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Picanha Steak Where To Buy

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How To Order Picanha At The Butcher

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Picanha can be a very niche cut of meat to begin with, and not many butchers will outright know exactly what youre looking for if you were to come at them asking for one. Thats why it becomes pretty important to come prepared and know exactly all the different names of a Picanha to ensure that your particular butcher will finally understand what youre talking about.

Whenever you go to a butcher, come prepared with two terms. The first one is a Picanha and the second one is top sirloin cap. Those are the two most notable phrases that a butcher will understand and know exactly how to prepare the meat for you.

Also, whenever you finally get their attention and help them understand what kind it is if they dont know, make sure to specifically request that you get a large fat cap on the Picanha roast, otherwise it will come out potentially with no fat on it whatsoever, and that is definitely not what you want. You want very large fat caps that sort of droop over the ends of the meat. That is what makes a Picanha so great to begin

How Is Picanha Best Cooked

Picanha is an excellent cut but if not cooked properly, youll miss out on the tenderness and succulent flavors. One of the most popular ways to cook picanha is on a flat skewer or rotisserie. It can be slow-cooked or grilled, but temperature and method are important. It may also be smoked or roasted. However you cook it, dont rush it. This meat does best when the tenderness is allowed to develop.

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Delivered To Your Doorstep For A Fine Dining Experience At Home

To maximize freshness and preserve quality, our products are frozen in a blast freezer and packaged individually. This locks in all of the natural juices and preserves texture. Each steak is then carefully nestled into a polystyrene cooler containing more than enough dry ice and/or gel packs to ensure safe delivery. Our painstaking shipping process spares no expense in providing you with a superior-quality steak delivered straight to your doorstep.

What Cut Of Beef Is Picanha

Grass Fed Picanha Steak Perfect For The Barbecue, Spit Or Oven ...

Picanha steak comes from the rump area of the animal. This cut of meat is sometimes referred to by common names like the rump cover, rump cap, top sirloin cap, or coulotte steak. Although the rump is an exercised area of a cow, its not one thats overly filled with muscle. Instead, youll find a large cap of fat covering the picanha cut, which keeps it tender and juicy while cooking. Many people like to begin cooking the fat side of picanha to render down the fat as the beef cooks.

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How Do You Cook Picanha On A Gas Grill

To prepare picanha on a gas grill, begin by preheating the grill and salt if you havent already. The fat side should be placed up. Your next step is to make grill marks on the fat cap, then lower the temperature for slow, even cooking. Make sure you watch carefully to avoid uneven cooking due to sudden flare-ups.

Brazilian Picanha Steak By Spruce Eats

This is a straightforward recipe that will take you through the cooking process step-by-step. Don’t forget to let the steak rest for juiciest results.

This recipe recommends serving picanha with cheese bread, collard greens, and crispy or creamy polenta for a true Brazilian feast.

Grab this Brazilian Picanha Steak recipe from Spruce Eats.

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What Is Picanha Steak

Picanha steak is one of the lesser-known cuts in the United States. Still, its one to keep your eye on because of its affordability despite its decadent flavor and texture.

Picanha steak is a favorite in Brazil and other countries in South America, and youd be hard-pressed to find a Brazilian steakhouse that doesnt feature it. The word picanha comes from the Latin word picana, a type of pole that farmers in Latin countries used to herd cattle. Ranchers used cattle prods on the rump area of the cow, right where youd find the picanha steak cut.

Picanha steak is known for being incredibly tender and flavorful, often being compared to the ribeye but with slightly less marbling. However, you wont often find picanha steak labeled as such in the supermarket or at the butcher because it tends to get cut into other steaks, like a round roast or top round steaks, rather than sold whole.

Prepare The Picanha For Smoking

How to grill picanha steak. The BEST steak you’ve never tried!

Pull the picanha out of the fridge and pat dry. Trim off any surface silver skin thats visible and trim the fat cap down to half an inch in thickness.

We got our picanha from Porter Road online butchery. Porter Road is based in Nashville, TN, and offers high quality, humane, and pasture-raised meat from local farms.

They were kind enough to send us their quality picanha for free to try out. It did not disappoint!

The picanha came hand-trimmed, with very little visible silver skin, and the fat cap already trimmed down to near half an inch.

It was firm to the touch, with a rich deep red color that is reminiscent of grass-fed beef. Its a testament to the pride and quality Porter Road takes in processing meat.

Note: Since the cooking time for picanha is relatively short in comparison to other low and slow recipes, the fat cap will not fully render.

You can remove the fat cap wholly to allow for more surface area for your rub, but in this recipe, we leave a half an inch fat cap that bastes the meat as it smokes and sears.

You can always remove it before serving if you prefer

If your picanha isnt trimmed as neatly as our piece, be sure to take your time and remove all the little bits of excess silver skin.

Once the picanha is trimmed, apply a dry rub generously all over the meat, massaging and patting it into the meat with an open palm.

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Bottom Line Up Front Summary

At its best, picanha is a flavorful and tender cut- especially when grilled. Also called coulotte steak or sirloin cap, picanha is best cooked with its succulent fat cap.

The problem is most butchers and grocery stores in the United States have limited knowledge or availability of picanha. To find the best online, I recommend looking at grading and sourcing standards, thickness, color, and present marbling.

If I had to recommend just one place to buy picanha online, it would be Meat N Bone. Meat N Bone started as a traditional butchers shop, and theres a lot I love about their selection. That selection includes Wagyu picanha, G-1 certified picanha, and collections. I also really like that they work with their suppliers- including family co-ops.

Can You Buy Picanha In The Us

Since Picanha is traditionally a Brazilian style cut of beef, a lot of people may not realize that you can actually buy one in the United States. You can absolutely buy one in the US, and not only that, you can get them in all different types of grades ranging from select, choice, prime, and wagyu.

For many of the grades of Picanha, you can expect slight marbling throughout the actual meat itself, with adequate fat caps. For wagyu and prime cuts of Picanha specifically, there happens to be a lot more marbling present throughout the meat. It should basically just look like a lot of white lines between the red fibers as you look into the raw packaging. One of the really neat things though about Picanha, is that you dont really need to worry about marbling to begin with, since you have such a large fat cap on top that pretty much negates any dryness or leanness of the meat. Its really the perfect balance in my opinion

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What Is Picanha Steak: How To Cook And Where Does It Come From

Picanha steak is a cut of beef from the top of the rump area of the cow. In the US, its known as a rump cap, rump cover, or top sirloin cap. Its triangular in shape with a thick layer of the fat cap. It comes in many different sizes however, the smaller cut between 2,2-3,3 pounds is best since it does not contain parts of other cuts. The bigger cut may include the outer thigh that is located below the rump, which is tough. Since the muscle is not overused and has a decent amount of marbling, its a highly flavorful and relatively tender cut of beef.

So what is picanha steak? Below youll find everything you need to know about this prized cut in more detail. Ive included three different cooking methods, a steak temperature chart, and where you can buy this incredibly delicious cut.

Summing Up: How To Pan Sear Picanha Steak

Grass Fed Picanha Steak Perfect For The Barbecue, Spit Or Oven ...

Searing picanha steak is as straightforward as searing other thick cuts of steak, like ribeye. The most important part of the process is finding the right cut to start with. Remember to choose picanha with its fat cap attached, slicing it into 1-1 ½-inch steaks before searing. When youre ready to learn how to pan sear other popular cuts, head to Steak University for all the details.

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What Part Of The Cow Does Picanha Come From

Picanha steaks come from the top of the rump . Its triangular in shape and contains a thick fat cap on the top. In the US, its also known as rump cap, sirloin cap, rump cover, or even a culotte steak. It has a similar flavor profile to the rump steak with a robust beefy flavor. Its not the most tender cut however, the fat cap and intramuscular fat make it a juicy cut of beef.

What Is The Most Popular Dessert In Brazil


BrigadeiroHands down the most popular dessert in Brazil. You might get away with a birthday party without a cake, but if there arent enough brigadeiros to fill the table, the guests might end up leaving early. The brigadeiro is a very simple Brazilian bonbon, about the size of a golf ball.

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What Steak Should I Buy

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How To Cook Picanha

I Dry Aged A5 Wagyu Picanha now it’s worth $3,000.00!

The traditional Brazilian way of cooking the Picanhaoften at a churrascariais to skewer the meat into a horseshoe shape and cook it over an open fire.

The Brazilians know what they are doing. The Picanha steak is best cooked over an open flame , but it can also be cooked with a gas grill, oven, or on the stove

The Picanha cut does best with a simple seasoning blend of coarse sea salt and cracked black pepper.

During the cooking process, the fat cap on the cut melts and crisps as you cook. When you thinly slice the meat against the grain, the meat will melt in your mouth.

Pair the Picanha with an authentic, chimichurri sauce and glass of red wine.

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The Perfect Way To Marinate A Picanha Steak From Brazil

Combine lemon pepper, Brazilian sofrito, dried parsley, and mustard for the marinade. Slice the meat in the same direction as the fiber and season both sides for 15 minutes. Grill at 350°F and pair with rice, burgers, chimichurri, meat platters, and much more Picanha steak from Brazil can also be called rump cover, rump cap, sirloin cap or even culotte steak. Harvested from underused muscles of the rump, butchers normally cut it in triangular shapes to enhance the thick layer of fat called the cap fat.

Look for each cuts size, fat content, and excess liquid in the packaging. Smaller cuts tend to be better and easier to cook.

Why Is Picanha So Tender

But perhaps the most prized aspect of picanha is that its quite tender. The top layer of the muscle that is over the rump is close to the skin and the muscle itself is not heavily used. The more heavily used a muscle is, the tougher it tends to be. If prepared well, with fat, youll experience a tender, succulent cut of meat.

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Bring Steak To Room Temperature

Leave the steak out before grilling. Bringing steak to room temperature is crucial because itll allow it to cook evenly throughout. While steak is out, season it generously with coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper. There are more seasoning options below in the article. However, since the meat is exceptionally flavorful, its better not to overpower it with too much seasoning.

Note: If you have whole picanha roast, cut the roast first, then season it and bring it to room temperature. Depending on the roast size, you should get around 2-4 steaks from the whole piece of meat.

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Where To Buy Picanha Steak Online And Costco

Exceptional Picanha Steaks

July 8, 2022 By David

I spent weeks watching videos from Guga Foods on YouTube as he cooked picanha steaks. His description of the Queen of Steaks had me drooling and I had to try grilling some of these myself.

I headed out to the grocery stores in my town and quickly learned that this is not a standard cut of beef in my region and if I wanted to find one then I was going to have to do some more digging.

If you are in a similar boat and are looking for a place to buy picanha then I have found a couple of online resources for you.

If you would like to learn more about this cut before you buy one then check out this article, What is Picanha?

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Cook To An Internal Temperature Of 130f

Once I remove the fat cap I season the roast on all sides with Traegers Chili Garlic Dry Rub dry rub that has salt, pepper, garlic, onion, paprika and chili powder. You could go as simple as just salt and pepper and it would still be delicious.

The picanha gets cooked at 250F for an hour or until it reaches an internal temperature of 130F. Once it reaches 130F I remove it from the pellet grill, let it rest for 10 minutes and then slice thin against the grain.

You can serve the steak in a thousand different ways.

One of my favorite ways of enjoying the steak is as a simple sandwich. I load up a sweet Kings Hawaiian mini-sub roll with lettuce, tomato, steak and a spicy barbecue sauce and the resulting sandwich is amazing!

Whats The Difference Between Tri

Tri-tip is often compared with picanha, and rightfully so. Both have some nice fat and tenderness, but tri-tip is known to have superior marbling. Tri-rip does best when smoked, but picanha is often grilled. Picanha is thicker and easier to work with for beginners. While tri-tip is described as buttery, picanha is tender and juicy.

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What Does It Taste Like

One of the reasons it is so popular is due to the tenderness of the meat and the flavor.

The beef flavor is typically closest to a top sirloin cap with a juicy flavor and tender texture.

We find that it can be very delicious if you cook it correctly.

From our own experience, you want to get a cut with the fat cap still on it as these are generally more tender and cook well.

Picanha steak is a prized cut of beef in Brazil, also known as rump cap. Ask your butcher for this, or a good quality rump steak will also work.

Jamie Oliver, Professional Chef & Restaurateur

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