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Who Has Steaks On Sale

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Buy Frozen Meat And Fish Versus Fresh To Save As Much As 50%

KAZAKHSTAN: Real HORSE MEAT ð?´ for sale, Green Market in Almaty

Fresh meats are definitely more expensive.

I can find meat and fish even organic! at better prices when I buy frozen instead of heading straight to the meat department. If youre not picky, check canned and smoked meats in grocery aisles for deals, too.

For example, fresh boneless chicken breast tenderloins from Walmart are $5.34 a pound, while frozen boneless chicken breast tenderloins are $3.31 a pound. Thats about 40% savings, and thats not including any coupons or sales.

Cheap Meat Near Me Challenge

With a little practice, some careful scouting and a steady trigger-finger, you can bag some great deals within your limits. You can find cheap meat near me and feed your household delicious meals. Leave the elk to the outdoorsmen we love to hunt in the supermarket.

Let us know about the deals you find on cheap meat in your area, and what you do with it!

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Certified Very Tender Only At Harris Teeter

As the first and only retailer in America to offer USDA Certified Very Tender beef, Harris Teeter is proud to now carry the USDAs tenderness shield on a number of very special cuts of Harris Teeter Reserve Angus beef.

So, for those who value tenderness, take notice: Theres only one place you can find beef thats not just tender, but backed by the USDA your local Harris Teeter meat case. For a Certified Very Tender dining experience, try picking up some Harris Teeter Reserve Angus beef today.

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Parking Lot Steaks: We Put $2 Ribeyes To The Test

SPRINGDALE If you listen to Cincinnati radio, you may have heard ads for a big steak sale in the parking lot of some local malls.

Many of us love a good steak. But steak is expensive, with filet mignon selling for as much as $25 a pound in grocery stores.

So the traveling steak sale that pulled into Cincinnati’s Tri County Mall this week is luring lots of budget-conscious shoppers.

The ads, and the sign on the tent, advertise 20 ribeyes for just $40.

What you get when you visit the sale

We wanted to find out what kind of steak you can get for two bucks these days.

So we walked into the tent, where we were immediately pitched a lot more than just a $40 box of ribeyes.

A salesman tried to sell us $300 worth of various frozen steaks, which he then agreed to unload at markdown for just $200, with the $40 ribeyes thrown in free.

But after explaining I only had $40, he finally agreed to sell me a box of 20 small frozen ribeye steaks.

Before leaving the parking lot, we showed our haul to some mall customers.

Jennifer Wright and Shauna Parks were not very impressed.

“It looks like a hamburger patty,” Parks said. “This does not look like a steak I’d eat, honestly.”

But appearances aside, are they any good?

The grilling test

We decided there was no better way to find out than to go to a good steak and burger place, and have them grill one up.

Chef Rob Nugent opened the parking lot steak, noting it was “really small and really thin.”

It cooked in just a couple of minutes.

What Are The Usda Meat Grades

So rib steaks were on sale at Walmart. I might have a ...

The United States Department of Agriculture grades meat at the request of the meatpacker.

The grading system determines the quality rating based on the amount of marbling in the muscle and the age of the beef.

There are generally three USDA grades of beef that you would buy from the supermarket. From highest to lowest, they are:

  • Prime
  • Select

The highest quality of meat is USDA Prime.

It is the most tender and flavorful cut of meat. It is also hard to find and usually reserved for high-end restaurants. You may be able to find it at the supermarket occasionally but at a premium price.

In short, the higher the ratio of marbling, and the younger the cow, the higher the grade.

The marbling determines the tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. Younger beef produces a finer texture, making it more tender.

The second-highest grade is Choice.

It has less marbling and is generally less tender. Less marbling also means less flavor and juice.

USDA Select is the lowest grade of steak youll find at the supermarket.

It is very lean and tougher than other cuts.

USDA Cutter and Canner grades are meats that are typically found in convenience foods, like microwave burritos, pot pies, and other processed food products.

When shopping for steak, be sure to look for the USDA shield.

Many grocers will mark packages as prime or choice, but unless it has the USDA shield, its most likely a marketing ploy.

Civil Eats

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Did I Answer Everything You Want To Know About Purchasing Steak At The Grocery Store

In this article, we went over all the things you need to know about purchasing steak at the grocery store.

We went over what makes a great steak.

Then we talked about what supermarkets have the best quality meat and how to pick a steak at the grocery store. We also went over USDA meat grades and the differences between grass-fed and grain-fed beef.

Of course, we also talked about what makes one steak better than another.

Then we looked at which supermarkets have the best quality meat and how to pick a steak at the grocery store. We answered all the top questions too, about things like USDA meat grades and grass-fed versus grain-fed organic beef.

Ultimately we answered the question of which grocery store has the best steaks?

My pick for quality, consistency, price, and availability is Whole Foods Market. After all, they operate over 400 stores in multiple countries. While some place like Wegmans on the East Coast also has great steaks, I cant give them the win since they dont operate in most parts of the country.

Small butcher shops, of course, could be well worth checking out too if you have one. But anywhere you can find USDA Prime or at least Choice beef, ideally organically grown and grass-fed, get it! Youll have a great steak!

I would steer clear of buying meat from places that only sell USDA Select beef and also steer clear of places that dont have butchers on staff who cut their meat fresh. Trader Joes and Aldi come to mind there.

Is Food Dating Required By Federal Law

No. The U.S. Department of Agriculture does not require the stamping of meat expiration dates. They say, Except for infant formula and some baby food products, dating is not generally required by Federal regulations.

Poultry producers are required to stamp the date their product is packaged. However, stores affix their own sell-by or use-by dates.

Furthermore, individual states have their own regulations regarding product labeling.

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Experience The Difference Of American Wagyu Beef

American Wagyu cattle are significantly different to the traditional breeds. They are medium-sized, hardy cattle with a great temperament and unique meat quality attributes. American Wagyu beef has higher levels of intra-muscular fat, or marbling and the meat texture is finer, resulting in a more robust eating experience – so tender it actually melts in your mouth!

Is Organic Beef Grass

October Meat Haul ~ Buying in Bulk, On Sale, to SAVE!!

Organic beef does not necessarily mean it was grass-fed.

Organic means that the animal was not given added hormones or antibiotics or pesticides in the food. The feed can be grass, corn or soy .

Grass-fed meat means that the animal was pasture-raised and was not fed corn or soy. Grass-fed meat is often organic, but organic does not necessarily mean grass-fed.

Because cattle that are fed grain are inherently less healthy, organic does not necessarily mean better. Studies show that grain-fed cattle have unhealthy omega 6 to omega 3 fats. They have higher saturated fat and tend to be pro-inflammatory.

Grass-fed cattle have a much healthier omega 6 to omega 3 fat ratio.

They also tend to contain more vitamins, are less likely to have E. coli, less saturated fat, and fewer calories than commercial grain-fed meat.

So, if you are looking to purchase the healthiest steak, look for organic grass-fed beef with a USDA rating of at least Choice.

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Check Out The Save A Lot Weekly Ad 2/17 2/23

The Save-A-Lot weekly ad starts on different days depending on the region. We will post the Ad scan and the full list of Save-A-Lot Coupon Matchups on one page using coupons to help you save money! Scroll below the Ad Scan to see the Coupon Matchups!

Here is the sneak peek of the Save-A-Lot weekly ad and coupons that runs 2/17 to 2/23. Looks like a pretty good week with some nice deals on Chicken and Beef Bottom Roast!

Quality Poultry And Seafood

Whether you enjoy the simplicity of poached chicken breasts or an elaborate seafood dinner with crab and lobster, the best meals start with the quality poultry and seafood at Sam’s Club. You’ll even find specialty items like the tur-duc-hen, which is a delicious combination of turkey, duck and chickenperfect for the holiday table.

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Make Your Own Jerky To Save About $25 A Pound

To make beef jerky, you need to start with the leanest meat possible top round, bottom round and sirloin, for example, are great for jerky-making. The less fat the better, because fat doesnt dehydrate and youll need a smoker or dehydrator to dry up your meats. You can buy a dehydrator for as little as $24 from Kohls make sure to check our website for the latest Kohls deals and coupons.

One pound of prepackaged, store-bought beef jerky is about $32 from Walmart and $36 from . Meanwhile,16 ounces of bottom round might run about $5.99 per pound at Albertsons and a top sirloin is about $6.94 per pound from Walmart. Not bad savings, especially if you plan to use the dehydrator regularly.

Bonus: You can season it how you like!

Which Supermarket Has The Best Quality Meat

Omaha Steaks Stock Up &  Stay Home Sale

There are tons of supermarkets out there, so this article is going to focus on a handful of well-known supermarkets.

When shopping for meat, you should look for good marbling and nice red color with no brown spots.

Another factor in the quality of meat is whether the cow is given growth hormones or antibiotics. Animals fed right and treated humanely are not just for marketing. They make for better tasting, healthier meat. As a bonus, you can feel good that the cow lived its best life before it landed on your plate.

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You Can Find Strips Filets And Ribeyes To Go Or Grab A Hearty Steak Or Brisket Sandwich At The Deli

9:12 AM on Jan 29, 2020 CST

And suddenly, the longest line for a midday meal in Fort Worth is at its new butcher shop, The Meat Board. In less than a month, the retailer along the west sides Camp Bowie Boulevard has built an avid clientele hungry for its prime steak selection while surprising itself by becoming a lunchtime hot spot.

We sold 99 lunches the other day, says partner Don Rea, shaking his head. We never expected that.

But theres really no mystery: The caliber of the deli meals matches that of the choices in the butchers cases and all of that is due to the pedigree behind The Meat Board. Leading the ownership are cattle rancher Don Rea and food microbiologist Ranzell Nick Nickelson, both members of the Southwest Meat Association Hall of Honor. The two have worked together for decades in various capacities, from animal science research to the meat-packing industry. Though neither ever worked in retail, their conversations turned to the idea of establishing a meat market a few years ago.

We were down at Camp Brisket thats the annual educational program for pitmasters, taught at Texas A& M University and somebody asked us the best place to buy meat in Fort Worth, Nickelson says. We realized theres a real need for a wide variety of high-quality meats here.

How Do You Pick A Steak At The Grocery Store

While steak from the local meat market may be the better option for purchasing steak, sometimes is just not possible.

Meat markets are becoming a rarity. If you do happen to have one nearby, its going to mean an extra trip and extra time shopping.

Sometimes its just more convenient to do all of your shopping, including meat, at the supermarket.

So, how do you pick a quality steak at the grocery store?

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Get An Extra Discount When You Haggle With The Meat Department On Sell

First of all, please dont eat spoiled meat. But sometimes meat has a sell-by date that is, well, questionable.

If you have an inkling that the meat department will be discounting a package soon, go ahead and haggle, girl! This is especially true if there is a surplus of a particular kind of meat and several packages that will go bad before they can actually sell. The meat department would rather sell it to you for cheap than throw it in the trash.

Does Purchasing Expiring Meat Really Save Money

Lab-grown meat to go on sale for first time in landmark regulatory approval

You bet it does. Each grocer codes meat differently. Smart & Final has a limit of 25 percent off, usually marked three days before the sell-by date.

Kroger / Frys stores have a maximum discount of 40 percent off, usually applied two days prior to code. Safeway stores use one- or two-dollars-off stickers, and typically add more discounts as the code date approaches.

A few months ago, as Steve stood at a meat case evaluating cuts going out of code, a butcher asked if he needed help. Steve replied, Id love to buy this meat, but its not quite at my buy price yet. Is there anything you can do?

The butcher smiled, pulled out a roll of discount stickers and knocked another two dollars off the package.

You bet we bought it. This brings up another principle: Always ask, especially if its the last date for the code. You may get a really steep discount.

Saving 25 percent due to a sale or advertised price reduction is great, but we really love stumbling on a deal that saves us 50 to 80 percent.

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What Kind Of Meat To Avoid Buying

Leakers Our friend Daves term for meat that is awash in excess water and blood, which may contain bacteria.

Puffers When vacuumed-packed meats lose their airtight seal and become inflated. Either air or bacteria may cause the problem.

Discolored Meat that looks a little green or darker brown, indicating loss of quality, Avoid it no matter what its code date.

A Small Warehouse Club Called Smart & Final

There is a smaller warehouse-type food store near our home that sells butcher cuts of beef and pork. These cuts are 10 to 20 pounds, vacuum sealed in heavy plastic. There have been many times where weve purchased 17 pounds of beef brisket, bottom round, or some other cut that was close to going out of code. This store marks down their meat between 25 and 50 percent off. We bring it home and Steve has cut it into steaks and roasts. We label it and repackage it and put it in the freezer.

Yes, it takes some time to be a butcher of our own meat, but when you can get good cuts of meat at steeply discounted prices its worth it. Just be sure to wear an apron when youre cutting meat, it can get messy.

And if you do get some blood or other juices on the apron, be sure to read How to Get Blood out of Clothes and Sheets. We tested 9 different solutions to find what works best.

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Consider Buying Meat In Bulk Via A Cow Share

Look for local farmers who offer to butcher and kill the cow for free . You only need to pick it up and buy a bigger freezer. The best rates were finding right now range from $5.05-$6.50/lb, but since my friends a rancher, I was able to score 1/4 of a grass-fed, grain-finished cow for only $2.37/pound. Bam!

You can find cow shares via Crowdcow and

PRO TIP: A quarter cow typically weighs 115 pounds, a half cow = 230 pounds, and a full cow = 460 pounds.

Seniors & Food Contamination


We know of a sweet widowed elderly woman who insists on cooking for herself. And if she doesnt cook for herself, then she buys a rotisserie chicken. The only problem with this is that Jackie is losing the use of some of her senses since she is 93 years old.

There are a couple of events at our house that she has missed because she wasnt feeling good and had a tummy ache. Our hunch is that she actually had food poisoning because she wasnt able to tell when her food has gone bad.

There is an easy solution. Someone needs to convince Jackie that rotisserie chickens are out and frozen dinners are in.

There are so many healthy choices for frozen meals and they are perfectly sized for a one-person meal. This way there are fewer or no leftovers. And no opportunity for food to deteriorate and become harmful. The only problem is that we arent Jackies caretaker and she can be quite set in her ways at times.

If you have a senior in your life please watch over them carefully. If you can, start talking to them about different meal planning and food storage. Help them understand that things need to change over time. And help them be aware of the different choices they can make to stay healthy. has a great article on food safety for senior adults.

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