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Top Rated Online Steak Companies

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About Chicago Steak Company

10 Mail-Order Steaks Ranked From Worst To Best
  • The Chicago Steak Company sells USDA Prime beef, which is known as the top two percent of all types of beef. The company also sells USDA Choice, so be sure to look carefully at what you are buying before you add it to your cart.
  • Steaks may come in dry or wet drying options. The length of aging is vague. Most descriptions say 4 to 6 weeks, which makes us wonder if they know how long their steaks are aged.
  • A wide range of steaks are offered for sale, including Filet Mignon, Top Sirloins, Ribeyes, NY Strip Steaks and more. Many steaks also have Bone-in options. Beef burgers are also available in three different types of beef.
  • The majority of the beef is harvested in the Midwestern region of the United States.
  • The company does not provide a 100% satisfaction guaranteeto its customers.

Angus Ribeye served with Jambalaya and Steamed Asparagus

Best Monthly Meat Delivery: Carnivore Club

If you’re a charcuterie board enthusiast, Carnivore Club’s monthly meat delivery is for you. The monthly boxes highlight a different artisan every month and are filled with premium meats from around the world, including Hungarian smoked csabai, Trentino cacciatore, and South African biltong. Featuring distinctive cured meats, Carnivore Club is a great way to switch up your salami and jerky spread.

To start your subscription, you can either pick the Snack Box or Classic Box delivery. The Classic Box includes four to six handcrafted cured meats, like salamis and prosciuttos, for photo-worthy boards, while the Snack Box features four to six meat sticks, jerkies, and more to eat on the go. Both boxes have three delivery options: monthly, bimonthly, or every three months. If you want to try out a box before subscribing, opt for the one-time purchase option that costs a few dollars more.

Best Online Steak Delivery Companies

Back in the early 20th century a new technology allowed cattle raised in the heartland to reach your local butcher shop: refrigerated rail cars. The rise of the mega-supermarket might have shuttered the doors of many neighborhood butchers, but now white-foam coolers, packed with often flash-frozen steaks kept cold on dry ice, and the delivery guy are luckily bringing quality cuts of meat back home.

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Is Online Meat Delivery Safe

If youre looking for an alternative to your traditional local butcher or big chain supermarket , getting meat delivered to your door seems too good to be true.

But is it actually safe to ship high-quality meat?

It turns out it is.

There are a few different methods online butchers use to deliver meat safely.

Most meat is shipped frozen, with insulated boxes and dry ice inside to keep the temperature cold.

Selection of meat ordered from Porter Road

Companies like Porter Road and Snake River Farms use bio-degradable insulation to cut down on waste.

How Do I Select The Best Mail Order Steaks

Chicago Steak Company Reviews: Get All The Details At Hello Subscription!

Finding the best mail order steaks requires researching the company and selection. Dont simply select a company because you recognize its name. Sadly, some of the most seemingly popular mail-order steak companies have a poor history of service.

If sourcing is important to you, reading under the company philosophy and FAQ sections should provide you with information about what type of meats are selected and their sourcing standards. USDA recognition is also a good sign that there are quality standards. Above all, its important to understand what youre buying.

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Crowd Cow Prices Vary

Want beef, pork, chicken, seafood or even wagyu but in a more sustainable fashion? Enter Crowd Cow.

The meat delivery service operates on an a la carte platform, but with options to check out the Butchers Special boxes or turn your normal order into a reoccurring one in a snap.

Every customer gets the option at checkout to make their box a recurring delivery or get it one time. Recurring boxes get 5% off every single box plus free shipping at $99, reads the site.

Best Places To Order Meat Online In 2022

With Omaha Steaks, you can shop from a long list of meats with numerous combination pack options while taking advantage of regular promotions that will save you money.

  • Large selection of meats and seafood

  • Regular sales and promotions

  • Single meats and mix packs available

  • Free shipping only for members or orders over $169

With over a centurys worth of experience in providing high-quality meats, Omaha Steaks offers so much more than its name implies.You can shop for beef, pork, lamb, poultry, bison, fish, and seafood all in one spot. The products range from burgers and brats to high-end steak cuts, ribs, and roasts. One of the companys selling points is the flexibility it gives its customers. Get creative and build your own box or shop from one of the many combination and value packs. The website regularly runs sale promotions so you can stick to your budget while still stocking your freezer with meats for both everyday cooking and special occasions.

All Omaha Steaks products are shipped frozen. There is a minimum purchase of $99 for all orders, and orders over $169 ship for free. You can avoid these minimum requirements by joining the Steaklover Rewards Gold program for $39.99 per year. Members receive perks like free shipping on all orders as well as free gifts and double reward points for purchases.

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The Flavor Of The Steaks

When looking for a place to buy mail order steak, how they handle their products could change their final flavor when cooked. Consider researching for online steak retailers using flash freezing methods for their meats.

Flash freezing is one of the best industry practices to contain the product within a short period. The temperature will affect quality and safety, resulting in better-tasting steaks.

How do you know if the steak is flash-frozen?

When delivered, you will see tiny ice crystals on the cuts. Cooking these means less moisture will leave the meat, making the steak have better flavor. If it has been sitting out before freezing, the water will instead pool or evaporate.

Vermont Wagyu Prices Vary

What’s The Best Mail Order Steak? Taste Test

Japan? No, try Vermont instead.

This meat delivery service is based on a woman-owned, family-run farm, providing customers 100% full-blood wagyu beef in a variety of cuts and combos. Shop for burgers or sausages for the grill, or opt for their that include even more delicious deals. You can also choose to bundle and save or send a gift to another carnivore in your life.

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Snake River Farms Starting At $225 Per Delivery

You dont need to travel all the way to Japan to get your hands on some Wagyu anymore.

Beef and pork are the specialties at Snake River Farms, but it is specifically known for its Wagyu and offers both bulk options and individual selections. They also offer subscriptions for beef, beef and pork or dry-aged cuts, starting at $225 per delivery for a small box.

Looking To Get Your Smoked Meat Online

Sometimes you just get a craving for barbecue! But maybe you dont live in the same city as your favorite BBQ joint. Or you just dont have time to wait in line for 4+ hours on a Saturday FOR YOUR BRISKET FIX! Sometimes when Im feeling lazy or just plain hungry, Ill order my smoked meat online. I have put a few of my favorite joints that deliver below.

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The Cheapest Place To Buy Meat Online

The cheapest place to buy meat online is from Shipt. Shipt has partnered with various bricks and mortar grocery stores around the United States, like the ones seen below

You simply log into your Shipt account, choose your favorite store and add items to your cart. Youll then schedule your delivery, place your order and Shipt will deliver straight to your door.

You can receive delivery as soon as an hour after placing your order, or schedule it for later in the week.

Best For Premium Meat: Snake River Farms

Top 10 Best Places To Order Steaks Online [Reviewed 2021]

Snake River Farms offers complete lines of gourmet Kurobuta pork and American Wagyu beef sourced from sustainable family farms in the Northwest. Serious home cooks will love Snake River Farms’ variety of fine cuts and its recipe section that features dishes from some of the world’s top chefs. Snake River Farms ships its meats frozen and vacuum-sealed in compostable packaging.

Sure, premium meats are on the pricier side, but your tastebuds will thank you. American Wagyu beef is considered a delicacy because of its rich marbling and tender texture, and Kurobuta pork comes from heritage breeds known for their intense flavor and juiciness. In the American Wagyu Beef shop, you can buy steaks , ribs, brisket, roasts, burgers, and hot dogs. As for the Kurobuta pork options, there are pork chops, ham, ribs, roasts, and bacon available. Prices start at $12 for one pound of Wagyu hot dogs and go up to $1,049 for a limited 16-pound Wagyu dry-aged bone-in prime rib. If you want to order steaks online, one eight-ounce Wagyu top sirloin costs $20.

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Best For Busy Lives: Butcher Box

Maybe you love to eat steak and other meat regularly? Maybe you lead a busy life and dont have time to shop? Perhaps you live somewhere without easy access to a butcher shop? Or maybe, its some combination or even all three?

My point is, there are many good reasons to have someone else do the work for you when it comes to shopping for meat.

Butcher Box is a subscription-based mail-order meat company thats ready to simplify your steak shopping. You start by choosing your plan: you can fully customize an order or select mixed protein, beef & chicken, beef & pork, or all-beef which would be the go-to for steak lovers.

Then, you choose the size of box you want to be delivered, either 811 pounds or 1622 pounds. Finally, you let them know how often to send your order: every 4, 6, or 8 weeks. Thats it!

Now you just wait for delicious steaks to start coming your way. Oh, and shipping is free to all 48 contiguous states.

So, what can you get? The example given for a curated smaller box includes:

  • 2 pounds of ground beef
  • 2 New York strip steaks
  • 1 pound premium steak tips
  • 2 pounds chuck roast
  • 4 top sirloin steaks

As you can see, youll not only get steaks, but youll also get some other quality beef to cook with. Plus, you can always add on extra steaks or choose to customize your order completely.

Butcher Box offers a level of quality and convenience that might be just what youre after for a set-it-and-forget-it approach to buying steaks. No more empty freezers!

Best Homestyle Butcher: Debragga

  • Shipping costs pricey depending on state

Shopping the DeBragga website is like stepping into an old-school butcher shop, but with a lot more offerings. When it comes to beef, youll find naturally raised, dry-aged, prime, grass-fed, and Wagyu beef. If lamb is your preference, you can choose from meat from Australia, Colorado, or New York. Of course, theres also poultry, veal, sausage, smoked meats, and even a few game selections, like venison and duck. For something really special, there are , and for gift-giving, youll find some gift sets as well as a few non-food gifts.

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Best Organic Meat Delivery: D’artagnan Foods

Over 35 years ago, D’Artagnan became the first game and domestically produced foie gras supplier in the United States. It specializes in these delicacies because of its founder, owner, and CEO, Ariane Daguin. As the daughter of a French chef, Daguin learned a lot about food at a young age and then had the opportunity to introduce the U.S. to French specialty products. Not only does the women-owned meat delivery service offer game birds, but it also has plenty of familiar options, like chicken, turkey, beef, pork, lamb, and seafood. What’s more, you can shop charcuterie must-haves and its bestselling truffle butters.

D’Artagnan is extremely passionate about organic and humane production, which is why it’s perhaps the best organic meat delivery available online. All animals are humanely raised on small farms in the United States and free of antibiotics and arsenicals. The meat supplier is serious about its high-quality standards, so you can feel good about your product. Choose from a variety of organic cuts of chicken or a whole organic turkey.

The 10 Best Places To Order Meat Online In 2022

The Best And Worst Things You Can Buy At Omaha Steaks

Stopping by the butcher to pick up fresh meat isnt something we all have time for!

We a few clicks, we can now have our meat delivered to our doorstep !

Delivery boxes are frozen and packed in a cooler filled with dry ice and I found the shipping times are quick

Another bonus of ordering meat online is that I can find ANY meat I am looking for.

The range is a lot bigger than my local butcher or meat market.

Everything from premium beef, heirloom pork or even wild game. They also offer sausages and smoked meats !

So, the burning question is which websites do I visit to get delicious meat, from the comfort of my home?

Well I have tested them all and here are the best nine places to buy meat online

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Best For Unique Cuts: Omaha Steaks

Its easy to fall into the steak loop: Sirloin, Strip, Ribeye, repeat. Omaha Steaks makes it easy to break out and try something new, including variations on classics you thought youd done to death.

Based, of course, in Omaha, Nebraska, Omaha Steaks started in 1917. As a company, they pride themselves on not only delicious steaks but also exceptional butchering. This enables them to provide steaks the likes of which youll seldom see elsewhere.

Omaha has some surprises even sticking with the better-known cuts, including dry-aged bone-in NY Strip loins and a sirloin cap roast. Dont miss their insane King Cuts, either, like the 48-ounce bone-in ribeye and a 72-ounce top sirloin.

Omaha Steaks also gives you a chance to try some unique cuts you may only have read about. Like the tender and richly flavorful flat iron steak, pre-carved tri-tips , and succulent, sliceable flank and skirt steaks. Its a testament to their butcher-first mentality that theyve made such a variety available.

Ready to get out of the rut? Omaha Steaks delivers to all 50 states , Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and even north of the border to Canada. And if youre desperate, they offer express service in just 1-2 business days for an added fee.

Check out their impressive line-up here its fun to browse:

Q Why Do People Buy Mail Order Steaks

A. People buy steak online for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is the massive variety of options available.

Whether youre looking for humanely raised meat with no added hormones, USDA prime meat from iconic steak houses around the country or a mixed box of premium proteins, youll quickly find what you need with an online steak company.

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Best Steak Delivery: Omaha Steaks

When it comes to mail order steaks, Omaha Steaks delivery has a loyal following. The Nebraska-based butcher shop has been around for over a century and has been shipping meat across the nation for about 50 years. It doesn’t stop at steaks: Omaha Steaks is your one-stop-shop for the whole menu and beyond, offering chicken, pork, turkey, seafood, sides, desserts, wine, and gifts. What’s more, you can customize packages to send to yourself or a loved one, and add stress-free one-step meals and meal kits to your virtual cart.

Omaha Steaks’ steak shop has 12 different cuts, plus its Private Reserve selection features some of the best online steaks on the market. You can choose from classics like top sirloins and strip steaks or splurge on specialty cuts like dry-aged steaks and Wagyu beef. Don’t forget to stock up on delicious side dishes and desserts, such as cauliflower gratin and individual chocolate souffles, to serve up steakhouse-quality meals at home.

Best For Japanese Wagyu: Holy Grail Steak Company

Top 10 Best Places To Order Steaks Online [Reviewed 2021]

Were assigning legendary status when we refer to something as the Holy Grail of. Said item is coveted by aficionados and rare to the point of near-unattainability. In the steak world, thats Japanese A5 wagyu.

Holy Grail Steak Company offers regular folks like you and me the chance to purchase the highest-quality, rarest steaks in the world. In fact, they are the only online seller of genuine Kobe beef on the planet. Thats some Dan Brown-level stuff right there.

The team at Holy Grail refer to themselves as steak nerds and meat ninjas. Based in New York City, they dont raise any beef themselves. They do, however, secure access to the most prized beef in the world, working with select farmers and suppliers in Japan, including ultra-rare cuts like Hokkaido Snow Beef.

You can also order other premium steaks, such as American and Australian wagyu and Upper Prime Black Angus. Additional offerings include carrot-finished beef, 100% grass-fed prime beef, premium lamb, Kurobuta pork, burgers, and a selection of dry-aged steaks.

Of course, shipping fresh steaks from Japan to your home would be close to impossible. Instead, the freshly butchered steaks are blast-frozen to -30 °F for perfect preservation. Then, theyre shipped to you packed in dry ice in a combination of recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Discover the steaks of the rich & famous here:

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