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Is Omaha Steaks Grass Fed

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Sous Vide Grilling Is A Slick Trick

Aged Grassfed Steaks- Process, Prep and Best Way To Cook

Netflix and chill? How Bout Sous Vide Grill!

Every once in a while we stumble upon a trick that launches a revolution. Sous Vide grill techniques have made their way to the home and thanks to low cost appliances and one new book its really catching on!

My friend Greg Mrvich from YouTubes Ballistic BBQ has just released a deep dive cook book on Sous Vide grilling called Sous Vide BBQ and its a great introduction to the technique. The publishers notes say cooking meat sous vide offers precision temperature control that means youll never have to worry about dry, overdone steaks, ribs, or chicken ever againand dont worry, you can finish them all under the broiler or on the grill so you dont miss out on that perfect smoky sear.

Why Are Omaha Steaks So Tender

Omaha Steaks beef is aged for at least 21 days an old-world butchers art that naturally results in a more tender steak. 21 days is proven to be the optimal moment of tenderness and flavor we guarantee every steak is aged at least 21 days and then frozen to maintain that perfection until delivery.

Omaha Steaks Got In Trouble For Violating Telemarketing Laws

Perhaps you’ve gotten a call or two from a robocaller at Omaha Steaks trying to sell us on their holiday gift box special that’s stuffed to the brim with gourmet hamburgers and tri-tips galore. Well, in 2014, one man in Gresham, Oregon, had received just one call too many, as The Oregonian reported.

According to The Oregonian, Michael Hetherington received 10 unwarranted calls to his cell phone from the company over the course of just a little over a month in 2013. Hetherington did some research on laws surrounding telemarketing and realized that the company could be breaching the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991. The act essentially states that companies aren’t allowed to call customers without their permission nor can they use automated programs to dial up random numbers with added emphasis in regards to protecting cell phone numbers. This is exactly what Omaha Steaks was doing when they called Hetherington those 10 times and he filed a lawsuit against them in 2014.

The lawsuit grew into a wider class action suit and was eventually settled about two years later in 2016, when the company had to shell out $5 million to customers they’d called in violation of the TCPA. According to Top Class Actions, a website investigating various class action suits across the country, customers began receiving checks from Omaha Steaks for around $40 in December 2016.

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Overview Of Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks has a long history, handed down from generation to generation for over a century. Founded in Omaha around 1917 by a father-son duo from Latvia, the company initially began as a small-scale butcher shop. Quickly they grew, starting mail order ventures in 1953 and reaching global popularity a decade later.

Now, Omaha Steaks is a popular and well-established meat purveyor. In the past, they primarily marketed through teleservice and mailing, but now they also use social media and mobile apps to get with the times.

With two headquarters, three processing locations, and two distribution centers in Omaha, plus 70+ stores nationwide, Omaha Steaks sure flourished from humble beginnings.

Before we jump into this Omaha Steaks review, lets take a look at some pros and cons.

How I Cooked My Bison


So lets look, specifically, at what bison cuts I grilled/smoked and just how I approached cooking bison.

  • I quick grilled my ground bison as burger patties.
  • The bison short ribs tasted great slow smoked on my pellet grill.
  • I cooked bison brisket with simple seasoning and low and slow smoke.

All three of these cuts cook differently so Ill look at them separately below. You can also choose from steaks and roasts so think of this as a BBQ focused look at how to cook bison.

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Are Omaha Steaks Overpriced

Its hard to declare something overpriced for a mail-order company, as I mentioned in my comments above. Compared with other mail order companies, prices are not out of the ordinary for Omaha Steaks and the selection they offer. However, its important to be realistic about your expectations, as well as open up possibilities to getting a great deal.

Is Omaha Steaks Worth It

Is Omaha Steaks worth the money? We found an assortment of conflicting customer feedback. While there are plenty of complaints about high-price for low-quality food, there are also loyal customers who continue to swear by the established company.

It is a definite fact that Omaha Steaks has years and years of experience, pulling through for over 100 years. They also have a large range of items available on their website.

For fine dining, their prices are cheaper. But, if the quality is subpar, then the steep bill is not worth it. Shipping is also exorbitant, and especially inaccessible if you live outside the continental U.S., but buyers can always keep an eye out for an Omaha Steaks sale.

Ultimately, if you are feeling adventurous and want to indulge in steaks, then Omaha Steaks may be for you! Just make sure to double-check the fine print with costs and shipping before you order.

  • 50% off Omaha Steaks free shipping items and packages
  • $25 off your order of $159 or more when you join their email list
  • A TV offer of 12 free burgers when you purchase specific Fathers Day bundles

Since shipping is expensive, those complimentary delivery deals are particularly nice! While there are no Omaha Steaks coupon codes at this time, there are many discounts applied right to your order at checkout.

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Does One Have Better Customer Support

From our research, the customer service support for both of these mail order steak product companies may be way above average. They both have received an A+ rating from the BBB.

They both offer a satisfaction guarantee more than anything else, so if anything is not to your liking, you can call them for a refund or exchange. We found it slightly more difficult to get a hold of a customer rep at Omaha Steaks when we sent a message.

Pan Seared Strip Steaks

Meat Boxes | Omaha Steaks unbox 2020
This post is sponsored by Omaha Steaks. Sponsored posts, along with affiliate links, are what enable bloggers like me to maintain and operate sites that are free to the public. That said, I only work with products and brands that I personally use and would feel proud to give as a gift.

If youâve followed my blog for even a few minutes, you know that I prefer to grill just about everything, to include grapes and angel food cake found in my book, Grill Seeker: Basic Training to Everyday Grilling. Having said that, Iâm also a huge fan of cast iron and often combine the two using a cast iron skillet over high heat on my grill to create the perfect pan seared New York strip steak.

Maybe youâre wondering, how do I make a steak without a grill? You can certainly heat a large skillet on your stovetop, I just prefer cooking outdoors when I can. Thereâs less mess to clean up and on those hot summer days, cooking outdoors keeps the house cooler. Thereâs no shortage of steak recipes online that will turn out a good steak. Today weâre talking about turning out a great steakâsteak house quality in fact.

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Omaha Steaks Review: Is Their Meat Really Good

Whether youre getting ready for holidays or simply looking for a great steak, mail-order steaks are more popular than ever. But during a time of uncertaintyand more options to order premium meat than ever beforeis Omaha Steaks worth your time? In this review, Ill give you my honest opinion.

If youve heard of any mail-order steak companies, Omaha Steaks is likely on the top of your list. And theyre doing more than ever to get their name out there both by expanding their inventory and hosting events.

Omaha Steaks hosted a steakation contest in May. The event, which may be repeated in the future, offered a chance to win a mini-retreat all with a steak theme. Contestants were allowed to enter online via Omaha Steaks social media pages.

The prize? A stay in a two-story loft in Omaha, where Omaha Steaks is headquartered. The loft features steak-themed decor and cozy furnishings a sign that they may offer this up again. The lucky winners enjoyed dinner for four people, including you guessed itOmaha Steak products. They were also treated to virtual grilling classes or their choice of a ticket to a local event.

But is Omaha Steaks or any mail order steaks worth your money? This review will discuss ordering steak online and then everything you need to know about the pros and cons of ordering from Omaha Steaks.

Low And Slow Porter Road Beef Ribs

I did a batch of the Porter Road beef ribs low and slow as well. I sauced them up and smoked them so it was almost like beef bacon. Sweeten and Saucy. The thin beef ribs were pretty versatile and it is awesome just to have the little bones to nibble on.

If you prefer doing Low and slow Porter Road Beef Ribs low and slow you may opt for a thicker beef rib .

However you slice them the beefy dry aged- flavor of this cut from Porter Road is exceptional. Kind of like a little thin steak with the bone in. On top of all that there is a little amount of flavorful fat on each slice. So again, its like beef bacon. Really succulent has the perfect sizzle coming off the grill. I am definitely going to be ordering more of these from Porter Road soon. Find out more here:

> Get the BOOK Here<

Smokin hot tips for new pitmasters!

The right tools, the best wood, the ideal temperaturetheres a lot to know about smoking meat. Thats why Smoking Meat 101 offers a crash course thatll have you serving up sumptuous smoked masterpieces in no time.

Wondering what kind of smoker to get? Curious how to best season your meat? Want to know how long to smoke a turkey? Get the answers to all of these questions, plus suggestions for wood selection, pantry stocking, and more. Top things off with 75 simple and delicious recipes, and youve got the ultimate beginners guide to smoking. Fire it up!

Smoking Meat 101 includes:

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Is It Cheaper To Buy Meat Online

Generally the meat you find from online butchers caters to the high end of the market.

This makes sense, people looking to order steak online are looking for a way to get their hands on the best quality grass-fed, Wagyu or sustainable raised beef. Not save money.

Having said that, some of the companies in our guide are cheaper than others, so its definitely worth shopping around.

Wrapping it up

You now have no excuses for wasting money on cheap steak from the supermarket.

If you dont have any good butcher shops near you dont despair. We truly live in a golden age for meat lovers with the best butchers delivering amazing quality steak to your door.

You might also want to check out our guide on where to buy Wagyu Beef online.

If youve never ordered steak online before you should definitely give it a try. Its a safe and convenient way to try steak that could previously only be tasted in the finest restaurants.

Not sure what steak to order? Check out our guide to the best steak for grilling.

How Is The Customer Service


The customer care is anything but poor. We like how the support team operates seven days a week. You can get in touch with a representative by contacting their toll-free phone number during the hours of:

  • Weekdays – 7 am to 10 pm
  • Saturday – 8 am to 7 pm
  • Sunday – 9 am to 5 pm

They would also answer a lot of questions on their website fact center. Their support page is quite extensive to read, making the experience of ordering from them much easier overall.

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Is Omaha Steak Beef Grass

Type of Beef
  • Some may be more used to the taste
  • Higher in fat and calories
  • Higher in saturated fat and cholesterol
  • Fewer antioxidants

The majority of Omaha Steak is grain-fed. They have added a modest selection of grass-fed beef products. These include grass-fed burgers, Filet Mignon, Ribeye, and New York Strip Steak. See All Grass-Fed Products Here. Not everyone prefers grass-fed, and there are pros and cons of grass-fed vs grain-fed beef, as seen in the table above. But grass-fed beef is indeed healthier for you, and some also prefer its taste.

Who Would Enjoy Butcherbox

  • For the carnivore dieter – ButcherBox’s meat selection of grass-fed beef and free-range organic chicken without hormones or antibiotics takes top tier, rich meaty flavors, and clean eating to a new level for carnivore dieters.
  • You love to cook and experiment – ButcherBox offers a HUGE recipe library of ideas to stir your passion for cooking and stray from the traditional salt-marinated beef recipe.
  • FREE standard delivery – How many times did you cancel an order because the delivery charge knocked your budget off the park? Well…ButcherBox offers free standard shipping delivery for maximum value.
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    Comparing Omaha Steak & Butcherbox Selection

    At first glance, it would seem that Omaha Steaks is the winner when it comes to meat in a box option and different small or big cuts. Indeed they have plenty more to choose from.

    Upon closer inspection, I found that the products of Omaha Steaks weren’t always a good option for the carnivore diet. Many of the meats that Omaha Steaks sells are pre-seasoned and come with non-carnivore diet sides.

    The options include chicken, beef, and pork. You may save time in seasoning before cooking, but even small condiments are not recommended for carnivore dieters.

    With ButcherBox, you are getting the best grass-fed and grass-finished beef, heritage breed pork, and free-range organic chicken strictly. Every meat they use is no doubt hand-picked and of good quality. It’s no-nonsense, and I also don’t have to worry about their meats messing with my diet.

    Porter Road Runner Up

    Simple Easy Grass Fed Steak Garlic Avocado Dinner.

    They guys arent just a mail-order steak company. Porter Road is a full online butcher, selling a large range of beef, pork, chicken, and lamb.

    Their meat is sourced from small family farms in Kentucky and Tennessee before it is cut and dry-aged for a minimum of 14 days at their facilities in Kentucky.

    All beef is pasture-raised and hormone and antibiotic free.

    Their meat is also quite a bit more affordable than Snake River Farms, making Porter Road a great choice if you want to treat yourself without breaking the bank.

    You can shop from over 50 different cuts of beef, but you cant go wrong with the bone-in ribeye.

    You can also let Porter Road do the meat shopping for you with one of their curated meat boxes.

    They are also focused on sustainability and ensure all meat is humanely raised.

    They currently offer free shipping on orders over $100 and free dry aged ground beef on orders over $75.

    Until recently it was impossible to buy legitimate, authentic Kobe Beef in America.

    This is no longer true.

    Holy Grail Steak Companys mission is to give everyone access to best available, world-class steaks that were once only available in Michelin-star restaurants.

    You can learn all about the difference between Wagyu and Kobe beef here.

    You can shop from a range of artisanal American producers including USDA prime Black Angus beef as well as an impressive selection of American and Japanese Wagyu and Kobe beef.

    Read our full Crowd Cow review.

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    Are Omaha Steaks From Grass Fed Cows

    Are Omaha Steaks From Grass Fed Cows?

    Where does Omaha Steaks get their beef? Omaha Steaks sources their beef from farms in the Midwest

    In fact, Nebraska is the state with the second-highest cattle to people ratio so you know they take their beef seriously over there.

    Is Omaha Steaks pasture raised? Golden Plains 100% grass-fed beef is raised on a forage diet, creating an earthy depth of flavor and a naturally nutrient-rich food. Shop Omaha Steaks to find all your favorite grass-fed steaks here, along with burgers and steak tips.

    Are Omaha Steaks grass-fed and finished? All cattle are grass-fed, but Omaha Steaks Grass-Fed Filet Mignon comes from cattle that are grass-fed and grass-finished. Our master butchers hand-carve every filet mignon from the heart of carefully selected grass-fed tenderloin.

    Best Mail Order Steaks In 2021

    SmokedBBQSource is supported by its readers. We may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you if you buy through a link on this page. Learn more.

    Until recently if you wanted to buy the best quality steak you were severely limited by where you lived.

    Luckily we are now spoilt for choice, with a range of specialty butcher shops delivering restaurant-quality steak online.

    Even if you live in a small city, these online butchers deliver steak to your door anywhere in the continental United States.

    Weve rounded up the best mail order steak companies in the country for buying steak online.

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