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Where To Buy Coulotte Steak

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Temperature Chart For Steak Searing Or Grilling

Rastelli’s (8) or (16) 6-oz Black Angus Coulotte Steaks on QVC

Heres a temperature chart for grilling or searing steaks in a cast iron pan. The photos show a medium rare or medium coulotte steak cooked at 135 °F 140 °F.

  • The inside of a rare steak is still red.
  • The inside of a medium rare steak is red to pink.
  • The majority of a medium steak is pink.
  • The inside of a medium well steak is slightly pink.
  • A well-done steak has no red or pink inside.

Top Sirloin Butt Temperature

Cook steak coulotte by temperature, not time. Here are the final doneness temperatures. Your pull from the grill temperature will be 2-3°F below the temperatures called out below as resting will increase the temp. Use a meat thermometer to ensure accuracy.

  • Rare: 125°F 130°F
  • Medium Rare: 130°F 140°F
  • Medium: 140°F 150°F
  • Medium Well: 150°F 160°F
  • Well Done: 160°F+

* The USDA recommends cooking steaks and roasts to a minimum of 145 degrees F for safety.

How Can You Cook A Coulotte Roast

Coulotte is equally as tasty on the grill or as a roast. Brazil prefers this meat on the grill, as its often the star of barbecues and large events in the country. Brazilians typically use spice rubs or coat the meat in a traditional sofrito paste before adding thick coulotte slices to the grill. The result is a flavorful, crispy outer crust with delicious smoky grill flavors and a juicy, tender inside.

If you have more time to spare, you can roast coulotte and cut it into steak when its done cooking. The perk of roasting this meat is that it stays super tender as the fat renders down, enhancing its flavor as it gets to the proper internal temperature. You can also slice the meat into steaks first and roast them separately, giving each one a nice, crisp crust.

Other potential ways to cook a coulotte are similar to other cuts of steak. You can sous vide, sear the roast in a skillet before finishing it in the oven, or even cut the roast into thin slices for stir fry like you would tri tip steak from the bottom sirloin.

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What Is The Difference Between Organic Grass Fed & Finished And Steakhouse Beef

USDA Organic Grass Fed & Finished Beef

Certified USDA Organic cattle are raised on 100% Organic Grass from ween while grazing in open pastures, never in a feed lot. Very lean beef with little to no fat content. Always Antibiotic and Hormone free.

Prosper Steakhouse Beef

Cattle are fed an optimized mixture of Grass, Organic Grass, Corn and Distillers Corn Grain. Raised and marketed for high end steakhouses, you can enjoy the same top notch quality at home from Prosper Meats with our Prosper Steakhouse cuts. Always Hormone free.

Cooking Coulotte Steak In Oven

Warrington Farm Meats 10 oz. Frozen Coulotte Steak

An option that isnt used quite as often is cooking coulotte steak in the oven. If you have extra time, this can be a great option. You wont get the same crisp exterior of other methods, but youre more likely to end up with a tender result. Apply a dry rub of salt and a little heat. Let the dry rub sit in the fridge overnight to ensure robust flavors. If youre cooking in the oven, theres no reason to use a marinade.

Roast at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooking time for a typical sirloin cap at this stage will be around 35 minutes. Once the internal temperature reaches 105 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on whether youll want a medium-rare or more well-done result. After cooling for 5 minutes, slice across the grain into four to five even slices. Finish by pan-searing, preferably in a cast-iron skillet if you have one. Cooking time ranges from 1 to 3 minutes per side.

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How To Cook Coulotte Steak

This steak is best cooked over high heat for a brief time because it does not contain connective tissue. The naturally tender meat comes to temperature fast and remains juicy.

Grilling is by far the best way to prepare a coulotte, followed by searing it in a hot pan and slow roasting a whole coulotte roast, to be carved into thick slices.

How Do You Find The Best Coulotte Steak

That said, not all coulotte steaks are of equal quality. Generally speaking, you need to pay attention to steak grading. USDA graded steak includes prime, choice, select, standard, commercial, utility, cutter, and canner. Prime and Choice are preferable for the best outcome. I also like to look at meat sourcing if at all possible. With coulotte, you may have fewer options. If I can find a steak thats been humanely raised or grass-fed, those are both pluses.

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What Is Angus Coulotte Steak

Angus coulotte steak is a great option if you want more flavorful marbling without as premium of a price tag. Angus steak originated from Scottland and is now widely available in the United States. Its not as buttery or succulent as Wagyu or Akaushi, but its still a great introduction to coulotte steak.

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Best Subscription: Butcher Box

Butcher Box carries excellent options for coulotte steak . The meat delivery service offers single purchase gift boxes as well as meat delivery options. They sell 100 percent grass-fed beef thats antibiotic-free and pasture-raised. Learn More Here.

Longing to try Wagyu? Snake River Farms teams with local ranchers for thoughtfully sourced, high-quality meat. Their sourcing standards and commitment to supporting local communities are both bonuses. .

What Cut Is A Coulotte Steak

A coulotte steak is a cut of beef thats so often ignored. While many cuts are prized for their tenderness and marbling, coulotte deserves more recognition. The cut comes from the cap muscle of a cow. The cap muscle is part of the top sirloin butt. It comes with a flat cap which is sometimes used in cooking and sometimes stripped away.

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How Can I Identify A Coulotte Steak Cut

The easiest way to identify a cut of beef as a Coulotte steak is by the thin layer of fat that typically covers one side of the cut. While Coulotte steaks do not have much fat marbling, it does have a slim layer of fat that stretches completely over the entirety of one side. From this layer comes a lot of the delicious flavoring that the Coulotte is known for, and can also give the steak a delicious texture when grilled.

Coulotte Steak Vs Flank Steak

Warrington Farm Meats 6 oz. Frozen Coulotte Steak

While flank steak is often classified as skirt steak, flank steak has some advantages. Flank steak is a very lean cut of beef that comes from the underside. Its a unique cut that is thicker in the middle and tapers to become thin at the edges. While it can be tough, it does well when carefully prepared. The main difference between coulotte vs flank steak is that coulotte has present marbling and a top layer of fat. Coulotte is evenly thick throughout and has a more robust beefy flavor.

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Grilled Coulotte Steak Recipe

  • The flavorful fat cap of coulotte is the perfect complement to its unique, rich taste. As it melts and hits the charcoals it creates a savory smoke that infuses the meat on its way up.
  • Grill a coulotte steak over very hot, ash white charcoals as shown above. By way of preparation all you have to do is season it it could be simply salt and pepper or your favorite steak seasoning.
  • Once the temperature reaches 135 F and the surface is beautifully seared, including the delicious fat cap, you can move the coulotte off the grates and let it rest. It tastes best when cooked medium-rare to medium. Use a meat thermometer during grilling.
  • Serve with grilled vegetables or parboiled then grilled potatoes for a complete experience.

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What Is Coulotte Roast

Coulotte roast is known by many names: Culotte steak, picanha steak, top sirloin cap, and sirloin cap steak, to name a few. This cut comes from the sirloin primal, which sits between the ribs and round area of the cow. The sirloin is also where you find some of the best cuts of steak full of beefy flavor, like the tenderloin, porterhouse, T-bone, and top sirloin steak.

The coulotte is a boneless piece of beef cut from the top sirloin cap. It has a layer of fat on it that keeps it tender and flavorful while cooking, which is precisely why it works so well as a roast. As it roasts for hours in the oven, the fat breaks down to continue keeping the meat tender.

The coulotte roast is much more prevalent in Brazil than it is in other parts of the world. There, its known as picanha steak, and its frequently cooked on the grill with lots of bold spices to bring out its best flavors.

Coulotte isnt a cut that youll generally find in small grocery stores, but your local butcher probably has it in stock. You might have to look for it under one of its many other names, though, like sirloin cap or even fat cap.

Do You Always Find A Coulotte Steak Fat Cap

Cutting the Top Sirloin Cap – Beef Alternative Merchandising

Although its a lean cut of steak from the beef loin, youll almost always find it cut with a thin layer of fat covering one side of the cut of beef. In this recipe, youll learn how to leave the fat cap intact and maximize the juicy flavor it provides by scoring the fat cap before searing or grilling it.

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What Is A Coulotte Steak

If you are a fan of steak cuts, youve probably tried all popular options, such as New York Strip, Ribeye, Filet Mignon, and more. But have you ever tried a Coulotte steak?

Coulotte steak comes from the French word culot, which means cap, referring to the thin layer of fat that spreads on the side of the steak.

What Is Coulotte Steak

Just recently, I came to learn about the fact that there are 16 different beef cuts according to the tradition of German butchers.

In comparison, Italian butchers make 19 different cuts of beef, and most interestingly, French butchers make a massive number of 29 cuts of beef.

Regardless of where you live, are you aware of the different cuts of meat, and do you know which cut is better than the rest in terms of taste, texture, or flavors?

What is coulotte steak?

Coulotte is just another cut of beef that is taken from the sirloin cap, a section that is considered to be most tender and most flavorful amongst all other parts of the cattle.

Also known as sirloin cap steak, coulotte is a Brazilian cut from the triangular muscle of the top sirloin butt, a section also known as the Bicep femoris.

Coulotte is one of three muscles that constitute the top sirloin section and is mostly around 2-inches in thickness.

It is recognized by the thin coating of fat covering one side of the cut.

This cut of steak comes with very little marbling but the thin layer of fat gives it flavors.

Coulotte is known to be one of the most tender and juicy steaks that is also not very expensive compared to other fancy cuts of meat.

Coulotte is one of the most underappreciated cuts of steak which is not very known and is not commonly used.


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A Family Tradition Since 1985

In 1985, Ken and Brian Woodward started Woodward Meats as a small steak cutting operation with a strong focus on quality and service. With commitment to these core values, the company gradually transformed into a large scale commercial butcher shop servicing foodservice establishments.

Fast forward to present, Woodward Meats remains family owned and its direction as strong as ever – to stand out as Ontarios premium meat supplier.

Where To Buy Picanha Or Coulotte Steak

Australian Wagyu Beef Coulotte Steaks, MS3

I found Coulotte Steak in a local shop for $13 lb but I dont really think it should cost that much. Probably not a good comparison but I can easily get solid steaks from costco under $10 lb.

Sam’s Meat in Aurora has picanha. Not sure on price, give them a call.

A little late but thanks for this. Sam’s is near me and a great butcher. They moved recently but are still awesome.

Any item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Someone is buying it at 13$ a lb. I doubt theyre just throwing it away because no one is buying it.

Youre probably right. Im an avid Costco guy so everything in local butcher shop always seem overpriced. For example, New York strip select is like $9 lb at Costco while local butcher shop can be like $17 lb. Im not sure if its prime or grass fed.

Im just hoping that someone knows a good priced source to get steaks other than Costco.

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Want To Grill Coulotte Steak

Use the same method above, but brush or spray some cooking spray on the grill before adding the steak. Cook steak on high heat . Use the same method of cooking a few minutes on each side, then flipping the steak until it reaches its desired temperature.

Also see these easy steak recipes for smoked tri tip and perfectly roasted tri tip in the oven.

Where Is The Word Coulotte From

The history of the word coulotte is a little bit complex.

There is uncertainty about where this word is derived, but most people believe it is derived from the French.

There are two beliefs about the name itself:

1) According to one belief the word coulotte is linked to ulot which means cap and refers to the cap area of sirloin.

2) The other belief is that the word is derived from the French word ulus which means bottom and refers to the backside of the cow where the muscle is located.

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Top Sirloin Cap Steak Tips

  • Always use a meat thermometer when making grilled meat. You want to cook based on temperature not time. Our go-to digital thermometer is the Thermaworks Dot. It never fails.
  • Picanha ranges in size from 2 2.5 lbs. If its larger than 2.5 lbs, it more than likely has other cuts included.
  • Make shallow slits on the fat cap to held aid in flavoring the meat.
  • Slice thin and against the grain. I repeat. Slice thin and against the grain.
  • Cap the temperature at medium. Sirloin butt will toughen up after a certain temperature. Its best to serve rare, medium rare or medium.
  • The smaller end pieces will cook faster, so keep an eye on those.
  • Add it to your list of Christmas Dinner Ideas alongside our Prime Rib Recipe and Smoked Prime Rib.

How Are Coulotte Steaks Cut

Cut and grill your own picanha steaks (with bonus Brazilian butcher hack)

Following are the steps used to cut coulotte steak:

Step 1: The first step to cut the steak is to turn the coulotte over so that the fat is facing the downside.

Now take a sharp knife and remove any silver skin or connective tissue attached to the steak.

Step 2: Once the silver skin and connective tissues are removed, turn over the coulotte again and cut it into steaks which are around 1.5 inches thick.

Please make sure to cut across the grain starting from the larger end.

If you want to trim the fat, you may do it at this stage according to your wish.

You should cut the meat in a way that you end up getting 2 steaks of 8 ounces each, 2 steaks of 6-ounce steak, and 2 steaks of 4 ounces each and you will also be left with a small piece of meat which can be used in stir fry.

Alternatively, you can grill this little wedge too and eat with other steaks.

Please note that if you do not like to have the fat covering the steak, you can always remove it by sliding the knife along the fat connected to the meat, and you will get a completely peeled piece of meat that is free from any kind of fat.

Once you have your desired steaks, you can cook them in a number of ways such as grill, pan-searing, or saute with vegetables.

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Warrington Farm Meats 6 Oz Fresh Coulotte Steak

  • Locally raised, processed, and butchered premium coulotte steak
  • Cut from the juicy, triangle-shaped muscle that covers the top sirloin
  • Lean and boneless cut provides rich, savory flavor
  • Ideal for grilling, broiling, or roasting
  • Ships refrigerated

Customer questions about this product

What USDA Grade are Warrington Farms steaks?
While Warrington Farms follows USDA guidelines for beef production & safety, their beef is not officially graded by the USDA. Warrington Farms steaks are high quality with small to moderate marbling.
When will my refrigerated or frozen food product be shipped?
In order to control the amount of time in transit for these perishable items, they are only shipped on select days of the week based on which shipping method you choose and the transit time to your location.Orders placed on or just prior to a holiday could experience a slight delay in shipping.Frozen and refrigerated items cannot be shipped outside of the United States.

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