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Where To Buy Teres Major Steak

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Are There Other Names For Teres Major Steak

Wagyu Teres Major Steak | Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker | Heath Riles BBQ

Teres Major Steak is also known as bistro tender, shoulder petite tender roast, and shoulder tender. It is a small portion of meat from the shoulder, just above the chuck. Teres Major comes from the Latin word teres, meaning round. The Teres Major muscle is a small but flavorful cut that is best cooked quickly over high heat.

Where To Buy Picanha

Snake River Farms sells some American Wagyu picanha with some insane marbling and texture. They cost $75 for about a 2.5 lb piece of meat. Order your picanha from Snake River Farms.

Porter Road carries this cut as well but since there are only 2 per animal they tend to sell out somewhat quickly. But Porter Road butchers and restocks their supply most days so if you miss out check again the next day. Their picanha runs $36 and it is in the 3.8-4.2 lb range. Order your picanha from Porter Road.

What To Serve With The Teres Major Cut

Since teres major meat is similar to a tenderloin, we think it goes best with savory side dishes. We love it with a savory mashed or baked potato recipe.

It also goes well with roast asparagus, cherry tomatoes, or other vegetables. We advise cooking what you like since this steak goes well with almost anything.

You can also prepare a peppercorn or mushroom sauce in just a few minutes that will help bring out the natural flavors of the meat.

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Recipes For Hanger Steak

Similar in texture to the skirt steak and the flank steak, the more tender hanger steak makes a great choice for a variety of dishes from a wide range of cuisines. Feel free to use hanger steak in place of skirt or flank. You can also simply rub some oil on the meat and season it liberally with salt and pepper before cooking it, then serve it thinly sliced with chimichurri, pesto, or a balsamic drizzle.

Delivered To Your Doorstep For A Fine Dining Experience At Home

Warrington Farm Meats 5

To maximize freshness and preserve quality, our products are frozen in a blast freezer and packaged individually. This locks in all of the natural juices and preserves texture. Each steak is then carefully nestled into a polystyrene cooler containing more than enough dry ice and/or gel packs to ensure safe delivery. Our painstaking shipping process spares no expense in providing you with a superior-quality steak delivered straight to your doorstep.

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Best Butchers Cuts You Need To Try

May 3, 2019

If you ask someone about their favorite steak you will probably get answers like ribeye, filet mignon, NY strip, or porterhouse. Those are all excellent cuts and are readily available at any steakhouse or in your grocery store meat case. But are you ready to explore some cuts beyond those standard cuts?

Lets cut the suspense right now and I will list the cuts. Later in this post I will explain more about these cuts and give you some links where you can buy them:

Butchers cuts are secret cuts of beef that butchers used to save for themselves because they are uniquely delicious with some awesome textures. Everyone knows about ribeyes and t-bones but these other cuts but have you ever seen a hanger steak at your local grocery store?

Back when butchers would break down whole animals they would cut out these butchers cuts and cook them for themselves. Most of them require quite a bit of skill to properly butcher and compared to other cuts they are relatively small. For example, you can probably get 25-30 lbs or ribeyes from one steer but only 2 pounds of teres major. A couple strip loins will weigh in at 25 pounds but each animal only has about 2.2 lbs of hanger steak.

As a result most butchers dont bother with these cuts. But when you can get your hands on them you will find some exceptional steaks with flavors and textures you wont find elsewhere. Are you ready to dig in?

What Does Teres Major Steak Taste Like

This cut of meat tastes like a beef tenderloin or a petite tender cut. It has more fat than a filet mignon, which makes it taste way better. It may not have the tenderness of a great filet, but its packed with more flavor.

Theres a reason that filets are often wrapped in bacon, which is to add extra fat to the cut. You will never find a teres major steak wrapped in extra fat since it cooks well by itself. Many people say it tastes pretty much like a mix of tenderloin and a filet.

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Simple Seared Hanger With Lemon Butter From My Recipes

This recipe really makes the most of a simply cooked Hanger steak, but with a twist, Brussels sprouts!

Once your steak is cooked to perfection, you use the hot skillet for cooking off potatoes and Brussels sprouts for a side, with lemon and herb butter to give it some zing.

While Brussels are a Marmite vegetable, we think youll love this recipe! Get it here: Simple hanger steak with lemon butter recipe.

Usda Choice 6 To 8 Oz Spinalis Dorsi Beef Steak Also Known As Ribeye Cap Steak 10 Lb Case

Teres Major Steak


Qty of 20 Per Case

Catchweight Item: Final price can vary depending on weight.

Our fresh Specialty Meat vendor delivers on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

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Sirloin Flap Or Bavette

This wonderful cut comes from the bottom of the sirloin near where the flank steak comes from. It has a fairly open texture similar to skirt steak or hanger steak as you can see from the picture below.

You will see this cut called sirloin flap or bavette. If you are from New England you might also see it called sirloin tip. Up there it is usually cut into cubes, skewered, and roasted over an open coal fire. Sirloin flap is much more versatile than just that though. Whip up a carne asada marinade and you will have some of the best tacos you will ever eat. A Korean bulgogi marinade would do very well on a cut like this and it would also make some great shawarma.

I would cook this cut hot and fast directly over some hot coals but if you are a bit more daring lose the grate and place the meat directly on some blazing lump charcoal for a caveman style steak.

Sirloin flap or bavette is usually a 2.5-3 lb piece of meat so there would be plenty to feed a family, especially if you are making some tacos or serving with rice or something along those lines.

Grilling With High Indirect Heat

I set up my Weber kettle for High Indirect Heat by dumping a full chimney of lit charcoal on the left side of the grill and placing the steaks on the right side of the grill.

After about 20 minutes of indirect grilling the steak hit an internal temperature of 120F and took on some beautiful color.

The steaks got moved directly over the coals and were turned frequently to get a nice char on the meat. This will only take a few minutes.

Check the internal temperature with a instant read digital thermometer often and take it off the grill the moment the internal temperature reaches 130F.

Let the steak rest for a few minutes then slice against the grain and devour.

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Steak Cuts From The Loin Primal

The loin primal is another source of classic premium steaks other than the rib primal. It has two parts which are short loin and sirloin whereas sirloin is situated toward the round of beef.

Due to the more frequent use of muscle, the meat taken from this area tends to be leaner than that of rib primal. Yet, they still have an excellent mouthfeel, especially the Filet Mignon which is the most tender cut of beef.

Here comes the introduction of Filet Mignon, New York Strip Steak, T-Bone Steak / Porterhouse, Sirloin Steak and Tri-Tip.

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What Does The Teres Major Steak Taste Like

Warrington Farm Meats 5

Despite coming in second to the tenderloin in tenderness, the teres major comes in first for flavor! This cut of steak is from an area of the cow that sees a lot of movement, the chuck primal.

This means it experiences more blood flow and as a result, it develops a more complex flavor. Think true beefy-rich flavor in a tender cut that cooks up beautifully!

Unlike other cuts, the active nature of this section of the cow does not toughen the meat. This particular muscle sits just below the cows leg and is full of fat while lacking the sinewy connective tissue.

When cooked properly, it slices like butter. It does best with very simple seasoning, a little salt & pepper is usually all it takes.

The rendered fat permeates the meat and adds all the flavor you need. People often say its flavor and texture remind them of a combination of tenderloin and filet mignon.

So, if you are on the hunt for an inexpensive cut of steak that tastes gourmet, this would be my number one choice. Order a few to keep in the freezer, and youll be in steak heaven without breaking the bank!

Do you love a recipe you tried? Please leave a 5-star rating in the recipe card below and/or a review in the comments section further down the page. Stay in touch with me through social media @ , , , or ! Don’t forget to tag me when you try one of my recipes!

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Do I Need To Trim A Teres Major Steak

If you love your steak tender, juicy and flavorful, then you need to leave the fat on the Teres Major Steak when you cook it. This is simple: The fat keeps moisture in the meat. The protein will dry out as it cooks over high heat without it. Too much time on that grill can also cause your steak to develop a tough texture that makes chewing difficult.

Grilled Teres Major Steak

  • Combine the steak rub ingredients and mix well.
  • Coat all sides of the steak with a tablespoon of the steak rub.
  • Let the seasoned steak rest for 30 minutes to let the rub work into the meat.
  • Set up your grill for high indirect heat.
  • Place the steak on the indirect side of the grill, away from the heat, and close the lid.
  • Start checking the internal temperature of the steak after 15 minutes.
  • As soon as the steak reaches an internal temperature of 120F move it directly over the high heat to sear.
  • Sear for one minute per side until an internal temperature of 130F is reached.
  • Remove the steak from the grill, rest for 10 minutes, and slice thin against the grain.

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How Long To Grill Teres Major Steak

The first consideration is the thickness of your steak? If its thin enough to cook in under 10 minutes, medium-high heat is all you need. Thicker steaks need more time12 minutes or more on each side at medium-high heat. The trick is to get the center of the steak hot enough to kill off any harmful bacteria, but not so hot that it dries out or burns! You might want to flip it once or twice before moving your Grilled Teres Major altogether.

Know The Primal Cuts Of Beef First

Grilled Maple Bourbon Teres Major Steak

The divided large sections are called primal cuts, which you can find in the above beef cuts diagram. Knowing the features of each primal cut could help you easily understand the steak cuts.

In order not to overload the information in this article, here is a simple conclusion for these primal cuts. For a more detailed introduction, check this post.

Primal Cuts

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Tajima American Wagyu Teres Major


One of the secret cuts of the chuck, the tender, beefy-flavored Teres Major is part of the Butchers Cut category of steaks because it often never made it into the case and instead found its way one to his familys table. It most resembles a Filet Mignon because it is leaner and more tender, but without the Filet Mignon price. Equally incredible on the grill and pan-seared, add this cut to your culinary repertoire and treat your guests to their new favorite steak.

Tajima American Wagyu Beef is hand selected at harvest and perfectly aged these steaks are the pinnacle of the American-raised Wagyu world. A perfect cut for those of you who want an experience that falls somewhere in-between A4 and A5 Japanese Wagyu, about 7-8 BMS on the Japanese marbling scale. Like fois gras, a little goes a long way here and this steak is likely to satisfy two people.

A blend of Wagyu and Angus genetics then periodically over-layered with Fullblood Wagyu genetics, our top-end program is overseen by the Godfather of Japanese Wagyu, Mr. Shogo Takeda, who feeds out the cattle a traditional yet proprietary Japanese Wagyu diet with high-quality Midwest ingredients for two to three times longer than commercial cattle. These animals are humanely raised and harvested with no added hormones or antibiotics.

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What Makes Teres Major Steak Taste So Great

The reason this meat tastes so good is because it comes from a portion of the cow that has very little tough connective tissue. It is the muscle that connects the humerus to the back of the shoulder blade.

It is never sinewy or tough like other steaks from the shoulder area. It has a fantastic flavor without adding much to it except kosher salt.

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Where To Buy Hanger Steak

Generally, hanger steak is sold in the U.S. as a budget cut of meat, but the increasing popularity of hanger steak both among restaurant chefs and home cooks means its no longer quite the bargainbut it is still an affordable and versatile cut. You should be able to find packages of hanger steak in the meat section of your supermarket or at your local butcher.

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Shopping For Hanger Steak

usa teres major steaks premium usda quality system bestil online USDA Quality System > Bestil online …” alt=”USA Teres Major Steaks Premium > USDA Quality System > Bestil online …”>

Hanger steak is sold either whole, looking somewhat like a V, or trimmed of the center gristle, in which case they resemble a tenderloin. If you get a whole piece, make sure to cut away and discard the center main gristle that connects the two tenderloin-ish pieces.

If hanger steak isnt available where you are, you might want to try this recipe with a flank or skirt steak.

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How To Grill A Teres Major Steak

I will show you two ways of grilling this steak but the big trick is to use a digital thermometer to make sure you dont over cook it.

These are small steaks so they cook fast. Stay by your grill and pay attention to temperatures.

You can season these steaks with just salt and pepper and they will be amazing.

I used the following rub for all of these steaks:

  • 1/2 cup kosher salt

Should You Trim The Fat On This Steak

We recommend leaving the fat on the teres major steak when you cook it. It usually only has a small bit of fat towards the back and around the edges, which will help keep it tender when you sear it on the grill.

This steak has very little fat throughout so its not particularly marbled. The fat around the edges keeps the meat tender and moist over high heat.

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What Is A Hanger Steak

Hanger steak, a tasty cut of beef that hangs from the diaphragm of the cow along the plate, or lower belly. Because this muscle does very little work, its extremely tender and packed with beef flavor. Given how delicious hanger steak is, I was surprised by how difficult it was to track down.

Hanger Steak According to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall in his Bronto burger-sized compendium The River Cottage Meat Book , hanger steak gets its name from the fact that it hangs down between the tenderloin and the rib.

The hanger steak comes from the muscle that helps support the diaphragm between a cows rib and loin. It gets its name because it just hangs there. In other words, the hanger steak does no work, which means it is incredibly tender. Theres only one per animal and thats the problem.

So, where exactly does a hanger steak come from, and is it good for broiling? gregg1956 September 20, 2010 . By this time in my life Ive probably tried about all the different kinds of steak cuts there are, from prime meats to the types of steak cuts not usually mentioned in polite company.

Hanger steak comes from the lower belly of a heifer or steer and is comprised of a pair of muscles that make a sort of v-shape. Although there is a long inedible membrane running down the middle, hanger steak is often the tenderest cut of meat.

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