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Murray’s Steak Grocery Store

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Today A Third Generation Of Murrays Continues The Legacy

Murray grocery store becomes place for people to talk about Ukraine invasion, home

Growing up our restaurant played a prominent part in all of our lives, from tagging along with dad on Saturday afternoons to the holiday celebrations hosted by our grandparents which included beloved Murrays staff. Hearing stories of the nightly goings on is a spice in the life of a restaurant family. We each learned and labored in various roles over the years.

What Started It All

While Marie tended to guests and the menu, Art solved service issues with innovative products of his own design. They quickly developed a reputation for the highest quality food and service.

Second generation owner, Pat Murray, shared his parents love of the hospitality industry and was a passionate promoter of Downtown Minneapolis and proud supporter and fan of all Minnesota sports teams.

The building the restaurant occupies is one of the oldest in the city, built in the 1880s. The Murrays signs are now a downtown MPLS icon.

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One by one, Murrys grocery stores in the District are disappearing-part of an overall shift by the chains parent company towards its larger-format Save-a-Lot concept, which is getting its trial run on Rhode Island Avenue. The Murrys at Skyland Town Center has been on notice since, well, forever. The H Street outlet was recently purchased by a residential developer. And last July, the one on Georgia Avenue at Morton Street NW was picked up by a guy named Yanni Xanthos in partnership with Redbrick Development, which is planning about 100 rental units with ground floor retail and 40 underground parking spaces.

Its not happening right away. The team is already working on a 300-unit project in Alexandria, and Xanthos, who owns an electrical business a few blocks south of the site, says Murrys will stay until they get rolling on something in 2014. Hed like to bring in a national tenant, perhaps another grocery store like Trader Joes . Meanwhile, it just adds to the body of aspirational plans for Georgia Avenue-which also, as of recently, includes Romeo Morgans dream of senior housing and a DMV on his seafood store-that are slowly getting implemented, evidenced by the holes in the ground that have shown up along the strip recently.

The Avenue still loses businesses, on occasion-like the Labamba Sub Shop at Euclid Street, which recently closed. For Sylvia Robinson, the Task Forces imperturbable leader, its just a new project. Another opportunity, as she puts it.

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Stars With Over 1000 Google Reviews To Prove It

The service was top notch and the food was even better. I hosted a client and they loved every aspect. I couldn’t have made a better choice!

One of the best dining experiences I’ve had. The staff were so attentive and personable. Probably the best steak I’ve had in my life, as well. The wine selection is amazing.

5 million stars for the exquisite taste Service from all staff deserves another 5 million stars! Murrays in downtown Minneapolis is rated at the TOP of our list

Whether youre looking for a classic cocktail crafted from local spirits or a nationally acclaimed steak, we welcome you.


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