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Kansas City Steaks Baked Potatoes

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Kansas City Steaks Review

Kansas City (6) Steaks and (6) Baked Potatoes Combo on QVC

Theres nothing like a satisfying, juicy steak. Hearty and filling, the brand offers a variety of cuts of steak, but well be going through its bestselling ones here, along with a few other special types of meats, sides, and bundles.

Lets start with the king of cuts, the Prime Rib Roast.

When a prime rib is on the menu, theres cause for celebration. Its one of the best cuts of beef, is next-level tender, and packed with flavor. The Kansas City Steaks Prime Rib Roast comes in three sizes:

  • 3.5-4 lb Roast
  • 4-4.5 lb Roast
  • 5.5-6 lb Roast

With gorgeous marbling of fat, this tasty, juicy roast is trimmed to optimize cost and texture. If youre not a fan of bones, dont worry, this roast is boneless. Its been aged for 28 days to pump up the flavor, but if youd like a little extra seasoning sprinkle with the Original Steak Seasoning packet included with your order.

Available for purchase in quantities of one or two, the luxury Kansas City Steaks Prime Rib Roastis $80-$240.

Kansas City Steaks Top Sirloin Steak

Sirloin is one of the most flavorful cuts of beef when prepared correctly. Your order comes with a free Kansas City Steak Book to help make sure you get the most out of your meal.

Available in a variety of sizes and quantities, enjoy this hearty steak for:

  • 5 oz: 8 ct $80
  • 6 oz: 4 ct $70 8 ct $100
  • 8 oz: 4 ct $85 8 ct $120

Kansas City Steaks Porterhouse Steak

With your order, youll receive a free book with delicious recipes and Kansas City Steaks cooking instructions inside.

Premium Wines By The Glass $85

  • La Marca Prosecco

  • Sterling Vintners Collection Merlot

  • Louis M. Martini Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Don Miguel Gascon Malbec

  • Sauza Gold Tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice


  • Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Bacardi Superior Rum, Beefeater Gin,Cointreau Orange Liqueur, fresh lemon juice, Coca-Cola


  • Bacardi Superior Rum, Reàl Blackberry Purée, fresh lime, strawberry,mint, simple syrup, club soda

  • Absolut Citron Vodka, triple sec, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice

  • Ruby Thyme

    Aviation Gin, Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur, thyme, simple syrup,fresh lemon juice, San Pellegrino Blood Orange

  • Stolichnaya Vodka, fresh lime juice, simple syrup,Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

  • Bulleit The OldFashion Way

    Bulleit Bourbon, Angostura Bitters, simple syrup


  • Titos Handmade Vodka, Cherry Heering Liqueur, fresh lime juice,simple syrup, Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

  • Bacardi Limón Rum, simple syrup, strawberries,cucumber, La Marca Prosecco


  • Rich Cream Cheese Filling Baked in a Crumb Crust

  • Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel Sauce, Candied Walnuts

  • Upside Down Candied WalnutApple Pie

    Baked Twice with a Candied Walnut Crust, Warm Caramel Sauceand served with Cinnamon Ice Cream

  • Vanilla Bean or CinnamonIce Cream


  • Rich & Silky Chocolate Mousse Pie. Served with Raspberry Sauceand Fresh Seasonal Berries

Kansas City Steak Company Pricing & Price Comparison

In my opinion, Kansas City Steak Company is very expensive. When I saw that 4 Kansas City boneless strip steaks were close to $90, I was shocked. Thats over $22 per steak and they were only 8 oz each . To put that in perspective, at $89.95 for 4 8 oz strips, that comes out to $2.81 per oz.

To give you an idea of how Kansas City Steak Company compares to the other meat delivery services listed above, heres a look at all of their boneless strip steak pricing:

  • Omaha Steaks: At $79.99 for 4 8 oz strips, that comes out to $2.50 per oz.
  • Snake River Farms: At $30 for 1 12 oz strip, that comes out to $2.50 per oz.
  • Crowd Cow: At $20 for 1 12 oz strip, that comes out to $1.67 per oz.
  • Porter Road: At $21 for 1 0.75 lb strip, that comes out to $1.75 per oz.
  • Rastellis: At $89 for 4 10 oz strips, that comes out to $2.23 per oz.

You can see that Kansas City Steak Company is most comparable to Omaha Steaks and Snake River Farms in terms of pricing.

Food Box HQ Note: These companies often change the pricing of their products. These were the correct prices at the time of publishing this review. If they are incorrect as you are reading this, please let us know in the comments and we will update accordingly. Thank you!

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Kansas City Steak Soup

This delicious soup is quite famous locally. No need for a chilly winter day to enjoy this soup.

Provided by CHEFSHAR

1 pound round steak, chopped
1 cup margarine
¼ tablespoon ground black pepper
1 large carrot, diced
1 package frozen mixed vegetables
16 ounces stewed tomatoes
2 tablespoons margarine


  • Make a roux by melting the butter or margarine, then stirring in the flour. Brown gently.
  • Gradually add 2 cups of the water to the roux and stir until smooth. Add the remaining water, the carrot, onion, celery, frozen vegetables, canned tomatoes, and beef base granules.
  • In a skillet saute the steak in 2 tablespoons butter or margarine until browned. Drain off all the grease. Add the browned steak to the soup and simmer, stirring occasionally, for 1 1/2 hours or until the vegetables are tender. Season to taste with freshly ground black pepper. Once cooked this soup may be frozen for later use.

Nutrition Facts : Calories 225.6 calories, Carbohydrate 13.3 g, Cholesterol 17.4 mg, Fat 15.6 g, Fiber 1.9 g, Protein 8.8 g, SaturatedFat 3.3 g, Sodium 893.5 mg, Sugar 2.1 g

The 15 Best Places For Baked Potatoes In Kansas City

Kansas City (6) Steaks and (6) Baked Potatoes Combo

Chris M: My wife and I stopped in for Dinner and she enjoyed the salad and large baked potato. I had the rattlesnake pasta and did not care for the shrimp that was in it could tell it was frozen with no taste.

Lynn Searcy: Try the baked potato soup its awesome

Danielle Janning: Baked potato, shrimp and steak.

Tiffany Wells: The big baked potato on Fridays beats Jason’s Deli any day of the week. Well worth it!

Kathy Bluhm: Baked potato on Friday is fabulous!

Cody Hickman: Bacon cheeseburger, grilled chicken sandwich, griled chicken wrap are all solid.

Amy Giles: Baked Potato Soup is to die for.

Christy Lee: Everything..but need better service. One of my favorite places

Peter Inzerillo: Ask for grilled veggies instead of fries… Very good!

Eric Wilson: the loaded baked potato was amazing! rolled in sea salt and topped with bacon and shredded cheddar, well worth swapping your two sides for.

Shelby Daniels: Service for a party of 12 lacked. But, the pork ribs were fantastic. You could taste the fire & smoke. Definitely try the beans. I could do those and their baked potatoes any day! Great wine selection

Laura Stapleton: Beans. Best beans ever. Loved the turkey and chicken this time too.

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Kansas City Steaks Reviews: What Do Customers Think

If you thought we left you hanging about the taste of the brands beef in the last section of this Kansas City Steaks review, dont fear! This is where we get into it. Since we havent had the pleasure of sinking our teeth into one of its juicy cuts, well be leaning on real customers for feedback.

Below, youll read reviews sourced from a variety of sites across the web that provide insight into what the brands steaks are really like.

Hitting up first, we put together a shortlist of some of the brands bestsellers to give you an idea of how customers enjoy them:

  • Prime Rib Roast: an average of 4.3/5 stars from 486 ratings
  • Twice Baked Potatoes with Sour Cream, Cheddar, and Chive: an average of 4.1/5 stars from 26 ratings
  • Hickory Smoked Spiral-Sliced Ham: an average of 4.5/5 stars from 184 ratings
  • Porterhouse Steak: an average of 4.1/5 stars from 156 ratings
  • Top Sirloin Steak: an average of 4.2/5 stars from 197 ratings

Since we just compared the brands Prime Rib Roast in the previous section of this Kansas City Steak review, we decided to take a closer look at it.

Happy customers say the taste was out of this world, and that the meat was tasty, juicy, and tender. Many are over the moon with the quality of this cut and very pleased with their purchase.

We then headed over to a Kansas City Steaks review on Carnivore Style to see if it could provide a little more in-depth information about the steaks.

Kansas City Steak Company Cons

  • Its expensive. I found Kansas City Steak Company to be one of the most expensive meat delivery companies weve ordered from.
  • The ordering process was a pain. In my opinion, their ordering process is very confusing and almost led to me paying more for items rather than getting the discounted rate.
  • The cooking instructions were not that clear. I found the cooking booklet was a bit confusing to read and the section that tells you how to cook the steak doesnt have spacing between the words.
  • Im not a fan of the packaging. First, its all styrofoam, which is terrible for the environment. Second, the boxes that hold the food are not cushioned, which led to our brookies dessert getting a little smashed while in transit.
  • The flavor of the steaks and some sides could have been better. Especially considering we paid close to $90 for 4 steaks.

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Comparison: Kansas City Steaks Vs Omaha Steaks

These days, the list of products you can get online is growing. And things that you may have never dreamed of being shipped to your door, are now offered by a plethora of online brands and sent to customers across the country on a daily basis. And this is the case with not only steak but seafood and poultry as well.

The concept may sound a bit out-of-the-ordinary but these brands put the utmost care in ensuring your order arrives frozen and on time. In this section of our Kansas City Steaks review, well be doing a side-by-sidecomparison of our featured brand and Omaha Steaks, a company that has a similar product lineup.

In terms of products, the two seem to be on par. They both offer similar meats, seafood, and sides, and their steak selections include the same cutsbut to be honest, any quality steak company will. So the difference wont be in the selection, instead, well find most of our difference in the price and quality.

How do we assess the quality? We look at what the cow is fed and how its aged. It appears that most of Kansas City Steaks cows are fed a diet of corn, although they do say that some do eat grass.

Omaha Steaks feed its cows a grass-only diet, and that will result in an earthy flavor, whereas a corn-fed diet will produce sweeter meat and a buttery texture. Why does grass-fed tend to be higher in cost? Because it takes longer for the cows to reach their slaughter weight so theyre using up more resources like water and grass.

Who Is Kansas City Steaks For

Kansas City (8) 5 oz. Top Sirloin Steaks and (8) 5 oz. Baked Potatoes with Sharon Faetsch

Kansas City Steaks sells more than steaks, but thats what they specialize in. If youre a hardcore beef fan who once in a while likes to switch things up, youll be happy to find a quality selection of cuts on the brands website along with several tasty sides and a smaller offering of meats like chicken, turkey, and lamb.

And thanks to the brands auto-delivery program, if youre someone who finds that shopping for your monthly stock of steak takes up too much of your precious time, you may be pleased with receiving your stash every 4 weeks instead of trekking to the meat market.

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Kansas City Steaks Promotions & Discounts

When it comes to eating well, a large bill can really add up quickly. To help lessen the blow, throughout this Kansas City Steaks review we rounded up every last deal we could find on the brands website. Heres what we discovered:

  • Special Value Kansas City Steaks deals
  • Free shipping with Combos and Auto-Delivery orders

Where Does Kansas City Steaks Source Their Meats

All of the food that Kansas City Steaks sells comes from National Beef, which has locations throughout Kansas. The beef comes from U.S. Premium Beef, with ranchers across 37 different states. Its not clear whether the cattle the steaks come from are actually from Kansas City or even Kansas.

On the Kansas City Steak Company website, they dont make it clear where any of the other meat comes from. On their All About Steak page, they are pretty vague about the source of their meat, only stating they source from tight cattle supply from producers with known and approved management methods.

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More About Kansas City Steaks Potatoes Recipes








FromCuisineTotal TimeCategoryCalories

  • Season the beef with salt and pepper. Add the beef to the soup pot and brown in the hot oil, stirring frequently .
  • Add the onion, garlic, celery, and carrots cook and stir about 4 minutes or until the vegetables begin to soften.
  • Add the soup mixes, water, and potatoes bring to a boil. Change heat to medium-low and simmer 45 minutes to 1 hour or until beef is tender.

FromCategoryTotal Time


FromEstimated Reading Time


FromEstimated Reading Time


FromTotal Time


FromEstimated Reading Time









Luxury Glass Pours By Coravin

Kansas City Steak Co Sour Cream And Chive Twice Baked ...
  • Jordan Winery Chardonnay,

  • Stags Leap Wine Cellars Artemis Cabernet Sauvignon,

    Napa Valley

  • Hess Collection ‘Allomi’Cabernet Sauvignon,

    Napa Valley

  • Rioja

  • JCB N° 21, Brut, nv


  • Moët & Chandon ‘Impérial’, Brut, nv


  • Mumm Napa, Brut Rosé, nv

    Napa County

  • Veuve Clicquot, ‘Yellow Label’, Brut, nv


  • Bisol Jeio Brut Prosecco Rosé, 2020

  • Sonoma-Cutrer ‘Russian River Ranches’, 2018

    Sonoma Coast

  • Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc, 2018

    Napa Valley

  • Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling, 2019

    Columbia Valley

  • Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc-Viognier, 2019

    Napa Valley

  • SOCIAL Elderflower Apple Sparkling, nv


  • A by Acacia Rosé, 2018


  • Alexander Valley Vineyards Gewurztraminer, 2018

    Mendocino County

  • Chateau Ste. Michelle ‘Eroica’ Riesling, 2015

    Columbia Valley

  • Croix de Peyrassol Rosé, 2020


  • Alexander Valley Vineyards ‘Homestead’Red Blend, 2019

    Alexander Valley

  • Robert Mondavi ‘Private Selection’, 2018


  • Alexander Valley Vineyards ‘Cyrus’ Blend, 2015

    Alexander Valley

  • J Lohr ‘Seven Oaks’, 2019

    Paso Robles

  • Nickel & Nickel ‘CC Ranch’, 2018


  • Orin Swift ‘Abstract’ Red Blend, 2018


  • Stags Leap Wine Cellars ‘Artemis’, 2018

    Napa Valley

  • The Prisoner Red Blend, 2019

    Napa Valley

  • Chateau Ste. Michelle ‘Indian Wells’, 2017

    Columbia Valley

  • A to Z Wineworks, 2018


  • Belle Glos, ‘Clark & Telephone’, 2019

    Santa Maria Valley

  • Russian River Valley

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Is Kansas City Steaks Worth It

With high prices, quality counts. We were pleased with what we found in terms of quality, reading many ecstatic reviews from customers who say they will definitely reorder. We also value the brands money-back guaranteeone that extends to 45 days after your purchase.

This guarantee promises to give you a full refund or replacement if youre unhappy with your purchase, so really, buying from KC Steaks is extremely low risk. When comparing the brand to others, its less expensive andmay havebetter texture and taste.

With all of that considered, this Kansas City Steaks review believes the brands beef is worth the buy.

Oz Kansas City Strip Steaks

These were the steaks that we made in our review video above. You can see that they look fairly similar to the strip steaks youd find in your local grocery store. When it came to cooking them, we followed the instructions in the booklet they send along with the food but it ended up leading to them coming out pretty overcooked. While they still had some flavor, they were very tough to eat.

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Kansas City Steak Company Review: How Good Is This Meat Delivery Company

By Dan Scalco Last Updated: May 21, 2021 Affiliate Disclosure

Kansas City Steak Company Review

Product Name: Kansas City Steak Company

  • Food Box HQ Rating

Bottom Line

Kansas City Steaks was a bit of a letdown. We paid close to $90 for 4 8oz steaks that were just okay. The funny part was the desserts ended up being our favorite item that we ordered from a steak company.


They offer a ton of varietyfrom meats to sides to desserts.

Some foods were very delicious .

They have a great money back guarantee. If youre unhappy, you can contact them and they will refund your money or replace the items youre unhappy with.


It was one of the most expensive meat delivery companies weve ordered from.

The ordering process was a pain and almost led to me overpaying for our food.

The cooking instructions were not that clear.

The packaging could be better.

The flavor of the steaks and some sides could have been better.

These days there are more meat delivery services to choose from than ever before. Having tried dozens of them over the years, I know from experience that not every single one is worth your time or money.

When I stumbled upon Kansas City Steak Company after we reviewed Omaha Steaks, I was intrigued. Not only do they offer a ton of different cuts of meat, they also have a variety of premade meals.

While they have the quantity, do they have the quality to match the high prices theyre charging? We decided to order a box for ourselves to see!

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