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Best Seasoning For Ribeye Steak On The Grill

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Ribeye Steak Seasoning Recipe

Grilling Ribeye Steak – Seasoning, Cooking time and Temperature – PoorMansGourmet

Need a ribeye steak seasoning recipe? We’ve got the perfect one!

If you are looking for a steak that is juicy, tender and beautifully marbled with flavorful fat, the ribeye cut is the one you need. The ribeye cut comes from the top of the rib primal and can be either boneless or bone-in.

It offers a rich, beefy flavor and does not need marinating due to its marbling.

Whilst a or extra seasoning isn’t essential as the ribeye is delicious enough as it is, we do love to use a little seasoning to further enhance its flavor.

We recommend rubbing your steaks with one of these seasoning rubs at least an hour before cooking, then letting them stand at room temperature. This helps them to cook evenly.

Grilling: perfect to create a juicy steak with a charred exterior.

Cast iron skillet: pan-searing your steak in a cast iron skillet can also create a beautiful crust but you will need to use butter or oil to help it remain juicy. You can start out pan-searing and finish off in the oven.

If you dont have access to a grill, the skillet option is a great alternative.

It is commonly agreed that medium-rare is the best way to serve steak, but we have included steak temperatures in case you are cooking for a group with varied preferences.

Rare: 120-125 Fahrenheit | 48.9-51.6 Celsius

Medium-Rare: 130-135 Fahrenheit | 54.4-57.2 Celsius

Medium: 140-145 Fahrenheit | 60-62.8 Celsius

Medium-Well: 150-155 Fahrenheit | 65.5-68.3 Celsius

Well: 160 Fahrenheit | 71.1 Celsius

Choosing The Right Cut

Another crucial piece of the puzzle in grilling a delicious ribeye is choosing the right steak to start with. While you can find some budget-friendly ribeye steaks in your local supermarket, they may not be the high-quality steak you were hoping for.

The best ribeye steaks for grilling are labeled as USDA Prime or Wagyu. USDA Prime is the highest grade ribeye steak can get from the USDA. Wagyu is considered the cream of the crop in the steak world, denoting steaks that come from Wagyu beef and are among the highest overall quality.

Also, consider wet-aged vs dry-aged. Wet-aging is a faster process that results in more moisture within each ribeye steak. Dry-aging is a longer process that breaks down enzymes to create a super tender steak. One option isnt necessarily better than the other, but finding either wet-aged or dry-aged steak can boost the yum factor of ribeye.

Cowboy Butter Steak Dipping Sauce

This sauce is a dream come true for sprucing up any steak, not just ribeye. The flavor is beyond average, as the creamy and zesty gives heat an almost irresistible kick.

Additionally, it pairs well with everything from beef, seafood , vegetables, chicken, and fresh French bread.

To whip up this sauce only take 5 minutes. And you dont need expensive condiments or ingredients just simple and basic.

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Tips For Grilling Ribeye Steak

I prefer seasoning this grilled ribeye simply with salt and pepper, but youre welcome to use your favorite steak rub if youre so inclined. But try it first with salt and pepper and see what you think!

Its very important that you let the ribeye come to room temperature before grilling. It allows the steak to come to an even temperature all at once for a perfectly cooked steak.

A thick steak like this one will provide more than a one-person portion. Slice the steak thinly and serve at the table with sautéed mushrooms and the steaks own juices if desired.

Prepare The Steaks And Grill

Grilled Ribeye Steak

First, remove the steaks from the refrigerator. Salt both sides generously with salt. Then, allow them to remain at room temperature for 45 minutes prior to cooking to allow them to brine.

When its close to cooking time, heat up the grill to high heat . If your grill grates tend to stick, brush a little olive oil on them before heating.

Before adding the steaks to the grill, brush a small amount of olive oil on each side and sprinkle with salt, pepper, or your other preferred seasonings.

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Preheat The Grill And Get Your Rack Ready

I have learned this the hard way, but you never want to get your meat on the grill before having your rack or plate ready and standing by.

If for some reason you happen to have a flare up, or if the steaks are done, you want to have a place ready to get your precious meat off the fire immediately.

As I mentioned above, part of the magic of the rack versus a plate is that the beef will retain a lot more of its juices. More on that later.

For preheating, make sure to preheat for at least 10 minutes. I have a 3-burner gas grill, and I only heat 2 of them, which preheats the internal temperature to 550F or 600F. When I actually begin cooking and have the lid opening and closing every couple minutes, the temperature hovers around 450F, which is perfect.

How Do You Season Steak

Steak should always be seasoned generouslyreally generously. Youre going to need to sprinkle on more salt than you think is appropriate because you want it to completely cover the steak. Sprinkle the salt from above for more even coverage. Its going to seem like overkill, but seriously just keep salting. Once youve salted your steak, gently press the crystals into the meat with your hands to help them adhere. If youre making a really thin cut of steak, like skirt steak, dont salt as heavily, but if youre making a 2-inch-thick, bone-in porterhouse , then keep salting. You want the salt to flavor the whole thing.

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Should I Marinade Ribeye

I don’t use a steak marinade for this ribeye recipe, since ribeyes are a nice, juicy cut of meat. But, if you want to use a marinade, I recommend this beef marinade recipe! It has Worcestershire sauce and other ingredients to tenderize your steak.

If you do not have ribeye steak available, try a New York strip steak. You can also use sirloin, but I would recommend using a marinade on sirloin.

What Is A Ribeye Steak

Grilled Ribeye Steak Recipe – Grilling Steak, Made Easy!

A ribeye, or rib eye as it is sometimes written, comes from the rib section of a cow, usually between ribs six and twelve.

What makes this cut so desirable is that it comes from a part of the upper rib cage that isnât used very much, producing a tender and flavorful cut with lots of marbling.

Ribeye is somewhat of an outlier among cuts of beef typically, the more tender a cut is the less flavorful it is. Ribeyes buck this trend by being among the most flavorful and tender cuts you can get from a cow.

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How To Get The Right Internal Temperature For Your Ribeye Steak:

Learning to temp your steaks is almost as important as learning how to cook your steaks. So you can easily grill them to perfection for each of your guests.

And NEVER EVER CUT THE STEAK to see if it is done. Always use tongs to turn your steak.

While some say you should never turn your steak more than once, I like to get a nice crosshatch marking on my steak so although I dont flip it more than once, I do move it on the grill crossways to get those pretty cross marks on my steaks.

Over a hot grill, your steaks will cook rather quickly, going from very soft to somewhat soft with a bit of a spring to quite firm . Use the space on the top of your hand between your thumb and first finger to feel what a medium-rare steak should feel like.

Get in the habit of touching the steaks often to judge if theyre done.

I absolutely love my Meater Plus | Smart Meat ThermometerIt takes all the guesswork out of cooking meats in the oven, on the grill, or in a smoker.

And undercooking is better than overcooking. You can always cook the steaks a little longer, if necessary.

*Steaks will continue to cook once theyre off the heat increasing the internal temperature from 5 8 degrees.

How Long To Cook Steak On The Grill

The exact ribeye grill time will vary slightly depending on thick it is, whether its boneless or bone-in, and so forth. But when cooking this 24-ounce bone-in ribeye, we first grilled it over high heat for 10 minutes per side before moving it to a cooler part of the grill and cooking it for another 20 to 25 minutes.

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Best Seasoning For Ribeye Steak On The Gill

Posted on March 12, 2022

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What exactly is the best seasoning for ribeye steak on the grill?

If this is your first time grilling a ribeye steak for a family dinner or small party, you might think to yourself what seasoning leaves your guest craving bite after bite.

Have you tried rubbing a rich garlic butter sauce and brown sugar steak rub on your grilled Ribeye Steak?

This will get everyone talking!

Better still, you can go for a dry steak rub a blending sea salt, brown sugar, garlic powder, garlic salt, onion powder, grounded Turmeric, and other spices.

Take The Beef Out Of The Fridge 90 Minutes Before Cooking

Grilled Mexican Rib

I know it can be annoying to plan ahead, but this makes ALL the difference for juiciness and tenderness later on.

Believe me, I have tested this many, many times.

There have been times when I didnt get home early enough to take the meat out in advance and I cooked the steaks anyway, and it always turns out drastically less tender.

The reason why letting the steaks warm up at room temperature helps so much is you dont have to cook the meat as long. Your starting point is a lot higher.

Its the same idea as my Glazed Spiral Ham, which is far juicier than your average ham, simply because it needs less cook time after warming up beforehand.

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Why Does High Heat Make My Steak Tastes Better

The surface of a steak tastes best when the high heat gets several important chemical reactions going. It might be a little TMI, but you can always impress your guests with your grilling knowledge!

The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction between amino acids and sugars created by heat. Caramelization is the browning of sugar by oxidation under heat. There are small amounts of sugars in meat, that cause this reaction and give you that rich, complex, caramel or butterscotch flavor that makes your steak memorable.

There are also fats on the surface, and they contribute a lot to the flavor of the meat. When heat melts the fat and chemically alters it, the flavor is also drastically altered.

Fat reaches its most rich and succulent point when it becomes golden brown, just before it burns. While your steak is at best when the color is more of a nut brown. Blackening or charring a piece of meat is carbonization, and wont taste much better than the charcoal, so pay attention to what youre doing on the grill. Timing is everything!

For me the rarer the better, while my wife likes no signs of pink, with her steak well done.sigh. Its proven quite challenging but also very satisfying when I get it right.

I also like to experiment with the seasonings I use, trying to masterfully create perfection. Many famous steak houses are known not only for their steaks but for the secret seasoning they use to create added flavors.

Smoke Spiced Grilled Ribeye

There’s nothing quite like a grilled ribeye steak. This version, with a smokey spice rub on top, is a dinner you’ll be talking about for a while. Whether you serve the ribeye whole for hungry people or sliced and shared, top it with a little compound butter for a true steakhouse dinner in no time at all.

Best Steak for Grilling

When youre looking for a cut of beef to put on the grill, you need to look for two qualities tenderness and flavor. While there are many different cuts that work well on the grill, a grilled ribeye is one of my favorites because it has great flavor and because it comes from the short loin, it is very tender with good marbling of fat throughout. On the grill, much of that fat renders and youre left with a juicy delicious steak dinner. The drawback to a ribeye, of course, is its high price tag. Another, slightly less expensive cut to put on the grill is a strip steak . A top sirloin steak is yet another steak that is good on the grill, although it is not as tender as a strip or ribeye. Whichever cut you choose for this smoke spiced grilled ribeye recipe, season it well and cook it properly and you wont get any complaints from me!

How to Season a Ribeye

How to Get the Right Internal Temperature

Rest Steaks before Serving

What to Serve with a Ribeye Steak

Aside from a sauce, you cant go wrong with a baked potato and a side salad or any grilled vegetables as an accompaniment to a delicious smoke spiced grilled ribeye.

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S To Cook Ribeye Steak In An Oven

Youll have a steakhouse entrée on the table in no time with only a few simple steps!

Ribeye Steak in an Oven

  • Preheat the oven and a heavy skillet or cast iron pan.
  • Season steaks with salt and pepper as required after brushing with oil.
  • Cook for two minutes on each side of the steaks.
  • Place the pan in the oven and roast the steaks once theyve been browned on both sides. Dont overcook the food.
  • From the pan, remove the steaks and set them on a platter with butter pats on top. Make a foil tent, and for 5 to 10 minutes, put on a side the steaks to rest. Its critical to give them time to rest to keep them juicy.
  • What Is The Best Way To Tenderize A Ribeye Steak

    The Perfect Ribeye | Tips for Grilling the Best Ribeye Steak

    Ribeye steaks are not usually too tough, but there are instances where it can get too hard that the rub does not get into the meat. There is a simple solution to this problem.

    You can use a meat tenderizer to make the ribeye softer but the safest way to do this, in my opinion, is to simply rub a tablespoon of kosher salt on each side of the steak.

    Use your hands to press the salt into the meat to break down the meats connective tissues and fibers. This will help the ribeye steak become more tender when cooking.

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    Traditional Vs Grass Fed Beef

    Ive cooked and eaten many different types of beef, and my preference for marbling, juiciness, and flavor is definitely traditional beef. I usually buy Certified Angus Beef because its consistently high-quality, but generally speaking, you will do great with any piece of Choice. Or Prime, if you can afford it.

    If you prefer grass fed steak, you can absolutely use this recipe. Just make sure you keep an eye on doneness, as grass fed beef cooks faster and is less forgiving if you overcook it.

    Why This Grilled Ribeye Steak Recipe Is So Good

    • Minimal ingredients.
    • Get those hot grill marks!
    • Get tips on using direct and indirect heat for cooking steaks on the grill.
    • Learn how to get juicy ribeye steak on the grill to enjoy all the beautiful ribeye marbling.
    • MADE FOR BEGINNERS New to grilling foods? See my step by step video for beginners .

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    These Are The Best Grilled Ribeye Steaks Perfect Every Time

    Weve all been there the person who normally mans the barbecue asks you to pinch hit and cook the main course. This time its steaks. The first time this happened to me I froze on the spot, But Im no good at cooking steaks! Thankfully, after that mediocre first attempt, Ive since learned a number of key things to make perfect GRILLED RIBEYE STEAKS! Trust me, follow this step-by-step guide and youll be the master of your grill and steak recipes in no time.

    Were thinking this post will end up like our CHICKEN PICCATA SHEET PAN DINNER, our GRILLED BEEF TENDERLOIN, and our BEST HOT DOGS top-ranked. We know its because the recipes are essential and work perfectly every time, just like these GRILLED RIBEYE STEAKS. First bite and youre going to be, My goodness, its like butter!

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