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Best American Made Steak Knives

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Best For Table Settings: Misen Serrated Knives

Why America’s Test Kitchen Calls the Victorinox Swiss Army Rosewood Set the Best Steak Knives

Misen’s serrated blades are comfortable and affordable if you’re looking to outfit your table for hosting family and friends for dinner. Hundreds of Misen users have complimented the brand’s usefulness and great price. Misen also makes our favorite paring knife, so it’s no surprise they’re a top choice for steak knives as well.

To buy: Misen Steak Knives , $20 per knife at

Rada Steak Knives Set Best Value

Rada Cutlery steak knife set

  • Blade T420 surgical grade stainless steel, all blades are hollow ground.
  • Handle black stainless steel resin, or aluminum handles that should be hand washed and dried

Rada Mfg. Co. is making cutlery since 1948 and is located in Waverly, Iowa. All their products are 100% American Made, and Rada manufactures and oversees everything from raw materials to packaging.

These straight-edged, super-sharp knives not only cut through meats easily, but are equally useful for food preparation, including chopping, cutting, and slicing vegetables, fruit, and more. They are lightweight, relatively thin, and just a bit flexible.

The handles are made from stainless steel resin that is dishwasher safe, so they wont get stained and last for years.

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Rada Knife Set Pros

  • Great value steak knives at this price point
  • The knives come in a beautiful box to hold them in place
  • Dishwasher safe handles
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • The blades are a bit thin and flex a little
  • Stainless steel handles are not dishwasher tolerant

Price best price

See all Rada Steak Knives on Walmart

Best For Entertaining: Dubost Laguiole Natura Steak Knives Set Of 6

These ornate steak knives look like an heirloom passed down from Grandmaand maybe they will be one day. They have a classic, old-school design, with a gracefully curved handle made of polished plastic that has a slightly swirly, pearlized finish. The set includes three each of the two handle colors: Chocolate and Fudge . Adorned with the French cutlery maker’s iconic bee on top of the bolster where the blade meets the handle, these knives have an eclectic look that will dress up any dinner table.

As for their performance, the knife blades have a unique construction of tiny serration interspersed with larger cutout hollows. The hollows prevent juicy steaks from clinging to the blade, and the tiny serration created less tearing and drag than some of the longer-toothed blades we tried. The knives are very lightweight and had decent balance, and the handles were comfortable to hold, with the curve fitting nicely into the pinky-finger end of the hand. However, these delicate, narrow knives might be difficult to use for someone with larger hands.

The French brand Dubost Laguiole has stood the test of time it’s 100 years old and is a leader in the plastic-handled cutlery category.

Buy It: $100

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Diamond Blade Knives / Knives Of Alaska

Factory Location:
Knife Type: folding and fixed blade EDC, hunting, and survival

This is an odd company . Knives of Alska was founded by Charles Allen, an Alaskan wilderness guide and Texan biologist.

This man apparently came up with a new way of forging knives called friction folding which essentially involves an immense amount of pressure applied in a stirring motion along what will become the edge of the knife. It was inspired by the way submarine hulls are welded together. The result is immensely hard knives, supposedly getting edges up to 70 HRC while the rest of the blade usually sits at a lower tool-steel level of hardness. This process is done under the Diamond Blade Knives company name.

Field & Stream has given them a bit of attention if you want to read some good reviews, but they arent widely distributed. They dont seem to have a huge operation as of this writing, so getting one of their knives might take a while, but it seems like anyone whos gotten one will tell you ecstatically that its worth it.

Buck Knives 936 Steak Knives

American Made Table &  Steak Knives by Cutco
Rosewood Dymalux

Product Origin and Manufacturer Information:

The founder of Buck knives, Hoyt Buck, had humble beginnings as a humble blacksmith seeking a more practical way to temper steel so knives would stay sharper longer. This desire led to him producing the first Buck knife in 1902, and the rest is history.

Hoyts tradition of manufacturing and designing high-quality knives right here in the United States lives on through three and now four generations. Buck makes over 3,000 knives every day in their factory located in Post Falls, Idaho, where about 300 workers are employed.

Why We Love Buck Steak Knives:

The 420HC steel found in the blade of this knife was chosen by the Buck brand because it offers a balance between the wear resistance of high carbon and the corrosion resistance of stainless. We think this is an excellent choice of a blade for a steak knife, and it shows when customers use these knives at their dinner tables.

The triple-riveted handle is called a Dymalux handle, which is a registered trademark of the Buck brand. Every knife that the Buck brand makes comes with a lifetime warranty, on top of the promise to remain all-American.

Who We Recommend These Knives For:

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Lamson & Goodnow Knifes

Lamson & Goodnow is the oldest cutlery manufacturer in the United States, having been founded in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, in 1837. Lamson & Goodnow is a family-owned business.Over the course of nearly two centuries, the name Lamson has been synonymous with some of the most exquisite handcrafted cutlery produced in the United States of America.

In 1869, the newly elected President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant, received a gift from a tiny manufacturer that was considered cutting edge.There were 62 pieces of dinnerware for the nations new leader to choose from.The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., continues to house pieces of this magnificent gift, which are on display there.The company quickly gained recognition throughout the country and around the world as a result of its well-deserved reputation for producing dining tools befitting the White House.Soon after, Lamson had established himself as Americas leading cutler.

From that day forward, Lamsons brilliant artisans have meticulously created each piece in Western Massachusettss artisanal tradition.Because of a devastating flood in 2011, the companys headquarters were relocated from Shelburne Falls to Westfield. However, the companys heritage can still be found at Shelburne Falls, where an outlet store and select production are still located in the old facility.

Lamson Fire Forged 8-inch Chef Knife

Lamson 10 Piece Block Set Earth Series

  • 2.875 Trimming Paring
  • 10 Slicer
  • 10 Steel.

Best Appearance For The Price Messermeister Avanta Fine Edge Steak Knife Set

If youre looking for a steak knife set that looks the part, be it as a gift or for yourself, you wont find any better than the Avanta Fine Edge Steak Knife Set by Messermeister.

Easy on the eye, this set certainly looks much more expensive than its reasonable price tag.

Whats more, these knives come complete with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing or material defects.

These exceptional knives are made from high-quality German steel X50CrMoV15, renowned for its sharp edge retention, strength and durability. It is also easy to maintain and sharpen, making it an excellent choice for your home set of steak knives.

With their fine edge, five-inch long blades, these knives cut through steak and other tough cuts of meat with ease.

Performance aside, this set is also extremely good-looking. The exposed full metal tang, visible at the end of the handle, is a testament to this knifes high-quality as well as being extremely stylish.

The forged bolsters balance the blade, protect your fingers and provide added comfort while the durable pakkawood handles give a premium look, on a par with models that cost over three times as much.

Just be aware that the finish could be a little smoother on the handles although, for the price, this is only a small niggle rather than a major complaint.

What we like:

What we dont like:

  • Handles could be smoother The handles are a little rough in the hand when compared to more expensive options, but theyre certainly not uncomfortable.

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Best Fixed Blade Knife:

Benchmade Bushcrafter Family $250.00

Well wouldnt you know it, we had to go with a big hitter right off the bat. The benchmade Bushcrafter is an iconic knife from an iconic knife maker. This is a CPM-S30V steel blade thats 4.4 inches long. The steel was engineered and forged in the USA by Crucible Industries. Its 7.72 ounces, and 9.15 inches long over the entire length. It also comes with a leather sheath. This is a perfect knife for just about any outdoor/survival application.

Benchmade is a company that has been making quality knives in the USA since 1979. Founded as Bali-Song, in California by Roberta and Les de Asis, the company is now headquartered in Oregon City, Oregon. Benchmade has become one of the most highly regarded major knife makers in the world. They specialize in hunting knives, personal carry, and tactical knives for military personnel and police. They also have a customize your knife tool on their website. This company has won numerous awards, and has aligned itself with legendary knife-maker Chris Reeve and Crucible Industries in designing and engineering the stainless steel they use in their blades. This is about as made in the USA as it gets for a big recognizable company. They never cut corners, and do things the right way to produce an exceptional American product thats designed and manufactured from the ground up.

What Is The Best Knife Sets Made In Usa

Top 5 Best Steak Knives Review in 2022

Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of best knife sets made in usa is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the best knife sets made in usa listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

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What To Know About Steak Knives

Steak knives are available serrated with a scalloped edge with sharp teeth, kind of like a mini saw and with straight blades, like little chefs knives. Both have distinct advantages and disadvantages.

One of the biggest considerations with steak knives that distinguishes them from kitchen knives is that you usually use them on surfaces that are tough on blades, such as ceramic plates. That can cause knives to lose their sharpness more easily than cooking knives, which you tend to use on more hospitable surfaces, like cutting boards.

Can You Sharpen Steak Knives

You sure can! Steak knives with smooth blades are easier to sharpen than serrated steak knives, but both can be whipped back into shape. You can use a whetstone, or follow the directions on an electric sharpener. Of course, you can always have your knives professionally sharpened. Do so when you notice more pressure or leverage is needed to achieve smooth cuts.

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Budget Pick: Chicago Cutlerys Walnut Tradition Set

*At the time of publishing, the price was $30.

Chicago Cutlerys Walnut Tradition steak knife set is the best low-cost set out there. The knives are not perfect by any metric: the blade-edges are coarse and uneven at 60 grams/2 ounces, theyre a bit lighter than wed like and the fit-and-finish is indifferent. In fact, they appear just to be industrial-grade boning knives with steak knife handles slapped on. Put it this way: if the Messermeisters give you more than you pay for aesthetically, these give you exactly what you pay for, and not a penny more.

They work far better than the serrated blades you usually have to settle for at this price.

But theyre built to last and they work perfectly welland, more importantly, they work far better than the serrated blades you usually have to settle for at this price. Theyre a great choice for outfitting a crowd, taking along on country picnics, or while car camping. Not fancy, perfectly functional, and if you lose one, youll shed no tears.

The Paper Test Gave Us An Idea Of Factory Sharpness But Didn’t Tell The Whole Story

Steak Knife

Serious Eats / Vicky Wasik

As Daniel did with chef’s knives, the first and last tests for this review were performed to check the sharpness of each knife. I ran the blade of each knife, from heel to tip, through sheets of printer paper that had been folded in half. This test isn’t a precise measure of sharpness, but it allowed me to see which knives had a factory edge sharp enough to effortlessly slice through paper, and note which ones got snagged and tore at the sheets.

The knife that performed the worst was the one micro-serrated knife that we tested, which tore and got caught on the paper. The knives that performed best were generally the premium straight-edged knives, while the cheaper knives had more trouble. The Messermeister Avanta was the notable exception to this trend it was one of the most budget-friendly knives of the dozen that were tested, and it sliced through paper just as well, if not better, than ones that cost five times more. It is also worth noting that the serrated steak knife that we tested aced the paper test, cutting through the sheet smoothly even with its saw-toothed edge.

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Who Needs A Steak Knife Set

Even if you havent seen the movie, you probably know the line: First prize is a Cadillac … Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is youre fired. Alec Baldwins speech is cinema legend. Its also insightful. Glengarry Glen Ross premiered in 1984, when there was nothing more quintessentially American than big cars, lost jobsand steak for dinner. Of course second prize is a set of steak knives! Almost everyone would have appreciated themif not the circumstances they arrived under.

Today, second prize would be something else. Americans are eating less meat in general, and less beef in particular, so not everyone needs a set of steak knives these days. But if you eat meat regularly, you really should have one. Its amazing how much nicer it is to slice a tenderloin or chop with a well-made blade designed for that purpose. And that will hold true even if youre already using a cheapo set of serrated steak knives, let alone if youre hacking away with the dull table knives that came with your silverware.

A nice set of steak knives also dresses up a place-setting, so if you like to entertainor just like to make a fancy meal now and thenyou may appreciate owning a set, too. Finally, one thing that held true in 1984 still holds true in 2015: steak knives are a special gift for the right person. You can even spend Cadillac money, if youre feeling extra generous.

Best Budget Knife Option:

Gerber Gator Premium Clip Point Folder $105.00

This is one of Gerbers top selling knives, and its held that place for 25 years. This is a reincarnation of the original but offers some upgraded, premium materials. A super grippy Gator grip is perfect for all weather conditions and will hold up to years of abuse, and the S30V American steel has great edge retention and wear resistance. At 105 dollars this knife just felt like a steal, and would be a great EDC for just about anyone. Gerber manufactures the Gator, and many of their other products in their Portland, Oregon facility, and have been doing so for over 70 years.

That concludes our list.

As is usually the case these companies all have other great offerings. We did our best to select excellent offerings from all of them, but if theyre not your style you can be sure their other products will be excellent as well. The things to watch out for are the types of steel being used. Every company on this list manufactures extensively in the US, on the product page you should look out for the badge that says Made in the USA, as opposed to imported. Almost all of the companies we outlined were absolutely transparent about the type of steel used, and most had tools to filter by types of steel used in the blades in the searching process. A quick search on the internet can give you a better understanding of what youre actually getting in those blades.

Stay Sharp America!

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The Best Modern Steak

If you’ve got a little extra coin burning a hole in your pocket, or are due to receive or dole out some fancy gifts in the near future and want to go with a Parisian bistronomy vibe when entertaining, then these Perceval 9.47 knives might be right up your alley. The 9.47 knife was designed by a former Michelin-starred chef, and, unsurprisingly, it’s a dream to cut with. While its modern, minimalist look isn’t for everyone, there’s no arguing with its performance. It’s worth noting that unlike other steak-knife sets, the 9.47 is not available in a set of four knives, just sets of two and six.

What Is A Steak Knife And Why Do You Need One

5 Best Steak Knife Sets Reviewed in 2022 [Top Rated Steak Knives Set]

Steak knives are sharp table knives with blades that are usually 4 to 6 inches long and have a pointed tip.

If you need to have only a couple of types of knives, one of them should be a steak knife. While the name implies that these knives are good only for steaks, they are actually a lot more versatile.

These sharp knives are used while eating steaks, chicken, burgers, and other large meaty foods that are hard to cut with a regular dinner knife.

Here are a few reasons why it is worth investing in a couple of steak knives.

  • Steak knives work well not only for meat but also for meat substitutes. Even if you are vegan and eat plant-based burgers, you will make good use of a steak knife.
  • Steak knives retain their sharp edge longer. Unlike some table knives that get dull after a few uses, steak knives remain sharp as they are designed to handle more difficult tasks.
  • Steak knives are quite affordable. Versatile kitchen knives can be on the expensive side. Steak knives, however, often come in a pack of few and at reasonable prices.

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