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Best Steak Seasoning For Grilling

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Tuscan Herb Rub From Sur La Table

How to Make The Best Steak Marinade | Grilling Recipes |

Youve heard of de-boning a chicken, but how about de-boring it? Take your basic chicken to new heights with this Tuscan mix of garlic, pepper, rosemary, and dried oregano. Two teaspoons per pound of chicken should do it, and presto! Its what we imagine living in central Italy for the summer would taste like. Someone please confirm. Buy Now

What Cut Of Steak Should I Buy

There are so many cuts of steak out there to choose from and the right cut depends on many factors including your budget, preferred cooking method, cooking time, etc.

The great news is that this versatile steak dry rub works on virtually every cut of steak you can buy. Whether youre opting for a juicy ribeye, a sensible sirloin or the luxurious filet, nothing elevates a nice piece of steak like a perfect blend of seasoning and spices.

As you can see below, I last used this seasoning on a couple of tri tips that we were grilling up over the weekend.

I just sprinkle a generous amount of the seasoning over the top of the meat and then give it a good rub.

Pop the steaks onto the grill and enjoy!

Nothing more delicious!

Do You Marinate The Steak Overnight

On average, I would recommend marinating the steaks for no more than two hours.

The reason is that the marinade does not get past the upper layers of the meat.

So marinating the steaks overnight is unnecessary, especially if you are using ribeye steaks or other relatively more tender cuts.

Marinating steaks overnight can be applicable if you use tougher cuts such as skirt steaks.

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Dry Rub Vs Marinade Which Is Better

It really comes down to what you are trying to do and what you are using your steak for. I like using steak marinade when I need the steak to be tenderized or if I am slicing the steak before cooking For everything else, I always use a dry rub. I like having a flavorful, seared, crust on my steak. Heres a little breakdown for you to help you decide which way to go:

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Copycat Texas Roadhouse Steak Rub – The Cozy Cook

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What Is The Best Meat Seasoning

  • Spice for Meat, 3 oz.
  • Charcoal is the seasoning used for hardcore Carnivore Black.
  • McCormick Grill Mates Brown Sugar Bourbon Seasonings for grills.
  • A season of flavorful spices such as Garlic and Herbs by McCormick for grilling.
  • McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Chicken Seasoning can be prepared either as a rub product or a seasoning.
  • Spicy goat meat seasoning from Sisi Lola.
  • What’s In This Spice Blend

    Heres whats in this blend:

    • Smoked paprika, for a little bit of smoke.
    • Dark brown sugar, for a hint of sweetness and molasses.
    • Onion and garlic powder, for some aromatic notes.
    • Oregano, for a touch of herbal greenness.
    • Cumin, for a little earthiness.
    • Cayenne, which brings a slight heat but not enough to light your tongue on fire.

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    Great On Other Proteins Too

    Bonus, The Best Steak Seasoning Recipe is great on chicken wings, pork, even fish. Use it for all your grilled proteins this season!

    Feel free to experiment with this and let me know how it turns out in the comments below! Id love to hear how this recipe is being used.

    Need help grilling your steaks? Check out our post on How To Judge Meat Temperature and 10 Perfect Steak Toppings.

    What Is A New York Steak

    The Best Steak Marinade Grilled Steak Recipe

    The New York Steak is also known as New York strip steak, ambassador steak, strip loin steak, club steak, or the Omaha Strip. But its most commonly known as the New York Steak. They are the queen of steak in that they are usually not too expensive, they cook up fast, and they are insanely delicious.

    • What Kind of Cut is it? Cut from the area of the cow below the backbone, NY strip steaks are tender, lean, and typically boneless. It has a good amount of marbling, which lends a ton of flavor to this evenly, but its not quite as tender as a ribeye or a tenderloin.
    • Whats in a Name: The strip steak is called after the city it originated in. New York is known for its steak houses and this cut of beef was one of the firsts and remains a favorite.
    • What to Look For: Look for New York Steak that is bright in color with tons of marbling. This what gives the strip steak its flavor and tenderness. Look for a steak thats 1/2-1 inch in thickness. Remember the thicker the steak the longer itll take to cook.
    • Nutritional Value of a New York Steak: A 6-oz portion packs in 320 calories, 12 grams of fat, 50 grams of protein, 3.2 milligrams iron, and 9 milligrams zinc. Id say thats a pretty good steak!

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    How To Grill Steak

    Follow these steps for the best steaks on the grill at your next summer cookout:

  • Preheat the grill. First, turn on your grill and let it warm up to medium-high heat. You can use a gas or charcoal grill.
  • Oil steaks. Then, brush some olive oil on both sides. This helps keep the steaks from sticking to the grill and ruining the beautiful char!
  • Season steaks. Next, sprinkle salt, pepper, and fresh rosemary all over the steaks. I like to use my hands to press the seasonings into the oiled steaks slightly, too.
  • Grill steaks. Now, add the steaks to the grill and reduce the heat to medium. For the best char marks, put them at an angle.
  • Check the temperature. For a medium-rare steak, grill the steaks for about 4 minutes on each side until the internal temperature reaches 130 degrees . Check out the table below for all the temperatures for your ideal steak doneness.
  • Rest with butter. When the steaks are done, set them on a plate to rest with a pat of butter on each. Cover the plate loosely with foil and let the steaks rest while the butter melts.
  • New York Strip Steak Recipe Variations

    • Scale the ingredients up or down depending on how many people you plan to serve. You can easily cook twice as many steaks, or cut it back to just 1 pound of meat.
    • Seasoning: we love the simple combination of herbs and spices in our all-purpose “house seasoning,” but you can substitute with any seasoning blend of your choice. Pick your favorite steak seasoning blend, or just use a good amount of kosher salt, freshly-ground black pepper and garlic powder.
    • Indoor Grilling: if you don’t have access to an outdoor grill, you can grill these steaks on the stovetop by using an indoor grill pan. Just make sure that the grill pan is preheated really well over high heat so that you can achieve that great sear on the outside.

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    Best Dry Rub For Steak

    This is the Best Dry Rub for Steak, ribs, and more! Its the perfect seasoning blend for grilling, pan-searing, or roasting. The intense flavor of this steak dry rub compliments beef beautifully!

    I love cooking out on the grill. Living in Florida, my grill is always out and ready to go! Im constantly cooking up recipes like Grilled Pork Butt, Picanha Steak, or my favorite Beef Short Ribs.

    Whenever I grill out, I use this flavorful dry rub recipe. Its my favorite dry rub for steak and ribs, but seriously, I could put this steak rub on everything! Especially all of my favorite steak recipes. I love it for Labor Day!

    After trying plenty of different seasoning blends, I can safely say this is my favorite. Once you use this blend, you may never buy store-bought dry rubs again. It is that tasty!

    • 2 tablespoons brown sugar

    Spice Rub For Grilled Ribeye Steak

    Worlds best steak marinade #steakmarinaderecipes WORLDâS ...

    I like to use a spice rub for grilled steak, more than a marinade. I find a spice rub seems to seal in the flavors nicely. Occasionally I will marinate a steak, but tend to reserve marinating for tougher cuts of beef that benefit from a tenderizing marinade. For instance, I will marinate beef overnight when making something like this Tuscan Beef Stew.

    How to make a spice rub? Its so easy, theres no need to buy those pre-made rub mixes at the store. When you make your own spice rub, you know exactly what is in it. Find a basic combination you like and you can experiment with variations on it.

    My basic go to rub is the cumin garlic blend we use in this recipe. All you do is combine equal parts garlic powder, cumin and salt in a small bowl, then rub it into the meat. I let the steak absorb the rub for about ten minutes, then you are ready for some big flavored grilling!

    Our ten year old would tell you he doesnt like spicy food, but he loves any meat I grill with this garlic cumin rub. So its the perfect combo for a family with discerning young palatesenough flavor for the grownups, without overwhelming the kids!

    I like to make various sauces to serve with steak, with mushrooms and onions featuring frequently. Check out this Ribeye with Portobello Mushrooms, for instance. But todays recipe shows you dont need to add a sauce with a good quality ribeye steak made with our simple spice rub.

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    Grill The Best Steak Of Your Life In 6 Steps

    No one wants to mess up steak on the grill. For one thing, a leathery over-cooked steak makes for an extremely sad eating experience. For another, steaks are expensive! From grilling pro Jennifer Chandler, we have six steps that will guarantee a perfectly grilled steak every time.

    When I asked Jennifer about steaks and explained my nervousness about grilling them, her excitement kicked up a few decibels. She immediately responded, One of the things that I always tell people is that they dont have to be intimidated by grilling a nice piece of steak. Then she broke it down for me:

    What Steak Is Best To Grill

    Around here, we LOVE Ribeyes for a perfect grilling experience! Ribeyes are flavorful, rich and easy to cook with little seasoning or preparation required.

    Im sure youve heard about fancy rubs, injections and marinades that you can make and use. Those are terrific when you want to invest a lot of time and spices into your dinner.

    However, for a simple, easy breezy steak dinner, you cant beat a Ribeye!

    Other preferred cuts for a similar easy experience include:

    • T-Bone

    But seriously, just get the ribeye. Its worth it.

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    How To Do It

    Theres one important word youll need to know when it comes to seasoning seared or grilled ribeye steak: generously. You should get into the habit of seasoning generously with steak, rather than sprinkling salt and pepper here and there. Steaks love a good seasoning, and your taste buds will appreciate it even more.

    When you season ribeye, add plenty of seasoning enough that you can plainly see it on the surface. Because its a thicker steak, youll want extra seasoning, as it sits on the outside of the steak rather than inside. When you bite into the steak, the extra seasoning on the outside will also help flavor the rest of the bite that doesnt have seasoning on it.

    Keep your seasonings in a bowl and pinch a portion with your fingers. Then, sprinkle it generously all over the steak on all sides. Make sure you get around the edges, too. Press the seasoning gently into the meat to help it adhere.

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    When To Put Dry Rub On A Steak

    Grilled Buttery Seasoning Steak~Easy Cooking

    You do not need to wait for the spices to get into the meat before grilling or cooking it.

    The heat will help the seasonings get into the meat with the help of the juices from the meat.

    You can let the meat rest for about 5 minutes after putting the seasoning and before grilling or cooking it, but it is unnecessary.

    You can apply the rub right before you put the meat on the grill.

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    Take Your Steak To The Next Level With This Pre

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    A good quality steak doesnt need much more than a sprinkling of salt and pepper for seasoning. But if you want to take it to the next level and give your steak that extra punch of flavor, this all-purpose rub will do it.

    I bring a zip-top bag of it with me whenever we go camping and plan on grilling steaks at our campsite. It smells so good, Ive had other campers walk over and ask what Im grilling!

    Make The Steak Seasoning

    Start by making the homemade steak seasoning. Trust me this homemade version is light years better than anything you have pre-mixed in your cupboard. Add rock salt, whole black peppercorns, minced dried garlic, minced dried onion, fennel seeds, and red chili pepper flakes to a mortar then grind it up with the pestle.


    If you dont have a mortar and pestle, add the ingredients to a heavy duty Ziplock bag, squeeze all the air out then crush with a meat mallet, rolling pin, or heavy bottomed skillet.

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    How To Use Steak Seasoning

    One of the keys to the best steak seasoning is knowing how to use it properly. The seasoning can only do so much for you if you dont use it well.

    You have to apply the seasoning to the meat in the proper ratios and sometimes you also need to use oil for steak as well. We have another article for the best oils for steak.

    We suggest using a small amount of oil combined with the seasoning and rubbing it all over the steak. The drizzle of oil simply helps the seasoning stick to the steak and will keep your steak from drying out while it cooks.

    You dont have to use oil, but many people also prefer just adding the seasoning dry and this is totally acceptable too.

    If youre more of a visual learner, weve found a helpful video from The Stay At Home Chef on YouTube explaining the easiest way to prepare and season steak.

    What Ingredients Go Into Steak Marinade

    Best Steak Seasoning Recipe For Grilling. Steak Dry Rub ...
    • Balsamic vinegar I dont recommend substitutes here. Balsamic vinegar will add the best flavor. And use dark balsamic, white isnt as strong.
    • Worcestershire sauce another key ingredient. This is one of the best ingredients for steak marinade.
    • Soy sauce keep in mind the longer the steak marinades the more sodium it will absorb from the soy sauce, so if you only marinate 1 hour you may still need a little salt added to the steaks.
    • Olive oil dont use extra virgin olive oil because it has a low smoke point, just regular refined olive oil.
    • Dijon mustard this adds a little extra flavor. Dont use regular mustard.
    • Honey just a light amount helps tone down acidity of the vinegar it also helps the exterior of steaks brown better.
    • Garlic as always only use fresh. It makes a big difference.
    • Freshly ground black pepper if you havent made the jump to fresh ground pepper now is the time! It really is a lot better.
    • Dried rosemary of course fresh will work great too, use 1 Tbsp chopped if using fresh.
    • Steak this makes enough marinade for about 2 pounds of steak.

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    Copycat Texas Roadhouse Steak Rub

    Stephanie 377Read more »

    Be sure to try this Copycat Texas Roadhouse Rolls Recipe next!

    The best part is that this steak seasoning recipe is super-duper easy. Simplicity is often the way to go when youre dealing with meat. The hardest part of all is not to fiddle with it on the grill- dont do it. Leave it alone. Set it and be done with it. Get your timing right – and youll be happily munching on a big juicy steak in no time. Here is more information to help you achieve that perfect steak:

    Can I Make This Steak Seasoning Ahead

    You sure can! If you know youre going to be running short on time, just make it up and mix it together. That way when its time to add it to the steak, its all ready to be done!

    We like having this on hand, mixed up, in our pantry so whenever we want a perfectly seasoned steak we can just rub it on and prepare our steak!

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    Carne Asada Steak Seasoning

    Want your steak to taste like the filling of your favorite taco? Marinate it in this flavorful marinade! Plan to cook this steak in a cast-iron skillet.

    Whisk together two tablespoons chili powder with a tablespoon ground ancho chile, two teaspoons each ground cumin and Mexican oregano, a teaspoon each kosher salt and ground black pepper. Then add two cloves of crushed garlic, the juice of one lime and a quarter cup of minced cilantro. Let your steaks marinade for two hours in the refrigerator.

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