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What Is The Best Brand Of Steak Knives

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Straight Versus Serrated Edge

Top 5 Best Steak Knives Review in 2022

Be honest with yourself about how often you plan to sharpen your knives. To properly care for a straight blade, youll want to have them sharpened at least twice a year. Serrated knives do tend to hold their edge longer but are also harder to sharpen when they finally do need it. Its really personal preference, says Blanchard. I believe the serrations tear the meat, allowing the juice to run out and dry the meat you retain more moisture and flavor with a straight edge, and damage less of the cellular structure.

Best Japanese Kitchen Knives In 2022

Japanese knives are coveted for their detailed designs and the quality of cuts they make. They have become popular around the world and among renowned chefs as they accentuate, enhance and preserve the ingredients. The best Japanese knives make precise cuts that are perfect for delicate tasks such as slicing fish or chopping vegetables.


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A Japanese knife can be a great addition to your kitchen tool. It allows you to create masterpieces from simple ingredients. Making sushi will be easier too!

Weve seen several Japanese knives with standout features and we have listed them for you. Check out also our buyers guide so youll know what factors to consider to get the best Japanese knife.

Why You Should Trust Us

Ive been cooking for myself and for crowds since I left high school between that and various stints in construction and landscaping, Ive come to appreciate well-made, well-designed hand toolsincluding knives. And having wasted money on crummy, expensive knives more than once when I was younger, I have a particular regard for knives that truly justify their price .

For my own needs and as a journalist, Ive researched deeply into knife-making materials, knife design, and knife performance over the years Mark Richmond, owner of Chef Knives to Go, has been particularly helpful on several occasions. Our 2015 guide, researched and written by Wirecutter deputy editor Christine Cyr Clisset, produced a wealth of information also incorporated here. Christine gathered reviews from Americas Test Kitchen , Saveur, and Serious Eats she learned about knife styles and materials from Dexter Ewing of BLADE magazine and Howard Nourieli of Bowery Kitchen Supplies and she spoke to Rick Gresh, then the executive chef at David Burke’s Primehouse in Chicago for practical advice on steak knife performance and care.

Finally, weve now tested 15 different steak knives on 16 pounds of beef in two real-world test sessions, involving a dozen Wirecutter staffers and friends. If theres a question about steak knives, however obscure, weve asked it and found the answer.

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How Do I Choose A Steak Knife

A good steak knife, like a good kitchen knife, has to be sharp, comfortable in your hand, well-balanced, and strong in order to be effective. If you have an expensive, perfectly cooked steak in front of you, you dont want to be sawing and ripping away at it with a flimsy knife. Steak knives, on the other hand, must be visually appealing.

Best Budget: Amazon Basics Premium 8

Victorinox Rosewood Steak Knife Set, 6 Piece

Blade Type: 4.75-inch serrated edge | Blade Material: Stain-resistant steel

If you are looking for affordable, no-frills knives, this Amazon Basics 8-piece set is a great option. Not only is the price right, but they also feature full tangs for balance, ergonomic handles for comfort, and full bolsters for ease of use and maximum finger protection.

The edges of the alloy steel blades are micro-serrated with deep teeth. This resulted in more tearing of meat during testing, but the blades will never need sharpening. A serrated edge also helps with other foods like bread and tomatoes. But that serrated edge snagged when we tried to slice it through paper. That said, these are sturdy, workmanlike tools with a traditional design that will last and not break the bank.

“This is a very basic knife set, something you buy when you only need multipurpose serrated knives. They can handle your steak and stew meat, but also tomatoes, bread, and long enough to fit into a peanut butter jar. They’re durable for a budget knife set, but not something I would give as a high-end gift necessarily.” Siobhan Wallace, Commerce Editor

Blade Type: 4.75-inch straight edge | Blade Material: VG-MAX steel

Blade Type: 4.5-inch straight edge | Blade Material: Sandvik steel

Blade Type: 5-inch serrated edge | Blade Material: High-carbon stainless steel

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What To Avoid When Buying Good Steak Knives

Before you place any knife set into your shopping cart, be mindful of the following:

  • Avoid low-grade stainless steel knives as they tend to rust and dull quickly.
  • Wooden handles often mean that knives need to be hand-washed. If you prefer the convenience of placing all your cutlery in your dishwasher, look for knives with stainless steel handles. Just remember that a smooth handle can lead to a less comfortable grip and reduced maneuverability.
  • Never use a steak knife to cut anything other than food. Otherwise, the blades will quickly become blunt and less effective the next time you use them.
  • Avoid manufacturers that dont offer a lifetime warranty on their products, especially when theyre known for low-quality knives. Its a good idea to check online reviews first.
  • Dont use an ordinary sharpening tool with serrated knives. They require a special handheld sharpener that entails carefully sharpening in between each edge.
  • Some of the sets on this list may not come with their own knife block. Its best to purchase one as soon as possible because you need a safe place to store your steak knives when theyre not in use. You can also opt to install a magnetic strip on your wall to hold your knives.
  • Avoid steak knives that arent constructed or designed well. One way to check this is by looking for gaps between the handle and the blade. If you see one, its almost always a sign of a knifes poor construction.


Wusthof 9716 Classic Ikon Four Piece Steak Set One Size Silver

Next on our list of beautifully made knives is this four-piece set of Wusthof 9716 Classic IKON knives. They come in one size and have a silver finish.

German steel

The first stand out feature with these knives has to be the high-carbon stainless steel blades made in Germany. The blades are an exceptional quality due to being precisely engineered with laser technology, and rigorous testing.

The four knives in this set are all 4-½ inch blades made with the absolute intention of cutting steaks in the best way possible.

Also, specially designed bolsters give you the perfect balance in hand, so that you can really cut with fluid ease.

The full-tang experience

This set of German steel knives also provides you with full-tang blades, which means the construction of the knife is one solid piece of metal, making for a very resilient construction.

The handles are a strong feature in themselves too with these knives. They are made using a triple-riveted construction and come in a sleek looking black. The contours are designed perfectly to fit comfortably and firmly in the grip of your hand.

Finally, it is advised to hand wash these knives to keep them in top condition. There is also a full lifetime warranty included, and they are actually made in Germany.

Our rating:

  • All 4½ inch blades.
  • Bolstered design.
  • The case they come in is lower quality.

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Best Classic Steakhouse Knives: Viking Professional

Add a rustic element to your kitchen table with these steakhouse-style knives. The restaurant-quality serrated edge and stain-resistant handles are full-tang for a balanced hold. The blade is 18/10 German stainless steel that will resist corrosion and easily slice through poultry or beef. The knives are high quality for an affordable price.

To buy: Viking Professional 6-Piece Steak Knife Set, $80 to $90 at ,, or

Best Overall: Wsthof Classic 4

5 Best Steak Knives in 2021 (Buying Guide)

While there are certainly less expensive steak knives available, Ina Garten’s favorite knife brand holds true in this category for a reason. Wüsthof has been making cutlery for 200 years, and its Classic line includes laser-cut blades made from high-carbon stainless steelso sharp there’s no need for serrations. This set includes four 4.5-inch German blades, and the Solingen name on the side indicates it meets the strictest quality standards. The classic triple-riveted handle is full-tang and contoured for a comfortable grip while slicing through steak, pork chops, or any tough meat.

The full bolster provides protection for your hand while slicing, and the handle is designed from a highly durable material that resists fading and discoloration. As with any premium kitchen knife, handwashing is recommended for these to remain in the best condition.

To buy: Wüsthof Classic 4-Piece Steak Knife Set, $290 at ,, or

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How Much Should I Spend On A Steak Knife

Its true that a set of four knives can cost you back more than a couple of hundred dollars. If you truly enjoy steak and have the means to do so, we will not prevent you from doing so, but you are not required to spend so much money. You can definitely obtain a functional set for much under $100 dollars.

Why Are Steak Knives So Expensive

1. A blade made of high-quality steel. A high-quality blade constructed of the highest-quality material should be included with every pricey knife, as the blade is likely the most significant portion of the knife overall. While steel blades are used in the vast majority of knives, steel is available in a variety of grade levels.

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The Criteria: What To Look For In A Steak

Serious Eats / Vicky Wasik

Like a kitchen knife, a good steak knife needs to be sharp, comfortable in your hand, well-balanced, and sturdy. You don’t want to be sawing and tearing away at an expensive, perfectly cooked steak with a flimsy knife. But steak knives need to be pretty, as well. Like a set of power-player, giant red wine glasses, most of us aren’t busting out our steak knives every night at the dinner table steak dinners are special occasions, and the knives should fit the bill on an aesthetic level. This means that selecting a steak-knife set is even more subjective of a process than picking out a great chef’s knife.

Oneida Flight Steak Knives Best Budget

Review The Worlds Best Steak Knives (Gift Box Set of 4)

Oneida 4-piece steak knife set less than $25

  • Blade 18/10 stainless steel
  • Handles 18/10 stainless steel

Oneida is an American manufacturer and seller of tableware and cutlery, that was founded in upstate New York in 1848. However, these days they have outsourced their manufacturing to Vietnam.

The Oneida 4-piece serrated steak knife set is perfect for family dinners without emptying your pocket.

They easily cut the meat without any give or bending, but they are not as sharp as other steak knives on this list.

And the price? For less than $25, these American-made knives are a risk-free investment.

Oneida Knives Pros

Price $21 at Oneida, or check the price

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Notes On Materials And Construction

If youve spent more than a few minutes researching knives, youve likely run into a bewildering fog of jargon and technical specifications. Heres a quick guide, which applies to steak knives, chefs knives, and everything in between:

The phrase high-carbon steel is basically marketing hype: every steel alloy used to make knives is high-carbon. You can ignore the phrase it if its used, and you neednt worry if its not. Do note, however, that if a knife is listed only as high-carbon or carbon steel, it will easily rust. To be sure your knife is rust-resistant, make sure it is also listed as stainless.

Stainless steel is steel alloyed with at least 12 percent, and usually 14 to 18 percent, chromium. The chromium forms a dense layer on any exposed surface which rapidly oxidizes, preventing oxidation of the steel underneath. There are multiple types of stainless steel, some more corrosion-resistant than others all those used on our recommended knives are high-performing: extremely corrosion-resistant, capable of taking and holding a sharp edge and easy to re-sharpen.

There are thousands of different steel alloysmixtures of iron, carbon, and any of 20 or more other elementseach designed for a different purpose. Knife alloys alone run into the dozens, and the names are alphabet soup: AEB-L, VG-10, 19C27, ZDP-189. My advice is: ignore them all, at least for steak knives. Whatever alloy a good manufacturer chooses will perform perfectly well.

Buck Knives 936 Steak Knives

Rosewood Dymalux

Product Origin and Manufacturer Information:

The founder of Buck knives, Hoyt Buck, had humble beginnings as a humble blacksmith seeking a more practical way to temper steel so knives would stay sharper longer. This desire led to him producing the first Buck knife in 1902, and the rest is history.

Hoyts tradition of manufacturing and designing high-quality knives right here in the United States lives on through three and now four generations. Buck makes over 3,000 knives every day in their factory located in Post Falls, Idaho, where about 300 workers are employed.

Why We Love Buck Steak Knives:

The 420HC steel found in the blade of this knife was chosen by the Buck brand because it offers a balance between the wear resistance of high carbon and the corrosion resistance of stainless. We think this is an excellent blade choice for a steak knife, and it shows when customers use these knives at their dinner tables.

The triple-riveted handle is called a Dymalux handle, which is a registered trademark of the Buck brand. Every knife that the Buck brand makes comes with a lifetime warranty, on top of the promise to remain all-American.

Who We Recommend These Knives For:

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Due Cigni 1896 Walnut Handle Serrated Steak Knife

Due Cigni is Italyâs representative at the premium knives niche. The knives are made in Maniago, Italy, also known as the city of cutlery. The brand has been in business for over a century, and it shows in the quality of its knives.

They feature elegant and innovative designs, which the Due Cigni 1896 Walnut Handle Serrated Steak Knife certainly attests. Even the most demanding consumer will appreciate the ease with which the serrated blade cuts through steak without tearing capillaries and keeping the juices locked in to preserve sweetness. Other features are

  • Walnut wood handle

Shun Classic 8 Chefs Knife

Why America’s Test Kitchen Calls the Victorinox Swiss Army Rosewood Set the Best Steak Knives

Shun is a brand known for its high quality and heavy duty Japanese knives. Shun Classics are the companys original products and the first Japanese knives to be marketed to a global audience.

Unlike many western style knives that have a heavy ponderous blade, Shun Classics are fitted with lighter sharp edges that are made from advanced steel. These Japanese knives have lighter handles that allow you to have a comfortable and effortless grip while making precise cuts.

The 8-inch blade of this Shun Classic knife is perfect for all-around use. It works great for slicing, cutting, chopping and dicing fruits and vegetables. The blade is made of VG-MAX steel with extra tungsten to give it a sharper edge and chromium to make it resistant to corrosion.

Handcrafted in Japan, this Japanese knife comes with a PakkaWood handle. This is the same material used in Shun cutlery premier 8 which is also another popular Shun knife. This material is hardwood infused with resin, making it extra durable and water-resistant.

The overall construction of this chef knife is excellent, making it one of the best Japanese knives in the market. It is perfect for commercial and home kitchens.


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Can You Sharpen A Serrated Steak Knife

The recessed nature of the serrations cause these types of knives to stay sharper longer. When yours begins to dull, use a sharpening rod to get each individual serration. The flat of the blade wont need attention just the curved indentions need sharpening. For full details about how to use a sharpening rod, see this Spruce Eats article.

Fukep Kitchen 5 Utility Knives With Vg10 67 Layers Damascus Steel Blade

Another well-made product thats a good addition to our list of best Japanese knives is the Fukep Kitchen 5 Utility Knife. It is constructed using VG10 Japanese Damascus steel that is cryogenically treated with the addition of cobalt. The 67 layers of high quality carbon stainless steel ensures exceptional durability, strength and stain resistance. The blade has a Rockwell Hardness of HRC 60-62.

Moreover, the ergonomic handle of this Japanese chef knife is made from G10 thats riveted three times to the forged full tang for superior strength. Moreover, the handle has a curvature that promotes a comfortable grip.

This Japanese kitchen knife is ideal for home and professional use. As this knife is easy to handle, you can comfortably use it to chop, dice, slice and mince almost any type of produce.


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Does The Type Of Metal Matter For Steak Knives

Youll often see steak knives advertised as being made with different types of steel, such as German or Japanese. This is partially a personal preference, but it really all comes down to the edge. An ultra-thin edge will come out of the box razor sharp, but it will require more frequent sharpening. Conversely, a slightly chunkier edge may not slice through your shoe, but it wont need constant babysitting.

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