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Proper Way To Grill A Steak

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Grilling Steak Tips + Q& a

How to Grill the Perfect Steak.mov

Best Grill Temp for Steak: we recommend searing your steak at high heat such as 500ºF for a few minutes on each side to sear the steak and then lower it to 400ºF to finish cooking.

How Long to Grill Steak: depending on the thickness of your steak and how done you want it, grill steak at around 400ºF for

Should I use a gas or charcoal grill? Either a gas grill or a charcoal grill works for grilling steak. Its all about preference. We personally used a gas grill because you can manage temperature better.

How do I know my grilled steak is done? The most precise way to know if your steak is fully cooked is to check the temperature. Use a meat thermometer and stick it in the thickest part of the steak. It should read at least 135ºF before taking it off the grill to safely consume it.

How Long Do You Cook A Steak On An Electric Grill

It really depends on how well you want steaks done. If youre just looking for something on the medium or medium-rare side, for example, youll probably be fine with cooking your steak for about five to six minutes. If you want a steak that is well done, though, youre looking at eight to ten minutes.

Dont Use Lighter Fluid Or Charcoal Briquettes If You Can Avoid It

According to Prentiss, Always avoid lighter fluid if possible, and while convenient, charcoal briquettes can add an unpleasant kerosene flavor to meat grilled meats and should be avoided. If a wood/natural lump charcoal fire is unavailable or too inconvenient, propane grills will ultimately yield a better steak than charcoal briquettes and lighter fluid.

The best way to go, however, is hardwood or hardwood lump charcoal. Natural solid fuels add the most flavor to steaks while complementing their natural flavors instead of overpowering them, says Prentiss. At P+P we use seasoned oak logs and a hardwood lump charcoal made from mesquite, this yields us a consistent fire with minimal smoke that burns around 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

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How Long To Grill Filet Mignon For Medium Rare And Medium Doneness

Filet mignon is one of the thickest cuts of steak you can have, usually ranging from two to three inches thick.

For a medium rare cook, you should plan on a grill time between 5-6 minutes on each side. A medium cooked filet mignon will likely take closer to 6-8 minutes on each side. You may also need to move your filets to indirect heat and close the grill lid for a few more minutes to make sure the inside cooks to your desired temperature.

A Perfect Grilled Steak

This is the worst cut of steak to grill

Its always important to keep an eye on the temperature of your steak while you are cooking on an electric grill. Between variations on the temperature on the heating surface and the quirks of the cut of meat you bought, you might not be able to simply trust that your steak is done at a certain time.

As a rule, a steak is done when its reached somewhere between three hundred seventy-five and four hundred degrees. Once your steak has hit that temperature, its really up to you to decide if its done. Once you pull it off the grill and let it rest, youll have the kind of meal that anyone who loves a good steak will want and you will be able to do so without having to worry about the weather. Its also important to know how to clean an electric grill after using.

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Grill Over Indirect Heat

You might be used to grilling steaks over a blazing hot fire. If youre cooking a 1-inch steak , thats definitely the way to go. When it comes to thick-cut steaks, youll end up burning the exterior before you can reach a perfect medium-rare inside. Solving this problem is easy: its all about time and temperature.

Set up your grill for indirect heat and cook the steak on the cooler side. This will promote even cooking, inside and out. When it gets close to the desired cooking temperature , flip it onto the hot side of the grill. Sear it for a few minutes on each side until its finished cooking and youve gotten your grill marks. This reverse sear method may seem counterintuitive, but it creates the best browning and a nice, caramelized crust.

How Do You Grill Steak On A Charcoal Grill

Grilling on either a gas or charcoal grill involves pretty much the same process. Using a thick cut steak, ensuring the grate is hot before you start grilling and using a digital thermometer is really all you need to do to ensure your steak is cooked to perfection. Ceramic charcoal grills can give you more control over the grates cooking temperature and will also infuse your meat with a nice smoky flavor, which is why so many grillers swear by them. If youd like to learn more about charcoal grills and how they work, to visit our portable charcoal grill buyers guide.

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Getting The Right Doneness

Having seared your steaks on both sides, its time to flip them and move them over to the indirect heat.

If you have a small gas grill and didnt create the different heat zones for direct and indirect cooking, you can just turn down the heat to medium-high or medium instead. In this case, you should flip the steaks one more time in the middle of cooking them.

The grilling time for steaks depends mainly on their thickness and the desired level of doneness.

Here is a chart that I created to help you with the task:

Just remember that the chart contains only guidelines, not exact parameters. When you get more experience with grilling steaks, it will be easier to get it right. To make things a bit smoother, you can also use a thermometer to check the internal meat temperature.

Dont have a meat thermometer? Not a problem. One great way to test the doneness of your steak is to use your finger. Here is a short video that shows how to do it:

How To Grill Steak 101

How To Grill Your Steak The Right Way

Everyone needs to learn how to grill a steak properly!! I know it can be intimidating, but it truly is something everyone can master. The first step is to pick out high-quality meat, which is why I am so excited to partner with Country Natural Beef on this tutorial!

Country Natural Beef is 100% owned by family ranchers and is G.A.P. Step 4 Animal Welfare Certified which means that their animals are pasture-raised, fed a vegetarian diet, provided a safe and enriched environment and never receive antibiotics or added hormones. They also happen to be a Whole30-Approved partner! And I have to say, this is honestly the best beef I have ever tasted. You truly can tell the difference and I am so proud to be partnering with them today!

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What Cuts To Use

Keep in mind that for a juicy outcome, choose a cut that is at least 1.5 to 2 inches thick. The thicker the cuts, the easier they are to cook, as there is less risk of over-cooking them. If you choose a leaner cut, with less marbling, you will have a higher chance of ending up with something tough and chewy, and it will be far easier to overcook it.

Grill The Steak Slowly Then Sear At End

Weve all heard people say that searing locks in the juices in these steaks, but if youve been grilling awhile you know it is not true. The juices of the meat runs out of the meat depending on the temperature you cook the meat to and not proportional to the temperature the meat is being cooked at. Searing the steak immediately cooks the outer layers and you start to lose the juices of the steak almost immediately. And by the time its properly seared, you would have almost overcooked your outer layer before even beginning to cook the steak through to the center. You should start your steak on the cold side of the grill you can arrange your coals to one side too keep that side the hot one and the other half as the cold side, with the cover on. Once you get to the proper temperature, the exterior would be in good browning stage and all you need to do now is place it on the hot side of the grill to crisp it up.

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The Six Inexpensive Steaks You Should Know

These are the steaks that butchers and chefs love to use because not only are they more inexpensive, but they’ve got character. Many of them are whole muscles that must be trimmed by the butcher just-so if you want them to be tender and large enough to cook as steaks. There are also not many of them on a steer. For every 20 pounds of ribeyes and T-bones you can get off a steer, you get two hanger steaks. That ain’t much.

These butcher’s cuts tend to be more packed with flavor because of the work they do, yet because they’re not as marketable to the general public and require a bit more skill to cook and serve correctly, they remain much cheaper than their mainstream counterparts. This is good news for you if you want to maximize your flavor and your dollar.

The Hanger

Also Sold As: Butcher’s steak, hangar , arrachera , fajitas arracheras , bistro steak, onglet .

Where It’s Cut From: From the plate section of the cow , it “hangs” off of the cow’s diaphragm, hence the name. U.S. meat-cutting classification of NAMP 140.

The Skirt

Also Sold As: Fajita meat, Roumanian Strip .

Where It’s Cut From: The outside skirt is the diaphragm muscle of the cow, cut from the plate. It is the traditional cut for fajitas, and is generally sold to restaurants. Inside skirt is part of the flank, and is the more widely available form of skirt.

The Short Rib

Also Sold As:Kalbi , Jacob’s Ladder , asado de tira

The Flap

The Flank Steak

The Tri-Tip

Grilling The Perfect Steak: A Simple Grilled Steak Recipe

For years I thought the only right way to cook a steak was ...

Want a recipe for grilling the perfect steak that you can try out for dinner tonight? You can do this with rib eye, porterhouse steaks, boneless strip, or whatever other cut delights you the most. You can also use a steak marinade overnight and grill the steaks the next day. This recipe serves four.

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How To Grill Top Sirloin The Right Way

If youre looking to fire up the grill this weekend but tired of chicken recipes and dont want to spend a fortune on steak even on special offers, look no further than the top sirloin steak. Its not as tender as a filet mignon and not as robust as a ribeye, but its my favorite cut of steak for two simple reasons: its affordable, and it has a fuller, beefier flavor than those other cuts. In two words: perfect steak. This American grilled steak will change your entire world.

Preparing For The Grill

One thing that most steaks have in common is that they need a bit of preparation before you get started. Your grill will, too, to ensure that its at the proper temperature and ready to cook up the perfect steak.

First, make sure your steak cuts are at room temperature before you place them on the grill. Doing so will help you get a more even cook so that the inside can cook to your preferred doneness without charring the outside.

Then, get your grill oiled and fired up! Make sure your grates are greased so your steaks can turn easily without getting stuck. Turn the grill on high heat and allow it to warm up before adding your steaks to give it the incredible sear youre after.

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How To Grill A Steak

I have always loved my steaks and learning how to grill a steak perfectly takes a lot of practice and patience. If you are new to grilling, dont get frustrated on your first try. I urge you to keep trying and keep improving grilling a great steak is an art form and cant be rushed. If you need a few guidelines to follow in your journey of grilling the perfect steak well here are some tips to get you started.

Are Charcoal Grills Better For Grilling Steaks

Grilling Steaks for Beginners | The Easy Way Using Charcoal

Many grilling enthusiasts argue that charcoal grills are a better alternative for grilling steaks as opposed to gas or electric grills, but why? When you cook on a charcoal grill, youll enjoy a full smoky flavor, which you just cant get with the other grilling options. Its also much easier to achieve a nice thick crust on the steak. Others feel that gas or electric grills are better choices simply because cleanup is much easier. However, if you know how to clean charcoal grill grates, cleanup and upkeep is actually a breeze. If youre looking for a top of the line charcoal grill, we recommend the PK Grills PK Original Outdoor Charcoal Portable Grill & Smoker Combination.

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Getting The Grill Ready

Before you add the steak to the grill, make sure you get it as hot as possible. There should always be a good-sized gap between the grates and the heat source. The size of this gap can be dependent on the make and model of the grill. Make sure all of the vents are left open and allow the top grate to heat up. Pour some vegetable oil on a folded up paper towel. Using your tongs to hold the paper towel, wipe down the grate.

How To Grill Steak Tips

After your steak tips are marinating, its time to fire up your grill. We recommend a pellet grill like a Pit Boss or a Traeger for these cuts of meat .

First, heat your grill to high 500 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal, but anything around that range is fine. While it warms up, brush your grates with a neutral oil. This precaution will keep the meat from sticking to the grill.

Then, place your steak tips directly on to the hottest part of the grill. If you want, you can also try placing your meat on skewers before you cook them.

This process makes turning a little easier and results in nice browning on all sides. The official cook time for grilling steak tips depends on how you prefer your meat done.

  • If you prefer medium-rare, then grill them for around four minutes on each side, or until the internal temperature reaches 135 degrees Fahrenheit
  • If you prefer medium, then grill them for around five minutes on each side, or until the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit
  • If you prefer medium-well, then grill them for around six minutes on each side, or until the internal temperature reaches 155 degrees Fahrenheit

Once you finish cooking the steak tips, remove them from the grill and let them rest for around 10 minutes before digging in.

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Avoid Individual Steaks If Cooking For A Crowd

Don’t be afraid to go with one large steak like a 32 oz Ribeye or 1 kilo Porterhouse for a group as opposed to multiple individual steaks, says Prentiss. One large steak is easier to manage and monitor on a grill than multiple smaller ones and armed with a good thermometer, any cook can nail a perfect medium-rare every time. Larger steaks like those also work well for two to six people because once sliced, the steak will have some slices that are cooked to the preference of each guest. Because of the inherent internal variation of cooking times within one steak, Prentiss says, you can accommodate diners who prefer medium rare and medium well with just one piece of meat.

Time To Hit The Grill

Grill A Great Steak

Before hitting the grill, make sure your steak comes up to room temperature. This will help it cook evenly from edge to center for that perfect medium rare. Prep the grill by getting it really, really hot. Keep the lid closed up until the moment you place the steak on the grill. Youre looking for a hard sear to seal in the juices.

Using a good pair of tongs, quickly lay the steak on the grill, protecting yourself in the event that the addition of fats and oils causes a flare-up. I usually keep a squirt bottle of water handy for flare-ups, just in case. Set your timer and wait: in order to get a good sear, you wont want to move the steak for a few minutes.

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The Handy Meat Thermometer

What the timing method lacks in precision, the modern meat thermometer makes up for with technological accuracy. Cooking a medium-rare steak to the perfect temperature has never been easier, whether youre charcoal grilling, searing and then baking, using the reverse sear method, or cooking steak a different way.

Simply insert the thermometer probe into the center of the meat, make sure it is in the medium-rare temperature threshold of 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit, and voila! Your delicious and perfectly cooked steak is ready to be served! But, there are some drawbacks to determining doneness with a thermometer, no matter how advanced.

For starters, inserting a probe thermometer requires you to pierce the meat, creating an escape path for vital juices. Additionally, depending on your cooking method, inserting a thermometer may be inconvenient in tighter spaces, or require you to place the cooking instrument in the direct path of fire or high heat, which can be a hazardous risk. Modern thermometers have infra-red technology that measures surface temperature, eliminating both of these issues. However, its not nearly as handy for determining the internal temperature of a medium-rare steak.

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