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America’s Choice Steak Company Reviews

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Filets Flanks And More Available For Delivery To Your Door

Chicago Steak Company – The Ultimate Steak Experience

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Best Gift Sets: Chicago Steak Company

“Free shipping is often included on gift sets for all budgets.”

Best for Small Households: Rastelli’s

“Choose from single portions of USDA prime steaks trimmed to perfection.”

Best Grass-Fed Selection: DArtagnan

“The company offers 100 percent grass-finished steaks imported from Australia.”

Best Surf and Turf:Omaha Steaks Filet & Maine Lobster Duo

“Enjoy a classic and elegant pairing of filet mignon and lobster tail.”

A sizzling steak dinner is a classic and versatile meal that can be enjoyed year-round. There are a number of quality butchers that have taken their shops digital, where you can order both everyday and specialty cuts of beef from the comfort of your home. Whether youre weeknight grilling or planning a special dinner to impress, there are plenty of awesome options for getting succulent steaks delivered directly to your doorstep.

Here are the best steaks.

Skirt Steak Vs Flank Steak

Although its commonly referred to as skirt steak, beef flank steak is not the same. Skirt steak can be substituted in place of flank steak, and vice versa, though. Skirt steak is shaped much the same, but tends to have a beefier flavor. But, this cut comes from the diaphragm muscles of the animal, making it a tougher piece of meat. It can become very chewy quickly, especially if its not cooked correctly. You can, however, cook both types of meat with generally the same methods. They love marinade and high-heat, quick cooking.

Best Gift Sets: Chicago Steak Company

Courtesy of Chicago Steak Company

Send an assortment to a steak lover by way of a Chicago Steak Company gift set. They’re are available for all budgets, free shipping is often included, and theyre shipped frozen, so the recipient doesnt have to cook them all right away. The Chicago Steak Sampler is a customer favorite and includes two filet mignons, two ribeyes, two flat irons, two top sirloins, and 16 steak burgers.

All steak offerings are either USDA prime or choice, which are the top two grades for beef based on fat marbling. Prime steaks have the most marbling, so they cook up with the most flavor and juiciness. Choose a gift set that has been wet-aged for maximum flavor.

For the best steak experience, you want to make sure you have the right kitchen gear and cooking know-how to enjoy your steaks to the fullest. Many online butcher shops feature free recipes and cooking tips, so be sure to keep an eye out for those to make the most of your purchase.

Steaks can be grilled, pan-fried, or broiled in an oven. A cast-iron pan is useful for searing steaks on the stovetop and finishing in a hot oven. A food thermometer will help you ensure your steak is cooked perfectly to suit your preferences.

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Our Chicago Steak Company Review

USDA Choice Angus Ribeye 16 oz. $45 ea. On Sale. Normally $60 ea.Our Visual InspectionHow Did It Taste?USDA Choice Top Sirloin Steak 8 oz. $12 ea.Wagyu NY StripUSDA Choice Porterhouse 20 oz $55 ea.Our Conclusion

Submitted Customer Experiences

I purchased ten filets. So far I’ve had six and I’m very disappointed. Steaks are tough and do not have a filet texture.Hello Sir, here is my humble picture of a Chicago Steaks Filet Mignon. They don’t look as good as yours and I agree with your review 100%. They were good but not at that price. One filet mignon is too small for me so two pushes the cost way over the top.I love your idea about buying whole tenderloins on sale and making your own Mignons. I am going to have to try that. Thank you for your reviews, it is a refreshing pleasure to see someone write these honestly.

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Best For Small Households: Rastelli’s

14 lb. Choice Boneless Flank Steak

Courtesy of Rastelli’s

Want the convenience of having steaks shipped directly to your home, but dont have the cold storage space to commit to a large shipment? Rastellis offers single servings of USDA prime-graded bone-in porterhouse, ribeye, filet mignon, and New York strip steaks with no minimum purchase quantity, so you can buy exactly how much meat you need.

Rastellis has a rich 40-year history in butchery and now works with Midwestern family-run farms and ranches to bring pastured meat that is certified humane and verified by the Non-GMO Project. The company still cuts and ages all of its beef in house. All meat is vacuum-sealed and shipped frozen, so you can store it in the freezer or thaw it in the refrigerator for immediate use.

Porter Road is driven by a mission to source high-quality meat from local ranches. Located in Kentucky, it sources pasture-raised cattle from Kentuckian and Tennessean ranches that have high standards for both animal husbandry and environmental concerns.

All steaks are cut and dry-aged for at least 14 days. Dry aging is a process in which steak is exposed to air so that some of its moisture evaporates and the beef flavor concentrates and intensifies. Each of the steak listings features a guide for the cut, so you can learn about which part of the cattle it comes from and the best cooking method to use.

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The #1 Online Steak Provider Is

After thoroughly reviewing well over a dozen steak providers, weve narrowed down ButcherBox as the best. They are great not just for steaks but also for other types of meat from ground bison to seafood.

Because they regularly deliver each month, you dont have to worry about constantly going to the grocery store. This, combined with their free delivery, also means you can save on restaurant costs using high-caliber hormone and steroid free meat.

You can select from different box options and can even customize your box based on your preferences. For high-caliber steaks regularly delivered to your door, check out Butcher Box.

  • Free delivery throughout the United States
  • Grass-fed meats

Best Surf And Turf: Omaha Steaks Filet & Maine Lobster Duo

Courtesy of Omaha Steaks

Surf and turf is the epitome of an elegant and celebratory meal. Omaha Steaks, known for its steak assortments and gift boxes, offers a filet mignon and lobster duo thats perfect for commemorating a special occasion or hosting an intimate dinner at home. The kit includes four 5-ounce filet mignons and four lobster tails, perfectly portioned for a family dinner of four or two couples.

The steaks have been trimmed twice by their butchers, so you can rest assured youre receiving a lean cut sans exterior fat that you need to trim yourself. Theyve also been aged for 21 days for extra flavor and tenderness. The lobster is wild-caught and comes already split, skewered, and brushed with lemon butter, so its ready to go on the grill and easy to pull from the shell.

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How To Tenderize Flank Steak

Flank steak is a lean cut, so it doesnt have the fat content that other steaks have. Fat breaks down during the cooking process to naturally tenderize the steak. When your beef lacks fat, youll need to do a bit of manual tenderizing.

For flank steak, two methods work really well. The quickest method is to use a meat tenderizer. To do this, place the steak in a plastic food storage back. Seal it tightly, removing all air from the bag first. Place the bag on a cutting board so that the steak lies flat. Use the meat tenderizer to pound the steak, ensuring that you work the tool evenly across the meat.

Your second option is to make a marinade. This takes longer, as you should allow the meat to marinate for at least a few hours, and preferably overnight. To make a marinade, youll need salt, oil, an acid , brown sugar, and your favorite mix of steak spices. Black pepper, garlic, and thyme are popular choices.

Mix the ingredients well, place them in a food storage bag with the steak, and allow it to marinate for several hours before cooking.

Oven Cooked Flank Steak

BBB: Door-to-door meat salesmen swindling people out of money

If youre wondering whats the best way to cook flank steak in the oven, youll be happy to know that theres one tried and true method that literally takes only a few minutes of your time to churn out great-tasting meat. Before you place the steaks in the oven, coat them with a mixture of olive oil and your desired spices to keep them from drying out in the oven. Then, its as simple as placing the steaks on a pan, cooking them on high heat on one side for about five minutes, and then on the other side for three to four minutes or until medium rare. Allow resting for about 10 minutes before serving.

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Walla Walla Steak Company

COVID spread not-withstanding, it was very pricey for the experience of dining in a brewery setting. Obviously, tourists and Walla Walla locals are not concerned about costs because the Walla Walla Steak Company was packed. The nicer restaurant seating was not available, so we were…relegated to their packed, elbow-to-elbow brewery. Our two glasses of wine, a shared cut of prime rib and one side, plus the 20% compulsory service charge which was taxed, came to almost $117. Admittedly, the prime rib was excellent, but the service was abysmal. The saving grace was that none of our party contracted COVID from eating at this restaurant.very pricey to dine in a brewery…More

So awesome! We were celebrating our 43rd wedding anniversary and everything was perfect. Will, our waiter, was fabulous and we had a wonderful meal. We shared the hatchet steak and loved it.

The Walla Walla steak house was amazing. Beautiful place and very comfortable.Our table was ready for us and the wait staff was right on target. Foos was delicious, steak perfectly cooked.Overall awesome experience!

This restaurant is so fantastic that during our 6 day stay we ate dinner for 3 nights. The staff is amazing. Our server Lexie and bar hostess Miranda are terrific! Wish we had the quality of this steakhouse in our town. You will wish same…after you eat at this terrific restaurant.More

Is Broiling An Option

Yes! In fact, some people prefer broiling flank steak over other methods. Broiling helps cook the steaks much like grilling would, which helps create crispiness around the edges without overcooking it. The trick is to only cook for about 5 minutes on each side to medium rare. Any further and youll risk overdoing it, turning your beloved flanks into hockey pucks. Allow resting for about 5 to 10 minutes before serving.

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About Chicago Steak Company

Americas 13 Best Casual Chain Steakhouses
  • The Chicago Steak Company sells USDA Prime beef, which is known as the top two percent of all types of beef. The company also sells USDA Choice, so be sure to look carefully at what you are buying before you add it to your cart.
  • Steaks may come in dry or wet drying options. The length of aging is vague. Most descriptions say 4 to 6 weeks, which makes us wonder if they know how long their steaks are aged.
  • A wide range of steaks are offered for sale, including Filet Mignon, Top Sirloins, Ribeyes, NY Strip Steaks and more. Many steaks also have Bone-in options. Beef burgers are also available in three different types of beef.
  • The majority of the beef is harvested in the Midwestern region of the United States.
  • The company does not provide a 100% satisfaction guaranteeto its customers.

Angus Ribeye served with Jambalaya and Steamed Asparagus

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Best Complete Steak Dinner: Harry & David Backyard Dinner Party Meal

Courtesy of Harry & David

If youre planning a summertime cookout, but want all the grocery and meal prep done for you, you cant beat this steak dinner from Harry & David. The company’s Backyard Dinner Party Meal includes everything you need for a two-course steak dinner for four.

The kit includes four 6-ounce USDA choice top sirloin filets, peppercorn steak rub to season the steaks, cheesy twice-baked potatoes, zucchini and corn casserole, and a blueberry peach crisp for dessert. Cooking instructions are included. This is a great option to send as a gift to a family who just welcomed a new baby or returned from extended travel to an empty kitchen.

Cooking Flank Steak On The Stove

If you want to cook flank steaks on the stove, you should opt for a cast-iron skillet to do the job, since it can handle higher temperatures. These steaks do best when cooking over high heat for a short period of time to give them the perfect texture and taste. Spray the pan with some cooking spray or add olive oil and cook on each side for about four minutes each. The optimal temperature is, again, a medium rare so your meat doesnt end up too chewy.

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Best Luxury: Snake River Farms Gold Grade Steaks

Snake River Farms

Steaks that have a higher fat content and marbling throughout offer a rich and buttery melt-in-your-mouth dining experience. Snake River Farms has an entire line of gold-grade American wagyu beef steaks that have been rated on the Japanese Beef Marbling Scale for superior fat marbling. Gold-grade steaks are available in top sirloin, filet mignon, New York strip, ribeye, flat iron, and entire roasts.

Snake River Farms’ thick-cut gold-grade Manhattan NY filet combines a New York strip steak with the special flavor of American wagyu beef. Reviewers say its full of juicy flavor and some even claim its the best steak theyve ever eaten, easily beating out high-end steakhouse dinners. Its available 6 or 8 ounces and in bulk shipments of 12, so you can stock up for yourself or seriously wow some lucky dinner guests.

What Is Flank Steak

Omaha Steaks Review: Naturally Aged Steaks That Good? (Taste Test)

Other names for flank steak include London broil and skirt steak, which is actually a different cut . This cut of steak comes from the abdominal muscles of the animal, right behind its chest. As youd expect from that muscle-y area, the meat can be somewhat chewier than other steaks. But, when cooked correctly, its not tough. It remains tender. And, because the area from which its cut gets a lot of blood flow, you get some amazing beef flavor thats incomparable to other cuts.

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