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Steak N Shake Hiring Age

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Full Time Day Shift Custodian

Devious Diesel For Hire: Episode 17: Steak ‘n Shake

The City of Farmington is currently accepting applications for a Full Time Day Shift Custodian. Candidate must have transportation to go to multiple facilities. Typical duties include maintaining floors, changing light bulbs, internal refuse removal, washing windows and ensuring custodial equipment is maintained and in proper operating condition.

Starting pay is $12.36/hour. Candidates can apply online at, send resume to or apply in person at Long memorial Hall, 110 West Columbia Street, Farmington, MO 63640.

Employment is contingent upon passing a background check and drug screening. The City of Farmington is an Equal Opportunity Employer and participates in E-Verify.

Steak N Shake Benefits

An experienced manager is paid a fair salary in accordance to the company standards. Additionally, as a managerial employee of Steak n Shake, you are offered a quarterly incentive bonus program, basic life and AD& D insurance programs. Other perks include paid vacations and several complementary training and development programs.

To access the Steak n Shake Online Application directly, click here.

For more interesting and popular career applications:

Does Steak N Shake Hire Felons

Steak n Shake is a restaurant chain. The company offers burgers made with steaks. They also take pride in making food from scratch. This article highlights whether felons get hired at this restaurant chain.

Felons often face a challenge to find jobs. Others need to view felons as people. Felons however require to earn a living and stand on their feet. Society cannot punish felons after their prison sentence is over. Employers must give a fair chance to felons to develop a career.

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Steak N Shake Jobs And Salary Information

Managers usually work full-time at Steak n Shake restaurants, while entry-level team members often enjoy the benefits of flexible part-time schedules. The restaurant chain maintains a minimum hiring age of 16 for most positions. Job seekers may apply online or in person for opportunities such as:

Production Associate Also known as a grill cook, the production associate prepares meals for customers and carries out standard kitchen duties. Production associates use equipment like grills and fryers to make steakburgers, French fries, and other menu items. The job also involves ensuring the quality of the food and the cleanliness of the kitchen. Although the position features little customer interaction, production associates must possess strong interpersonal skills in order to communicate with servers and managers effectively. The entry-level job title comes with an hourly pay rate ranging from minimum wage to $9.00.

Opportunities At Steak N Shake

Steak N Shake blamed for rape of co

The fast-food industry generally gets a bad name because of health concerns. Many people in America like convenient and low-cost meals. They can eat something hot and tasty while they are rushing for work. Despite poor nutritional value, this industry is the fastest growing industry in America. There are always career opportunities available for employees who can perform basic tasks like cooking, cleaning, and serving.

Felons comment steak n shake is a good place where felons can restart their career. The restaurant offers a safe and family-like work culture. Felons can learn and grow easily under proper supervision and guidance from their managers. Felons can apply to locations spread in the US, Europe, and West Asia.

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What Are Some Entry

The great thing about entry-level positions is that they usually require little experience. In order to give you an idea of some of the roles at Steak n Shake, we hand-picked a few to show their duties and requirements. Lets take a look:


Youll be operating a cash register and taking orders. Since you will be dealing with the public, youre expected to provide friendly customer service.

Here are a few other requirements:

  • Standing, bending, stretching and walking throughout the shift
  • Lift and carry a minimum of 30 pounds
  • Basic reading, writing and math skills
  • Ability to handle guest complaints

Shift Manager

A shift manager is expected to lead staff while making sure the restaurant runs smoothly and effectively.

Here are a few of the requirements:

  • Execute a daily review of all areas of the restaurant
  • Responsible for ensuring the stations are appropriately set up and stocked
  • Maintain strict compliance with health, safety, and security standards and procedures
  • Create a positive team environment

Background Verification Check Process At Steak N Shake

Steak n Shake doesnt run a very stringent background verification process which opens new opportunities for felons, they have hired basis basic background checks for some specific roles. Background checks require clearance. The background verification checks last for 1 week for most jobs. Certain jobs complete background verification checks in a month.

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Restaurants That Hire At 14 15 16

1.7 million teens are working as restaurant employees, according to the National Restaurant Association. As surprising as it may sound, this is certainly not a piece of new news anymore.

Often, individuals tend to work a job in their free time. And in the past few years, more and more students decided to follow suit. Maybe you know someone who works for a local fast-food chain, or you are a working student.

Though most of the statistics stated above refer to college students, many high schoolers are already working.

In an October 2019 survey, high school and college students were asked whether they want to work at a local business. The results showed that 22.3 percent of high school students and 50.2 percent of college students want to be involved in the labor force. They want to be employed, either full-time or part-time, at restaurant jobs or other places that hire teenagers.

This is great news for youth is that more restaurants are willing to hire at 14 and 15.

But scouring the internet for restaurants hiring near me with no experience may cost you valuable time with outdated content.

Our researched definitive guide of available part-time restaurants that hire young students will give you straightforward answers.

Steak N Shake Application

Jake For Hire Episode 36: Steak’n Shake

View open positions on the company website. There are 4 search boxes you need to fill out these will help filter your search, as there are over 4,000 job postings from various branches.

Scroll down and you will see the links to the job description. Hit the blue Apply Now button. However, you will be asked to enter a TalentReef account, of which Steak n Shake is a partner.

However, the application forms are not available on the site itself. You have to visit the company headquarters to get a copy. Fill out this form and submit it to the HR department together with your resume and cover letter.

Keep your resume short and simple, especially if youre applying for entry-level jobs. Include a summer of your skills, then your highlights and strengths. Write down your relevant job experience and educational background.

The interview process is a different matter. Questions are usually about yourself and what you know about the company. Be ready with your answers. It helps to research on the company and its mission and vision.

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Steak N Shake Jobs Available

Steak n Shake has quite a number of positions to be filled across a majority of their stores, and they invite applications for restaurant managers and restaurant general manager. Before you fill out your Steak n Shake job application, please browse through the Open Positions section in the companys website to get detailed info on the requirements of the job. A link to the Careers page has been given at the bottom of the page for your convenience.

Steak N Shake Job Opportunities

Steak n Shake hires entry-level associates to work in all areas of the restaurant. Potential work settings include the kitchen, dining area, check-out/pick-up counter, and drive-thru window. The duties of employees often overlap into multiple restaurant areas. Servers, for instance, may also perform cashier responsibilities at the check-out counter when necessary, while workers manning the drive-thru window may also handle orders for pick up. Applicants committed to providing excellent service and capable of dealing with the paces of fast-casual restaurant environments usually enjoy strong chances of gaining employment.

Candidates with outstanding leadership skills also regularly land Steak n Shake jobs, as the restaurant chain needs to hire managers proficient at overseeing teams of associates. In addition to leading other workers, managers complete a number of daily tasks related to sales, finance, employee development, and other complex areas of restaurant operations. Prospective managers, therefore, must hold previous supervisory or management experience to ensure competence in fulfilling the varied responsibilities of the position. Featuring the job title of either restaurant manager or general manager, each managerial position offers various employment benefits and a salary based on experience.

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How Many Hours Can A 14 And 15

Generally, the number of hours that a 14 and 15-year old can work will depend on the day or the type of week. For example, a student can legally work a maximum of 3 hours during a school day. They can work up to eight hours on a non-school day. Also, on a non-school week, such as vacations and holidays, teens can work no more than 40 hours.

Work Environment At Steak N Shake

Steak N Shake blamed for rape of co

Servers ensure customers receive their meals on time. Steak n Shake servers use a 7 step service process. This process ensures all components are cleaned and well-stocked. Cashiers are responsible to take orders and serve drinks to customers, they also assist in quickly running the cash register.

Chefs prepare grilled products and keep a track of cooking time, settings, and temperatures. Chefs ensure the raw material restocks and keep their area clean.

Live Counter Workers plate orders, garnish them, and inspect them. They also focus on coordinating orders to make sure it reaches the customer table fast. They manage the temperatures on the table, restock, and clean.

Drive through Workers sell orders at the drive-through counter, they need good hearing and hand dexterity, their job involves moving and carrying heavy objects. These jobs are rotational.

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How Old Do You Have To Be To Work Here

  • Answered August 28, 2017 – Grill cook – Lakeside circle, shelby township

    16 years of age included with a work permit


  • Answered August 4, 2017 – Waitress- DriveThru Operator/Shift Leader – Seymour, IN

    16, I believe.

  • Answered August 3, 2017 – Manager – St. Louis, MO

    At least 16 years old


  • Answered August 2, 2017 – Service Trainer – Frankfort, KY

    16 years old

  • Answered August 2, 2017 – MANAGER – Southaven, MS

    You have to be sixteen years of age in order to work here


  • What is the overall interview experience at Steak N Shake like?Learn more about interviews at Steak N Shake
  • Answered August 1, 2017 – Manager – Lansing, MI

    16 years old

  • Answered July 29, 2017 – Cook, Cashier & Drive – Boynton Beach, FL

    At least 16 years of age.


  • Answered July 29, 2017 – Server – Auburn Hills, MI

    At least 16

  • Answered July 28, 2017 – porter/crew member – Pekin, IL

    Sixteen years of age.

  • Answered July 24, 2017 – Team Member – Bolingbrook, IL

    Atleast 16

Help job seekers learn about the company by being objective and to the point.

Your answer will be posted publicly. Please don’t submit any personal information.

Things To Know About Steak N Shake

The work culture in Steak n Shake is fast paced and loud, and this is precisely why the company looks for dexterous people who can handle pressure well and can multitask.

Though the company continues to share its wondrous meals across America and the globe, the construction of its branch in Tuscaloosa has been delayed because of the franchisees health issues.

Despite this minor drawback, Steak n Shake continues to be one of the fastest growing restaurants in United States, with over 550 branches. The company is known for its speedy service.

The company helps its employees and supports those living in poor communities. Employees also try their best to sustainable measures and cooking procedures. They reduce carbon footprint as much as possible.

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The Advanced Tools Of The Editor Will Lead You Through The Editable Pdf Template

Steak and shake apply online. Sets up workstations including prep tables, service counters, hot wells, etc Our mission constantly to serve our patrons the highest quality burgers and shakes along with extending them great service at the lowest possible prices. Steak and shake careers for director of operations.

If yes, please complete the employment application . Steak n shake application online & pdf 2021. Steak n shake application online:

Unless you request a paper copy, we will email you our franchise disclosure document . If you find a job that is appropriate, you just need to apply by sending a steak n shake application form through email. Provide customer service and adhere to food safety, food handling, and sanitation procedures

To maintain ongoing growth and success, the casual restaurant chain continues to hire new employees at each location. Steak n shake careers careers create your new steak n shakes and complete the remaining sections to submit the form the candidates can also apply for steak n shakes job positions by submitting the downloaded. A franchise development executive will contact you soon after you send us your contact information.

The fdd may be viewed and printed using adobe. Fill steak and shake application, edit online. Steak ‘n shake also maintains a full menu of melts, salads, soups, chili, and club sandwiches to satisfy additional customer cravings.

It’s extremely delicious and popular with many of the restaurant’s patrons.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Steak N Shake

Last Supper at Steak n Shake

When filling out your Steak n Shake online application for employment, there are certain things you should know. Primarily, the company offers job openings for managerial positions, and therefore you must keep in handy all your previous work experience certificates. It is advised that you get an overview about the company and its areas of interest. If possible, make a note of the companys history and its progress. You can also download our free report on 7 Secrets to Get Hired from our website.

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What Are The Pros Of Working In Restaurants

Here are the advantages of being employed in a restaurant:

Earn Lots of Fast Money

Some of the teenagers who work in upscale restaurants as servers may receive some amazing cash tips. Some of the best servers can earn upwards of $200 per night in gratuity. This is a significant advantage of working in a busy restaurant, as you get rewarded not only by your minimum salary but also by the friendly and appreciative customers.

Free Food From the House

Most restaurants either give you an employee discount or free food for your shift. This is a token of appreciation from the management for your hard work. Its a benefit for you if youre working at your favorite pizza, burrito, or breakfast restaurant. Even if its not your favorite, who doesnt love free food?

Lovable Coworkers

Have you ever heard of the saying teamwork makes the dream work?

In a restaurant, this principle applies to its strictest sense. From the manager to the door attendant, all workers must cooperate, so every working day or night is a success. This cooperation is the root of the friendships and healthy relationships that blossom in the workplace. It is easy to develop a friendship with your coworkers, and some may become lifelong friends.

Learning Essential Work Ethics

You Can Meet Many Wonderful People

Job Posting For Team Member


We have exciting times ahead! What we sell is an experience. We are looking for passionate people with a fun-loving attitude who provide a hospitable service. We offer flexible schedules on day shift and night shift. We are determined to be the employer of choice, placing employees first. We seek to be the maximum wage employer. We offer various stations to choose from .


Team Members deliver the gold standard in service by providing the highest quality burgers and shakes. They prepare, cook, and assemble the guest orders. They support an environment of teamwork and demonstrate the Golden Rule.


  • Have a competitive spirit and desire to win
  • Possess high character and high competence
  • Desire to improve the lives of others
  • Desire to improve the lives of employees, customers, franchisees
  • Committed to you and your successful journey
  • We place trust above all else. This builds loyalty.
  • Determined to be the employer of choice, placing employees first. We seek to be the maximum wage employer.
  • Desire to lead and dominate the premium burger segment of the restaurant industry
  • Our pace is fast, focused, and effective.


Pay: Up to $13.00 per hour


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What Are The Cons Of Working In Restaurants

For every advantage, there are disadvantages to working in restaurants.

Less Guest Equals Low Earnings

Depending on the location and the type of restaurant, you may make a lot of money in tips, or its so slow that you make no money. For example, during COVID, some states and towns closed restaurants resulting in servers making no money in tips. Sometimes customers dont leave their house due to snow, rain, or inclement weather.

Rude Guests and Coworkers

Unfortunately, some guests mistreat treat servers and expect them to grant their every wish at the snap of their fingers. In addition, sometimes youll get stuck working with unpleasant coworkers, and youll need to learn how to deal with them.


Your teenage years let your body develop into an adult. This means that you are not yet biologically built to carry out large tasks. If you are working more than the legal limits, it can take a toll on your overall health and development.

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