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Good Wine To Pair With Steak

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Pairing Tip: Why A Spanish Red Works With This Dish

Barbecue steak and red wine pairing

This buttery steak with garlic and rosemary cries out for a big wine with herbed aromatics. A red from Spain, where rosemary and garlic proliferate, is a great choice, and Priorat, with its mix of black fruit, mineral and herb notes, is an especially good match.

Chefs PickCims de Porrera Priorat Classic 2004

The Hawksmoor in Manchester, England is one of the locations for the popular and award-winning chain, known for succulent steaks and cocktail bars offering some of the best pairings. The restaurant has indeed earned acclaim for tender steak with some of the finest wine and other pairings. But this May, one customer, whose name has not been disclosed, received a wine pairing he did not order.

According to a report through both Newsweek and People, the customer ordered a fairly expensive bottle, a 2001 Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, which retails at over one hundred U.S. dollars. What the customer received instead was an especially rare Chateau Le Pin Pomerol 2001, which instead runs around four thousand U.S. dollars. Chances are, the customer didnt mind enjoying one of the best wine experiences of his lifeand theres no indication he knew about this mistake.

Frequently Asked Questions About Steak Wine Pairing

Everyone wants to impress guests at their dinner party, but making this happen is easier said than done. Preparing a delicious meal is only half the battle because you need drinks that take the recipe to its fullest potential.

We took a look at frequently asked questions about steak and wine pairing and compiled our answers below. Check them out now:

Miner Family Winery 2013 Emilys Cuve

Type: Red BlendOrigin: Napa Valley, California, USAPrice: $50

This blend of 95% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Cabernet Franc is a grand tribute to the late Emily Miner, who co-founded the award-winning winery back in the mid-90s. Winemaker Stacy Vogel applied modern technology to Old World techniques to coax the very best from the exceptional Napa Valley vineyard sites. Youll marvel at how much good stuff this robust red has going on. Theres an abundance of delicious black fruit enriched with cocoa notes, a touch of espresso and the unmistakable warmth of toasted oak. So meaty it practically sizzles.

Suggested Cut: A pan-fried, dry-aged Kansas City Strip

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What Wine Pairs Best With New York Strip Steak

Many people have their first experience with steak through a New York Strip as it is a very versatile cut packed with that rich beef flavor and the sense of tenderness that is commonly associated with steak.

The cut comes from the short loin of a cow and lends itself well to having some added flavor that would otherwise ruin other cuts of steak.

If you ask most wine and steak enthusiasts, they will say that the right Cabernet Sauvignon will make a New York Strip really come to life. This wine pairing almost seems made for the strip as it provides a complement to the fat and rich flavors of the meat itself.

With many people adding some fun sauces and flavors to their strips, you will want to find a wine that helps to balance the new additions in a way that enhanced the entire dining experience.

Does Pinot Noir Go With Steak

Wine with Steak: Finding the Perfect Pairing

Most Pinot Noir wines tend to sit at the light to medium-bodied end of the spectrum, and its profile is often therefore paired-up with lighter meats.

Yet Pinot Noirs natural acidity and bright, red berry fruit can work with your steak dinner, depending on the style and the cut.

In general, think about trying this with leaner cuts, such as fillet, cooked rare to medium-rare.

I dont normally think of Pinot Noir as a match for steak, but the best pairing by far, when the meat was cooked rare, was a classically silky, seductive Daniel Rion, Vosne-Romanée 2001, wrote food and wine expert Fiona Becket after tasting several fine wines with steak for magazine back in 2007.

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What Wine Pairs With Steak

There are many wines that pair with steak, but sweeter red wine types tend to be the best fit. Most red wines offer fruity aromas and tastes that bring out the savory, spiced, and herby elements of steak. They also span the breadth of tannin characteristics, offering you light or strong dryness depending on the recipe youâre making.

Steak is a dish that often has as diverse an ingredient list as the wines that go with it. As such, itâs important to understand which flavors complement each other and what the right red wine serving temperature is. Since steak is already a substantial meal, you donât want to choose a wine that will overwhelm your palate with too many rich flavors.

Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel are some of the most popular choices to pair with steak. Each of these wines embodies various red and black fruits, ranging from the sweetness of strawberries to the tangy, woodsiness of currants and cherries.

Whether youâre learning how to become a sommelier, or perhaps youâve been on bar staff for a long time, keeping track of wine bottles isnât easy. Manual bar inventory management can only get you so far before paperwork piles up and youâre looking for a simpler solution.

What Wine Goes With Steak Top 5 Wine And Food Pairings

If you think about your favorite dishes, theyre probably all elevated by a strategic combination of flavors, textures, and aromas. But wine pairing holds a special place in the hierarchy of food combinations.

Pairing wine with any food, and particularly steak, is surrounded by an undeserved mystique. The truth is all you need to do is stick to a few simple guidelines and youll have the perfect wine to match your steak every time.

In this post, were going to teach you the simple and easy way to pair wine with steak.

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Rare Steak Wine Pairings

The texture of your meat also plays an important part when matching a wine. The rarer the meat, the less tannins you will feel. A young Cabernet Sauvignon, for example, will reveal a beautiful, smooth texture when matched with a quality, rare fillet of steak. Château Brisson, Côtes de Bordeaux has plenty of blackcurrant flavours with firm tannins that will work well. Italian wines are also worth exploring. Super Tuscans such as Le Difese and Sangiovese-based wines like our Chianti Classico Riserva Castelli del Grevepesa or Brunellos little brother Rosso di Montalcino La Togata, are also worth trying.

Juggernaut Hillside Cabernet Sauvignon

How to Pair WINE with STEAK for Beginners | What Wine to Drink with Steak

Made with French oak, Juggernaut Hillside Cabernet Sauvignon has rare richness and a smooth, rounded texture. Elegantly aromatic and palatable, it manages to captivate wine enthusiasts from the first sip. Fragrances of plums, blackberries, and cherries complement hints of white pepper, coffee, and mint on the nose. The palate is luscious and smooth, with layers of prunes, raspberries, blueberries. Juicy flavors of licorice, cinnamon, and figs, alongside traces of tomato leaf, eucalyptus, and sage, drive into the long, nutty-driven finish. The tannins are silky and well-integrated, while the acidity is vibrant and offsets the general creaminess.

The grapes in Juggernaut wines grow in challenging conditions. Their resilience is reflected in the determination of Juggernaut winemakers to produce top-quality wine. Juggernaut winemakers are respected for producing superior Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon wines. On that note, the Cabernet Sauvignon vines need strength to find nutrients in the rocky, steep slopes where they grow. For this reason, their roots burrow deep to find underground water and moisture. In a similar struggle, Pinot Noir vines endure challenging conditions, like wind and fog, to utilize every hour of warmth and sunlight, and produce juicy grapes.

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The Best Wine And Steak Pairings

Any beginners guide to pairing wine with steak will note that a tannic red wine with nice acidity, like Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah, can be ideal for assuaging the salty and fatty flavors of steak. But where to go from there? The world of red wine, and steak for that matter, is full of options. With wines ranging from fruitful, tangy, or spicy, and a plethora of steak cuts, rubs and aging, choosing the right wine to pair with a steak dinner becomes a bit more complicated than just plucking a bottle from your local shop. To get expert picks, we enlisted the help of Cedric Nicaise, sommelier and former wine director of Eleven Madison Park in New York.

Which Is Better Merlot Or Cabernet Sauvignon

Despite the fact that they are both robust red wines, Merlot is definitely a better choice if you are seeking for an excellent red wine to sip on its own because of the higher levels of acidity and tannins found in Cabernet Sauvignon. One of the most significant distinctions between Merlot and Cabernet is the method by which the wine is made .

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Wine And Steak: What Should I Choose To Pair With Beef Steak Between Red & White Wine

Wine has long been served as an important side dish. There is a legendary saying which still exists nowadays: Red wine with meat, white wine with fish. The origin of this myth is based on the rule of balancing the wines body with the foods weight. Meat or steak is usually more heavyweight with a rather red color. Thus, red wine is assumed to be more suitable for steak. Likewise, since fish is generally pale , its generally combined with white wines, such as white wine pairing with salmon.

Although its classic to combine red wine and steak, white wine is still an option at the party. Like tannins, the acids in white wine have a similar effect on steaks. You know, chilled white wine tends to have the best flavor, making a strong contrast in temperature between a hot steak and a cold glass of rose or white wine. In a nutshell, if you are a classic, pick a good red wine with steak. Vice versa, opting for the best white wine with steak if you love the originality.

Is Merlot Good With Steak

Best Wine with Steak: Steak &  Red Wine Pairings Youre Going to Love

Merlot is a red wine that originated in Bordeaux and is well-known for its gentle tannin. Despite the fact that this wine has a low acidic and tannic content, it nevertheless has sufficient amounts of these ingredients to serve as a nice accompaniment to meat. Merlot wine has the ability to cut through the fat that is found in hearty meats and poultry.

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Best White Wine To Drink With Steak

Some people prefer white wine over red wine. Which makes it difficult to pair a good steak with wine. But there are some fantastic white wines that enhance the flavors of the steak and complement it perfectly. Try to find a white wine with high acidity and a high amount of tannins to balance the richness of the steak. Its all about personal preference when choosing a red versus a white wine to go with your steak. So dont think a white wine cant complement a steak.

Another reason to choose a white wine is when enjoying surf and turf! Often, white wines go best with seafood, so you may want to pair with the surf instead of the turf. Steak & lobster or steak & shrimp pair very well with white wines with a high fruitiness and aromatic intensity.

Steak Tartare can also be paired with white wine. Choose one that has a slight salty and mineral flavor profile.

Here are some great choices for white wine with steak.

  • Chardonnay

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Australian Shiraz & Cowboy Steak Pairing

Australian Shiraz is the same grape as Syrah, however, its much more popular in North America. Australian Shiraz is loud, jammy, full of vanilla and spicy with black pepper. Wines labeled with Syrah have all of these qualities, but toned down. They come across as less fruit-forward, and feature more savoury flavours like bacon and lunchmeat.

Since youll be spending a lot of money on your Cowboy or Ribeye steak, choose a higher quality Australian Shiraz that is $30 or more . Quality Australian Shiraz producers include Penfolds, DArenberg, Hardys, Jacobs Creek and Wolf Blass.

Featuring medium tannin and acidity, Australian Shiraz pairs best with barbecued Ribeye steaks cooked in the medium range. The barbecued flavours of the steak complement the smoke, black pepper, vanilla and dark chocolate flavours of the wine. Meanwhile, youll find refreshing flavours of blackberry, plum, raspberry and cherry to keep you fully invested in your delicious meal.

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What Wine Do You Drink With Ribeye Steak

Cabernet Sauvignon and ribeye are classic wine and steak pairings, since the strong tannins contained in the wine aid to cut through the juiciness of the steak and make it more tender. A spicy Zinfandel is another excellent pairing for ribeye because the fruitiness of the wine contrasts nicely with the powerful meatiness of the ribeyes flavor.

Wine And Steak: How To Create The Best Wine Pairing

What Wine to Pair With Steak | How to Pair Wine and Steak

How to choose the best wine to pair with steak? In addition to many of our suggestions for wine and steak combinations, we also want to tell you that you should create pairings to get your own delight, satisfaction, and artistry. Now we will reveal to you several scientific tips to memorize when combining wines with dishes:

  • Acidic or tart wines are able to get rid of the fat in your palate
  • Tannins are domesticated by protein molecules
  • Sweet wine has the ability to moderate spicy dishes
  • Salty dishes usually go well with tart & tannic wines, such as Mourvèdre, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Nebbiolo, Tannat and so on

Pairing wine and steak is, in fact, pretty interesting, you could try to combine many types with the same flavor, or more uniquely, distinct tastes. Practice again and again you would choose the best wine to drink with steak, as well as make your own impressive wine pairings.

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The Best Wine With Steak

First things first lets clear a few things up. You dont want to start experimenting until you learn the basics.Sure, you can have a cocktail with steak. An Old Fashioned is delightful, and the spiciness of the bourbon helps accentuate the flavors of a well-seasoned steak. And white wine can also be delicious but its not a perfect pair for steak.Red wine is what you should choose to go with a steak. Its easy to remember red meat gets red wine. Beef is typically accompanied by a red while a white meat like chicken or fish is best served with a white. Some meat, like pork, dont fit neatly in either category and can be paired with either.Youve got to know the rules before you can break them. So, before you go experimenting with pairing cocktails or white wine with steak, start with the basics such as a high-quality red wine.Without further ado, lets jump into our top 5 red wine styles to pair with steaks.

Wine And Steak: Pairing The Best Wines With Appealing Steak

It goes without saying that theres a huge quantity of red & white wines for you to choose to pair with steak. But drinkers tend to feel confused by selecting the right wine. For this reason, to help you opt for the best red wine with steak, we will straightforwardly come up with three top-notch red wines & three white wines to pair with. Follow us!

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Whats The Best Wine To Pair With Steak

In our Ask the Sommelier series, we put your wine-related queries to the worlds top sommeliers. In this instalment, sommelier and wine buyer for Friarwood Fine Wines Salvatore Castano advises on the best wines to pair with steak.

My partner and I are big steak fans and Im planning on cooking a special steak dinner next weekend, but Im running out of inspiration for new wine pairings. I usually go for a big, bold red, but it would be nice to try something a bit different, or perhaps even try a different style of wine altogether. Whats the best bet?Tamara from Toronto, Canada

Catena Appellation Lunlunta Malbec

The Best Wine With Steak

Pure Pleasure

Starting with a deep violet color with ruby-red reflections, Catena Appellation Lunlunta Malbec is aromatic with concentrated scents of red and dark fruits and traces of coffee and vanilla spice. The mouthfeel is equally rich as the nose, packed with tastes of blackberries, cinnamon, and leather.

Welcoming aromas of blackberries, raspberries, and cherries dominate the bouquet, joined by subtle traces of leather, vanilla spice, and coffee. Elegant touches of dried herbs and violets are discernible, too, as the nose is followed by a plush palate of plum, blackberry, and cinnamon flavors. Smooth tannins that run very long mingle with a dash of redcurrant and ginger. A profound, oak-influenced finish, alongside lingering suggestions of prunes and figs, offers pleasure.

Pioneering Malbec in the Andean Foothills

Catena Zapata is Argentinas most awarded wine estate. Founded in 1902 by an Italian immigrant, Nicola Catena, the winery is renowned for pioneering in the Malbec wine production and discovering high-altitude terroirs in the Andean mountainsides of Mendoza. Consequently, for over 100 years, the Catena family has shaped the future of one of Argentinas oldest domains.

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