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Grilling A Steak On A Pellet Grill

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Flank Steak Vs Skirt Steak

Ribeye Steaks on A Pellet Grill

Although many people use the terms interchangeably, there are some subtle distinguishing factors between a flank and a skirt steak. The latter tends to hold a stronger huskier flavor as it is a tougher cut from a cows diaphragm. However, both cuts fair well with a good marinade and short cooking time on high heat.

Tips On Grilling Steak On A Pellet Grill Including Timing And Temperature

Youre outside enjoying a beautiful day and want nothing more than to throw some steaks on your pellet grill because you know how good it will taste, but then disaster strikes: Your steak flippers actually manage to get that perfect color and sear on each side, but when you go to serve your steaks theyre still raw in the middle! Thats no good

Well dont worry friends weve all been there . Im not talking about overcooking or burning your steak , but rather ruining perfectly good steaks by having them come out medium well when you wanted them to be medium rare.

Ill be honest, since becoming a pellet grill owner my ability to cook steaks on the stovetop has gone down A lot.

Because every time I try to cook something with even slightly more color than an unseasoned chicken breast, my family just yells at me for ruining dinner and wasting food.

So instead I rely heavily on my Pellet Grill to give me that perfect sear without overcooking the center of the steak .

The problem is that youve got this perfectly seared outside of your meat, but when you cut into it all you get is raw meet

How upsetting! But dont fear, Ive got just the solution for you.

1) Let your steaks come to room temperature

2) Preheat your grill

I set mine up for 2-zone cooking which means setting it up so that one side is on high heat , while the other side has no heat directly underneath it .

3) Dont press down on your meat!

4) Give yourself some time

5) Flip regularly

Now for the juiciest part!

The Cons Of Reverse Searing

  • Takes more time than throwing a steak on a skillet and searing for a few minutes.
  • Your friends and family might start asking you to cook steaks for them all the time.

Any other cons? We cant think of any. The reverse searing method is truly the way to go for your next steak dinner. Its a surefire way to hit the perfect temp and the perfect sear at the same time. If you have a little extra time to give it a shot, the steak youll be tasting will be worth every minute.

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How Long Does It Take To Cook A Steak On A Pellet Grill

The amount of time that it will take to cook your steak depends heavily on how well done you like your steak. If you like your steak served rare, then it will take significantly less time to cook than a steak that needs to be well done.

Generally speaking, it will take around 12-15 minutes to cook a steak on a pellet grill. This is based on the assumption that your grill is set to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. If you choose to cook at a lower temperature, then it will take longer for your steak to cook.

As long as your grill was preheated, and you keep the lid down on the grill, then your steak should cook in no time. But remember to keep an eye on the temperature throughout.

How Do You Grill Steak On A Pit Boss Pellet Grill

What Temperature Do You Cook Steak On A Pellet Grill?

When it comes to grilling steak, there are a few things you need to take into account in order to get the perfect cook. The first is the cut of steak youre using. For a pit boss pellet grill, we recommend using a ribeye, strip steak, or filet mignon. The second is the thickness of the steak. We recommend a thickness of 1-1.5 inches. And finally, the third thing to consider is the temperature you grill at. For a medium-rare steak, we recommend grilling at a temperature of around 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Now that weve gone over the basics, lets get into how to actually grill your steak on a pit boss pellet grill. The first thing youll want to do is preheat your grill to the temperature we recommended earlier. Once the grill is preheated, its time to season your steak. We recommend using a simple seasoning of salt and pepper. You can also add other seasonings to taste, such as garlic powder, onion powder, or paprika.Once your steak is seasoned, its time to place it on the grill. Put the steak on the grill and close the lid. Let the steak cook for about 4-5 minutes, then flip it over and cook for an additional 4-5 minutes. Once the steak is cooked to your liking, remove it from the grill and let it rest for a few minutes.

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Can You Grill On A Pellet Smoker Without Pellets

Unfortunately, you can’t grill on a pellet smoker without pellets. Pellet smokers need pellets in order to create the right amount of smoke and heat. Without pellets, your pellet smoker will be unable to reach the necessary temperature for grilling. So, if you’re looking to do some grilling on your pellet smoker, make sure you have plenty of pellets on hand!

Can You Grill Steaks On A Pellet Smoker

Yes, you can certainly grill steaks on a pellet smoker. In fact, grilling is one of the best ways to cook steak, as it allows you to get nice searing on the outside while still keeping the interior juicy and cooked to your liking. Pellet smokers are great for grilling because they provide consistent heat, meaning that your steaks will always be cooked evenly. Plus, the added smoke flavor imparted by the pellets will give your steak an extra layer of deliciousness. So if you’re looking for a great way to cook steak, definitely consider grilling them on a pellet smoker.

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What Are The Best Side Dishes For Smoked Steak Recipes

Although there are innumerable good options, you simply cannot go wrong with crispy salt and vinegar potatoes. This side dish is so fulfilling and tasty that it makes for a healthy snack on its own.

In this simple side dish, you basically have to boil spuds in a mixture of vinegar and salt. Once theyve absorbed the tangy and salty essence, you need to dry them off to bake them to a crisp in the oven. You are basically getting salt and vinegar chips that few will dislike. The best thing is that these potatoes are not fried like unhealthy crisps , yet they have all the zesty flavor.

Here are the ingredients.

Use Instant Read Thermometer Or Hand Test To Check Doneness

How to Grill a Steak on a Pellet Smoker

Now for many years of being using just the pressing test to see whether the state has been done when its really really soft to the touch then you know that its probably pretty rare in that it gets firms as it gets cooked obviously.

Then one day I came across the hand firmness test, which puts my experience into a framework, its a 1-minute video.

The easiest way possible is obviously an instant-read thermometer which have become very popular these days or a pen thermometer. I have one but I dont really need to use one because I am confident about being good at cooking steaks to perfection .

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How To Reverse Sear A Steak

Thing You Need:

  • 2 Steaks, Cuts of your choice
  • Salt and pepper


  • Set your grill at 180 degrees. After applying salt and pepper, place the steak in the grill. Make sure you place the meat at an area where most of the smoke would flow, but not in a place thats exposed directly to heat. For this purpose, place the meat at the top rack of the grill.
  • The amount of time to smoke the meat will pretty much depend on how thick it is. It is best to check the temperature of the meat from time to time. Check it 15 minutes after you start grilling and flip the steak for even heating. Then check the meat after every 5 to 10 minutes after that.
  • Using your thermometer, check the steak if it has already reached 100 to 110 degrees. If it has, then remove the meat and set the grills temperature to 500 degrees. At this point, get your grate but only after heating it for a while. Generously coat your steak with the searing rub and place it on the grate.
  • When grilling a solid medium rare steak, the internal temp 130 to 135 degrees. As for medium, it should be at 145 degrees, while medium well should be at 155 degrees.
  • When your steak reaches desirable temp take them off and then slice and serve
  • How To Pellet Grill The Best Beef Steak

    It is better that you thaw the meat a few hours prior to smoking it. This will ensure that the meat is at room temperature, which is what you want to start with.

    Ignite your pellet smoker so that it approaches the desired temperature. You should set the thermostat to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a rather mild temperature, which ensures a high level of smoke.

    Wait until the pellet grill reaches the target temperature. When it achieves this temperature, keep the steak on the grilling grates.

    It is a good idea to use a temperature probe. You wont have to open the pellet grill repeatedly to monitor the smoking progress. Opening the lid disrupts not only temperature stability, but also the smoke level. Heat and smoke escape each time you open the lid. It is best to avoid this so that the final quality of the steak is consistent.

    One of the best temperature probes is the Habor 022 meat thermometer.

    There are several factors that make this a great meat probe. It gives you a temperature reading within 4 to 6 seconds, so it is quick in registering the temperature. The length of the probe is 4.7 inches. With such a long length, your hands will be much safer against burns. It can read temperatures up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit and is, therefore, perfect for pellet grills. Its accuracy is +/- 2 degrees due to which it has good precision.

    Besides the smoking method itself, you need to be aware of other key issues for smoking premium gourmet steak.

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    How To Grill Great Steaks

    • Be picky about what cut of meat you grill. My favorite is ribeye and t-bone, but Ive grilled up some very tasty chuck eye steaks as well. Get well-marbled quality meat to start with and youre halfway to an amazing steak experience.
    • Be deliberate about what seasonings and rubs you use. Dont just pick them out because of the label. Use the seasonings you like and experiment to find new ones.
    • Allow your pellet grill to get to the desired temperature and let it stay there for a few minutes. Dont get impatient like I have and end up undercooking the meat because the grill wasnt ready.
    • You may need to experiment with the timing and temperature of your specific grill because theyre all a little different. For me and my Pit Boss Austin XL, I set the temperature to 450, let it get there and hold steady, then I put my seasoned steaks on the center of the grill, close the lid, and let it go 4-5 minutes per side. I keep the slider plate closed no direct flame. This will yield a medium-rare to medium steak.
    • When the steaks come off the grill, let them rest for at least 3-5 minutes to let the meat relax before cutting into them. If you dont, the juices will flow out, leaving the steak dry.
    • More recently, Ive experimented with seasoned garlic butter. Add a little of that to the top of your steak while its resting. Yum!

    Can You Smoke Ribeye Steak

    How To GRILL STEAK on Wood Pellet Grills

    Smoking a ribeye steak adds a unique flavor to this already killer cut of meat. When smoking a ribeye steak, we recommend first dry brining your steak, seasoning it, smoking it at 225 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 to 60 minutes, letting it sit while you increase your grill temperature to 500 degrees, then searing it until its cooked to medium-rare.

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    Tips For Grilling A Juicy Ribeye Steak

    As you learn how to cook a ribeye steak to absolute perfection, keep these hints in mind:

    • Clean your smoker grill before tossing those steaks on the grates. A clean smoker promises a fantastic result.
    • Hold back from throwing your ribeye on the grill before you reach prime-time temperature. Have a little patience. The wait will be worth it.
    • Let that ribeye meat rest. Even after you remove your seared and grilled ribeye steak from the heat, you need to give it a few minutes. Though it can be tempting to dig right in, giving the meat time to compose itself will result in a truly exceptional taste experience.

    Equip Yourself With The Right Tools To Cook The Perfect Steak

    Before getting down to the cooking part, it is necessary that you get hold of good grilling gear. They say that artists are only as good as the paints they use, and your equipment dictates how good or bad a job you do with the cooking.

    You need a thermometer to keep tabs of the meats temperature accurately. Youll also require grill grates, which allow you to sear your meat on the pellet grill with much ease. Use this tool for professional-level results.

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    So How To Cook The Steak

    Using a pellet grill gives you a couple of cooking options.

    You can cook under high heat, searing the exterior. This seals in the juices and flavor, giving a rare center and a crispy outer crust.

    Ensure the surface is dry, so it doesnt start steaming. Cooking time is several minutes on either side.

    Or you can slow cook and smoke. Smoking doesnt need marinade or seasoning, as the smoke chips will create all the flavor.

    Smoking will take time, so patience is a must! Once almost done, switch to reverse sear and create the lovely bark.

    You Cant Put Moisture Back Inside A Steak

    How to Reverse Sear a Steak on a Pellet Grill | Grilla Grills Pellet Smokers

    As steaks grill over high heat, they lose moisture. Fat and juices are literally pushed out of the meat. Thats the price we pay for making the steaks easier to digest.

    Perhaps the most important part of grilling a steak is taking it off the heat before it has lost too much moisture. There is a short window of time, usually just a minute or two, when steaks go from medium rare to medium, or from medium to medium well.

    Catching that window requires vigilance. Dont walk away from a steak on the grill. And remember, its always better to take it off when its underdone and then return it to the grill than it is to let a steak overcook.

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    What Temperature Do You Cook Steak On Pit Boss

    The Pit Boss must be preheated at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. When cooking medium-rare steaks, it should take around 45 minutes. Once the desired temperature for the meat is achieved, remove the meat from the grill.

    Hi, I’m Joost, the founder of Lakeside Smokers. I love trying out new food with BBQ Smoking at the heart of my passion, and I’ve been creating in-depth guides since 2016 to help you with recipes & cooking tips.

    How To Effectively Use A Pellet Grill

    Pellet grills are easy to use and offer an excellent option for adding new, delicious flavors to your filet mignon, Tomahawk ribeye steak, or sirloin cut of steak. A pellet grill cooks your choice of meat cut using convection heating with your selection of hardwood to create that smoked flavor. To prepare your grill, keep it clean and clear of debris, then choose your style or taste of hardwood such as cedar, hickory, mesquite, cherry, or others that you want to sample with your next meal.

    If you prefer to sear your meat in the smoker, a sear box is ideal to use for this purpose, as pellet grills take longer to heat up and cook slower than traditional barbeques. Alternatively, you can transfer your steak to a pan or propane grill to char instead.

    Before you prepare to use your pellet grill, ensure that you have more than enough space to work with, so you can spread out your utensils, seasoning options, and other ingredients and equipment youll be using.

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    How Much Time Does It Take To Cook Steak On A Pellet Grill

    The cooking time depends upon the method used, temperature, and the thickness of the steaks. The total time required to sear sticks are:

    • 1 inch thick steaks 8 to 10 minutes
    • 1 ½ inch thick steaks 12 to 14 minutes
    • 2 inches thick steaks 16 to 18 minutes

    From procuring the meat to slicing and serving the steaks to your guests, the entire process will take at least 3-4 hours . Reverse searing with smoking will further increase the cooking time.

    What Is The Reverse Sear Method

    How to Cook Steak on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill (2020)

    Congratulations, you’ve gotten the hang of searing your steaks, so why don’t we take a look at another trick in the book? If you feel you’re confident enough as a pitmaster, you can try your luck at reverse searing, which is fairly self explanatory.

    A reverse sear is where you first cook the inside of the steak and then focus on nailing the sear on the exterior, contrary to how we traditionally do things.

    You start cooking with a low temperature on the grill , as opposed to the higher heat that we usually start with.

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