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Where To Buy Chuck Eye Steak

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Portion Size: How Much Chuck Eye Steak Per Person

Boneless Chuck Roll And Where To Find The Butchers Secret Steak

Weighing in on average at 8 oz. the Chuck Eye steak is the perfect size to serve one steak per person.

With a hearty side of fries or baked potato and vegetable trimmings, it will deliver a tremendously tasting and filling meal.

For those used to a good-sized Ribeye at 12 -16 oz. you can cook up two chuck eye steaks per person, and it will probably still come in as the better value option.

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Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak

  • Now Sold as 1 Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak Per Pack
  • Delicious beefy American Wagyu flavor
  • Our most affordable steak- similar taste profile to a ribeye, but the chuck eye steak is more reasonably priced
  • Tons of marbling for a melt in your mouth steak eating experience
  • The average weight per chuck steak is around 8 ounces

Check out this recipe!

I have ordered the hot dogs twice now. Best hot dogs ever. I ordered the boneless ribeye for the first time and they were absolutely delicious. My husband said after 2 bites that it was the best steak he had ever had. Will definitely be ordering again from this company.

Purchased an eye of round roast for the first time. I turned this cut into the best tasting roast beef I have ever had. Definitely doing that again!! I would highly recommend trying this if you are a roast beef fan you wont be disappointed.

I purchased this cut because I wanted to bump up my order to get the free shipping. Great decision. I’ve never smoked this before and I decided to cook it on my Pit Barrel Cooker. It turned out so good, it was like the perfect union of the flat and point meat on a brisket. This will be my go-to meat when I want to impress people. Great cut and quality. Thank you.

ALL the meat we have gotten from KC Cattle Company has been outstanding. We LOVE the cheeseburger bacon brats!! So So good! Prompt delivery and great customer service.

What Is Chuck Steak

The Spruce Eats / Lindsay Kreighbaum

While the rib and loin sections of beef produce some of the best steaks, they’re also some of the most expensive cuts of meat. For a cheaper alternative, a good choice is one of the chuck steaks. Although most cuts of chuck tend to be tough and are usually used in stews, braised dishes, slow cooking, and pot roasts, there are some chuck steaks that are great for grilling. There are several different cuts of chuck steak, each with varying amounts of tenderness, which will determine the best method of cooking.

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How To Prepare A Chuck Eye Steak

Second, once you have your steak home, get it out an hour before cooking. Third, and this is the most important step, dump kosher salt all over the meat. Cover both sides with so much salt that you can hardly see any red.

Won’t this make your steak super salty? No.

No, I really do mean that! It won’t be too salty.

What you are doing here is drawing moisture to the surface, which will help give your steak a nice sear.

Then through the process of omosis, some of the water will go back into the meat and take along with it the salt which will do two things: flavor the meat and break down the proteins. You can also add other seasonings of your choice that will be taken along with the salt.

I crack black peppercorns onto the steak when I add the salt. That’s all it needs.

After about 45 mins or so depending on how thick your steak is, wash off all the salt and pat the steak dry with a paper towel. You will notice that the steak is now much more likely to fall apart in your hands.

I don’t wash all off the steak anymore. I don’t want to add water to it. I simply rub it off with a towel or my hands.

Need more help figuring out what different cuts of beef are good for? Check out the entire collection of posts on the different beef cuts and how to cook them.

What Is Chuck Eye Steak

Chuck Eye Steak Recipe: How to Cook Chuck Eye Steak Properly

Tender rib-eyes come from the sixth to twelfth ribs of a cow butchers cut the chuck eye from the fifth rib. This proximity means the chuck eye steak shares many of the characteristics of a rib-eye. Although chuck eye steaks aren’t always availablethere are just two per cowthey tend to be a budget-friendly cut of meat when you can find them.

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What Is A Chuck Eye Roast

Big cuts from various beef primals are labelled as roasts, reflecting their suitability for low and slow roasting and feeding many as part of a big meal.

The Chuck Eye roast is one that comes from the shoulder or Chuck primal, and unlike many of the tough pieces that come from this area, it is tender and yields much more meat.

It can weigh anywhere between 2 and 5 lb. In weight, depending on the source and size of the steer, and it is great smoked with dry rub and seasoning.

For a good visual look at this cut, here is a great video showing how to prep and smoke a chuck roast from start to finish.

Its a long video, but worth checking out to see what you get!

How To Cook Chuck Eye Steak On A Grill Or Smoker

The Chuck steak can be cooked high and dry or using the reverse sear method.

The former of these cooking methods is our favorite way to cook the Chuck Eye due to it being ever so slightly too thin to make reverse sear the preferred way.

Heres how you grill it:

  • Remove your awesome Chuck Eye steak from the fridge and allow it to reach room temperature. Approximately 30 minutes or so.
  • Choose your weapon of choice for the seasoning, either a simple dry rub or liberal salt and pepper would be our recommendation.
  • Preheat your grill to anything from 450 F to 600 F, but set it up as a dual-zone cooker so you can move the steak away from direct heat if necessary. Oil your grates with a kitchen towel.
  • Sear your steak on the grill directly over the coals, turning it every couple of minutes.
  • Using a meat thermometer, monitor your steak until it hits an internal temperature of 125F for medium-rare.
  • Remove from the heat, tent in foil and rest for 15 minutes.
  • Remove from the foil and devour.
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    Buying Chuck Eye Steak

    This steak is in short supply compared to other steaks, but unlike other cuts that hasnt driven up the price.

    Usually, only two steaks are taken from each animal, so you may find them unavailable in the usual grocery stores. But when they are, snap them up!

    A butcher will happily cut up and reserve them for you if you order them in advance. But, the easiest way is our favorite way, just order online and take all the hassle out of it.

    Is Chuck Eye Steak The Same A Chuck Roast

    Wagyu Chuck Eye Steaks From Crowd Cow Cooked Sous Vide

    The simple answer is no. Despite the similarity in the names, the chuck eye steak and the chuck roast are entirely different beasts.

    Its best to think of the chuck eye steak as a budget-friendly rib eye and treat it as such. It is also very specifically cut from the 5th rib of the carcass.

    The chuck roasts, on the other hand, are taken from the giant chunk of meat around the cows neck and shoulder. The chuck primal can weight up to 100 pounds and make up 30% of an entire side of beef.

    The butcher then slices this massive chunk of beef into thick roasting joints, like the Boston cut, English roast and the seven bone roast.

    Ironically, despite being called roasts, these cuts tend to dry out when roasted, because of the lack of fat and the presence of a lot of connective tissue. The best way to cook a chuck roast is actually to braise it.

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    What Is A Chuck Eye Steak

    What is a chuck eye steak? It is often referred to as the poor mans rib eye and that is for good reason. Rib eyes are cut from the 6th to the 12th rib of the cow. The chuck eye is cut off the 5th rib. Dont confuse them with chuck steaks. These are chuck EYE steaks. There are only two chuck eye steaks per cow so they arent always available. But when they are, they are quite the treat at a much discounted rate from the lauded rib eye:

    The chuck eye does not quite have the flavor of the rib eye, particularly the money muscle around the top, outer edge, and isnt quite as tender, but it is darn close. And for the price difference, its well worth the slight downgrade. To compensate for it not quite being a rib eye, I dont recommend taking the chuck eye steak beyond medium. It also marries well with a marinade prior to grilling or basting during. I always keep my steaks below medium, and opted for the basting with some Andrias Steak Sauce while I grilled it.


    Andrias Steak Sauce, reserved for later

    No amounts here. I kept it uber simple with this one.

    The chuck eye steaks out of their cellophane prison:

    Time to season before we prep the grill:

    Hit it with salt, black and white pepper:

    Prepare the grill for high heat, two zone grilling with coals or burners blaring hot on one side and nothing on the other side. In this case, I used the upper rack of my Infrared Grill as the second zone.

    Another layer of sultry, savory deliciousness from Andrias:

    Chuck Eye Steak Vs Chuck Roast

    Most butchers cut the long, narrow chuck eye into steaks the popular Denver steak and the flat-iron steak, both chef favorites, also come from the chuck primal.

    The well-used shoulder muscles on a cow more commonly become budget-friendly roasts that savvy cooks choose for pot roasts, stews, and braises. With a higher percentage of both fat and collagen than roasts cut from the round section at the rear of a cow, the chuck roasts turn succulent and flavorful with low-and-slow cooking methods. The higher fat content also makes chuck a common choice for ground beef.

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    Where Does Chuck Eye Steak Come From On The Cow

    The beef Chuck Eye steak comes from the chuck primal, which is the shoulder region.

    The Ribeye is cut from the 6th to 12th rib of the cow, and the Chuck Eye is cut from the 5th.

    Youll know from our beef cuts article that the shoulder and neck muscles are one of the hardest working parts of the cow, and as such, the muscles are generally tough.

    The Chuck Eye, however, is positioned at the rear portion of the shoulder, which is relatively dormant, and in turn, beautifully tender.

    Flavor Texture Fat Content And Tenderness

    Dry Aged Wagyu/Angus Grass Fed Chuck Eye Steak â NEW ITEM ...

    The Chuck Eye steak is eager to please. With a rich, beefy, buttery taste just short of the intensity of a Ribeye, its a close second.

    With it comes to exquisite tenderness, it falls just short of a Fillet. It comes in a tad firmer to the chew and with a thicker grain and texture. But nonetheless easy eating, it delivers on both fronts.

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    Sous Vide Chuck Eye Steak

    I promised you a new method that wasn’t available in 2009, well here is.

    Sous Vide!

    This past Christmas I got a Anova Sous Vide Precision Nano Cooker.

    What I like about Sous Vide cooking is that you can hit that perfect temperature, ever time. For a steak it’s even better. You can look up exactly what temperature you want the steak done to. Want medium, set the sous vide to 140 degrees. Medium rare more your thing? Go for 135 degrees.

    The steak will reach exactly 140 degrees in the water bath and not exceed it. The steak cannot go higher in temperature than the water itself.

    Then a sear in a hot cast iron pan for about a minute per side will make you the perfectly cooked steak.

    Where It Comes From:

    The chuck eye steak comes from the upper shoulder of the steer, the region butchers refer to as the chuck primal. Ribeyes come from the sixth to twelfth ribs of steer butchers cut the chuck eye from the fifth rib. This proximity means the chuck eye steak shares many of the characteristics of a ribeye. Although chuck eye steaks aren’t always available, there are only a few per calf, they tend to be a delicious budget-friendly cut of steak.

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    What Does Chuck Eye Steak Taste Like

    A chuck eye steak might not be quite as tender as the rib-eye steaks next to it, but it delivers meaty beef flavor. Don’t be shy with the salt and pepper. Coat the steak thoroughly on both sides, then let it sit uncovered in the fridge for two hours until a crust develops on the meat. This draws moisture to the surface of the meat and allows for a crispy sear, accentuating the flavor.

    If you don’t have the time to let the steak sit in the fridge for a couple hours, give it at least 30 minutes at room temperature before you start cooking.

    Storing Chuck Eye Steak

    Chuck Eye Steaks cooked Sous Vide in the Store Package? Should You?

    Keep packaged chuck eye steak in the coldest portion of your refrigerator for three to five days after you bring it home from the store. You can freeze raw steaks individually wrapped in plastic for three months or longer for best results and longer storage time, use a vacuum sealer.

    Leftover cooked steak stays good for three to four days if you get it into an airtight container and into the refrigerator within two hours.

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    Chuck Steak Vs Chuck Roast

    While they come from the same area of the cow, chuck roast and chuck steak refer to different cuts. Chuck roast is a tough cut of meat that often includes part of the blade bone, and it’s cut in a cylindrical or oblong shape in which the grain runs in the same direction as the long side of the meat. Chuck steak is that same piece of meat but cut into one- to three-inch-thick slices.

    Other Names For The Chuck Eye Roast

    The Chuck Eye roast name is a reference to its position and quality, similar to the Chuck Eye steak.

    Chuck because of the primal, eye because of its origins or proximity to the Ribeye, and roast because it is a large joint given well to roasting.

    Here are some of the other names you may need to know:

    • Chuck Eye roll, sometimes named as such as it is rolled and netted to give it a presentable appearance
    • Boneless Chuck fillet, due to its high meat yield, this name refers to its lean nature compared to other roasts.
    • Americas Beef roast, a colloquial generic name given to a few different roast joints.

    Whichever name you, or you butcher prefers, you can cross-reference it with the industry ID, UPC1095, to make sure you have the correct cut.

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    The Original Opening To This Post

    Like a lot of people I pass by the T-bones, Porterhouses, and Ribeyes of the world because I just can’t afford to buy them. But I still want to have a good steak. So what do I do? I reach for the Chuck Eye Steak.

    We had less income then, so I for sure wasn’t buying T-Bones and Porterhouse steaks. Now the reason I don’t buy them is that I have several more mouths to feed!

    Now normally you hear about chuck eye being used as pot roast and the roast from chuck section of the cow, makes the perfect pot roast. Butchers also cut steaks from the chuck.

    How can they be any good you ask? You cook a pot roast for hours and now you are saying I should cook a steak from the same part of the cow for a minutes on the grill. You might think that I am out of my mind. But I have discovered a technique that makes the chuck eye steak worthwhile to eat.

    Now I have found a new way that wasn’t available yet in 2009 or at least I had no clue it exists – more on that in a moment.

    A Steak With More Pink Or Red Inside

    What is Chuck Eye Roast

    You know how when you cook a steak you sometimes only get a small amount of red or pink in the center? Well with this method you get pink or red throughout. The only part that isn’t is the outer crust. How is that for perfect!

    I hope you enjoyed this “reloaded post” If you don’t have a sous vide cooker yet, I do think they are worth it That steak I had was so good. Cooked to perfection, mosit, and a melt in your mouth texture. Best chuck eye steak I have ever had.

    You can just cook the steak on a grill or indoors in a cast iron pan.

    Both my in-laws and friend have a Food Saver system, so they use that to seal their food before going into the bath. For now I am just using Ziploc Freezer Bags like this one:

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