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Where To Buy Bone In Sirloin Steak

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How To Eat It

How to cut a Bone-in Sirloin Steak

if you are looking for a unique steak, then a sirloin tip steak is for you. the steak is taken from the shoulder of the cow. it is an inexpensive cut of meat. it is a different taste than most steaks. it is highly flavorful. the fat is generally yellow in color. sirloin tip steak is easy to eat. the best way to eat a sirloin tip steak is simply to take a knife and slice the meat and put it in your mouth. you can also take a small bite and move it around in your mouth to chew it.

Always Remember To Check The Temperature

Although professional chefs might use the old palm-of-the-hand trick to determine whether a sirloin steak is cooked to medium-rare or medium, its best to rely on the accuracy of a digital thermometer. If youd like, you can use an oven-safe thermometer, which stays inserted in the steak throughout the cooking process. Or, use a simple meat thermometer to check the temperature after removing the steak from the oven and again after it rests.

What Is Sirloin Tip Steak

What Is Sirloin Tip Steak? Sirloin tip steak is the most tender and flavorful steak in the world. Sirloin tip steak is the perfect steak for grilling and serving with potatoes, steak fries, and pasta. Sirloin tip steak is also an excellent choice for steak and kidney pie, since it can be served whole. Grilling is also a great way to prepare this steak because of its tender, juicy nature.

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How To Buy A Steak

Its steak night at your house. Youve got the grill ready to go. You just need the steak. There are a lot of choices and if you dont buy steak every day the decision about which cut to buy can be confusing. Well get to the meat of the matter, with butcher, Bruce Atkins, from The Butcher Block in Franklin, Tennessee.

Notice the interior marbling of the meat, not the exterior fat. Atkins says the marbling is where all the flavor and tenderness live.

Prime grade beef is the best you can buy, but its not normally what youll find at the grocery store. Look for Choice grade steaks, which is the next best category. Avoid Select grade beef, the lowest grade.

What Is Sirloin Steak


One of the most popular steaks for grilling, the sirloin steak, also commonly known among those in the know as the Top sirloin steak, is a versatile cut that is juicy and delicious.

It sits in the sirloin primal next to the loin, which is a step away from the home of other famous cuts such as the Porterhouse and the T-bone steak.

Nearly always gracing the menu pages of every restaurant around, youve probably had one of these guys at some point in your life.

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Ways To Cook Sirloin Steak

Like many cuts of beef, sirloin steak works well with various cooking methods. Grill it, sear it, pop it in the oven just about any cook will do. Still, its good to familiarize yourself with a few key points about each cooking method with sirloin steak for the best results.

Before getting started with any of the following cooking methods, be sure to pull your steak from the refrigerator 45 minutes before youre ready to cook it. Salt the steak generously on all sides and let it sit at room temperature. This process creates a brine that keeps the outside of the steak crisp when seared and the inside juicy and tender.

How To Cook Sirloin In The Oven

Cut from the same area of the cow that a T-bone and porterhouse steak originate from, the sirloin steak is a top choice for steakhouse patrons. Its full of beefy flavor and, when cooked properly, has an excellent texture with just the right amount of bite. Although its most common cooking method is grilled, this cut does just as well in the oven.

If you want to learn how to cook sirloin in the oven of your own kitchen, read our guide to get all the details.

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Is Sirloin Tip Steak Healthy

Sirloin tip steak, or top loin beef, is a lean cut of meat that is popular in restaurants and at home. The loin is the portion of the cow between the rib eye and sirloin. It is a fairly lean cut of meat, so it tends to be more expensive than other cuts of beef. One of the reasons that the loin is so popular is that it tends to be very tender and is very easy to cook. It is also very low in fat. However, there is one problem with this meat. The loin tends to be very tough, so it is not as versatile as other cuts. So what can you do with it? One of the easiest things that you can do is eat it as a steak. You can cook it on the grill, in the oven, or under a broiler.

How To Prepare Sirloin Steaks For Grilling Or Smoking

Bone in sirloin, Steak is the best

Many people, even chefs in restaurants, underestimate the importance of preparation, and it is just as important as the cooking itself!

As with any steak, be sure to take your sirloin out of the fridge around an hour before you plan to cook it, as this brings it to room temperature and ensures that it will cook evenly, which results in a better finish.

Just before it goes into the pan, rub it with oil and season it with sea salt .

Some say to season it way before you place it in the pan, but this draws the moisture out of the steak and, in turn, lowers the temperature of the pan slightly, which does not make for a delicious brown crust.

Another thing to remember is that if cooking on high heat, do not season it with pepper until after its cooked, as this will burn in the pan, which will result in a bitter taste.

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Phenomenal 16 Oz Bone In Sirloin Steak

This Is Simply An Outstanding Steak, And Great On The Grill! Hand Cut Premium 16 oz. Bone In Sirloin!This Cut Is Very Nicely Marbled Thru And Thru With Little Waste, Just Pure 100% Natural Great Beef! All orders come with a personalized card with Your Message & Cooking Instructions for easy preparation!LobsterGuy’s Best Priced LobstersWe Price Match – Click Here

Reverse Sear Method For Sirloin Steak

  • Preheat oven to 225 degrees.
  • Season steak with extra salt and freshly ground black pepper.
  • Place steak on a baking tray and put in the oven. Roast for 45-60 minutes, depending on your desired doneness level .
  • Preheat cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat with one tablespoon of butter.
  • Add steaks to the skillet and sear on each side for 2-3 minutes, spooning butter over the steaks continuously.
  • Rest on a foil-tented plate for 5-10 minutes. Enjoy!

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Choose The Right Oil For Searing

Some oils are not meant for searing, as they end up smoking when they reach high temperatures. When this happens, you could end up with a less-than-pleasant taste on your steak. To sear sirloin steak before putting it in the oven, choose a high smoking point oil, like canola oil, refined olive oil, or avocado oil. Alternatively, use a tablespoon of butter to do the trick.

Natural Angus Beef From Family Farms

Beef Sirloin Steak Bone In

Quite simply: We buy the best product from the best cattle raising region in the United States.

Quality cattle are essential for an outstanding finished product. That’s why only the finest grain fed, natural Angus cattle from Midwest American family farms supply the Porter & York beef. Our meat comes from pasture-raised cattle that are fed a 100% vegetarian diet of grass, corn, and whole grains.

Our cattle are humanely processed in state of the art facilities. We emphasize sustainability and ecologically friendly processes. We do not add ingredients, colors, or chemicals.

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These Big Bone-In Sirloins Are Just Phenomenal! These Steaks Are Hand Cut And Average About An Inch Thick, And Are Ideal For Grilling! This Steak Has Outstanding Flavor, And Is A Holiday Favorite Capt. Timmy Loves A Great Steak, Too! That Is Why We Offer Only All Natural Steaks That Are Hand Cut And Aged To Perfection! Premium Aged Beef!

Where To Buy Sirloin Steak Online

Its this reason why online meat markets were created, so that you can place your order at the beginning of the week, and know that no matter how long you sleep in at the weekend, the steaks will be delivered straight to your door whenever you want!

Not only is it stress-free, but it also means you can peruse the wide variety of cuts available and gain a meaty education along the way.

Here are some of the best outlets around that stock it:

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Grilled Sirloin Steak With Chimichurri

If youre after a Mexican hit, then weve got you covered with this recipe.

Perfectly grilled with hazelnut oil and covered in homemade chimichurri sauce, this will have all your guests coming back for more.

If this sounds like a bit of you then check out this recipe: Sirloin with chimichurri recipe.

More Information On Sirloin Steak

Lobel’s Prime Bone-In Hip Sirloin Steak — Smoked and Reverse Seared

Hugely versatile and known for its incredibly beefy flavour, whole sirloin steak is one of the most popular cuts of beef for a vast range of recipes and meals. Seen as a luxury in the delicacy world, beef sirloin steak is often paired with rich sauces and lavish red wine for the ultimate exquisite taste. Perfect for frying, grilling, or roasting, the Sirloin cut is easy to trim and tends to be just slightly leaner than the Ribeye steak.

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Is Sirloin Tip Steak Expensive

Sirloin tip steak is typically considered to be a choice cut, which is meat that is flavorful, tender and most of all well done. This can make it a very expensive cut of meat. However, sirloin tip steak is relatively inexpensive, so it isnt the most expensive cut of beef. A 4 oz steak will set you back about $5. Sirloin tip steak is also considered a juicy steak, which is meat that is tender and well-cooked. This means that it can be grilled or cooked on a stove top or in the oven.

Is Sirloin A Good Cut Of Steak

The sirloin steak is supremely yummy, and if its good enough for a colossal King like Henry VIII, then its definitely good enough for you and your guests!

Whether you have it as a stand-alone steak with a simple side, or add a Portuguese or Mexican twist to it, you are bound to love this knighted steak!

Happy grilling!

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How To Cook Sirloin On The Bone

  • Remove the sirloin from the fridge and pat dry at least one hour before cooking so it can reach room temperature.
  • Heat the pan or griddle to smoking hot.
  • Rub salt and pepper into the steak just before cooking.
  • Place the steak on the pan and be sure not to overcrowd the surface by cooking too many in one go.
  • For medium-rare, cook for 4-5 minutes on the first side and then 3-4 on the second side.
  • Leave to rest for at least 5 minutes before serving.
  • If youre looking for a delicious sirloin steak bone in, then choose Eat Great Meat. We have premium beef cuts sure to make any mouth water!

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    What Is Sirloin Steak Also Known As

    Sirloin Steak

    Legend has it that the sirloin steak is called as such because Henry VIII was so impressed by it that he knighted it and called it Sir Loin, and the name has stuck ever since.

    Whether this is true or not, no one knows, but its a story that sounds good to us!

    There are many other cuts with sirloin labels, such as sirloin tips, sirloin flap and even petite sirloin, which are all very different pieces.

    So just in case theres any confusion at the counter, the Industry ID for the sirloin steak is 1184 .

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    Buy Fresh Sirloin Steak Online

    Sirloin Steak is a cut taken from the large muscle that is attached to the animals spine. This cut tends to have a beefier flavour than other cuts. Thus making it ideal for dishes that include highly flavoured sauces.

    This is exactly what makes it one of Britain’s favourite cuts of beef.

    At Campbells Prime Meat Ltd, we have a range of different Sirloin Steaks for you to choose from.

    There are many different ways of cooking a sirloin steak. From grilling to pan-frying.

    Check out our recipes page for some inspiration for your next meal. No matter if you like your steak rare, medium or well-done, you’re sure to find a sirloin steak recipe that suits you.

    Resting time is just as important as cooking time. Resting allows the juices brought to the surface by the high cooking heat to sink back into the flesh. The flesh in turn relaxes and becomes more tender.

    We recommend that you allow a steak to rest for as long as it has been cooked.

    All of the beef used at Campbells Prime Meat comes from cattle naturally reared here in the UK. On farms that are recognised for high standards of animal welfare.

    Our Aberdeen Angus beef is also 100% certified, born and raised in Scotland. As one of Scotland’s finest online butchers, we pride ourselves on bringing high-quality Sirloin steaks to our customers.

    That’s why our professional butchers prepare each order onsite on the day of dispatch. Meaning your order arrives as fresh as possible at your door.

    Everything You Need To Know About Cooking Sirloin Steak

    Ready to cook sirloin steak at home? This cut is relatively simple to perfect on the grill, in a pan, reverse-seared, or even sous-vide style.

    For top-notch hand-cut and hand-selected sirloin steak that you can order online to ship to your house, browse Chicago Steak Companys sirloin steak selection. Our top sirloin is available in Premium Angus and USDA Prime Wet Aged.

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    Preparing Sirloin For The Oven

    Heres how to get sirloin steak ready for the oven:

  • Remove steaks from the refrigerator. Salt on both sides, and rest for 45 minutes at room temperature.
  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Be sure to move a rack to the middle spot on the oven.
  • Heat a cast-iron skillet to high heat with butter or oil.
  • Have a clean plate ready with a piece of aluminum foil to tent over the top for your steaks to rest on after cooking.
  • Delivered To Your Door Fresh

    Bone in vs Boneless Steaks (How to be a Steak Expert) The Bearded Butchers

    Freezing and thawing compromises the flavor and tenderness of meat. So, unlike the other steak delivery guys, we made it our mission to deliver all our beef fresh, so it is never frozen at any point in the process. Your order is cut fresh the day it ships, individually vacuum sealed, and meticulously packed in a double-insulated box with gel packs, keeping your meat at refrigerator temperatures throughout its journey.

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    What Is The Best Steak To Have

    there are many different types of steak that are considered to be the best steak. What type of steak is the best steak is a matter of personal preference, but there are some steaks that are more popular than others. The steak most commonly eaten is the New York Strip steak. These are also known as a T-bone steak, and is made from a rib section of the cow. The Ribeye steak is also a New York strip steak. These are best paired with a red wine. The next most popular steak is the porterhouse steak. This is made from the loin section of the cow. Porterhouse steaks are often cooked medium-rare to medium. They can be paired with a red wine or a red ale. The porterhouse steak is often roasted. The ribeye steak is an excellent cut of steak. Ribeye steaks are often cooked medium-rare to medium, and can be paired with a red wine or a red ale.

    Choosing The Right Cut

    When you shop for sirloin steak, youll probably find a few varieties.

    Premium Angus and USDA Prime are among the best quality. These steaks typically have the best marbling, or fat content that helps tenderize and flavor the steaks when broken down. Dont get too hung up on wet-aged versus dry-aged sirloin steaks. Either label denotes steaks that have been through an aging process, which also adds flavor and breaks down tough fibers to tenderize them. Dry-aged steaks tend to be a little costlier because the process usually takes longer.

    Most importantly, look for a sirloin steak thats deep red in color, has ample marbling, and is thick enough to give you a reliable oven cook, like top sirloin from Chicago Steak Company.

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