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Grass Fed Grass Finished Steak

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Humane & Ethical Treatment

London Broil Recipe – Grass-Fed Top Round Steak

Cows were not meant to live in confined spaces and this is ethically wrong. Most modern cows are moved to feedlots shortly after their born, which is often very stressful for the cow. This distress raises the cows cortisol levels, which can negatively affect the quality and nutritional value of the meat.

Chicken Stock And Bone Broth

We take the bones from our organic chickens and pasture-raised cattle, and simmer them for 24 hours with organic vegetables and seasonings, to produce what we think is the richest, most flavourful, and nutrient-packed stock & broth you can buy anywhere.

Chicken stock and bone broth have been known for their health benefits for thousands of years, by almost every traditional culture. They are both excellent sources of collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, gelatin, amino acids, minerals, and other compounds supporting the health of your muscles, joints, hair, nails, and skin.

Get To Know The People Growing Your Food

Many generations of farming experience have gone into creating our growing methods, allowing us to pack maximum flavour and nutrition into every bite of our meats. We think youll notice the difference even compared to other natural growers but especially relative to the factory-farmed meats that you see at most meat counters.

Randy and Ang Martin are the torchbearers for this generation of farming excellence. Randy comes from 10 generations of livestock farming, and is the current steward of the Whispering Meadows herd of Black Angus cattle, as well as our state-of-the-art certified organic chicken barn.

We have also partnered with some of our neighbouring farmers, who we know and trust to uphold the same standard of excellence with natural & organic growing methods, to bring you our pasture-raised goat, lamb, pork, eggs, and dairy.

We have a rigorous certification program for all of our suppliers, our butchers, and our processors. Our production practices include food-safety guidelines developed by the Verified Beef Production Plus program. And we have a Health Management Protocol in place to actively maintain the health of all our animals.

We want to always be 100% sure that we are bringing you the very best meats that you can find anywhere.

In fact, we guarantee it:

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Shopping For Humanely Raised Beef Doesn’t Need To Be A Hassle

One of the things we hear most from our customers is that getting high-quality, humanely raised beef delivered straight to their door is a game-changer. No more going from store to store looking for beef that isnt factory-raised. With ButcherBox, you always get humanely raised 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef. And did we mention the FREE shipping?

Happy Cows Better Beef


Theres an unfortunate ignorance when it comes to meat. Much of our modern food system is set up to hide the grim reality of factory farms and industrial slaughterhouses – maybe most of us like eating meat, but we dont want to know where it comes from. But this state of affairs is exactly backwards. I want you to know how and where the beef you eat was produced, and why it is healthier in the broadest sense of the word.

When it comes to grass fed beef there are a lot of health claims. Yes, grass fed beef is higher in omega 3 fatty acids than corn fed beef. Yes, it also has higher concentrations of particular nutrients. But I think focusing too much on narrow claims just because they have some studies to back them up misses the bigger picture. Grass fed beef, when it comes from a responsible farm, is healthier not just for people, but for the entire ecosystem.

Another bonus is that beef from cattle that have lived a good life with sunshine and exercise also tastes better than conventional beef.

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Allow Us To Be Able To Provide The Cleanest Healthiest And Most Nutrient Rich Source Of Animal Protein For Substantial Dietary Benefits

Our cattle are range bred and grassfed. Managed by cowboys on horseback, our cattle forage for their food across thousands of acres of Florida ranchlands. Our cattle enjoy naturally occurring Floridian grasses, water, trees and flowers. Our free range method allows our cattle to enjoy a stress free lifestyle we believe this method is far superior to any other ranching style. Our ranch practices a stress-free intensive grass rotation system. By utilizing the natural grasses and legumes in an intensively managed grazing plan the cattle are able to harvest the maximum amount of nutrients stored in the plants, and in turn store those nutrients in their bodies to promote growth and health.

As environmental stewards, we are committed to caring for our open spaces, watersheds, native plants and wildlifetoday and for future generations. The same land that provides feed and open space for our ranging cattle also offers a home for many types of wildlife, including threatened and endangered species of fish, mammals, birds and plants. Our commitment to properly managing our grasslands supports the ecological sustainability of our land and watersheds and our climates health.

We belive in quality and sometimes that means running a small local operation. That is why we only raise and harvest our cattle in Florida.

Our cattle forage for their food across thousands of acres of open Florida ranchlands and are never confined to feedlots.

Grass Fed Ground Beef

Our farms top selling product for good reason!

One pound package of 100% grass fed and grass finished ground beef. Typically about 80-85% lean.

Grass fed ground beef is always our most consistently-ordered product, and for good reason. Versatile, tasty, and reliable, this is the go-to meat choice in our house, and for many of our customers it is a kitchen staple.

Our ground beef is made from one steer at a time, so the composition changes a bit with the muscling and fat from each animal, but we typically target a lean to fat ratio between 80/20 and 85/15. This turns out to be a good all-purpose ground beef mixture.

Need some recipe inspiration? Heres a recipe we developed especially for our grass fed ground beef:

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Raised In Open Pastures For Their Lifetime

At Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed, we have fully embraced Regenerative Agriculture, which seeks to not just sustain natural resources but regenerate them through humane animal treatment and holistically managed land. Our cattle are raised in open pastures for their lifetime so they can express their natural, instinctive behaviors and be safe from the pain and stress of confinement. This humane treatment is also beneficial for the land, as natural grazing promotes healthy soil. Thousand Hills is committed to staying the leader in 100% ethical grass fed meat delivery with honest labeling and regenerative practices.

Cows Are The Heart Of Cairncrest Farm

Cooking The King Of Steaks – Grass-Fed Ribeye Cap Steak LIVE

Just about my favorite thing is watching cows graze a piece of fresh pasture on a mild spring morning. When Im setting up their paddock for the day they all line up along the fence to watch me. If theyre feeling impatient they might moo a little, but usually they follow me with their eyes, and, if I move too far down, with their bodies – no one wants to be last to the buffet. When I do let them in they stream through, drop their heads, and start eating.

Few things look so content as cows filling their bellies. Theres a striking perfection to the relationship between vibrant green of the pasture and the animals it feeds, especially when I look back at the paddock the cows just left. It will be flattened except for occasional ragged tufts. In fact, if the cows have been on it the right amount of time that section will look downright rough. But looking back further, at the area the cows were a week ago the pasture is exploding with life.

Ill explain this beautiful cycle in more detail below, but the big point is that properly managed cows actually improve the land. Together, cows and pasture can improve the quality of water, air, and soil. It also makes for healthier, tastier beef.

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Grass Fed Whole Beef Tenderloin. 5 lbs, Fresh Certified Piedmontese: Real Nebraska Beef $ 48.99 /lb. Avg. 5lb . Add to Cart. Sale. Grass Fed Tomahawk Chop 7-8 lbs , Fresh Certified Piedmontese: Real Nebraska Beef $ 46.99 /lb. Avg. 7.5lb . Add to Cart. If you want some other options, please check out this directory of local grassfedbeef farms. If any of this interests you, please look around the site. I put a lot of effort into explaining what we do and why we do it. And if you can’t find an answer to a question, don’t hesitate to give me a call at 625-0542.

Beef Sales for Atlanta & North Georgia Now Taking Orders for 2022 GrassFed or Grain-Finished Beef Georgia-The Georgia Beef Company supplies Atlanta and North Georgia with the very best Angus Beef you can buy.Fresh, healthy, locally grown beef with no added hormones. Choose GrassFed, Grass-Finished beef or Grassfed, Grain-Finished Beef, you decide what is best for.

At Z BeeF Farms, we have half Wagyu and Angus cross grassfed available. My number one goal is to produce the best tasting and most tender grassfedbeef possible. No antibiotics or hormones are given to our cattle. They all have been given a very stress-free and healthy life in open pastures with rotational grazing, adding wheat grass and alfalfa to their diet as a forage gap and fini.

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Why Is Our Grass Fed Better

  • An overwhelming majority of grass fed beef is imported into the US, specifically from countries that do not have the same quality standards or dining preferences as our domestic restaurants . This program was built for high end steakhouses.
  • Most grass fed programs do not focus on marbling, taste, and texture they simply raise product without grain so that may advertise it as grass fed. Our Grass fed program was designed to yield the best tasting steak, with a focus on marbling, taste and texture.
  • Few, if any, grass fed programs are also breed specific most programs are a mix of breeds without any requirements on genetic makeup of the program or consistency from one animal to the next. The key to our grass fed program is genetics, these animals have been specifically selected.
  • There is a complete and total lack of restaurant quality grass fed and finished angus beef in the US and most consumers have resigned themselves to eating low quality grass fed beef because there is no alternative. Now we have the alternative.

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Tender And Delicate Free

Like all of our meats, our goats and lambs are grown the way nature intended, with no antibiotics, synthetic hormones or other artifical growth promoters. They live a happy, stress-free life on rich all-natural pastures which we believe translates to the best-tasting lamb and goat meat you can find anywhere.

Our young, delicately-flavoured lamb is dry-aged to give it maximum sweetness, tenderness, and flavour, to add to its already nutrient-rich profile. It is then artisanally hand-butchered into individual cuts, and packaged in individual vacuum packs.

Grass Fed Vs Grass Finished

Ontario 100% Grass Fed, Grass Finished Tenderloin Steaks GMO Free ...

Lets start with defining the difference between grass fed and grass finished.

Ideally, you want to purchase beef from a farmer whose livestock are grass fed and grass finished. Johns Farm raises Angus beef solely on our certified organic family farm in Fairview, OK calves graze freely in environmentally friendly pastures, bask in the sunshine, flourish on a diet of grass with 1% supplementation of organic barley which is grown on our farm. Our feeding practices are verified by the USDA (a process that includes a thorough review and inspection over an extended period of time. Another consideration when purchasing beef is the origin of the product. You might be surprised at how many of the options originate outside of the United States, some traveling more than 5,000 miles before reaching your cart. Country of origin is a another topic we will dive into that another day.

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Not All Grass Fed Beef Is Equal

When it comes to grass-fed or pasture-raised beef, packaging labels do not always tell you the whole story behind how the cattle were grazed, what they were fed, and how they were treated. Here is a guide to help you, the consumer, get a better idea of where the meat you are buying came from. For starters, our beef is 100% grass fed and pasture raised which is also commonly referred to as Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef. This means that we do not introduce corn feed at any point of the cows life.

Collection: 100% Grass Fed

  • Grass-Fed New York Strip 10oz Grass-Finished, Pasture Raised, No Hormones, No Antibiotics
    Regular price
  • Grass-Fed Ribeye Grass-Finished, Pasture Raised, No Hormones, No Antibiotics
    Regular price
  • Grass-Fed 80% Lean/20% Fat Ground Beef, 1lb Grass-Finished, Pasture Raised, No Hormones, No Antibiotics
    Regular price
  • Grass-Fed Chuck Roast Grass-Finished, Pasture Raised, No Hormones, No Antibiotics
    Regular price
  • Grass-Fed Tenderloin Grass-Finished, Pasture Raised, No Hormones, No Antibiotics
    Regular price
  • Grass-Fed 90% Lean/10% Fat Ground Beef, 1lb Grass-Fed Grass-Finished, Pasture Raised, No Hormones, No Antibiotics
    Regular price
  • Grass-Fed Center Cut Sirloin Grass-Finished, Pasture Raised, No Hormones, No Antibiotics
    Regular price
  • Grass-Fed Minute Steak 8oz Grass-Finished, Pasture Raised, No Hormones, No Antibiotics
    Regular price

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Meatloaf With Blistered Tomatoes

  • 2lbsgrass fed ground beef
  • 1½cupsdry bread crumbs
  • ½cupgrated parmesan or pecorino
  • ?cupyellow or white onion, finely minced
  • 2clovesgarlic, minced
  • ½tspblack pepper, freshly ground

Blistered Tomato Relish Ingredients

  • 2clovesgarlic, thinly sliced
  • 1/4cupyellow or white onion, thinly sliced
  • 1tspgrated lemon zest
  • ½tspcoriander seed, freshly ground
  • ½tspred pepper flakes
  • 2TbspBalsamic vinegar
  • ½tspblack pepper, freshly ground

You Wont Believe The Flavour In Our Naturally Pasture

Urban Plates – char-grilled, grass-fed steak

Our Black Angus beef is mouthwateringly delicious, juicy and tender. We keep our herd small to give each animal a healthy, happy life 100% free of antibiotics and synthetic hormones and we raise them as naturally as possible on a rich blend of legumes and field grasses.We give you the choice of fully grass-fed beef for the ultimate nutritional profile or grain-finished beef for the sweetest and most tender meat.All of our beef is dry-aged for a full three weeks, and artisanally hand-carved into individually vacuum-packed cuts by our local family butcher.This is the kind of beef our great-grandparents used to eat, and its not something you can find in any supermarket. As your local farm supplier, we want you to be able to fully trust the whole process of bringing your meats from the field to your plate in the most healthy and natural way possible and delivering them right to your door.Because beef freezes so well, losing none of its flavour or texture, we offer you fresh-frozen cuts both individually or by the mixed box, half-side or side of beef.

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Todays Labeling Of Beef Products Is Confusing

These days, there are several unique ways of feeding and raising cattle. If you are looking for the best nutritional beef products, it is essential to start by looking at the labels. The problem is, there is no strictly enforced standard on labeling claims, which creates confusion.

Grass-finished means that the cows ate grass, plants, and shrubs their entire lives. Grass-fed means that cows began by eating grass but could have been fed grain feed at some point in their lives. Grain-fed means the cows predominantly consumed grain feed, resulting in diminished nutrition and increased disease in cattle.

There is an old saying, you are what you eat, which definitely applies here. The nutritional value, taste, and quality of beef all depend on what type of diet the cattle are fed.

Were going to look at the two most popular labels: grass-fed and grass-finished, in more detail, and explain why one is substantially better than the other.

Level : Grass Fed Beef Still Includes Confined Feeding May Include Grain In The Diet

Many consumers are misled by the term grass fed beef, not realizing that beef can be labeled as grass-fed even if the cattle are also fed grain byproducts or even grain, and if they spend a good portion of their lives in a confined feedlot and not on a pasture. At this level, cattle can still be given antibiotics and hormones and fed the hulls of GMO corn and soybeans, as the USDA technically defines these grain byproducts as forage, and thus allows the grass fed beef label to be used. This level can even include cattle that were fed a mixture of grass and grain, as grass fed and grass finished beef are two different things. For example, it could be 70% Grass Fed and 30% Grain Fed for the animals life. Some cattle are fed grass at first but then finished with GMO grain feed to fatten them up before slaughter, which means the beef can be labeled as grass fed, but not 100% grass fed or grass finished.

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Is There Grass Fed Chicken What About Grain Free Chicken

Why can there be grass fed beef in the aisle of every supermarket, but not grass fed chicken? Why is there organic chicken, free range chicken, pastured chicken, but no grass fed chicken? This is an obvious question to ask, and the answer tells us some interesting things about chickens, cows, and farming in general

The most basic reason is that cows and chickens are very different animals. Cows are grazing specialists. Their bodies is designed to eat grass, and lots of it. They have a four chambered stomach with a capacity to process amazing amounts of forage. They go through life eating as much as they can as fast as they can. Chickens, on the other hand, are much pickier. A chicken is remarkably good at spotting the tastiest morsels, whether leaf, root, seed, grain, or insect, and snapping it up.

Rather than eating a lot of one thing, like a cow with grass, chickens try to eat the very best parts of a lot of things. They will certainly peck tender shoots of grass and clover, but they also seek out seed, scratch up ants, and so on. Cows eat a lot of low calorie food, while chickens eat much less high calorie food. This is why grass fed chicken can’t exist chickens simply need more concentrated sources of calories than they can get from grass alone. Chickens can digest grass, but they can’t digest it efficiently enough to only eat it.

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