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What Is The Average Price Of Ribeye Steak

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How To Find A Good Ribeye Steak

Wal-Mart Steak

As mentioned, Ribeye are not cheap. Well unless you buy them from Dollar Tree:

Saw this banner hanging up at the front door of my local Dollar Tree store. It’s for a 3.5oz frozen Rib eye steak for $1. Bravo to them for finding a way to bring Ribeye into their store of cheap goods. Cheap doesn’t often equal good.

This post will be your guide to finding a Ribeye steak for a good price. Notice I didn’t say the cheapest price – we already know who won that one. I am defining a good price as being the price you pay for a good, not necessarily top of the line steak.

Are These Steaks Worth It

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in this case, the steak-holder. If you want to look at the steak from a technical point of view, that big bone marrow doesnt add to the flavor of the meat.

Whether you plan to grill or cook up your ribeye at home or dine out at restaurants, youre paying a lot more for the presentation vs what youre actually going to taste.

The biggest joy of this impressive steak is how it looks. If youre an Instagram foodie or youre looking to throw a caveman-themed BBQ, then you may happily be willing to pay this price.

The Difference In Flavor

The two sides of the Porterhouse steak taste incredible. While some say the strip is more flavorful than the loin side, meat lovers agree that both sides are delicious.

When compared to the Ribeye steak though, they lose the battle. A Ribeye cut is more flavorful than Porterhouse. The taste is beefy and delicious due to the combination of fat, marbling, and tender texture.

In terms of tenderness, the Porterhouse steak is tender, just like most cow parts, including the filet mignon. The strip side is usually more tender, but nothing like the premium side of the Porterhouse. The Ribeye is also a very tender cut. Marbling makes this steak very tender with a delicious aftertaste.

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How To Cook Rib

The best way to cook a rib-eye steak is quickly over high heat, either on the grill, under the broiler, or in a cast-iron skillet. Cooking it this way produces a flavorful brown crust on the outside of the steak while leaving the interior tender and juicy.

Brush the steak lightly with oil on both sides and get the grill or pan smoking hot before you add the meat. A 1.5 inch-thick steak takes about 3 to 5 minutes per side for medium-rare monitor the internal temperature with an instant-read thermometer, and pull the steak when it reaches 130 to 135 F. Let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes before serving. Increase the cooking time by 1 or 2 minutes per side for each additional degree of doneness.

Ribeye Vs Sirloin Steak Whats The Difference

Thin Cut Beef Ribeye Steak, 2 count

When you think of steak cuts, your mind likely goes right to either a rib eye or sirloin. Their names often grace the pages of our favorite steak houses, and theyre always waiting for us in the meat department of the grocery store. Theyre two of the most famous cuts of steak, and they often get pitted against each other in a great sirloin steak vs ribeye debate. In reality, theyre two very different cuts. So, lets compare these beloved meats, shall we?

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The Difference In Fat

Another significant difference between Porterhouse vs. Ribeye is in the fat level. While both cuts come from the same section of the cow, they differentiate in fat levels because of the different positions. The exact position of Porterhouse and Ribeye impacts the fat as a result of the movements involved when a cow uses the muscles.

The Ribeye steak has a more beefy flavor because of the high-fat level, while the Porterhouse steak has two tenderness profiles because of the different cuts. The fat is in the form of marbling that surrounds the meat on both sides.

Most Expensive Steak Cuts Ranked And How To Cook

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As a beef lover, you are insanely obsessed with steaks but how much have you ever spent on a steak? And which cut is it? Prices will vary from the beef breeds, grade and shops but its not the focus of this article. Here, we discuss the 5 most expensive steak cuts. Lets dive in!

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How To Cook A Ribeye Steak

I like to cook it in a cast iron skillet just as Alton Brown did in that first episode. All you had to the meat is some oil, pepper, and salt. As just he recommends:

  • Cook it for 30 seconds. Flip. Cook for another 30 seconds
  • Place the whole skillet and steak in a 500 degree oven.
  • Cook for two minutes. Then flip and cook another two minutes.
  • Allow 5 minutes to rest before eating
  • From The Best Cheap Steak Cuts To Pricier Ones

    Steak On A Budget? Walmart Ribeye Steak Haul | Ft. Kosmos Q

    Many of us tend to find a pretext or perhaps get influenced at first sight by the cut of meat we choose to cook. In case you didnt realizethe beef cut is not your last card in the game. In reality, regardless of what we choose from many of the options and price points, the main difference related to a wonderful beef taste lies in the way we treat the meat, how we cook it. So lets make a connection between the best cheap steak cuts out there and their more expensive pairs, through the way we cook them.

    We wanted to sketch a clear picture, helping you understand more about a common approach for cooking a great steak. No matter if its about cheaper ones, such as hanger steaks, tri-tip, chuck flap, flank, chuck eye steak, chuck tenders, or more expensive ones- if you are looking to indulge yourself a little bit more from New York strip steak, tenderloin or rib-eye, the cooking way remains the essence.

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    Where New York Strip And Ribeye Come From On The Cow

    Beef comes from a cow, but its not that simple.

    The location that the beef is taken from will change every major characteristic of the beef.

    In the same way that your arm isnt the same as your foot, a New York strip isnt the same as a ribeye.

    To start things off, heres a great video from Eater explaining where all the different cuts of steak come from on the cow.

    Caf Delites Cajun Butter Steak Bites

    From a self-confessed foodie blog comes this easy meal or snack.

    The ribeye is cut into 2-inch square chunks and rubbed with Cajun spice then seared in a hot pan for 2 minutes each side.

    Then comes the signature finish, they use the pan juices to create a garlic butter that they pour over the bites before serving.

    Click here to see Café Delites recipe.

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    A Delicious Way For Cooking A Rib

    For a rib-eye, the cooking method will mean the opposite of the traditional sear then bake method. One makes the steak ahead of time, by slowly raising the temperature for about 30 minutes until the internal temperature is about 90 or 95 degrees C. Later on, the searing will bring that magical crust that we all crave for.

    The meat does not need to rest as long as a pan-seared steak would. Youll notice how fine the texture will be and dont forget to cut it across the grain.

    So how about now, after scrolling all these details?

    Hopefully, weve managed to clear up most of the things for you. Nevertheless, we honestly think that the cooking process will be in the end your last, best card in this steaks game and not the beef cut one chooses.

    Now practically, all you need to have for cooking a great steak is:

    • a thermometer for better control of the medium-rare stage
    • a good cast-iron skillet
    • salt, pepper, and some oil, regardless of your best cheap steak cuts or perhaps some favorite pricier ones

    Let us know what pieces of information were the most useful for you. We are open to any suggestions from your part for improving the content of this article with your help as well. Happy cooking!

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    New York Strip Vs Ribeye: Taste Texture And Fattiness

    How Much Does Ribeye Steak Cost?

    Now its time for the important section: how good do the different cuts of meat taste?

    Of course, the way that you prepare the meat, such as smoking or grilling will play a big role in how delicious the plated steak is. The following are just generalizations about the meat.

    The short loin is an especially muscly area of the cow.

    The result?

    Its not as flavorful as a ribeye, nor is it as tender as a filet.

    Its a chewier cut that has a decent amount of fat on the sides, yet nowhere near the amount of marbling you will find on a ribeye.

    A New York strip is also typically a bigger cut of meat compared to a filet mignon.

    If you want a bigger steak than a filet but not as fatty as a ribeye, then the New York Strip is your best bet.

    A bone-in version of the New York Strip strip, which also includes a filet, is called a porterhouse, and is one of the biggest steaks youll find in most steakhouses.

    Unless of course they serve a cowboy ribeye or tomahawk ribeye for two.

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    What Is Tomahawk Steak

    Tomahawk is actually a Bone-in Ribeye with a big, entire long rib bone that gives it a photogenic appearance. Therefore, it possesses the same fantastic features of Ribeye Steakrich marbling, tender texture and brimming with juices. Thats why it costs you so much!

    The word Tomahawk comes from the name of American Indians fighting axe since they are alike. To accommodate the width of the rib bone, Tomahawk Steaks are usually 2 inches or even thicker and generally weigh between 30 and 45 ounces .

    Tomahawk Steak is a thick cut with extraordinary marbling and makes each bite satisfying. It tastes meaty, tender and juicy that brings it to be one of the top steak cuts. Or you can try Cowboy Steak which is another thick ribeye with a shorter rib. But of course, it does not look as dramatic as Tomahawk!

  • Tender
  • Is Sirloin Or Rib Eye Healthier

    Most red meat is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are excellent for heart health and other body functions. Red meat is a significant source of protein, which is necessary for muscle health, and both of these steaks are loaded with protein in each serving. Steak is also a good source of Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, iron, phosphorus, and zinc vitamins and minerals your body needs every day to work its best.

    Where the problem lies with steak is that most people tend to eat more than one serving, which is just 3 ounces. The more helpings you eat in one sitting, the more calories and fat youre consuming . Steak has quite a bit of saturated fat, especially in fattier pieces, like the ribeye. Because sirloin steaks have less fat content than a ribeye, its safe to say that the sirloin is the better option if youre following a low-fat diet.

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    The Difference In Cost

    The cost of Porterhouse and Ribeye steaks vary. However, according to the data from the Department of Agriculture and the National Retail Report for beef, both cuts have the same average price.

    Based on several studies, it is safe to say that a boneless Ribeye cut costs around $14-15/lb . Bone-in Ribeye steaks are less costly at $13-14 per pound. For larger cuts, expect to pay more, around $20 per pound.

    The Porterhouse usually comes with a bone, meaning the price can vary based on how large the bone is. On average, a Porterhouse steak will cost less than Ribeye, or around $12 per pound.

    The Ribeye tends to be more popular among homeowners and restaurants due to high-fat levels and rich flavor.

    How To Cook A Tomahawk Steak On A Grill Or Smoker

    Cuts Of Steak Ranked From Worst To Best

    Looking to cook a tomahawk steak? Look no further.

    Since the steak is so big, when it comes to cooking methods, we need to slowly apply heat rather than sear it straight off. We wouldnt want burnt edges and a raw inside.

    Many people choose to oven cook or skillet their meat, but in my experience, that isnt the best heat method available. Popping your tomahawk ribeye on the grill will do wonders for the flavor.

    Their thickness makes it all too easy to end up with a burnt exterior and a cold, raw middle A prewarmed steak will sear much faster, minimizing the amount of overcooked meat under the surface.

    The Food Lab, Kenji Lopez-Alt

    Take a look at our grill cooking process:

  • Give your steak piece 1 or 2 hours outside of the fridge. Depending on the size of the meat will determine how long it needs to adjust to the room temperature. Pat dry and add the seasoning.
  • Light the coals inside your chimney. Once theyre at a good temperature, slide them to one side of the grill. This should leave one side empty, where you can place your steak on the grate above.
  • Every 5 minutes, flip your steak. This includes the sides too.
  • Use your meat thermometer to check the inside after 15 minutes. Once the temperature has reached 115 – 120 F, pull it off the grill and cover it in foil. Leave to rest for 15 minutes.
  • Now its time to sear. Add more coals to your chimney to bring the temperature heat up. Leave the grate for 3 to 5 minutes, and once hot, place your steak above the coals.
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    How To Cook Tomahawk Steak

    Reverse searing is the most suitable method to prepare thick-cut steaks like Tomahawk. This is to cook the steak in an oven, a grill or a smoker first, and then add the final crust by searing over high heat.

    It is ideal for thick steak. Because if you sear it directly on a hot skillet, the center of the steak will be too raw but the surface has already been overcooked. By this method, you can evenly cook the steak and keep it moist.


    I bet you have tried at least one in the above as some are quite popular. But why not try all of them? I know, these 5 most expensive steak cuts will cost you a fortune. But Im sure that they are worth every penny!

    The Difference In Appearance

    Both steaks come from the same section of the cow, meaning the location is not significantly different. However, we can all agree that both Porterhouse and Ribeye are easy to identify in terms of appearance.

    Bone content is the main difference in appearance. The Ribeye steak usually has one bone towards the outside or no bone. The Porterhouse is similar to the T-bone cut, containing one large center bone. The bone is usually a T-shape, which is why many people confuse it with the T-bone steak.

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    Cost Difference Between Sirloin And Ribeye

    Is sirloin better than rib eye for your wallet, or vice versa? This actually depends on the type of ribeye or sirloin cut you choose. It also depends on where you get it and the quality of meat youre buying. For example, Costco meat prices are usually very affordable, but you may not have access to the same quality grades of beef youd find at your local butcher.

    When it comes to top sirloin vs ribeye, rib eye is typically a few dollars more per pound. These cuts are especially trendy right now, and prices reflect that. However, some bone-in ribeyes may be a little less expensive than boneless sirloin cuts. A full sirloin cut can save you a little money over a rib eye, but youll have to cut it yourself into your choice cuts.

    In most cases, its safe to say that a rib eye will cost you more per pound than a sirloin steak. However, this always depends on several factors, like how available the cuts are in your area, how many inches thick theyre cut, how aged they are, the grade of beef, and how in-demand they are in your location.

    A Beef Gem Called Flap

    What is a Ribeye Steak? Where to Buy and How to Cook it

    Furthermore, the chuck beef part could be another great choice among cheap steak cuts .

    • The chuck steak comes into play as being more muscular with a good amount of marbling and great flavor as well. However, keep in mind that it will be a little bit tougher as texture because its from the beefs shoulder part.
    • Within the same beef section, there is another gem called chuck flap which is on the arm side of the chuck and plate break, full of flavor, versatile with tender muscles around.
    • The flap meat is similar to the skirt steak or flank but a bit less expensive, a thing that makes it a great option.
    • It has a pretty loose texture and blends so well and tasty in a marinade because the stronger beef flavor can stand up to the flavor in the marinade.

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