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Do You Close The Grill When Cooking Steak

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How Do Grill Vents Help Regulate Temperature

Do you close the grill when cooking steak?

Your charcoal grills vents help control temperature by regulating the flow of air both in and out of the grill. Oxygen is what feeds your charcoal too much and it will flare up, too little and it will extinguish.

Your grill should have two sets of vents one set at the top , and the other set at the bottom.

These two sets of vents work together by air flowing in through the bottom set, called the intake damper, and then out through the top set, called the exhaust damper.

Both of these are really important, as its the intake damper that actually feeds your grill with the fuel it needs, while the exhaust damper not only aids airflow but also allows smoke and excess heat to escape from the grill chamber.

Its important that you allow both of these sets to work together to allow good airflow through your grill, but also to control the internal temperature of your grill. They need to work in tandem, and one cant work without the other.

In fact, if you learn to master your vents properly, you can even turn your grill into a smoker.

Should You Grill With The Lid Up Or Down

Should you grill with the lid up or down? Like many things in life, the answer is: It depends! Sometimes you should, sometimes you shouldnt. Learn why and when to either open or close your BBQ, depending on what youre cooking and your intended results..

If youre new to grilling, one of the questions you may have is should you grill with the lid up or down. The answer to that it depends on a number of factors which well explain in this article.

So, what are you waiting for? Lets get grilling!

Continually Lifting The Lid While Your Food Cooks

I know its hard not to peek, but if you keep that lid closed, your food will cook faster. Opening and closing the lid multiple times causes the grill to lose its heat, so your food will take longer to cook.

Follow this tip: Of course you need to check to see how your food is cooking, but try to limit the amount of times you open the grills lid to check.

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How To Grill Steak On Charcoal Grill


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Learn how to grill steak on a charcoal grill! We will tell you tips and tricks to getting the perfectly juicy, tender and delicious steak using your charcoal grill. Plus, we will share our secret for getting that ultimate, smokey flavor your steak deserves. These are the BEST charcoal grilled steaks ever!

Starting Your Grill With An Electric Charcoal Starter

A handy guide to Steak temperature and doneness : coolguides

An electric charcoal starter is a device with a handle on one end and a metal loop on the other. Plug in the charcoal starter, using an outdoor-rated extension cord. Load one layer of charcoal close together, near the center of the grill. Place the heating element of the electric charcoal starter onto the center of the pile. Lay a second layer of charcoal on top of the heating element and the surrounding coals. When the charcoal is well-lit, remove the charcoal starter.

Electric starters ignite coals a little more slowly than an open flame, but when you start your grill with an electric charcoal starter, you wont need lighter fluid, newspapers, matches or lighters.

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How To Use The Vents On Your Grill

The Thinking:What effect could these little fiddly things possibly have on my man-sized flame?

The Reality: Adjusting the position of the vents is the best way to control oxygen and heat flow within your charcoal grill.

The Fix: Access to oxygen can have a major impact on how efficiently your coals combust. Too much and they can erupt into soot-inducing flames. Too little and they choke themselves out. The lower and upper vents on your charcoal grill can be used to adjust the flow of oxygen, thereby adjusting the heat generated inside your grill. Cooking chicken, ribs, or brisket low and slow over indirect heat? Keep those vents closed. Searing the outside of a big fat steak or a burger? Keep them open to encourage higher heat .

The relative positioning of the top and bottom vents can also make a difference! I like to position my vents with the lower vent on the opposite side of the food and the lid vents directly above the food to promote convection currents inside that more efficiently take hot air above and around the food.

Open Lid Means Searing

With thin foods, if you close the lidallowing the convection heat to come at the food from above and below and all aroundthe center of the food will cook through before the outside is browned and caramelized. When you cook with the grill open, youll more effectively get a crispy, perfect-Maillard-reaction caramelization on the outside of the meat without overcooking the center.

Foods thicker than ¾ of an inch, though, literally have more middle to cook. So, they can hold up to the heat chamber the lid creates, and in fact, the lid will help thicker cuts of meat or vegetables cook more evenly. Youll avoid an undercooked center with an overly browned, crusty exterior.

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What Are The Best Cook Times For Grilling Steak

Given the differences between grills, cooking surfaces, and cuts of steak, there aren’t specific cook times for grilling steak. Meat changes in texture and density as it cooks, so it helps to know how each steak feels before it hits the grill. A meat thermometer is also helpful when checking doneness.

How Do You Know When A Steak Is Done Grilling

How To Grill The PERFECT Steak Every time! | Cooking Is Easy

The heat of the grill is cooking the steak around the surface. If the steak appears raw on the top, put the lid down without flipping it and let it go for another minute. If the steak is gray, flip the steak over , returning the top to the 12 o’clock position. Close the lid and start the timer again.

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Lid Open Or Closed When Grilling Steak

Steak is one of the most widely eaten food items worldwide. They are not only used as a source of taste but also have multiple other benefits. Steaks are also in meat and chicken form. You can make steaks in different ways. One of the ways of making steaks is grilling them. However, there are other ways, such as baking and steaming. One of the factors which holds importance is the lid open or closed while grilling a steak.

Apart from the grilling apparatus, the overall ingredients of your cooking also hold much importance during the cooking process. The spices and ingredients included in the steak grilling process can indeed be customized according to your needs. In addition to this, the marination process can also be as per your preferences. Marination adds up to the steaks flavor and helps us reach the ultimate goal, which is tender steak.

As discussed above, apart from the appetizing flavor and taste of steak, it is also a source of many nutrients. Bodybuilders, gymnasts and athletes are recommended to incorporate steak in their diet as it enhances muscle mass and is an efficient source of protein due to the high protein content.

Cooking With The Grill Open

Think of your grill like an oven. Every time you open the oven door, you let some of the heat out. Imagine cooking a casserole in your oven, but leaving the door open the entire time. It would take forever for that casserole to cook!

The same thing happens on your grill. Every time you open the grill lid, some of the heat gets out and the temperature goes down. If you leave the lid open while youre cooking, the food will take longer to cook.

Not so great when we think of grilling as hot and fast!

But. Heres the thing Cooking anything on the grill with the lid open is similar to searing something quickly in a skillet on the stove.

When you cook a roast in your Crock-Pot, do you ever brown the outside in a skillet before you put it in the slow cooker? Searing a piece of meat quickly over high heat and out in the open creates a delicious crust on the outside. This crust not only tastes good, it also locks a lot of the moisture inside the meat, so your steak will stay nice and juicy. It works for vegetables, too. Start your veggies on a hot grill with the lid open to get the outside browned quickly.

Once the outside of your meat or vegetables is seared and has a beautiful brown crust, close that lid!

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Should I Close The Lid When Grilling Steak

  • How long do you let a steak rest?
  • For thicker cuts, you want to close the lid to keep the temperature high and even. Large steaks, chicken, and roasts have much more depth for the heat to penetrate, and closing the lid will give the heat time to sink in and cook the meat through in much the same way an oven does.

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    When To Grill With The Lid Open Or Closed

    Cooking Campfire Steak with Curtis Stone

    If you’ve ever had trouble getting your grilled food to come out just right, and trying to figure out the intricacies of whether or not you should have the lid up or down feels more like rocket surgery, then this is the blog for you.

    It may seem like something that requires an advanced degree, but knowing when it’s alright to keep the lid open or closed when cooking on the grill isn’t that complicated. There are a few factors that will change the way you need to cook your food on the barbecue, and they will dictate whether or not to keep the grill lid up or down.

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    Grill With Lid Open Or Closed

    Should you grill with lid open or closed? A simple question deserves a simple answer and that is: Thinner foods should be grilled with the lid open while when grilling thicker foods the lid should be closed.

    Steven Raichlen says that If the food is thicker than your hand. The grill should be open. Since this is an arbitrary measurement, that varies wildly by the thickness of your hand, we use an inch and half.

    The logic to grilling thinner foods with an open lid is simple. Smaller foods grill up quickly so by opening the lid you reduce the heat it is exposed to. This give you a greater margin of error to hit the perfect food temperature by increasing the cooking time.

    While you could get a similar effect by using indirect heat and a closed lid, you wouldnt be able to watch it as closely.

    Grilling thicker foods with the lid closed allows them to cook all the way through faster than if the lid was open. By doing this it exposes all sides of the food to the heat of the grill.

    Grilling Steak Step By Step

    October 7, 2020·

    Last week we talked about how to grill a perfect hamburger by focusing on technique. This week well keep focusing on grilling technique and walk step by step through grilling steaks like an expert. You see, a lot of people really over-think grilling steaks. I have had some really elaborately prepared beef jerky grilled by some great people with the best of intentions. Its often hard to sit back and watch the host destroy a perfectly good steak. But hey, its not my party. Ill do the next best thing and break down the simple steps to grilling the perfect steak. In this case, Im grilling sirloins . But this technique is the same for all cuts of beef up to an inch thick. Steaks over an inch thick will require a little more time to cook through, so adjust your times accordingly. And remember to err on the side of rare . Enough intro, lets get down to it

    • fresh ground black pepper

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    Do You Grill Steaks With Lid Open Or Closed

    Grilling with or without a lid If youre searing steaks and need to keep an eye on the situation, leave the lid open. Once youve switched it to indirect heat, you can close the lid and let the smoke do its work for you. Quick-cooking meals can normally be cooked with the lid open the entire time.

    Dont Cook Your Steaks Straight From The Fridge

    How to Grill the Perfect Steak | Kingsford

    Prentiss advises taking your steak out from the fridge about one hour before you’re going to cook it, and setting it on a roasting rack.

    Sharp prefers to season his steaks a couple of hours in advance, and then agrees about letting them come to room temperature before cooking. There’s an exception, however: “If is on the thinner side,” he says, “starting it cold will give a buffer from overcooking the center.”

    While chefs differ in their recommendations for length of time at room temperature before cooking, chef Dinesh Jayawardena advises not squeezing the time below a half hour.

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    How Long Should Steaks Cook On The Grill

    • Place the steaks on the grill and cook for 4 to 5 minutes, or until they are golden brown and slightly scorched.
    • Turn the steaks over and continue to grill for 3 to 5 minutes longer for medium-rare , 5 to 7 minutes longer for medium , or 8 to 10 minutes longer for medium-well .

    Closed Lid Means Convection

    When were grilling, we all aim for food with a crusty, slightly charred exterior and a moist, tender interior. We want that result whether were cooking a thin flank steak, or a thick slab of ribeye. We want it when we grill wispy asparagus, and also when we grill hearty potatoes. But, though the destination is the same, the journey is different for thin foods than thick ones.

    When you close the lid to the grill, youre creating a convection. That is, the hot air coming from the heat source , trapped by the lid and unable to escape, moves around in the chamber youve created. Thus, the closed lid helps the interior of the meat cook through, much like an oven does.

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    Mistake #: You Keep Futzing With That Lid

    The Thinking:Is it done yet?… Nope. Is it done yet?… Nope. Is it done yet?… Nope. Is it done yet?… You know what I’m talking about. That unbreakable, irresistible urge you get to keep checking on that big ol’ pork chop.

    The Reality: Repeatedly lifting the lid with a gas grill will cause it to lose heat, making your food sear and cook more slowly. Repeatedly lifting with a coal grill will do the opposite, allowing in oxygen that causes the coals to bun hotter than you’d like them to, resulting in burnt meat.

    The Fix: Be patient! It’s not a crime to flip your burgers or steaks multiple times as they cook, but just bear in mind that every time you open and close that lid, you’re adding inconsistencies to your cooking temperature. Remember this basic rule of thumb: If you’re cooking on a gas grill, opening the lid will make it cooler. If you’re cooking on a charcoal grill, opening the lid will make it hotter.

    Mistake #: You Think That Awesome Looking Flames Make For Awesome Tasting Meat

    Carne Asada Tacos With Grilled Flank Steak  Grizzly BBQ

    The Thinking: The difference between cooking indoors and cooking outside is that live fire right? So it must be good to let your burgers and steaks get engulfed in flames.

    The Reality: Flames engulfing your meat end up leaving sooty, nasty-tasting deposits on the surface of your food. Small flames and minor flare-ups are ok, but you definitely don’t want that fire licking your steak before you do.

    The Fix: Fire requires three things to burn: fuel, energy, and oxygen. Flare-ups are generally caused by fat dripping out of your meat and igniting on the coals or the grill bars belowadding fuel. Trimming off excess fat can help mitigate some of the issues, but the fact is that with a well-marbled steak or a nice juicy burger, you want that fat to be there from the start. The easiest way to control a flare-up if you aren’t cooking too many things at once is to simply move the meat off of the hot side and onto the cool side of the grill until the flare-up subsides before carefully returning it.

    But what if your grill is too full to effectively shift things around? This scenario leaves you with two options: reduce the energy in the system or cut off oxygen supply. Squirting water from a spray bottle at little flare ups will do a good job of reducing energythat energy that was going to feeding the flare-up instead goes into evaporating the water. But it’s also a good way to spray up excess soot or worse, to spread around the fat, exacerbating the flare-up problem down the line.

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    How To Put Out A Gas Grill

    This one is much easier than putting out a charcoal grill, but still just as necessary to do correctly. When you’re done cooking your food, keep the grill on with the lid open, and set a 5 minute timer. When the timer goes off, its time to clean your grill grate. Metal tongs and a ball of aluminum foil work perfectly fine.

    Now you can turn off your grill by turning all the knobs to the off position. You should hear an audible popping sound as the gas stops flowing into the grill grates and the flames should also disappear. Once that’s done, turn off the gas tank. On top of the tank, there should be a small knob with arrows pointing to the open and close positions. Turn toward the close position, which should be clockwise . If you have a grill cover, wait until the grill is cool before covering.

    Regardless of what type of flame youre working with, putting out a grill takes time and patience. Before you break out the coals or turn on the gas, youll want to plan your cooking from beginning to end. That way, you can walk away from your grill knowing that everything is calm, cool, and most importantly, extinguished.

    Tool to Use: Extra-long barbecue tools come in clutch when you’re cooking over a flame, but they’re also handy for cleaning up too. Thers Wood-Handled Stainless Steel Grill Tools from Barebones Living will keep hands cool and far away from flames whether they’re roaring at full-blast or winding down.

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