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Where To Buy Bulk Steak

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Buy Meat From A Local Farm If You Live In Dallas

Buying meat in bulk

Bulk Meats And Family Packs

Here at Cartwrights Market, you can buy many bulk cuts of meat for a fraction of the price. We carry a variety of organic and natural meats. Buy whole pieces and we cut them and wrap them for free! If you have a large family to feed or like to entertain, it makes sense to stock up and get great deals. Ask us about our special bulk meat offers.

Best With Instructions: Marx Foods

What sets the Marx Foods site apart from its peers is the level of guidance youll get with your purchase. Between the test kitchen, the recipes, and the culinary techniques on their website, its a pretty sure bet youll find help cooking the food you buy, whether youre looking for a recipe for wild boar or youre wondering how to properly trim your meat.

Besides a ridiculously wide range of meat products, including camel for the most adventurous, youll also find fruits, vegetables, cheese, and even edible flowers. If youre looking for something really special, you can even find fresh truffles to finish off your perfect steak.

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Choice Meats For Any Menu

Whether youâre serving the best steaks, ribs, and burgers in town, planning a summer barbeque for business clients, or hosting a wedding reception, CHEF’STORE is the place to find fresh beef, poultry, and pork at low warehouse prices. Foodies relish in our unique selection and high-end cuts. Restaurateurs appreciate our reasonable costs and chef-quality meats. Are you feeding a large family on a dime? Our wholesale pricing and bulk portions can also help you maximize your grocery dollar.

The Best Places To Order Meat Online In 2022

Bulk T
  • Bulk and gift options available

  • Doesn’t ship outside contiguous United States

If you’re looking to stock up on everything from ground beef and chicken to sirloin steak, pork chops, sausage, shrimp, and salmon, Rastelli’s has you covered. All of the products can be stored in your freezer for up to a year, and you can order in bulk or save money on a subscription.

Items like the Chicken Drumsticks Box, Steak Craft Burgers Box, and Ground Beef Box come with 12 servings so there’s plenty for the whole family. There are also gift box options that are perfect for holiday or corporate gifting.

Started as a one-room butcher shop in New Jersey, Rastelli’s remains a family-run business. All of the meat is responsibly sourced and completely free of antibiotics, steroids, and hormones.

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Dont Let Meat Quantity Limits At Grocery Stores Get You Down Maximize Them

Yes, stores are limiting how many roasts and bags of chicken breasts you can buy. But this is a good thing, because it means theyre trying to avoid another toilet paper apocalypse.

Just put your smart shopping hat on , and youll be able to slowly fill your freezer with meat anyway.

First, make the most of meat quantity limits by buying multiple brands. For example, if the limit is two packages of ground beef per brand at a grocery store, buy all three available brands for a total of six pounds of ground beef.

If your grocery store offers free pickup or a monthly flat-rate delivery fee, take advantage of those to place more than one order a week. For example, at Walmart, its $12.95 per month to get unlimited deliveries, but its $9.95 per delivery. For $12.95 a month, you could get as many deliveries as you want.

Bulk Up On Savings With Wholesale Meat And Seafood

CHEF’STORE offers excellent products for anyone looking to save on their food costs, from whole chickens to pre-portioned steaks and tail-on shrimp. Expand your culinary chops with select meats. Donât forget to take advantage of more great prices on deli meats, produce, and more. You’ll find all the wholesale food and restaurant supplies you need. CHEF’STORE is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products at low prices.

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Customize Your Butcher Box

This is the fun part. Have a look at all of the products available and select the items that you and your family eat the most. With no pre-set boxes, you can select the same item multiple times or select different items.

The best part is, youre never locked in. With Butcher Box, youre able to log into your account at anytime and make changes to any future order including changing the products, delivery frequency and order size. Since there is no commitment, you can pause, skip or cancel your subscription at anytime before the next process date.

If you want to try just one box or send a gift, we have one time orders available, there is no need for a subscription.

A Whole Half Or Quarter Means More Meat And Extra Savings

This is how I SAVE MONEY buying STEAKS

For a fiscally conscious family of carnivores, budgeting for protein might be a challenge. However, if youve got a mind for planning ahead and some freezer space to spare, buying meat in bulk can be a big money-saver.

Many farms and meat processing facilities in the Chippewa Valley offer customers the option to purchase a whole, half, or quarter cow or a whole or half pig . Patrons pay a dollar amount per pound of hanging weight, which is the weight of the animal before aging and processing. Some butchers base the price on the weight of the animal when its alive, so make sure to clarify the process with your butcher. The butcher will do all the processing and packaging for you, so all you have to do is put in your order and pick up the meat when its ready. Depending on the season and availability, the process can take one to three weeks from order to pick-up.

One of the perks of buying beef and pork this way is that you get a lot of say in how its processed. Many processors allow you to choose the thickness of any steaks, and how many cuts or pounds of meat are in each package.

One of the beauties of buying in bulk is that the price you pay per pound covers everything from ground beef all the way up to steaks that would cost more than $10 per pound if bought individually.

Buying a quarter or a half is a lot of money up front, but the savings are well worth it, said Randy Grossbier, owner of Spring Brook Meats in Elk Mound.

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Best For Combos And Gifts: Omaha Steaks

Despite the name, Omaha Steaks isnt just steaks. You can find poultry, pork, lamb, bison, and even seafood. While you can certainly buy your cuts of meat individually, Omaha Steaks is best known for their packages that include a variety of different cuts, and offer a discount for these combos over buying everything separately.

Omaha Steaks also offers collections of full meals, including the meat and sides, as well as skillet or slow cooker meals. Gift boxes, including subscriptions, are available for every occasion. Cant decide? Gift cards are also available.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Meat In Bulk

You know a lot more about your meat:When meat is purchased in small quantities at the grocery store, most folks have no idea who raised it, how it lived or died, or the conditions where it spent its life. These things are more and more important as people start paying attention to our food system, says Lyndsey. People enjoy knowing that the animal produced for their table was raised by the same people who drop it off at their door, and they enjoy knowing their money will support the local economy.

You can talk to the farmer directly: People can get direct answers from the farmer that are not always on the meat label at the grocery store to questions about grass versus grain fed diets of the animal, types of grain used to feed the animals, how the farmer vaccinates his herd, or the type of medical program the farmer uses to treat animals that become sick, says Dee. Many of the misconceptions about eating meat can be asked to the farmer who raises the animal, and the customer can establish trust in the way the animal was raised.

You always have meat on hand: You cant beat the convenience of having so much in your freezer. When you want to make a meal, youve got a main ingredient on hand.

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What Cuts Of Meat Can I Expect When Buying Meat In Bulk

When Ive split half- and quarter-shares of cows with friends, here are some of the cuts weve gotten:

  • Ground beef and burger patties
  • Steaks including ribeye, sirloin, T-bone, and flank
  • Ribs
  • Roasts including chuck, arm, and rump
  • Stew meat

How To Get Bulk Meat If You Live Anywhere Else In The United States

Black Angus Rump Steak Grass Fed Bulk Tray

Use the Wholesale Meat Supplier Directory to find warehouses that sell bulk meat near you.

These are suppliers similar to Restaurant Depot, many of which normally sell directly to restaurants but who may be open to selling directly to you as theyre feeling the pinch of lost restaurant business.

Just click your state to see different suppliers near you. Call or check their websites to find out what they can do for you.

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Tips On Where To Buy Bulk Meat Online And How To Save Money On Groceries Are Here From A Busy Mom With A Family Of 5 To Feed What We Do To Save A Ton

Have you ever thought to buy bulk meat online and pick it up locally to save money on groceries, or how / when to buy it in bulk at the grocery store. Well Im here to share tips with you on when and where to buy meat in bulk so you too can stock up and save a bunch of money too.

  • We all want to save time and money + meal plan right??!! If I could buy everything online I would, and have found many ways to do just that!

At the same time I am cheap..frugal and am always looking for a great deal especially when it comes to groceries.

There are 5 of us in our family and that can get really expensive if youre not using coupons, shopping sales, and/or buying meat online. Here are a few ways to save money on food if youre a busy mom like me too..

Bulk Sales We Are Accepting Orders/reservations

A $250 deposit is required to guarantee your beef for delivery at our scheduled harvest times, We typically have year round availability for our individual clients and can accommodate request on average with an expected 6-8 week turn around time from time order.

Our bulk beef is sold by the side or split side . Often a group of friends with limited freezer storage will purchase a side or split side to divide among themselves.

Our prices are based on pounds of hanging weight, which is the weight of the animal after slaughter and dressing but before it has been cut. The hanging weight of our animals can range from under 450 lbs. to over 600 lbs. but average at 550 assuming a hanging weight of 550 lbs the prices for animals processed in 2020 including processing costs, and delivery of product back to our farm would average as follows:

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Try A Subscription Box Like Omaha Steaks To Get A Monthly Supply Of Meat

Meat subscriptions boxes usually offer package options you choose which package you want based on whether you want a steak-heavy or a seafood-heavy delivery. You cant choose what goes into your box exactly, but you can choose a package that best fits your needs.

For example, Omaha Steaks offers the Ultimate Gourmet Assortment for $149, regularly $286.88. This assortment includes four servings each of filet mignon, top sirloin, boneless pork chops, burgers, jumbo franks, potatoes au gratin, and caramel apple tartlets, plus two servings of stuffed sole with scallops and crab meat.

Here are more meat subscription box options:

Best Meat Subscription: Butcherbox

Meat Tips: Bulk Buying
  • Supports sustainable farming and fishing

  • Can’t choose exact cuts of meat

  • Doesn’t ship outside contiguous United States

With Butcher Box, you don’t just get a meal or two worth of meat out of your order. This monthly subscription service delivers between 24 and 48 servings of meat to your door at a time. You can choose from one of their curated boxes: a beef and chicken box, a beef and pork box, an all-beef box, and a mixed box. You can also customize your own box, choosing from a wide variety of beef, chicken, and pork.

Classic and large-sized boxes are available to suit your family’s needs and the box can be changed whenever you like, so you can customize each months selection to suit your menu.

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What Is Custom Bulk Beef

Purchasing customized beef in bulk, directly from ranchers like us, is the most economical way to purchase beef. Simply put, you get enough meat to fill your freezer and you pay less per pound than you pay at your local grocery store you pay the same price per pound for Rib Eye steaks and Prime Rib roast as you do for Ground Beef. Our price per pound is calculated on the live weight of the animal. Our custom bulk beef is available in three sizes: quarter beef, half beef, or whole beef.

The prices below are estimates based on average-sized beef. Your cost may vary based on the weight of your beef.

  • Custom Quarter Beef Average Price Range: $620 $800
  • Custom Half Beef Average Price Range: $1,225 $1,600
  • Custom Whole Beef Average Price Range: $2,450 $3,200

Get Beef Chicken Wagyu Pork Or Seafood Delivered Through Crowd Cow started when 50 people decided to go in on a whole cow purchase, resulting in great prices and smaller portions for people who didnt have enough freezer space. Now its a whole business that offers much more than a crowdfunded cow!

You can place orders for beef, wagyu, chicken, pork and seafood through Crowd Cow. All meat is from independent and sustainable farms, and Crowd Cow offers grass-fed and grain-fed beef along with both wild-caught and farm-raised fish.

To order, create a profile and add items to your box. Youll see each items expected delivery date as youre shopping. Check out when youre done.

You must order a minimum of $50 worth of meat, but youll get free shipping on orders of $99 or more. Otherwise shipping is $12.99.

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Shop Savory Butcher Its A Meat Co uses co-op style purchasing in order to get the lowest prices from farms.

They buy in bulk like grocery stores do, but instead of packaging it into smaller portions, they turn around and sell customers the meat in bulk, just like they received it. They sell humanely raised and antibiotic-free meat, and the chicken is trimmed.

Chicken breasts and ground beef come in 40-pound boxes, and bacon comes in 30-pound boxes. The only catch is that you must buy in these quantities.

Place your order at and then choose a pickup spot near you. Youll receive an assigned pickup date. Then youll drive up to the truck, and Savory Butcher will put your box of meat in your trunk for you.

If you dont like the meat for whatever reason, Savory Butcher will buy it back from you.

How Much Meat Should I Order


The farmer should be able to tell you how many pounds of meat youll get in a quarter- or half-share. For my family of four, Ive typically split a quarter-cow or quarter-hog with a friend or two. That gives us each enough meat to last many months, and we split the cost.

  • According to Lyndsey, a quarter-share is typically 30-40 pounds of pork, a half-share is 60-80 pounds, and a full is 120-160 pounds.
  • According to Dee, a 1,000-pound steer translates to about 150 pounds of beef for a quarter-share, 300 pounds of beef for a half-share, and 600 pounds for a full.

Keep in mind that those weights include the bone and fat on the meat too.

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Shop Restaurant Depot For Wholesale Meat Prices

Some meat suppliers that typically sell in bulk to restaurants are currently selling directly to customers like you and me as they try to stay afloat while restaurants arent open.

Restaurant Depot is a great example. As a non-member, you can go to a Restaurant Depot warehouse and get a free day pass to shop, something they normally dont allow. Meat is one of the best deals Restaurant Depot offers!

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