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Steak Nacho Box Taco Bell

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Assemble The Ingredients For 5

Eating Taco Bell Steak Nachos Box @hodgetwins

Now that everything is heated, it’s time to plate up our nachos. If you’re serving these 5-ingredient copycat Taco Bell triple layer nachos for a crowd, feel free to line a large platter with the warmed tortilla chips. Otherwise, divide the chips among four large plates. Spoon the refried beans over the chips, dropping a dollop of beans on every few chips. Then finish the nachos by drizzling the queso dip and the taco sauce over the bean-filled chips.

Serve the nachos immediately, as the chips will become soggy after being exposed to the cheese sauce. If you like, you can garnish the nachos with your favorite accompaniments. Taco Bell doesn’t use any of these, but sour cream, chopped green onions or cilantro, pico de gallo or salsa, guacamole, sliced avocado, and olives all make great additions to nachos. You can also make these triple layer nachos more filling by loading them up with a protein, like ground beef, shredded chicken, pulled pork, or chopped steak.

Taco Bell Nacho Fries

by Stephanie Manley, Last Updated December 8, 2021

Taco Bell Nacho Fries are deliciously seasoned with Mexican spices and served with creamy cheese sauce. You can make them at home with this easy copycat recipe, which is perfect because sometimes this fan-favorite isnt on the menu.

Were you ever forced to choose between ordering french fries or nachos? No one should have to make such a heart-wrenching decision. But dont worry, Taco Bell has your back with their one-of-a-kind Nacho Fries. But if you cant run to the border, you can still make this Taco Bell Nachos Fries recipe at home, so you wont ever have to compromise again. All kidding aside, these nacho fries taste amazing and are perfect for enjoying as a snack or for spicing up dinner. Go ahead and give this recipe a try, but prepare to share.

This New Version Of Taco Bells Nacho Fries Promises To Be White Hot

Ready to experience Nacho Fries bursting with heat? Taco Bell asked fans in its July 26 announcement of a whole bunch of new items that are due to arrive in test markets around the country. Really, Taco Bell? Bursting with heat at time when your hot sauce has been known to be missing in action ? Well, apparently the fast food chain is going to out-hot itself with the introduction of the White Hot Ranch Fries, featuring a sauce made from ghost peppers. Ghost peppers, as you might know by now, are some of the hottest peppers fit for human consumption .

As described by Taco Bell, this super-spicy new item starts with Nacho Fries topped with seasoned beef or marinated steak, nacho cheese sauce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, low-fat sour cream, and, of course its new White Hot Ranch Sauce, which is made from ghost peppers and buttermilk. The White Hot Ranch Fries can be ordered topped or in a burrito for $2.99, and the Steak Hot Ranch Fries will be available for $3.49, the nationwide taco chain announced.

The only catch is that during testing, or at least during this phase of testing, the White Hot Ranch Fries will be available only in Chicago-area Taco Bell locations. Stay tuned, however, because if these are as hot as they promise to be in popularity too, perhaps its only a matter of time before they land at a Taco Bell near you.

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Steak Nachos Fries Burrito

Golden, crisp Nacho Fries seasoned with bold Mexican spices, steak, tomatoes, reduced-fat sour cream, cheddar cheese, creamy chipotle sauce, and nacho cheese sauce wrapped inside a warm flour tortilla.

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At participating U.S. Taco Bell® locations. Contact restaurant for prices, hours & participation, which vary. Tax extra. 2,000 calories a day used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary. Additional nutrition information available upon request.©2022 Taco Bell IP Holder, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Steak Nachos Box Review

XXL Steak Nachos!

YouTube food reviewer Ian Keiner picked up the new Steak Nachos Box at his local Taco Bell in Southern California for $6. Thats a buck more than the suggested price but not unusual for California, where fast food prices are typically higher than other regions of the country.

You can check out Ians complete review below to see if the extra buck he paid is money well spent.

Image Taco Bell

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Heat The Beans And Cheese To Make 5

While the chips are baking, go ahead and heat up the beans and the cheese for your 5-ingredient copycat Taco Bell triple layer nachos. This can be done in the microwave or on the stovetop, whichever is more convenient. Before heating up the refried beans, whisk about 1/4 cup of water into the beans to loosen them up a bit. You may need more or less water, depending on the brand of refried beans you’re using. The goal is to create beans that still clump, but fall off an overturned spoon easily. You don’t want them to be so watery that they’d fall off the spoon in a thin stream.

When it comes to the queso, start by adding 1/4 cup of milk. Again, the brand makes a big difference here. Some queso dips are thinner than others, so you may not need to add any liquid to get the sauce to a drizzle-able consistency. Others need closer to 1/2 cup milk to become the right consistency. Don’t stress this step too much if you add too much milk, you can always add extra cheese to thicken things up.

Taco Bells New Steak Rattlesnake Fries Look Deliciously Spicy

Nacho Fries who?

In case you havent noticed, were living in the golden age of Taco Bell. The fast food chain is releasing exciting new menu items and innovative grocery store products left and right.

Following last months return of Nacho Fries, Taco Bell is upping the ante with its new Steak Rattlesnake Fries.

WATCH: How to Make Copycat Doritos Locos Tacos

You may be wondering: What exactly are Steak Rattlesnake Fries?

Well, it sounds like theyre a lot.

The fries, which were tested in Ohio, feature a base of boldly seasoned, crispy fries topped with marinated steak, nacho cheese sauce and taken up a notch with a bite of creamy jalapeño sauce and spicy jalapeños, according to a Taco Bell spokesperson.

WOW. That sounds extremely good and extremely hot.

You can get them a la carte for $2.99, or you can order them burrito-style, wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Sadly, the Steak Rattlesnake Fries will only be available for a limited timeso get em while you can.

Theyll debut at Taco Bell restaurants nationwide on Thursday, February 28.

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While enjoying their Taco Bell, two friends start to wonder if theyre stuck in a time loop. Theyve been eating White Hot Ranch Nacho Fries and Baja Blast every day. Some might refer to that as a Deja Chew.

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Taco Bell Steak Nacho Fries Burrito Allergens

Taco Bell® | Steak Nachos Box | Food Review!

Contains egg gluten milk wheatDoes Not Contain* fish MSG peanuts shellfish soy tree nutsUnknown glutamates mustard nitrates seeds sesame sulfites

Allergy Information: a Taco Bell Steak Nacho Fries Burrito contains egg, gluten, milk and wheat. a Taco Bell Steak Nacho Fries Burrito does not contain fish, MSG, peanuts, shellfish, soy or tree nuts.*

* Please keep in mind that most fast food restaurants cannot guarantee that any product is free of allergens as they use shared equipment for prepping foods.

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Taco Bell Adds New Steak Nacho Fries Burrito

Taco Bell celebrates the return of Nacho Fries with the debut of the new Steak Nacho Fries Burrito.


Story continues below

The Steak Nacho Fries Burrito features golden, crisp Nacho Fries seasoned with bold Mexican spices, steak, tomatoes, reduced-fat sour cream, cheddar cheese, creamy chipotle sauce, and nacho cheese sauce wrapped inside a warm flour tortilla.

You can find the Steak Nacho Fries Burrito at participating Taco Bell locations nationwide for a limited time.

Image via Taco Bell

How Close Did We Get To The Original Taco Bell Triple Layer Nachos

We were pretty pleased with how close our 5-ingredient copycat Taco Bell triple layer nachos were to the original. The tortilla chips were crunchy and satisfying, and the ingredients created a loaded but not overloaded plate of nachos. Thinning out the beans with a little water perfectly mimicked the consistency of Taco Bell’s refried beans, and our taco sauce added the right level of tang to the dish.

Our only real complaint was the cheese sauce. Taco Bell’s cheese sauce was creamier and smoother than ours, so we’ll try making this recipe with a different queso dip next time perhaps Tostitos Smooth and Cheesy. We could definitely make homemade cheese sauce and create a copycat Taco Bell nacho cheese sauce recipe, although that would certainly take us out of the 5-ingredient limit. It’ll be worth a try when we have the time and want to impress guests for a backyard barbecue or tailgate party, but we think it’s fine to stick with the store-bought cheese sauce when we want to keep things simple.

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Best Type Of Cheese For Beef Nachos

Next I sprinkled on the cooked seasoned ground beef and TWO kinds of cheese cheddar.

And Monterey jack.

If you want the cheese to melt smoothly, I suggest buying a block and shredding it yourself.

If you have a food processor, you can grate two blocks in a minute or less using the grater attachment. That being said, it will still be delicious with pre-shredded cheese.

Then I bake it for 15 minutes at 400 degrees. After taking it out, I add on the tomatoes and green onions.

Of course you can do more add on toppings if you want. But this is a solid base recipe.

And since I am super-fancy, I serve them right on the sheet pan.

And voila, you have a better-than-Taco-Bell version of beef nachos supreme! Hey, thats why football watching food is my favorite. Super casual, super chill and epically delicious!

Taco Bell Has A New Take On Nacho Fries

Taco Bell is bringing back its legendary XXL Nachos

Taco Bell likes to take the same ingredients and find new ways to combine them. It does this across its entire menu, mixing and matching meats and toppings.

That makes sense in an era where menu simplification matters. With more people ordering for delivery and picking up at the drive-through, Taco Bell has engineered its menu to serve people as fast as possible. Its new Nacho Fries variant fits that model .

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Taco Bell Debuts New Steak White Hot Ranch Fries

Taco BellNacho Friesnew, limited-time Steak White Hot Ranch Fries

The topped fry offering features seasoned fries topped with warm nacho cheese sauce, marinated grilled steak, diced tomatoes, 3-cheese blend, reduced-fat sour cream and new White Hot Ranch Sauce .

You can get Steak White Hot Ranch Fries topped or wrapped up into a burrito for a suggested price of $3.49 . Taco Bell also offers a veggie version that subs in black beans in place of steak for a suggested price of $2.99.

Taco Bell previously tested White Hot Ranch Fries last year in the Chicago area.

Nutritional Info Taco Bell Steak White Hot Ranch FriesCalories 510 Fat 33g Sodium 1040mg

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Taco Bell Introduces New $5 Steak Nachos Box

Taco Bell is offering a new combo box deal with the introduction of the $5 Steak Nachos Box at participating locations.


Story continues below

The new Steak Nachos Box includes a large serving of tortilla chips topped with a double portion of marinated steak, nacho cheese sauce, a three cheese blend, pico de gallo, refried beans and reduced fat sour cream.

The combo also includes your choice of a medium fountain drink, with the option to upgrade for an additional charge.

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Nacho Fries Are Back At Taco Bell With New Steak Nacho Fries Burrito

Nacho Fries are backTaco Bellnew Steak Nacho Fries Burrito

The chains fry offering features lightly battered French fries coated in bold Mexican seasonings and served with a side of warm nacho cheese sauce for dipping.

The new Steak Nacho Fries Burrito features steak, nacho cheese sauce, chipotle sauce, shredded cheese, reduced fat sour cream, diced tomatoes, and seasoned fries wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla. It carries a suggested price of $3.49. They released a similar fry-filled burrito last year, the Loaded Taco Fries Burrito for $2.99 as well as a Steak Reaper Ranch Fries Burrito in 2019.

An order of Taco Bell Nacho Fries go for a suggested price of $1.49. You can also get them as part of a Box combo for a suggested price of $5.49. The Nacho Fries Box includes Nacho Fries, a Beefy 5-layer Burrito, a crunchy taco, and a medium drink.

To promote the return of Nacho Fries, Taco Bell will be offering a free order of Nacho Fries with a minimum $1 purchase to Rewards members from March 24 to March 26, 2022. Additionally, they will be partnering with Gruhhub to offer a free order of Nacho Fries with a minimum $15 purchase via Grubhub from March 27 through April 13, 2022.

Seasoning The Ground Beef

Taco Bell® | Steak Nachos Box Review! | Is it worth $5? |

About the ground beef: I like to use the best I can find. We are really loving ButcherBox right now! . The beef is grass fed, grass finished, and tastes fantastic!

I season the ground beef with my homemade taco seasoning.

It is super easy to mix up, pinkie promise! It is a GEM of a recipe, in and of itself. We use it for so many things!

Feel free to substitute a seasoning packet if you wish. But I dare you to try mine! You may never buy the packets again.

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No Seriously They Used Ghost Peppers

This summer Taco Bell has blessed us with a variety of new menu items. We got two new Flatbread Tacos and Nacho Fries are back for the seventh time . Now, Taco Bell is kicking Nacho Fries up a notch with White Hot Ranch Fries and White Hot Steak Ranch Fries.

If you are ready to pile on the heat, this new creation may be for you. The White Hot Ranch Fries take the classic Nacho Fries that we all know and love and pile them high with your choice of beef or steak, nacho cheese sauce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and the new spicy ranch sauce, which combines ghost chili peppers with creamy buttermilk. If using a fork isnt your thing, fear not. The White Hot Ranch Fries are also available as a burrito.

The White Hot Ranch Fries are currently being tested in locations across Chicago and are going for $2.99. The Steak Hot Ranch Fries will be available for $3.49.

Can The Taco Bell Boxes Be Customized

Yes, absolutely. You can modify to mix and match the items of your Taco Bell box.

Taco Bell gives you an option of customizing your own Five Dollar Box by combining the following items:-

  • Pick any two out of Soft taco, hard taco, beef burrito, and bean burrito.
  • Chips and Nacho cheese or regular fries
  • Cinnamon twists or caramel apple empanada
  • The choice of sauce includes Cool ranch sauce/ Paprika pepper sauce / Smoky chipotle sauce
  • A 20- ounce soft drink/soda

So many options would make anyone have an awe reaction. Taco Bell has more to offer on other boxes too.

You can also choose the desired items for your meal box by ordering the $7 Deluxe Box. This new Combo Box comes with the following items:-

  • A SteakChalupa Supreme
  • A nacho cheese Doritoslocos taco
  • A medium fountain drink

The Chalupa, burrito, and the Doritos locos taco can be customized while ordering and you could have your desired toppings.

The items can be even swapped out for including more of the other items. However, the pricing may be affected due to this.

On visiting your nearby Taco Bell outlet, you can have several options for your meal. You can find out the nearby Taco Bell restaurant with the help of their official website too.

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Sliders are an adorable snack, but Taco Bell wonders why you would make a full meal into a snack when you could also make a snack into a meal. Taco Bell introduces its $5 Steak Nachos Box, featuring nachos that are loaded up with a three-cheese blend, pico de gallo, marinated steak and a medium drink. Those sliders might be cute, but the $5 Steak Nachos Box is kind of a “big meal.”

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