers caps the price for all pizzas at two for one. So, if youre buying two large pizzas, youll get them at the cost of one!

And yes- all the cost is for the exact same quality of the pizza. Its nothing like clearance of deadstock. Dominos is just trying to reach out to you. Check to see what your store offers and make this happen!

Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

My family has always liked the Philly Cheese Steak Pizza from Domino’s. I decided that it has a really simple concept, so I got to work one evening and decided to give it a try. Although I cut corners on the pizza dough, my family said that is was by far the best Pizza that they had ever had, hands down. Don’t be afraid to try this recipe, you will love it. I had a pretty good idea of what was on the pizza to begin with, so the rest was easy. I chose deli roast beef becase it is a better quality than frozen and formed steak patties. Good Luck!

Provided by Teresa Fadley

Yield 1 pie, 4-6 serving

Number Of Ingredients 10

1 frozen pizza dough
2 -2 1/2 cups provolone cheese
8 ounces baby bella mushrooms
1/2 green pepper
1 medium onion
1/2 lb chipped rare roast beef
2 cups mozzarella cheese
McCormick’s Montreal Brand steak seasoning


Nutrition Facts : Calories 674.1, Fat 46.1, SaturatedFat 27.6, Cholesterol 177.4, Sodium 1285.6, Carbohydrate 8.6, Fiber 1.3, Sugar 3.6, Protein 57

Other User Submitted Calorie Info Matching: Dominos Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

14″ Dominos Philly Cheese Steak Pizza 1309g2g9g

  • Sugars 1.0 g
  • Protein 9.0 g
  • Vitamin A 6.0 %

Dominos Philly Cheese Steak Pizza1309g0g9g

  • Sugars 0.0 g
  • Protein 9.0 g
  • Vitamin A 0.0 %

Dominos Philly Cheese Steak Pizza 1 Slice 1309g2g30g

  • Sugars 0.0 g
  • Protein 30.0 g
  • Vitamin A 0.0 %

Dominos Philly Cheese Steak Pizza Hand Tossed – 1 Slice26010g29g13g

  • Sugars 3.0 g
  • Protein 13.0 g
  • Vitamin A 0.0 %

Dominos Philly Cheese Steak Pizza-Slice1007g1g7g

  • Sugars 0.0 g
  • Protein 7.0 g
  • Vitamin A 0.0 %

Dominos Philly Cheese Steak Pizza42018g44g21g

  • Sugars 0.0 g
  • Protein 21.0 g
  • Vitamin A 0.0 %

Dominos Philly Cheese Steak Pizza Slice292104g128g60g

  • Sugars 0.0 g
  • Protein 60.0 g
  • Vitamin A 0.0 %

Dominos Philly Cheese Steak Pizza2920g0g0g

  • Sugars 0.0 g
  • Protein 0.0 g
  • Vitamin A 0.0 %

Dominos Philly Cheese Steak Pizza29212g0g0g

  • Sugars 0.0 g
  • Protein 0.0 g
  • Vitamin A 0.0 %

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Prep The Garlic Herb Butter And Brown The Beef

As you near the end of the dough rising process, it’s time to prep your other ingredients. Start by preparing the garlic herb butter and toppings.

To prepare the garlic-herb butter, simply melt the butter, then stir together the melted butter with parsley and garlic powder, and set aside. Next, go ahead and thinly slice the bell pepper and onion, and chop the mushrooms.

Now, brown the shaved beef in a lightly oiled skillet over medium heat, stirring often as it cooks. Do not overcook the meat. “The steak will continue to cook on the pizza,” McGlinn says, “so no need to completely cook through yet.”

Advantages Of Working In Dominos

So this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you order pizza ...


We supply a thorough training program for you prepared for your new occupation as well as speed fast.


With assorted functions offered and various changes, weve got jobs available to suit everybody. Whether youre interested in a role on your research or athletics, or in case you would like some thing to carry you places we all have loads of functions out there!

Great cover

We cover one of the greatest prices in the business. Therefore, you may have your pizza and eat it as well!

StabilityDevelopment opportunities

In Dominos we love to promote from within, meaning that in case you love your work and do well there is lots of opportunities out there for expansion. Our international CEO began as a delivery driver along with also the CEO of Australia started as a wobbleboarder!

Be a part of the community

Your regional Dominos is a part of theYour neighborhood Dominos is a portion of this community, and were searching for men and women that wish to operate in a neighborhood focused surroundings.

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Tips For Perfect Dominos Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

  • The steak can be slightly pink, i.e. medium rare to medium doneness, as it will finish cooking on the pizza.
  • You can prepare your pizza dough in advance and freeze it. Just wrap the risen dough in plastic wrap and place in a resealable plastic bag before freezing. Then place it in the fridge overnight to defrost and let it rest on the counter for an hour to reach room temperature.
  • You can easily reheat at 400° for about 5 minutes, which will give it a crispy crust like freshly made.

What Is On The Dominos Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

Dominos Pizza announced this week that it would roll out a new Philly Cheese Steak Pizza nationwide on September 2 marking the first new Dominos pizza since January of 2000. As its name suggests, the new creation will be made with premium sirloin steak, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and a layer of provolone cheese.

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Tips For Ordering The Best Dominos Pizza Sizes

No- you dont have to spend all your coins and bills on pizza! Instead, you can have a look at our best Dominos pizza hacks and save lots of cash!

The best way to save cash is to make your pizza at home. But, we all know it never tastes the same. So, ordering from the pizzeria is undoubtedly going to be what youll do.

And, because its never so easy to part with the $20, we have a few hacks that slice that cost!

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Whats On A Philly Cheese Steak Pizza From Dominos


The Dominos Philly Cheese Steak Pizza is less like a pizza with cheesesteak toppings and more like a sandwich with pizza crust instead of a hoagie. Instead of a tomato sauce they use three types of cheese: mozzarella, provolone and American. Toppings include sautéed onions, mushrooms and bell peppers. Of course, you cant forget tender slices of steak sliced thin!

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What Is A Philly Cheesesteak

Before we show you how to make the best Philly cheesesteak pizza thats just like Dominos, well show you why the restaurant even decided to make a cheesesteak-themed pizza in the first place.

A Philly cheesesteak is a type of sandwich thats now a local delicacy in where it first originated from. Hence its name Philly, which is short for Philadelphia. This sandwich is made up of beef steak, caramelized onions, and melted cheese encased in a long bread, commonly a hoagie. Its a very meaty, cheesy, and, most of all, hearty sandwich. Theres a reason its so well-loved, after all.

Usually, Philly cheesesteak meat is either a thinly-sliced rib eye or top round steak cut. However, other cuts are also used, like the top sirloin . The cheeses youd find in this steak sandwich are either American cheese, provolone cheese, or even Cheez Whiz.

Some food establishments melt the American cheese and then add them to the sandwich for a more gooey eating experience. However, others simply let the heat of the steaks melt the slices of scrumptious American cheese. Also, while hoagie rolls are often used for this sandwich, some variations opt for French bread or the soft and slightly-salted Amoroso rolls. All these different ingredients and methods help give the iconic sandwich its signature taste.

Gather The Ingredients To Prepare This Copycat Recipe For Domino’s Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

It should come as no surprise that a lot of ingredients are needed to make a copycat of this pizza, considering you’re truly making it from scratch, including the dough. All told, you’ll need flour, instant yeast, sugar, salt, some warm water, olive oil, white cornmeal, melted butter, finely chopped parsley, garlic powder, tomato sauce, freshly grated American cheese , freshly grated provolone , shaved beef, thinly sliced green bell pepper and yellow onion, and sliced white mushrooms, in addition to salt and pepper to taste.

Don’t worry, it sounds like so much, but you can work in stages on this one. You can handle it!

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Dominos Pizza Menu Prices

Dominos Pizzas menu features a wide variety of pizzas on its menu. They have different pizzas such as extravaganza feast pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, Memphis BBQ chicken pizza, Honolulu Hawaiian pizza, deluxe feast pizza and much more.

Pizzas served in Dominos are handmade and their pizzas thicker and fluffier than other pizzas. This is one of the reasons why people love Dominos more as compared to other pizza chains. But if you are not a pizza fan, dont worry!

In case you dont want to have pizzas, you can order oven-baked sandwiches, pasta, beverages, salads, sides and desserts.

Dominos Pizza menu prices are also very affordable. Their pizza prices depend on the size and the type of pizza you are ordering. So without waiting more, lets check out the latest Dominos Pizza menu with prices.


More About Dominos Philly Cheese Steak Nutrition Recipes


FromCuisineTotal TimeCategoryCalories

  • Sauté for about 5 minutes until the vegetables are tender. Add in the roast beef then sauté until heated through. Season with salt and pepper.
  • Place the pizza dough on a baking pan and spoon on the sauce. Top with the roast beef and sautéed vegetables.

FromTotal TimeCategoryCalories

  • Whisk together yeast, sugar and warm water in a small bowl. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes until foamy.



FromCaloriesTotal FatProtein




FromFile SizePage Count


FromCaloriesSaturated FatPolyunsaturated FatTotal Fat

















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How To Make Philly Cheesesteak Pizza Like Dominos

Learn how to make a homemade Philly cheesesteak pizza that tastes just like Dominos with this copycat recipe. This recipe for Philly cheesesteak pizza is quick and easy to make! We keep things simple by having you use a readymade pizza dough. But in case you want to make your own pizza crust, we have this Yummy Crazy Crust Pizza Recipe you can follow.

While Dominos uses top sirloin for the pizza steak, you can opt for any type of beef you want. However, we recommend you use roast beef for that truly flavorful eating experience. We also have an easy but tasty Savory Beef Pot Roast in Crockpot Recipe you can make for this Philly cheesesteak recipe. For the cheese, we added cheddar on top of Dominos provolone cheese. And because some arent used to eating pizza without sauce, we let you use any pizza sauce you desire.

Were sure that youll enjoy making this Dominos-inspired cheesesteak pizza as much as you will eating them!

How To Store Leftover Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

In an airtight container, alternate layers of leftover pizza slices with parchment paper or foil. If you store in the refrigerator, it can last for up to 4 days. If you wish to store it in the freezer, you may use the same method but with an added outer layer of aluminum foil. Your homemade pizza will be good for 1 to 2 months in the freezer.

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Stretch And Shape The Dough

Once the pizza dough has risen, gently punch it down to release the built-up gas bubbles. Then, remove the dough from the bowl, and place it on a surface dusted with cornmeal. Pull the dough into a circular shape, then use a rolling pin to flatten it to the size of your pan. Allow it a rest to rise slightly, waiting just about 10 minutes.

While you wait, preheat the oven to 450 F. Next, sprinkle some additional cornmeal on your pizza stone and transfer the dough on top. Shape the dough to your pizza stone, pinching the edges a bit to form a thick outer crust.

Make The Dough For Your Copycat Domino’s Pizza


In a large bowl, combine the flour, yeast, sugar, salt, and ¾ cup of warm water, and mix them together well. Add in the olive oil once the flour begins to stick to the sides of the bowl. Continue to mix the ingredients together, and use your hands as it gets harder to stir. If dough is too dry and unable form into a ball, add more water a splash at a time, and knead.

Once the dough is sticky and coming together well, transfer it to a flat, floured surface, and knead until smooth, or about five to 10 minutes. Form into a ball, and push one finger into the dough. If the dough bounces back, it is ready. If you’re having trouble with the consistency, add more water, and knead until it is no longer sticking to your fingers it will dry as you knead and proof it.

Now, lightly oil a large bowl, and coat the dough ball in the oil, placing it gently in the middle of the bowl once coated. Cover the bowl with a towel, and leave the dough to rise at room temperature for up to three hours, but note that it usually rises sufficiently after 90 minutes.

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How To Reheat Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

You can warm it in the oven by first placing the pizza slices on a baking sheet and covering it with aluminum foil. Place them on the lowest rack of your preheated oven, then bake for 25 to 30 minutes at 275 degrees F. You can also reheat your homemade pizza using a microwave without making it tough! Just make sure to microwave your pizza slices together with a cup thats half-full of water for around 30 seconds. The water makes sure that your microwave evenly heats the pizza, and not just the toppings or the crust.

Make your own Philly cheesesteak pizza with our Dominos-inspired copycat recipe! No need to order or line up for a taste of this delicious combo pizza.

Sodium In Dominos Xl Traditional Philly Cheese Steak Pizza Classic Crust Base

There are 397mg of sodium per 100 grams of Dominos XL Traditional Philly Cheese Steak Pizza, Classic Crust Base.

To see calories and other nutrition information for different weight quantities, simply drag the slider to change the food weight. Accurate measurement of food weight requires the use of a food scale. However, you can estimate the weight of the food by comparing your hand to the food quantity. An amount equivalent to your thumb is about 30 grams, a flat palm is approximately 120 grams, and a bunched fist is roughly 240 grams.

To search for more food nutrition information, type the food name into calcounts Food Search Box.

calcount Disclaimer

Thanks for reviewing the calories in Dominos XL Traditional Philly Cheese Steak Pizza, Classic Crust Base! The calcount team does its best to ensure the accuracy of all of the information published in the Calorie Counter Australia website. However, we do not guarantee that all of the published information is accurate and complete. Please remember to consult your medical professional before you take any action in respect to anything you read on this site. Our information includes copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property such as brand names and descriptions which belongs to the respective owners of said property.

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How To Make Homemade Pizza Dough

Homemade Pizza Dough may seem daunting to make, but its pretty simple as long as you have the time to let it rest. First, activate your yeast by letting it sit in water and sugar for about 10 minutes until its frothy. Mix together the flour and salt in a bowl. Then mix in the yeast mixture and olive oil.

Knead the dough on a work surface until you have a smooth dough thats tacky, but not sticky. Then place the dough in a greased bowl, cover and let it rest in a warm place for 30 minutes until doubled in size. Punch down the dough and roll it out to the size of the pizza youre making.

Dominos Menu Prices In Canada

Dominos Philly cheesesteak pizza

Did you know there are 500 Dominos in Canada? Here are the latest Dominos Menu Prices in Canada as well as some fun and interesting Dominos pizza history facts every pizza lover should know.

Heres the latest Dominos menu prices in Canada:

Did you know there are over 500 Dominos in Canada?

How about the fact one of the original owners traded his share for a beat-up Volkswagen Beetle?

Dominos Pizza history is both fascinating and a bit wild to consider. The company has been through a lot over the decades and it shows. They continue to thrive and innovate.

Curious to know more? Weve got you covered! Read our list below to learn 10 fun and interesting facts about Dominos Pizza.

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