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How Much Is It To Open A Steak And Shake

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Why Is The Steak ‘n Shake Buy

Steak And Shake Franchise Cost of $10k TOO GOOD to be TRUE?

According to Sardar Biglari, CEO of Steak ‘n Shake’s parent company Biglari Holdings, the initial investment is so low compared to how much it really costs to open many franchises in order to open the door to cash-strapped entrepreneurs like Biglari once was. In 2018, Biglari stated, per QSR, that he “started company with $15,000 and built a thriving enterprise,” adding that he “want to provide an opportunity to other entrepreneurs who are highly motivated to excel but lack the financial means” and that what the company is looking for in Franchise Partners “is not great capital but great ability.”

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Steak N Shake Swot Analysis

Aside from the numbers, a potential franchisee must take into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of a business because getting into the franchise industry is a longterm commitment.

So before you sign a franchise agreement, make sure you familiarize yourself with the good and bad of a franchise. You want to be prepared for whatever this restaurant concept throws your way.

What Is A Steak And Shake Franchise


Steak And Shake franchise is a classic American brand serving premium burgers and milkshakes.

The mission at Steak n Shake is to serve customers the highest quality burgers and shakes along with extending them great service at the lowest possible prices.

In 1939, Steak n Shake began offering a limited number of franchises for Steak n Shake® restaurants, but it did not make a general offering to sell franchises until 1991. As of December 30, 2020 there were 159 franchise locations and 272 company-operated Steak n Shake® restaurants within the U.S. Steak n Shake offers franchises for restaurants with various operating formats: Freestanding Quick Service Format, In-line Quick Service, Non-traditional, and roadside.

The Steak n Shake Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Biglari Holdings Inc. , an Indiana corporation founded by Sardar Biglari. Biglari Holdings common stock is quoted under the symbols BH.A and BH on the New York Stock Exchange. Sardar Biglari is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Biglari Holdings.

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Is The Cost To Open A Steak N Shake Worth The $10k Investment

Steak n Shake started in 1934 and has since become one of the most recognized casual restaurant chains serving premium burgers and milkshakes in the country. Since then, the concept has evolved into a favorite franchise for entrepreneurs due to a low upfront investment fee of only $10,000. Compare this to other fast-food chains like McDonalds and Wendys with upfront investments in the ball-park of million bucks and you can see why its so appealing.

A recently opened Steak n Shake restaurant.

Steak n Shakes franchise partner program is different than most. Participation requires an investment of only $10,000 a number you dont usually see when were talking about restaurant franchises. With a liquid capital of just $10,500 and a total investment of about $10,000, the Steak n Shake offers a unique opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs without deep financial resources.

But there is a bit of a catch. Steak n Shake offers a franchise partner program that doesnt grant you true ownership of a business unit like other franchise opportunities. Instead, you serve as a general manager of a store that gets to benefit from the income the store generates. More on this role distinction later, but its kind of how the Chick-fil-A model works.

How Much It Really Costs To Open A Steak ‘n Shake Franchise

Do you fantasize about having your own franchise? Well, Steak ‘n Shake parent company Biglari Holdings wants to make you King or Queen of your own Steakburger Kingdom for only about twice what the Washington Post says the average American spends on commuting to work each year. Truth be told, you wouldn’t own that Steak ‘n Shake outright, you’d just rule it. The $10,000 buy-in program, launched in 2018, gives would-be franchisees the opportunity to essentially buy partial ownership of existing company-owned Steak ‘n Shake locations. Steak ‘n Shake calls franchisees in this program “Franchise Partners.”

What exactly does being a “Franchise Partner” get you? A six-month training program, a somewhat vague “robust franchise support system,” 50% of your location’s earnings, and “nlimited earning potential” . Doesn’t seem too shabby considering buy-in Franchise Partners don’t have to put up any of the cost of building the restaurant in the first place, though they do need to “oversee all aspects of the restaurant” in a “hands-on” manner. The $10,000 initial investment is significantly cheaper than, say, opening a Subway for between $139,500 and $341,000, and has far fewer barriers to entry than opening a McDonalds or a Burger King, which require franchisees to have a significant net worth and a whopping $1 million in liquid assets .

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Find Good Franchises In Your Target Industries That Are Still Available In Your Area

  • Due Date: Weekly on Friday.
  • For non-traditional locations, Steak n Shake may elect to reduce or waive the Digital and Production Fund Fee based on whether it determines, in its sole discretion, that advertising is necessary for the particular non-traditional locations.

8. Additional Opening Support: $100 to $300 per day, plus travel, lodging, and meals

  • Due Date: 30 days after billing.
  • If you request additional assistance from Steak n Shakes opening trainers, Steak n Shake may charge a daily fee based on the experience level and number of trainers it provides.

9. Operating Assistance: $4,000 per month, plus payroll, travel, lodging, and meals

  • Due Date: 30 days after billing.
  • Applies to extraordinary assistance due to your failure to follow System standards, and Steak n Shake must provide managers to ensure your Restaurant operates in accordance with System standards.

10. Transfer Fee: $5,000 per Restaurant

  • Due Date: Before or at time of approval.
  • Applies to approved transfers of a controlling interest in the franchise.

11. Additional Manager Training: $1,000 per manager for additional managers beyond the specified number of owners and managers Steak n Shake initially trains at no cost, or any replacement manager

  • Due Date: 30 days after billing.
  • Steak n Shake provides initial training at no cost for owners and 3 managers. Steak n Shake charges a fee of $1,000 to train any additional managers, including replacement managers.
  • Due Date: 30 days after billing.

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Steak N Shake Franchise

Steak ‘n Shake Franchise only $10,000 – What’s the Catch?

According to estimates, an investment of between $672,000 and $1835,000 will be required to launch a Steak & Shake franchise. It costs between,000 and,000 to purchase a Steak n Shake franchise, which allows you the right to operate your own restaurant under the Steak n Shake brand. Fee for royalties: 5.5 percent

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He Removed His Own Salary Cap

Quick, take a guess: whos one of the highest-paid CEOs around? If you guessed its Sardar Biglari, youre absolutely right.

And heres the thing. According to Nations Restaurant News, Biglari technically earns just $900,000 as CEO of Steak n Shake parent company Biglari Holdings. But, Biglari Holdings also pays a massive amount of incentives to Biglari Capital, and if you guessed Sardar Biglari is the only owner of that company, youd be right again. When all is said and done, Biglari took home $32.5 million in 2016 more than the CEOs of Chipotle and McDonalds make combined.

Its incredibly complicated, and Steak n Shake isnt the only restaurant in the mix here hes also making money off his investments in Cracker Barrel.

And it gets stranger. Even as Steak n Shake hemorrhaged money, Restaurant Business reported that in March 2019, Biglari Holdings removed the cap on the pay package its CEO ie. Sardar Biglari can receive. Previously, the CEO pay package was capped at $10 million, but no more. The pay cap removal came after a series of changes that put Biglari himself firmly in control of the firms holdings, and he also owns enough stock that he has controlling voting rights, too. Whats going on? Youd probably need a PhD in business to figure it all out.

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Ideal Candidate & Qualifications

Shake Shack Now Open at Mall of America

We seek out people who:

  • Are vision-driven, passion-minded, and have an unwavering desire to achieve the American Dream
  • Have a successful track record in business leadership with proven positive results
  • Are free of any other active business ventures and can operate the restaurant on a full-time hands-on basis
  • Are results-oriented self-starters
  • Have a servant heart committed to improving the lives of others
  • Have a passion for excellence

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What Time Does Steak N Shake Open& close

Many Steak n Shake locations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to accommodate customers needs. The menu is mostly comprised of burgers and hand-dipped milkshakes, while there are also additional meals, side dishes, and beverages to choose from.

Steak N Shake Consolidated Statements Of Earnings


Steak n Shake Income Statement Key Insights

Overall, Steak n Shake is not a profitableWhen the earnings in a given period of time is more than the expenses in a business. business, with a net earnings loss of $24.6 million in 2020. This has been a trend in both 2019 and 2018 as in these respective years there were recording losses of $ 6.6 million and $46.9.

Revenues also have seen a decline YoY. In 2018 revenues were $760 million but in 2019 revenues declined 21% to $594 million and further declined another 42% to $343 million in 2020.

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But You Have To Be Careful Now As There Is Often An Oversupply Of Franchise Options And Companies Can Generate Revenue At The Expense Of Business Owners

For a total investment of $10k selected franchisees are granted the rights necessary to operate a franchised steak ân shake restaurant business. Steak n shake franchisee owners list. It is a pioneer in the concept of premium burgers and milkshakes. The business all started out as a hot dog cart that was stationed inside. For comparison, the initial franchise fee for a taco bell operator is $45,000. Steak n shake isnt fooling around with its refranchising plans. In may 2019, steak n shake announced they had closed 44 restaurants temporarily, according to qsr magazine. To buy a franchise with steak n shake, youll need to have at least $10,500 in liquid capital. Potential steak n shake franchise owners have a unique opportunity. Steak n shake has a franchise fee of up to $25,000, with a total initial investment range of $1,476,250 to $2,420,500. Steak n shake is making the american dream a reality for those with talent and passion. The steak n shake franchise has a new model where for only $10,000 you can operate your own franchise and be guaranteed $100k in your first year! If yes, here is how much it cost to open a shake shack franchise.

Steak And Shake Franchise Cost

What You Should Absolutely Never Order From Steak ‘N Shake

The estimated total investment necessary to begin operation of a traditional Steak n Shake free-standing Quick Service restaurant ranges from $1,208,000 $1,687,000.

Steak n Shake also offers various operating formats and their costs are different from the traditional free standing restaurant.

In-Line Quick Service Format:$454,000 $1,371,000

Non-Traditional: $316,000 $715,000

Roadside Format: $705,000 $1,199,497

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Is The Steak N Shake Franchise Right For You

In order to open and operate a franchise, you must ask yourself whether or not you are qualified and experienced enough to do so. Opening a business is no small feat, but Steak n Shake may just be the right opportunity to get involved as a business owner. Ask yourself the following questions to see if this is the right business opportunity for you:

Do you have enough to liquid capital? Fortunately, this franchise only requires $10,000 of liquid capital to get started. Keep in mind, however, that if you consider royalty and advertising fees, development costs, and building maintenance that your investment will grow to several hundred thousand dollars.

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Are you capable of running this business? If you have no additional business venture, restaurant management experience, commitment to high performance, and a passion for customer service, then this job is the right one for you.

Another thing you need to consider is what specific location youll be running. Ideally, youll be taking over a location thats already profitable. If youre being asked to reopen a store with no existing customer base, theres going to be more risk associated with the location. Make sure to conduct your own due diligence and think about whether or not a location youre being offered is worth it.

Why Invest In Steak N Shake

  • * Massive, untapped development potential Steak n Shake presently runs over 490 stores in only 20 states, representing a significant portion of the countrys total.
  • Looking ahead, we believe that Steak n Shake has the potential to expand to more than 1,000 locations across the country.
  • * Distinctive Niche Positioning There is no one item that is a direct competitor to our restaurant concept.

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Steak N Shake Franchise Cost

The estimated total investment necessary to begin operation of a traditional Steak n Shake free-standing Quick Service restaurant ranges from $1,208,000 $1,687,000.

Steak n Shake also offers various operating formats and their costs are different from the traditional free standing restaurant.

In-Line Quick Service Format: $454,000 $1,371,000

Non-Traditional: $316,000 $715,000

Roadside Format: $705,000 $1,199,497

How Much To Franchise Steak And Shake


INVESTMENT AMOUNT: $10,000 TOTAL INVESTMENT We are presenting you with the option to become a business owner without the need to make a substantial financial commitment. For further information about becoming a Franchise Partner of an existing company-owned Steak n Shake store in your region, click here.

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How Much Does Steak And Shake Make Per Unit

The firm generates an average of $939,990,000 in revenue each year on an annual basis. Systemwide sales are an average of $1,027,000 per unit, which translates to $1,027,000 per unit on a per-unit basis. Keep in mind that you are merely a franchise partner and do not receive 100 percent of the revenues generated. Similarly, what caused Steak and Shake to go out of business was unclear.

Faqs Related To Steak And Shake

How old do you have to be to work at Steak and Shake?

If you want to work at Steak and Shake then the minimum age required to work there is 16 years old.

Where did Steak and Shake start?

Steak and Shake were started in Normal, Illinois, U.S.

Who owns Steak and Shake?

Steak and Shake were founded by Gus Belt and the parent company is Biglari Holdings.

How do i contact corporate Steak and Shake?

If you want to reach out to Steak and Shake then you can reach them through the feedback form mentioned here and on their official website.

When were Steak and Shake founded?

Steak and Shake were founded in February 1934.

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There Are Complaints About The Service

According to customer comments, the quality of service at the chain is abysmal, but there may be a good reason behind it. YouTube userswho identify themselves as having worked at Steak n Shake have one resounding critique for the company: Stop treating your employees like theyre replaceable.

According to one, when Biglari took over the company, the Turnover rate skyrocketed, which meant that nobody stayed long enough to get good at their job, leading to lower quality and massive wait times.

Another ex-employee said Biglari implemented a $12 hourly wage cap for anyone that wasnt a manager, and cut down hours, which pushed out some of the chains most seasoned cooks. From there it was all downhill. Food quality dropped and wait times went up as unskilled teenagers replaced the good cooks. Servers started getting less tips because the food was bad and so the experienced wait staff quit not long after. Soon the whole store moved at a snails pace, the YouTuber said.

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