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How To Grill A Steak On A Pellet Grill

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Smoking Steaks Isnt A Last

Ribeye Steaks on A Pellet Grill

Be sure to give yourself enough time to prepare. Four to six hours before you plan to start cooking, set your steaks out so they can cool to room temperature. If your steaks are warm on the outside and cold on the inside, they wont cook evenly. Check out our Steak Internal Temperatures article for more information on smoked steak temperatures.

Prepare The Tri Tip For The Smoker

Start with a tri tip that weighs between two and three pounds. You can usually find some nice Prime tri tip at Costco.

Sometimes there will be a fat cap on the back of the roast. I trim the fat cap and underlying membrane off it is present but many people leave it onits not a big deal either way.

Baste each side of the roast with Worcestershire sauce, 1 tbsp per side, for a little flavor and to help the rub adhere.

Mix up your dry rub. You can use a commercial beef rub if you like or use this recipe:

Tri Tip Dry Rub

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Top 5 Of The Best Pellet Grill For Searing Steaks 2022

Many enjoy delicious steak cooked on a pellet grill because its simple and convenient. However, there are so many grills to choose from it can be challenging to choose the one thats right for you.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself prior to purchase:

  • Do you plan to use the pellet grill for small batches of cooking, or do you often cook for a large crowd?
  • Are you on a budget or are you willing to spend on premium pellet smokers for searing?
  • How often will you be using a pellet grill for searing?

To help you choose your best searing pellet grill, weve collected a list of the top 5 pellet grills for searing steaks. Weve considered factors like price, features, and performance to help you find the perfect grill for your needs.

So, without further ado, here are the top 5 pellet grills for searing steaks:

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Tips To Cook Steak On Pellet Grill

There are many ways to cook steak on a pellet grill. If you want to cook some delicious steak, you can use the following tips and tricks to make a great meal. Firstly, you need to choose high-quality meat for cooking on a pellet grill. Avoid using cheap cuts of meat as they tend to dry out very easily. Good quality steaks have superior marbling and texture which will help them retain moisture better when cooked on the pellet grill.

Secondly, apply some seasoning or rubs before placing the steaks directly onto the grates in order to add flavor and enhance their taste. Thirdly, make sure that your temperature is set correctly before placing any food items onto your pellet grills cooking grate since this will keep your meat from drying out too much.

Finally, cook the steaks to a perfect level of perfection and serve them while they are still hot and juicy. Your steak will turn out juicier when cooked on a pellet grill than it would have been if you cooked it any other way.

If you have any questions or comments about cooking steak on a pellet grill, feel free to leave a message in the comment section below! Meanwhile, keep cooking some delicious meals at home! Happy grilling!

Insert Heat Retention & Pre


So you really want a get the pellet grill to the highest temperature whether youve got a top temperature of 700°F or 350°F it really doesnt matter.

As long as youve got that form of heat retention that makes all the difference. The ability of a pellet grill to sear and create a crust on the steak is all about holding heat.

You might already have one hanging around at home but basically you just need a cast-iron pan. The biggest tip I have with one of these is to be really careful with the handle.

After I have had a few drinks, Ill still give myself a minor burn by grabbing the handle without some form of protection even an old dish towel drying towel will do the job for you.

Another tip if you want to actually get little bit more crust going on especially if you have a steak with a bit of fat either separated fat or when its intertwined into the muscle wagyu.

The old chef trickIf you using a cast-iron pan youre able to get oil in the pan and then put some butter in, the oil will slow down the butter from burning and then steak will sear, brown and crust more easily.

You dont need a lot of butter.

Trust me, youll get another level of crust, I learned this trick when I was doing some observations inside commercial kitchens as a pseudo fine dining consultant and seeing how the chefs were doing things .

Grill Grates

Also if you have the right tool, I sometimes flip them over after a grill session to burn off the grease then all I need to do is brush them down.

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Key To Success #2 Preheat The Grill Using Fruit Or Nut Wood

The first step to grilling on a Traeger is preheating the grill.

It may take your Traeger 15-20 minutes to get up to grilling temperature so keep this in mind when you are planning your meal.

Were preheating the grill to 375 degrees F for these sirloin steaks.

I recommend using any fruit or nut wood when grilling steaks. You can use apple, cherry, pecan, or a combination of these.

If you like more of a smoky flavor, you could use oak or hickory or another hardwood.

Hickory in particular creates more smoke so it would add more smoky flavor during this relatively short cooking time.

Some of the Traeger models have electronics that will allow you to monitor the internal grill temperature remotely from your smartphone.

Make sure the grill reaches 375 degrees F before adding your meat.

I highly recommend putting down a non-stick mat on your grates when your grill has preheated.

If you notice the grid pattern instead of grill marks on my steaks, this is from the non-stick mat.

The mats help your grill and grates stay cleaner during cooking and will prevent smaller foods from falling through the cracks.

How Do I Know When My Steak Is Done

You must rely on a really good meat thermometer, this is a MUST! An instant-read digital thermometer is the best and easiest to use. This is the safest way to ensure your internal temperatures are accurate and the meat is safely done for consumption.

I use the ThermoWorks thermometers, and they are amazing. I have the Thermapen and it is one of my favorite pieces of kitchen equipment. I also have the Smoke which is a wireless leave-in probe and is one of my most-used grilling tools.

Temperature Guide for Steak:

  • Medium Well: 150-155 degrees F
  • Well Done: Just have a cheeseburger

Remember that your meat will continue to cook after you remove it from the grill, so allow for a 3-5 degree raise in temperature while resting. Check, check, check that temp!

Speaking of resting, always allow your steak to rest for 5 minutes before serving. This allows the juices to tame down and remain in the meat when you start cutting into it.

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What Is The Best Temp To Cook Steak On Pellet Grill

The best temp to cook steak on a pellet grill is between 450 and 500 degrees. At this temperature, you can get a nice crust on the outside of the meat while keeping it moist and tender inside. Ideally, you want to sear the steak quickly over high heat at first, then remove it from the direct heat source and let it finish cooking more slowly by indirect heat until done. Make sure that your pellets are dry before cooking so that they do not cause flare-ups that can burn your steak.

There are many different ways to cook steak on a pellet grill, but for great results with minimal effort, try searing it in a hot skillet before transferring it to your grill for finishing. You can also use wood chips or wood chunks to infuse the meat with a smoky flavor. If you want to get extra fancy, use a marinade before cooking or add flavored rubs or sauces as it finishes cooking. Whether youre looking for tender and juicy sirloin steak, crispy pork chop, or crispy chicken breast, you can find what you need with a pellet grill.

What Is The Reverse Sear Method

How to Reverse Sear Ribeye Steaks | Traeger Staples

Congratulations, you’ve gotten the hang of searing your steaks, so why don’t we take a look at another trick in the book? If you feel you’re confident enough as a pitmaster, you can try your luck at reverse searing, which is fairly self explanatory.

A reverse sear is where you first cook the inside of the steak and then focus on nailing the sear on the exterior, contrary to how we traditionally do things.

You start cooking with a low temperature on the grill , as opposed to the higher heat that we usually start with.

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What Temperature Do You Cook Steak On Pellet Grill

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Its highly recommended to set the pellet grill to 375 degrees when grilling steaks. Preheat it for 15 minutes and make sure that the lid is closed. Then place the steak at the grill and start cooking until the ideal temperature of the steak is achieved.

Seasoning Is About What You Choose And How You Apply It

You can use a simple salt and pepper blend, a complicated rub, or a ready-made steak seasoning blend from the store. Each one will bring different flavors to the meat. But the keyno matter what you choose to season your pellet grill steaks withis how you apply the seasoning.

Dont just shake it on and throw the steaks on the grill. Take your time to massage the seasoning into the meat on every side. Pour it into your hand, and rub it thoroughly onto the steaks with your fingers. This will make a huge difference!

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Grilling The Perfect Steak

If youre having steak, you can have butter, he said. Itll add to the flavor.

So, why let the steak rest after cooking it? It allows the juices to settle. Itll make it more tender. And when you cut into it, the steaks juices wont end up all over your plate.

The first grill is a Napoleon Gas Grill available in several models at Coastal. These are designed for searing with infrared burners.

Gas grills like this Napoleon are the easiest to use. Turn it on, and 20 minutes later youre eating dinner. Theyre clean. And youll get a nice sear if you get it extra hot. The only thing you wont get is that smoky flavor you get from pellets and charcoal.

Matt explains that to cook the perfect steak on gas, you need to get your grill up to temperature. You want to get it as hot as you can. Then, put the meat on. Get a good sear to get that perfect crust. Next, drop the heat to finish cooking it. Finally, set it aside for 5 minutes to let the juices settle.

Although we didnt fire up a pellet grill for the days event, Matt explains that something like a Green Mountain Pellet Grill available at Coastal adds plenty of smoky flavor. The only place they struggle is with grilling because they dont get hot enough to get a good sear. But you can cook a great steak on a pellet grill.

Kamado grills are amazing for flavor and versatility. And the different types of lump charcoal at Coastal means you can add various flavors to your meals.

Best Pellet Grill Steaks Recipes

Pellet Grill Steak

There are some great options out there for pellet grills as well as a few different methods for smoking or grilling steak on the pellet grills.

Weve picked out our favourites in terms of techniques and grills, but its totally up to you what you want to do with these ideas. Have fun experimenting to find what works best for you!

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Grillin It Up To Perfection

When youre all set to cook steaks on a pellet grill, you can choose either of the two methods mentioned down below.

  • Option 1: If you wish to have a rare steak with crusty skin with a red center, this method should be your go-to.
  • Option 2: if you want to get that smoky flavor in every bite of your steak and not just on the crust, reverse sear would be a good idea.

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Whats The Perfect Finished Temperature For New York Strip

Of course, whether you like your steaks rare, medium, well, or anywhere in-between is a matter of taste. Just keep in mind that the New York strip steak does not have as much fat as cuts like ribeye do, so it is much easier to overcook it and turn it into a dry piece of chewy leather.

Even those folks that like their steak really well done do not want their steaks to be tough to eat.

Since New York Strip steak is a strip too, you will find that it cooks very quickly unlike that big thick sirloin, porterhouse, or other filet.

On the Traeger grill or other pellet grill, you want to get the heat up to about 425 degrees fahrenheit.

There are two schools of thought on the right way to cook the steak. Both sides agree on one thing.

Season the meat first with some salt and pepper!

The seasoning helps form that tasty exterior crust due to the maillard effect.

However, some say heat the meat first to cook it to mostly done, then finish with a high hot sear to seal in the juices. Others say sear it first, then take it off the hottest part of the grills heat and let it cook the rest of the way.

I have cooked many steaks using both methods, and I have to say I am a much bigger fan of the reverse sear method.

With a steak as lean and as thin as this cut is, then you are only going to be cooking it between 7 and 10 minutes per side to get it to medium, which is light pink on the inside.


Enjoy this steak with a cool homemade frozen mudslide recipe!

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Why Should You Cook Steaks At 400 Degrees

It would be best to cook steaks at around 400 degrees Fahrenheit to give you a tender and juicy texture. However, the steaks doneness will be based on its internal temperature.

Cooking steaks usually has a wide range of opinions depending on the type of doneness you prefer. Some prefer it at a lower temperature, and some choose a high temperature for faster cooking.

However, pellet grill steaks cooked at lower temperatures might cook the steak longer and not give your desired juicy meat texture.

How Long Does It Take To Cook Steak At 250

How to Reverse Sear a Steak on a Pellet Grill | Grilla Grills Pellet Smokers

Cooking steak at 250 degrees Fahrenheit will take about 10 to 15 minutes per side, depending on the thickness and level of doneness you are going for. To ensure that your steak cooks evenly and to your liking, be sure to let it rest after cooking, so the juices redistribute throughout the meat. If you want a slightly pink center with a charred exterior, cook your steak for 4 minutes per side. For lightly seared steak with a medium interior, cook for 7 minutes per side. Medium-well steak with browned edges will require about 10 minutes per side, while well-done steaks may need up to 14 minutes on each side. With these tips in mind, you can confidently prepare excellent steaks at home!

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Why Smoking Ribeyes Is A Great Pellet Grill Recipe

  • Simple seasonings.
  • Learn why you use two temperatures for smoking steaks like ribeye.
  • Use my low and slow method to infuse BIG smoky flavor.
  • Add even more flavor by using strong hickory wood pellets as seen in the Sip Bite Go demo.
  • Use boneless ribeyes or smoke bone-in ribeyes.
  • New to smoked foods? See my step by step video for beginners .

Should You Traditionally Sear Or Reverse Sear When Grilling Steak On A Pellet Grill

Which type of searing will net you the best results? Honestly, thereâs no clear-cut winner between traditional and reverse searing â except for you and your hungry guests.

Now that you know how to cook steak on a pellet grill, you have no excuse not to pick up some ribeyes, T-bones, New York Strips or sirloins for dinner tonight. Perfect isnât always possible when it comes to grilling steaks. But when youâre cooking on a Grilla, youâre well on your way.

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What Is Reverse Searing

When grilling, we aim for a caramelized crust this is for the flavor. And a medium-rare on the inside to trap the smoke. The reverse searing method of grilling steak on a pellet grill is a method that gives the best of both worlds consistently. It involves cooking the steak on low heat before searing it in a pan.

Reverse seared steaks have an evenly cooked interior thanks to the low heat. And the smoking steaks still have their sear. This method helps you control your grilling instead of playing it by ear traditionally. Everyone wants to learn how to reverse sear a steak, and a taste of a reverse seared steak will tell you why.

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