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Best Gifts For Steak Lovers

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Steak Names Press Tool

Omaha Steaks Holiday Gift Guide for Steak Lovers

This BBQ branded meat is long enough with a heat-resistant wooden handle, avoid burning yourself while using it. Its easy to switch out letters and lock them firmly in place with two clips, and then heat it on the grill and brand your steak or burger. The steak branded meat is lightweight and portable you can use it when Barbecuing at home, on gardens, lawns, or outdoor.

Price: $15.99 Rating 3.7/5 based on 463 reviews

In Vino Veritas Academie Du Vin

Just imagine if you could gather all the most erudite, entertaining and eloquent wine writers, past and present, in one place. Sadly, its not physically possible, but this collection gives a sense of just how sparkling the conversation would be.

Voices from the distant past, Horace and Baudelaire, mingle with assertive views from early 20th century authorities, Charles Walter Berry and Maurice Healy. Theyre joined by thorny debate on subjects such as Tea vs Bollinger by PG Wodehouse, enviable reminiscence as Steven Spurrier recalls Memorable Menus, and thought-provoking gems from ever original minds including Dan Keeling and Randall Grahm.

Its a beautifully bound combination that cries out for a roaring fire, deep arm chair and a glass of something suitably meditative. In short, this is perfect Christmas reading for anyone who loves good wine and great writing.

Handmade Glass Salami Ornament $1596 At Sur La Table

Sur La Table

Meaty love can be expressed in many ways. Why not by hanging this delicate glass salami ornament in a place of honor on ones tree? Its hand-crafted in Poland for an heirloom-quality salame that will never go bad. There are a few other equally delightful options to choose from, including a bacon ornament and a roast chicken ornament, depending on the object of your carnivores deepest affection.Buy Now

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The Wine Lovers Daughter Anne Fadiman

Its not always easy being closely related to a confirmed wine lover. In this perceptive and tender memoir, Anne Fadiman looks back on her fathers life, and indeed her own, though the prism of his intense oenophilia.

American author, critic and broadcaster Clifton Fadiman was a well-known intellectual, who passed on his enquiring mind and literary sensibility to his children. But the family found it harder to share his second great passion, one less obvious for a man born into an impoverished Jewish family from Brooklyn.

Aside from his books, he loved nothing and no one longer, more ardently, or more faithfully than he loved wine, his daughter recalls. Anyone who finds themselves on either side of a similar parental relationship will treasure this affectionate yet not uncritical examination of a life immeasurably enhanced by wine.

Reviews For The Steakstones Sizzling Steak Set

DArtagnan Ultimate Steak Lovers Gift Box, 4.25 lbs
  • Rated 5 out of 5

    HASHEM November 4, 2022

    Family and me had a great dinner yesterday ! now we are planning to buy bigger steakstones. Also I recommend it to whole world

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Don Blakely November 1, 2022

    Great value and fun when entertaining you friends and family ,ita whole new dining experience .I find heating them up on the hob is best way to get them up to a good cooking temperature ..they seemed to crack a sizzle more

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Madeleine Rainert November 1, 2022

    I bought two of these for my sister and her boyfriend, as moving in gifts, and they loved them! I will soon be purchasing several more for myself and friends!! Very happy customer!

  • Rated 5 out of 5
  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Rebecca Rowdon October 15, 2022

    My new SteakStone Set arrived today thank you! It is beautiful and the packaging is lovely. And thank you very much for the scraper you were right, it is really useful to have to help clean the stone.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    John Delaney

    A great way to serve steak we really love our stones.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Sandra Henzell October 10, 2022

    These were purchased as a gift, they came in a lovely box so made a very nice present.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Douglas Hanisch October 9, 2022

    Absolutely love this. Bought four and they shipped from England to Arizona in three days! Best steak that I have ever cooked. This is a really fun way to eat.

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    Find The Perfect Gift For Meat Lovers This Year Check Out These 10 Gifts For Steak Lovers This Holiday Season

    *This post is sponsored by Snake River Farms and contains affiliate links.

    Need some ideas for unique gifts for the steak lover in your life? Give the meat eater in your life the best meat theyll ever get with these great steak gifts.

    There are so many different types of steak gift sets, but this list includes a few of our favorites. Steak lovers often have a huge range of preferences when it comes to the cut, the cooking process, and what they like to eat their steak with. Having good quality kitchen tools are are a must have for any home chef, along with great products like gourmet steaks.

    Weve compiled a list of various gifts for steak lovers, which we hope might make your search for potential gifts a little bit easier. These are some of the best gift ideas for any special occasion for the hardcore carnivore.

    Outdoor Cooking & Cleaning Utensil Set

    This cooking & cleaning utensil set includes all the basic tools they might need for some outdoor grilling and cleaning. The set contains several sizes of spatula, scraper, bottle, and many more. They can now cook with the grill and clean all the grease and burnt parts easily too. If you consider finding a great set of useful items on this list of gifts for steak lovers for them, you need to consider this one.

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    Chicago Steak Meal Set

    The Chicago Steak Meal Set is the ultimate gift for any carnivore. It features a prized selection of 28 different types of meat, including four eight-ounce premium Angus beef ribeye steaks, 16 four-ounce Angus steak burgers, four six-ounce lemon herb chicken breasts, and four six-ounce premium Angus beef top sirloin steaks. They have been aged up to six weeks and cut by hand, then flash-frozen to preserve their flavor. Each piece is individually wrapped, and the whole set comes packed in dry ice.

    If You Can Read This Socks

    3 Special Flower Ideas For Meat Lovers

    Bacon socks for men are ridiculous and hilarious. The socks feature delicious slices of bacon at the top, and a funny, hidden, message at the bottom says, IF YOU CAN READ THIS, BRING ME SOME BACON. These bacon lover gifts will make your friends giggle. Bacon is meat that everybody loves. These bacon gifts make great gifts for kids, and all your bacon lovers!

    Price: $14.89 Rating 4.7 based on 1679 reviews

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    Gifts For The Steak Lover In Your Life

    Posted on

    Whether youre shopping for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday, choosing a gift for a foodie especially a steak connoisseur can be difficult. This year, Kirbys Steakhouse is here to help. We know our way around a grill and have compiled a list of premiere gifts to enhance any steak lovers grilling experience.

    Update: Links have been changed to reflect new items for 2020.

    For The Serious Grill Masters

    The Upper Prime Big Classics Flight from Holy Grail Steak is another great gift idea for steak lovers who appreciate a high-quality steak experience. This gift package includes:

    • 2 x Upper Prime Filet Mignon ~8 oz
    • 2 x Upper Prime NY Strip ~16 oz
    • 2 x Upper Prime Ribeye ~16 oz
    • 1 x Upper Prime Tomahawk ~40 oz

    This gift package is perfect for steak lovers who want to experience the ultimate steak experience.

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    Bonus Gift: Kirbys Steakhouse Prime Rib Take

    From November 1 through December 31, Kirbys Steakhouse is offering Prime Rib and Prime Rib Feast take-out options. Celebrate your foodie at home with luxury cuisine prepared by our talented chefs. Our fully prepared prime rib is 11-13 pounds. Choose between a Mesquite Smoked or Slow Roasted loin paired with au jus and creamy horseradish. The Feast also includes a house salad with choice of dressing, Susies Famous Mashed Potatoes, fresh green beans, and a fresh baked apple or pecan pie.

    Gift-giving can be stressful. This year, lets take the stress out of shopping. Purchase the perfect gift for the steak lover in your life and treat yourself to some delicious cuisine.

    Bbq Not Stick Grill Mat

    California Reserve Filet Mignon Steaks Gift Box by Flannery Beef

    Another innovative item on this list of gifts for steak lovers that they wont ever know they need. This BBQ non stick grill mat will keep their griller from getting dirty from the leftover burned parts or grease. You can just grill your meat on top of this mat and save your griller from getting dirty. The best part is this mat is reusable.

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    Periodic Table Of Flavor Rub Set

    Another must have item on this list of gifts for steak lovers to make sure their steak has the best flavors. The periodic table of flavor rub set comes with 12 different rubs selection ranging from Korean BBQ to Raspberry Chipotle. By using these rubs, they could obtain a delicious and complex flavor for their steak easily.

    Game Sausage Sampler $3999 Available At D’artagnan

    For fans of game meat like wild boar, venison, rabbit, and more comes this Game Sausage Sampler from D’Artagnan. We’d even venture to say that it’s better than sending whole cuts of wild game to your favorite meat lover. Why? Game meats can be notoriously hard to prepare properly ever had overcooked duck? and unless you know that the recipient is a technically skilled chef, sausages are both more versatile and easier to prepare. The pack includes five varieties: duck & armagnac, lamb merguez, rabbit & ginger, venison & cherry, and wild boar. D’Artagnan has been sourcing sustainable, delicious meat for decades and this sampler is no exception.

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    Serving And Prep Boards

    Create the perfect prep area and serve your guests in style, using a Left Coast Serving and Prep Board, for Dinner for Two or a Celebration for the whole family! With its large prep area and three-compartment stainless-steel ingredient holders, the Entertainer board is the perfect board for cooking big meals in one pot or having a complete meal prepared ahead for ease.

    Price: $58.92 Rating 4.9/5 based on 29347 reviews

    Steak Locker Smart Dry Aging Refrigerator

    How to Season Steak Experiment – When to Salt Your Steaks, INCREDIBLE!

    With dry aging steak, the problem people run into is that they dont realize the home fridge doesnt really work, for a couple reasons. You want your dry-aging fridge to have a more consistent temperature and air flow than your home fridge offers. Also, you dont want anything else in the fridge, because over time the steak will start absorbing the flavors of the other food inside the old icebox with it. So when the steak actually has time to undergo the enzymatic reaction that makes dry-aged steak so delicious, it will start to have a muddled, stale flavor because of what it has absorbed in the ol icebox. However, this Steak Locker solves those problems with a dedicated dry-aging chamber that keeps the temperature and humidity at a constant level, for safe and effective aging.

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    Gifts The Man Or Woman In Your Life Will Love

    Looking for unique gifts for the man in your life? Chicago Steak Company has a hearty assortment of steaks for the big appetite toting meat lover in your life. Is he a big burger fan, but not much into the daintier filet cuts? Or maybe youre looking for a gift for a dad that loves digging in to a good side of ribs? With Chicago Steak Company gift baskets and assortments, you can craft personalized gifts, no matter the meat eating preferences of your recipient.

    For smaller appetites, Chicago Steak Company has a wide selection of gourmet delicacies sure to meet any womens refined tastes. Tenderloin roasts, surf and turf combos and premium Angus beef filets are just a few of the unique gifts to choose from for that special woman in your life. And dont forget the desert, because what woman doesnt love a gourmet Death by Chocolate Cake. The ability to add on customized items to our steak gift baskets is just another reason why Chicago Steak Company steaks make the best gift ideas for the ladies and men in your life this holiday season.

    A Grilling Themed Christmas

    In most areas of the country, Christmas can be a chilly affair. With the holidays falling during some of the coldest months, why not bring the grilling indoors for your family or friends with a grilling themed holiday? A great gift for dads in your life, the Chicago Steak Company website has everything you need to make a gourmet grilling adventure out of your Christmas festivities this year. From Grillmaster aprons and grilling accessories to seasonings and deserts, Chicago Steak Company not only has you covered with gourmet beef, we can completely stock your holiday. You bring the heat and we supply the memorable gift ideas that will leave people talking.

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    A Blend Of Exotic Spices

    No one likes an under seasoned steak. Remember, your loved one can get seasoning salt anywhere. Make their post-holiday grilling a special experience. Find out about their likes and tastes and then make your way to Penzeys or another spice shop near you. Here you can explore their tastes and create a spicy gift box that will really bring out the flavor of a steak.

    Carnivore Club Gift Box


    This beef is seasoned with fresh thyme, black pepper, and Cabernet Nduja spreadable salami. Beef & Pork Salami is the perfect choice for your next holiday or gift. With a wide variety of meats, it’s sure to please everyone on your list. If youre going to be the chef in your home, you need to start with a quality gift box like this.

    Price: $56.99 Rating 4.3/5 based on 322 reviews

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    Rastellis Private Stock Prime Rib Roast

    For more than 40 years, Ray Rastelli, Jr. has been in the business of meat. In 1976 he built a butcher shop in New Jersey that he and his brother expanded to multiple locations. Now you can order their steak online in the form of subscription boxes or one-off sets. All their beef is antibiotic, steroid- and hormone-free. Feed the whole crew with this stunning, wet-aged, five-lb. prime rib roast.

    Just To Keep It Fair We Picked A Couple Of Items Pescatarians Will Enjoy As Well

    Nota bene: If you buy through the links in this article, we may earn a small share of the profits.

    Visit InsideHooks Holiday 2020 gifting hub to find gift ideas for every person on your list this year. Also, who are we kidding? Find lots of ideas for yourself there, too.

    As Homer Simpson once informed his vegetarian daughter Lisa, You dont win friends with salad.

    How do you win them? In our opinion, high-end meats are a good place to start.

    Below, youll find a curated list of 15 options to consider gifting your closest carnivore and a few options that should appeal to any pescatarians you may know as well.

    After all, as the old saying goes: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day Give a man a beef tenderloin and youll also feed him for a day and most of the rest of the week.

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    Instant Charcoal Fire Starter

    Turning the charcoal fire is not an easy task. This instant charcoal fire starter, however, would be a savior for steak lovers. It acts like a lighter but is especially made to turn on the charcoal fire. No more worrying about changing your steak dinner plans cause the fire does not light up. The most innovative item on this list of gifts for steak lovers.

    For The Healthy Meat Eater

    Phantom Gourmet Restaurant Gift Card 2021

    The Santa Carota Carrot-Finished Grill Pack from Holy Grail Steak is a great gift idea if you want to give the gift of steak without breaking the bank. This gift package features:

    • 1 x Santa Carota Carrot Finished Ribeye Steak ~16oz
    • 1 x Santa Carota Carrot Finished Strip Steak ~16oz
    • 2 x Wagyu Burgers Half Pound Patties ~8oz

    What makes this a special gift idea is the fact that the beef in this package is primarily carrot-fed, giving it a unique flavor and texture. This gift package is perfect for beef lovers who appreciate a more unique steak experience!

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    Smithey No 12 Cast Iron Skillet

    Smith Ironware Co.

    Unless youve migrated to sunnier climes, your grill will likely begin its winter hibernation soon. That doesnt mean the steak should stop. And, actually, even when grilling season is upon us, cooking in cast iron is the best way to go to ensure a hard sear and delicious crust on your steak. Since 2015, Smithey Ironware in Charleston, SC has been crafting beautiful, polished cast iron pans. This 12-inch skillet features durability, even heating across the surface and a vintage flair.

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