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Best Pellet Grill For Steaks

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Pellet Grill To Make Perfect Steak

Ribeye Steaks on A Pellet Grill

Are pellet grills good for steaks? Well, it is not a question that needs an answer.

It is something you need to prove. As we know, the steak will taste amazing when the meat is juicy and mouth-watering.

The Pellet grill can lead the dish to that condition.

A pellet grill has some great features that give efficiency and less mess in cooking. In addition, this grill does not run on charcoal.

So, there will not be a bitter taste of charcoal on your dish. Hence, this is perfect for cooking steak.

Further, you can make a perfect steak with a pellet grill. Mainly, it is because this cooker will showcase the steak with its natural flavor.

What Are The Best Pellets For A Wood Pellet Grill

There are a lot of options when trying to decide the best pellets for your grill. First and foremost, I recommend everyone experimenting to find what works best for you. That said, here is a list of what I like to use when cooking various things at home:

  • Burgers / Brats â Hickory, Mesquite or Pecan â You want to hit the burgers with as much smoke flavor as possible since it is a shorter cook time.
  • Pork Ribs â Cherry or Mesquite
  • Pulled Porkâ I really like Pecan here, but Cherry, Hickory, Apple and Mesquite would be great as well.
  • Brisket â Mesquite and Hickory â When it comes to big, beautiful beef, go strong with flavors.
  • Chickenâ Pecan, Apple and Cherry â Chicken is not a very strongly flavored meat so you can go lighter.
  • Veggies â Hickory and Mesquite â Again, itâs a short cook time so I like stronger flavored woods here.
  • Steaksâ Pecan, Hickory or Mesquite
  • Salmonâ Apple and Cherry â or in a pinch, Pecan
  • Whole Turkey â Cherry and Apple over Mesquite â If you are serving this for Thanksgiving, I wouldnât go super heavy with smoke flavor here.
  • Pizzasâ Pecan wood pellets all the way

Get A Baseline Understanding Of Popular Bbq Pellet Flavors

You wonât be able to experiment with different pellets until you get a better idea of which pellets have a strong flavor and which ones produce a more mild taste.

Some of the most intense wood pellet flavors include mesquite pellets, hickory pellets and cherry pellets. So when you want your smoked and grilled ingredients to be infused with smoky wood flavor, aim for those pellets.

If youâre looking for less obvious undertones, opt for lighter wood pellet flavors like apple pellets and pecan pellets.

If you just want a quick reference, check out the handy wood pellet flavor guide below.

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Q: Can You Grill On A Traeger With The Lid Open

A: It is possible to grill food on a Traeger with the lid open. However, it is much more efficient to grill on a Traeger with the food closed. Keeping the lid open will cause the Traeger to continue to burn pellets which will cause the bottom of the food to cook whereas all sides of the food can cook at the same time with the lid closed.

Camp Chef Smokepro Dlx 24 Pellet Grill

Top 10 Best Pellet Grills in 2020

The DLX24 is the best option for those who want a high-end pellet grills functionality in a lower price range. The minimalistic grill design, decent size, and features, all at an affordable price point, make it a favorite among those searching for value.

The grill features an ash cleanout system that makes it easy to clean. You no longer have to disassemble the grill and vacuum it top to bottom to eliminate any ash present after every 50 hours of use.

It is a medium-sized grill ideal for families of around four to six. What makes this a great purchase is that it heats up to a good 500 degrees Fahrenheit despite its small size and low price point, which is hard to find in grills this size. You can use it as a slow cooker with indirect heat or crank up the heat and grill meat to perfection it is a versatile grill that is perfect for all backyard chefs.


The Green Mountain grill features an ideal design that ensures ease of use. It has a built-in tray with utensil hooks that prove quite handy for the user. You also get an additional grease drip tray and a meat probe that helps temperature management and control. If you want to get the perfect sear, you can also get an extra grease tray with open flame technology to get that ideal caramelization on meat.


  • Built-in tray with utensil holders.
  • Wi-fi connectivity for ease of use
  • Temperature control panel and monitoring system
  • Foldable into a compact piece



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There Is No Charcoal Or Propane Needed For This Type Of Grill Which Makes It Easier On The Environment

The best pellet grill for searing are an innovative alternative to traditional grillers who want the convenience of gas without sacrificing flavor or texture. There is no waiting for propane to enter your burner, which means you never have to worry about flare-ups. The consistency of the heat allows you to cook more time with less energy, making it flameless and smokeless. The ash residue from pellets also make clean up easier because there is nothing left behind but a few crumbs.

The heat goes directly where you want it, giving you more precise cooking control. The best pellet grill for searing is made specifically for smoking and grilling by controlling the amount of oxygen the fire needs to burn at its most efficient, a fine balance of oxygen and fuel creates a perfect temperature for cooking. Heat shields protect the flame from wind gusts, which vary in temperature up or down.

Which Is Better Wood Or Pellet Smoker

If you already own a pellet smoker, want convenience and consistently decent results, then wood pellets are a good option. If youre cooking inside a more traditional smoker and want the best flavor and the most authentic smoking experience, however, it is recommended that you stick with smoking chunks.

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Are Pellet Grills Good For Steak

Cooking meat over an open fire is amongthe oldest methods of cooking. Yet, despite being an ancient technique, itsstill widely done today in homes worldwide. Its not at all surprising, too,since grilling gives food a unique smokey taste you cant achieve any otherway.

When it comes to grilling steak, there isa lot of ongoing debate about the type of grill to use.TheWoodPelletGrillrecommends using the best pellet grill you can find, but why? Whatgood will a pellet grill do to your precious steaks?

Best Pellet Grill For Small Spaces

Pellet Grilled Ribeye Steaks Using GrillGrates

Temperature range: 180F-500F | Cooking surface area: 465 square inches | Dimensions: 39x23x45.5 inches | WiFi connectivity: No | Hopper capacity: 13 pounds

The Cuisinart CPG-465 is a great pellet grill for outdoor cooking spaces that may be on the smaller side. With its dimensions measuring just 39x23x45.5 inches, you’ll be able to tuck this grill out of the way on your deck or patio when you need more space for seating and entertaining. You’ll still get over 450 square inches of cooking surface, which is perfect for weekend cookouts with your family or get-togethers with friends. The pellet hopper holds 13 pounds of fuel, which is perfect for an afternoon of grilling veggies, burgers, and brats or a day of smoking smaller cuts of meat. You can adjust the cooking temperature from 180 to 500 degrees, and the LED screen lets you quickly and easily adjust settings so you don’t burn your food.


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Pit Boss Pb440d2 Wood Pellet Grill 440 Sq Inch Mahogany

Coming from the Pit Boss store, this model of a pellet grill is similar to the original model. However, it comes with a lower price tag, and it keeps all the nice features that the original product had. It is stylish, visually appealing, and makes outdoors grilling very fun.

The product is beautifully designed with a mahogany barrel finish and a side shelf with a serving tray. There are also two wheels attached to the product so that you can easily move it around. One of the legs is mounted with a bottle opener which is nice little touch. There is also an LED screen on the hopper, but it may be very difficult to read on a sunny day.

The grill is made using heavy-gauge steel and feels really sturdy and well-constructed. The grease bucket is made of aluminum, and the cooking grids are made of porcelain-coated steel, which adds even more to the overall quality and durability of the product.

Smoke Hollow Ps2415 Pellet Grill And Smoker

When you want the best, make Smoke Hollow your top choice for a pellet smoker. The Smoke Hollow PS2415 is loaded with all the features and benefits to live up to its reputation. Start cooking ribs or other meats ASAP using this large grill that can cook 466 cubic inches of meat at one time! From chicken pieces, burgers and fish weve got it! Make sure you take advantage of our high-tech grilling and smoking gauges that help regulate and monitor efficiencies while letting you keep track of intake.

The Smoke Hollow PS2415 pellet grill is for the person who enjoys their food, especially beef. Whether you are cooking whole turkeys or trying to make the perfect farm eggs benedict every morning, this smoker will allow you to cook your meat and recover quickly with a porcelain resin coated griddle surface. It also features an air damper adjustment that makes controlling temperature easier than everjust tighten and loosen like a set of controls on an airplane.

The close gas and ash control system ensures that no bad stuff happens in our backyard we want healthy meals for all! With easy-to-clean grease management systems, top quality metal build with sturdy frame construction, and lots of cool extra perks like swivel casters for easy mobility, its no wonder what makes this our top choice.

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Are Pellet Grills Worth It

Whether or not you get value out of a pellet grill depends entirely on what you are looking for in a grill.If you primarily plan on smoking and want something easy to run, then a pellet grill is a great choice. While some pellet grills struggle to grill well, more and more manufacturers are adding grilling options, so this isnt necessarily a deal breaker any more.If you want something more hands-on and interactive, then you might find the simplicity of a pellet grill a tad boring. If that sounds like you, do yourself a favor and look into a charcoal or wood burning smoker.

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill Wifi Enabled

Best Pellet Grills Review and Buyer

Why youll love this:

The Davy Crockett from Green Mountain Grills is one of the best pellet grills for use at home and away from home. This grill has a handy design with strong metal legs that also function as handles. Those legs wrap around the exterior of the grill to let you carry it to a party. They also fold down and away from the grill to create legs for it.

  • A thermal sensor constantly monitors the internal temperature of the grill
  • Includes legs that fold to function as handles
  • You can use three different types of power sources
  • Weighs only 57 pounds for use away from home

What We Didnt Like

  • Hot spots can form in certain areas
  • The WiFi does not always work the way it should

The Davy Crockett from Green Mountain Grills is one of the best pellet grills for use at home and away from home. This grill has a handy design with strong metal legs that also function as handles. Those legs wrap around the exterior of the grill to let you carry it to a party. They also fold down and away from the grill to create legs for it.

One feature that many like is the WiFi programming capability. As long as you have a WiFi signal, you can connect your device to the grill and use the app you download to view the settings on the grill. Not only can you check on how many pellets are left in the hopper, but you can also change the smoke and temperature settings when youre away from the grill.

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How To Cook Steak On A Pit Boss Pellet Grill

FrankGrill Ace earns commissions from qualifying purchases.

Grilling steaks on a Pit Boss pellet grill is not an easy job. However, if used correctly, the Pit Boss pellet grill can help you to get good results every time.

Learn how to cook steak on a Pit Boss pellet grill. It is not too difficult to cook the perfect steak. You can even become popular among friends and family with great tasting steaks.

  • Our Final Thoughts
  • What Is A Pellet Grill Or Pellet Smoker

    Theyre the same thing, and the names get used interchangeably. Powered by electricity, pellet smokers allow you to make slow-smoked barbecue at home with a lot less guesswork and babysitting than in more traditional methods. Instead of wood and charcoal, these grills uses pellets made from compressed sawdust for fuel. You set the grill to a specific temperature, and it automatically dispenses and ignites these pellets as needed to heat the cooking chamber over the long, slow smoking process.

    Heres how it works: The pellets sit in a hopper attached to the side of the grill. When you start the grill and set the temperature, an auger dispenses pellets into the fire pot. The grill then ignites the pellets, and when it reaches the set temperature, it automatically maintains that heat throughout the cooking process. As long as your grill is reliable, you could load it with pellets before you go to bed and have a beautifully smoked brisket by morning, without having to wake up and tend coals every couple of hours.

    As long as your grill is reliable, you could load it with pellets before you go to bed and have a beautifully smoked brisket by morning.

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    Traeger Grilled New York Strip Steak

    New York Strip Steak comes about as close to the tenderloin as you can get in terms of tenderness. It is cheaper and less marbled than ribeye but has as much flavor without as much fat.

    Grilling the New York Strip Steak cooks fast on your Traeger or the grill of your choice. I enjoy the versatility of the cut, because you can serve it as an appetizer in wide slices or serve whole steaks as an entree.

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    What Temperature Do You Cook Steak On A Pellet Grill

    THIS is How to Cook the Perfect Steak on a Camp Chef Pellet Grill

    Steaks cook best at a temperature of 350 degrees or higher. Cooking steak at a lower temperature can cause the steak to dry out. However, before placing the steak on the grill, ensure the grill is at a temperature of nearly 500 degrees.

    Then, slowly reduce the temperature to anywhere between 350 and 375 degrees after 4minutes of searing both sides.

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    Preparing The Meat For The Steak

    Apart from the right grill and tools, it is also necessary to have high-quality meat for the perfect steak. Beef has 8 primal cuts. When talking about steak the first thing that comes to mind for most people is a marbled ribeye or t-bone. Strip steak and sirloin are also other popular choices. But there is no doubt that the ribeye is the favorite cut for many seasoned grill chefs and connoisseurs. Of course, selecting the cut depends on your own personal preference.

    But no matter what your choice, you should pay close attention to how much you want to sear your steak. If you favor rare steak, then you should aim for thicker cuts that are at least one inch thick. With steaks that are thinner than an inch, it is very hard to keep the center rare and the exterior well done at the same time. You can even go for steaks that are up to 2 inches if you are a fan of rare steaks. This type of steak is the best option for a rare reddish center and well seared crispy crust.

    While purchasing the steak, touch it on the packaging to get a feel of what its quality is like. The meat should not be too hard and it should have some amount of solid marbling otherwise it will turn out to be too tough.

    A To Z List Of Pellet Grill/smoker Brands

    Back in 2007 when I first become aware of pellet grills and smokers the only brand I was really aware of was Traeger. Traeger is really where this whole concept of cooking with pellets started in the 1980s. It was a slow burner but since the 2010s is really when pellet grills and smokers started to get mainstream awareness, discussed alongside gas and charcoal grills. There are now over 30 pellet grill/smoker brands that Im aware of, and the link above goes to my A to Z list of brands article.

    Now, you may already be aware of a few of the other brands such as Pit Boss, Camp Chef, Z Grills and Im sure you are aware of Weber, though you may not have known they have entered the pellet grill game. However, they are now many, many more brands to look into. Some may be what are commonly referred to as Traeger clones, but many others are offering their own unique designs and features.

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