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Custom Logo Steak Branding Iron

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Custom Logo Branding Iron

Branding Iron Review – First Use and Impressions

Our Custom Logo Branding Iron is a unigue grilling gift for the grill master in your home. This branding iron for dad, husband or boyfriend is a great talking piece when entertaining when having a backyard BBQ.This branding iron was designed with the intention of branding steaks, burgers, buns, etc. but it also works perfectly wood & leather.To heat the iron we recommend heating your Custom Logo Branding Iron directly in the flame on your grill or firepit. To speed up the heating, we actually use a small Map Torch to heat them in under one minute.

Steak Branding Iron Custom

Custom Bbq Branding Irons

Few things are better than getting the grill fired up at a barbeque or tailgating party and hearing the unmistakable sizzle of meat hitting the grill. Liven up the classic crosshatch grill pattern on your favorite game day eats and show your team pride with our BBQ branding irons. A custom team logo branding iron is what separates the fans from the super fans! Choose your NFL or NCAA official team logo and elevate your grill game by branding chicken, steak, pork and more.

Beyond professional and college football branding irons, we also offer Marines and USA branding irons, as well as a branding iron with interchangeable letters for complete branding freedom. Be sure to check out our full line of branding iron sets including the Steak Branding Iron Set with rare, medium and well markers packaged in a cedar box or the His and Hers Branding Iron Gift Set for the couple who loves to grill. All of our branding irons make great gifts for the grill master in your life! All of our grill branding irons are crafted from high-quality steel and feature solid wood handles.

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Optional Gift Set Details

  • Add Branded Box: We’ll brand the top of the box with the branding iron and wrap it inside of a western bandana
  • Add Wood Gift Plank: We’ll brand the plank with the exact branding iron. The plank has a keyhole cut in the back for hanging and includes a horseshoe nail for displaying.
  • Add Box And Plate: We’ll brand the top of the box and the wood steak plate with the branding iron and then wrap it inside of a western bandana
  • Groomsmen Gifts: We offer a 15% discount for purchasing 5 or more, checkout our groomsmen gifts page.

Design A Brand That Lasts A Lifetime

Personalised Barbecue Branding Iron By Hunter Gatherer ...

Make your mark a statement by customizing your logo design for production as a brass branding iron for marking wood, leather, and more! Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, our high-quality branding irons are capable of making a finished mark that is crisp and clear. Learn more…Prefer to connect with our sales team?

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Featured Product: Steak Branding Irons

BBQ Fans sells a variety of BBQ-related goods everything from BBQ-inspired apparel to grilling gadgets like a personalized leather beer holster that your outdoor-loving, grill-master fiancee, friend, or coworker will love. One of the products we specifically like for wedding and events is the Personalized Branding Irons. This product can be personalized to fit whomever youre gifting it to choose between personal initials or custom designs!

In fact, there are numerous types of branding iron designs to choose from. You can design your branding iron to feature any of the following design options:

How To Use This Design Tool

Using our design tool above, you can upload a custom logo or artwork, as well as enter additional lines of text! Once your artwork has been uploaded, and any optional text has been input into the entry fields, you can then click on the preview to move and scale the artwork, as well as change the vertical position of the text lines. After typing text in the entry fields, you are also able to select from a choice of fonts and can change the size of the text and alignment. When the text entered exceeds the width of the selected size, the entered text will wrap to a second line. Adding spaces either before or after the entered text can help for fine adjustments if wanting text to be set slightly differently than a standard left, center, or right alignment.

Please Note: No proof is provided for this product other than the live preview shown here on the product page during customization. If we have any concerns regarding the artwork or text entered, we will contact you. If there are no concerns, your order will be put directly into production.

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Custom Steak Branding Iron

Custom Logo Branding Iron Details

This Custom Branding Iron is Smoking Hot
  • 15″ Long
  • The design on the brand is 1 1/2″ tall by 2 1/4″ wide
  • Easily heated on an open flame, charcoal or ideally, a small butane torch
  • Made of food grade stainless steel so it’s safe on food and it won’t rust. Easily cleans with soap and water
  • Works great on wood and leather as well
  • Proudly Made In the USA

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Personalized Bbq Branding Irons: Groomsmen Gifts

What could be more southwestern than branding irons? How about personalized BBQ branding irons for the groomsmen of your Arizona wedding? In todays post, were featuring BBQ Fans, one of our all-time favorite wedding and event vendors. These fellow Phoenicians are local BBQ fanatics with fun, one-of-a-kind BBQ related products that make for the perfect wedding or event gift.

Wedding Party Gifts: Spoil Your Groomsmen

These branding irons make great gifts for wedding parties. We especially like these for groomsmen. Typically a lot of thought goes into what the bride will get her bridesmaids, make sure the groomsmen get treated just as well! Thank the guys who have your grooms back for their role in your wedding by gifting them with a high-quality, personalized grilling iron. Theyll be stoked!

Looking for a unique corporate gift for your company event? These branding irons make really cool, unique corporate gifting items as well.

Cedar Planks Branded With Groomsmens Initials

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