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Steak Locker Dry Age Fridge

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Can You Dry Age A Single Steak

Steak Locker SL150 Home Edition | Dry Aged Steak Fridge Review | 4k

Because desiccation can convert your steak into a tough black strip of dried flesh if you dry-age single steaks for an extended length of time, you should avoid dry-aging single steaks. Technically, you might be able to chop through all of that and save a slice of decent flesh from the middle, but the effort would be far less than it would be worth it.

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The history of the thanksgiving turkey is a bit of a mystery, however, historians have a few different theories on the tradition. As a result of letters and records kept by early American settlers, we know that when the colonists sat down to eat with the Wampanoag, two of the foods on the menu were beef and fowl. This meal would later become known as the first thanksgiving. Whilst we cannot confirm exactly which fowl was served, a letter by pilgrim Edward Winslow mentions a turkey hunting trip prior to the first thanksgiving meal.

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Steak Locker // Dry Age Steak Fridge + Accessories

Product Description

Steak Locker is the worlds first chef inspired fridge that professionally and safely dry ages prime steaks at home, saving 70% on current steak prices. This cabinet-sized fridge incorporates the latest cloud technology and allows you to operate the fridge through your smartphone.

This innovative fridge includes many accessories. The Steak Locker Smart App runs on either an iOS or Android smartphone, and will be included as a download instructional leaflet.

The Steak Locker Himalayan Salt Brick is naturally antibacterial and is used to enhance the flavor of the dry age meat, assisting in humidity control.

The Steak Locker Silk Spice Pouch delivers additional flavor and intensifies the natural beef aroma.The Steak Locker Hygrometercontrols the humidity inside the fridge and can be managed by your smartphone.

Product Details
  • 33.07L x 23.42W x 23.23H

Includes: Steak Locker Smart App Access Steak Locker Himalayan Salt Brick Steak Locker Silk Spice Pouch Steak Locerk Hygrometer

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Steaklocker Dry Age System Brings Steakhouse Quality Home

Steaklocker Ill admit, dry aging techniques for steak have always escaped me. To me, its a process thats more or less limited to professional chefs and butchers. Me, Im usually just content with buying a steak thats been pre-aged to whatever point I feel is best. Sure, the dry-aged steaks are significantly more expensive, but its a price most people are willing to pay for the taste. After all, its pretty much impossible for the average consumer to safely dry-age their steaks.

Products do exist to do so dry age bags and the like but the vast majority of them are unsafe at best, and completely illegal at worst. Take dry aging in the fridge due to the high humidity and fluctuating temperature, bacteria can quickly grow on ones meat, leading to a gamut of dangerous illnesses and ultimately ruining the meat. As such, its historically been best to leave dry-aging to the professionals.

That may soon change.

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There was a time when dry aging was the domain of chefs and butchers. Thats no longer the case. With Steaklocker, anyone will be able to tenderize their meat just so. Now, if you dont mindIm getting kind of hungry.

That’s How Easy It Is

EUROCHEF Meat Ager Dry Fridge Steak Refrigerator Aging Cabinet Beef ...

Step one: buy your favorite sub primal cut from your favorite butcher. Best results are assured with bone-in sub primal like Ribeye and Sirloin or a combination of those two.

Step two: place it in the fridge.

That’s it. Let it rest for at least 21 days or longer depending on your desired flavor profile, then cut yourself your own individual steaks. Please be careful and always use a butcher’s cutting safety mesh glove.

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Steak Ager Buyers Guide

Steak Locker has developed a unique steak ager. The worlds first and only patented Smart Dry-Age Fridge for enthusiasts of high-quality steaks, meat, charcuterie, cheese or fish.

Steak Lockers steak ager is simply the safest, most economical and professional-quality way to dry-age your steaks, selected charcuterie, cheese and even fish. What makes our steak ager the best is because it allows you to get the most tender and flavorful steaks regardless of their USDA classification. This means you can save money in the long term by no longer needing to purchase only prime cuts of beef

There are a multitude of benefits that come with Steak Lockers dry age refrigerator range. The additional smart features are what makes Steak Lockers dry age fridge range different from every other steak range on the market.

How Long Can You Dry Age Meat In A Locker

Make sure that all sides of the meat are exposed to the forceful air flow by placing it on the Steak Locker rack. While the meat is aging in the dry age refrigerator, make sure the UV is always on. We recommend that you rest the cut for at least 28 days, and preferably up to 75 days.

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Your Dry Ageing Fridge Can Do So Much More Than Transform Meat

As partakers of lifes fine things, we have been trained to believe that the longer it takes to make something, the better it is. With some exceptions, this mostly holds true. Who doesnt get excited at the prospect of tasting a decades-old whisky or admiring an objet dart that was thousands of man-hours in the making? With this principle in mind, a piece of meat thats been left to age, raw and exposed, for several weeks should be downright thrilling.

Before refrigeration was invented, dry-ageing meat somewhere constantly cool and dry like a cave or cellar was one way to preserve it aside from pickling, smoking or curing. But these days, chefs and butchers embark on this time-consuming practice because successfully aged meat explodes with flavour while also being more tender.

This happens because dry ageing breaks down the meat protein and connective tissue whilst also pulling moisture out, giving us softer meat with more concentrated flavours. Think about it as a reduction. Youre taking away the non-essential elements and allowing the good bits to take the stage. In this case, we are talking about both flavours and texture. This explains why meat pieces that have been dry-aged for extended periods tend to be small and expensive, explains Charmaine Hung of fridge manufacturer Dry Ager.

Legal Disclaimers And Warnings

Steak Locker SL150 Dry Age Fridge Update After 2 Months | Major Fail | 4K

Product packaging, owners manuals, installation instructions, and/or operating instructions may include more information than what is shown on our website. The content on our site is intended to be used for reference purposes only. Please fully read all included manuals and documentation before installing or using this product. WARNING for California residents: this product may contain chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects, cancer, or other reproductive harm.

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Steak Locker Sl100 Overview

The Meat Aging Refrigerator by Steak Locker comes featured with Wi-Fi Connectivity, Chrome Shelving, Iridium Bacterial Growth and UV Prevention Light, Digital Touch Control Panel, Digitally-Controlled Hygrometer, Door Lock and Low-E UV Tinted Double Pane Glass, Reversible Door. Available at AppliancesConnection


Dry Age FridgesThe Steak Locker range of Dry Age Fridges are suitable for both home and commercial use. They’ve got a model for every home, restaurant, butcher shop or grocery store. Their range of dry age refrigerators have been meticulously designed by chefs and industry professionals. They’ve built the worlds first professional smart fridges that combine traditional craft and skills with modern connectivity.

Dry Age Fridges for Home and Commercial UseThe stylish stainless steel design blends in to any kitchen. The telescoping rails and UV resistant tempered glass door will blend in with any contemporary kitchen. The range doesnt require a water connection. Steak Locker dry age fridges can even be used outdoors.

Many Steak Locker customers are restaurateurs, butchers and grocery store owners. The high quality materials and robust construction mean that our range can effortlessly perform under the demands of a busy kitchen or high footfall store.

Cloud Server

Why Dry Age Meat At Home

If youve ever tasted a nicely dry-aged steak , you know well the desperation to recreate the magic. Youve likely seen the expensive meat section of the grocery store and dry-aged meat on that side of the steakhouse menu that makes your jaw go slack. Ever wondered why dry-aged meat is such a delicacy?

Dry-aging meat is an art, full of complexities and options, and requires a premium piece of meat. Dry-aged meat, because of the process required, is much more prized than non-aged or wet-aged meat. An important distinction to make when beginning your dry-aging journey is to distinguish dry-aging from wet-aging.

Wet-aged steak is generally the kind that you find in supermarkets and was invented in the 1950s. This involves vacuum sealing steaks . Wet-aged steaks tend to have a more metallic taste. This is because wet-aging seals off oxygen and enzymatic changes.

Dry aging, on the contrary, has been around for centuries. Dry aging is generally the preferred method as drying aged meat bears richer, fuller, more complex flavors with exposure to oxygen and enzymatic transformations. Dry aging affects flavor and tenderness and requires great skill, care, and a good selection of meat.

With practice, dry aging meat at home yields great cuts of meat without restaurant expenses. Its worth it financially and from a customization standpoint to learn to dry-age meat in the home.

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How Do You Age Your Own Steak

Place your chunk of beef on top of the wire rack and set aside. Then, place the tray, rack, and meat in the refrigerator and wait for it to cool. Its best to leave it for 2-4 weeks if youre merely interested in increased softness, 4-6 weeks for that famed dry-aged flavor, and 6-8 weeks if youre interested in developing some pretty nasty scents and tastes.

Steak Locker Home Dry Age Fridge Sl150

Steak Locker // Dry Age Steak Fridge + Accessories

Steak Locker Home Dry Age Fridge SL150-US Use what Chefs use! Experience the worlds first professional smart dry age fridges that combine traditional craft & amp skills with modern connectivity. Intelligent connected appliances that will allow you to produce profitable, professional and high quality Dry Aging Programs. Always Connected Stay connected and informed at all times with our iOS companion app. Track your cuts over time, monitor current temperature and humidity in real time and get notified to protect your investments with the Steak Locker Home dry age fridge. Resources Brochure Specs Steak Locker iOS Steak Locker Premium iOS Features 24/7 Monitoring / / Inventory Trackin…

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Is Dry Aged Steak Rotten

Aged, but not rotting in the traditional sense Taking a scientific approach, dry aging is a very regulated degradation process done by exposing untreated beef to extremely exact temperatures and humidity levels. This process is used to bigger portions of meat before they are chopped into steaks or roasts for consumption.

What Is Dry Aging

Dry aging does for red meat what cave aging does for cheese or cellaring for Bordeaux it improves the taste greatly with time. In addition, it will tenderize the meat after approximately 18 – 21 days depending on the animal.

The short story is this : Dry aging meat is the traditional way of creating superbly tender meat by letting naturally occurring enzymes slowly tenderize the meat. The action of enzymes during aging turns stiffened muscles into soft, pliable meat. Aging also creates many of the tastes and aromas that gives the meat the flavours we carnivores crave. Much myth nd lore surrounds the this transformation. How long should meat age ? It is not always the longer the better, the truth is, it depends on the kind of animal, the type of muscle and what you want from your meat.

The rate of tenderization varies among the different species of animal. Large animals require more time than smaller animals. Assuming the right conditions, it takes between 16 to 21 days for the process to come to fruition. After 21 days, the meat will not get more tender but will with additional time, anything to 70+ days, become more flavorful.

For example, at 41 F or 5C, the tenderness of the beef will reach 80% of what is possible through aging in about 14 days and enzymatic activity and thus tenderization, more or less ceases at 21 days after harvesting.

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Steak Locker Developed A Smartphone App For Both Ios And Android* Devices To Connect To Your Steak Ager

The primary application is your connection to the real-time digital sensor in your fridge that provides you with instant feedback on critical temperature and humidity operations. This feature will alert your smart-phone when preset values are exceeded, ensuring you wont lose your dry-aged product due to power failure or other emergencies. Your dry-aged steaks and charcuterie are investments in delectability. Our technology not only means you can make dry-age steaks easily, but also that will never experience loss or waste.

Charcuterie & Steak Locker

Build Your Own Homemade Dry Aged Meat Fridge (Steak Ager)

Charcuterie & Steak Locker

YES ! you can use your Steak Locker for most types of Charcuterie production. Please remember, that your Steak Locker has been calibrated to dry age sub primal beef cuts and will not be able to do both at the same time. We are able to provide you with a specially designed Charcuterie Controller when you wish to use your Steak Locker for Charcuterie operations.

Please contact us for your smart application to suit charcuterie production.

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What Is The Right Steak Locker For You

Here is the deal, outside of the size… the functionality is relatively the same.

Steak Locker Studio: Thin, small, perfect for those who love aging but do not have a lot of space for a small fridge.

HomeEdition: About the size of a wine fridge. Has 58% more space than the Studio edition.

Pro Edition: Massive, beautiful looking fridge. We have a couple of these at our restaurant… it has 4.3x the space of the home edition and it is a beautiful piece of hardware.

Note: This product will arrive via mail and be delivered with 3-5 business day of placing the order. Any issues must be handled directly with The Steak Locker customer support team .

This device is shipped in a pallet measuring 30x30x40 and weighing 165lbs.

Once you place your order, we will call you to separately process the payment for the shipping cost, which will vary from $100 to $300.

How To Age Beef In The Fridge

In your refrigerator, place the wrapped meat and check to see that the temperature is approximately 36 degrees Fahrenheit, which is good for maturing beef. Continue to store the beef in your refrigerator for at least 2 weeks to allow it to fully age. Approximately 2 weeks after cooking, take the beef out of the refrigerator, cut away the dry exterior section of the flesh, and serve.

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Steak Locker Home Edition 23

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First Lets Talk About The Bad

Steak Locker // Dry Age Steak Fridge + Accessories

I pre-ordered the SteakAger in August 2018 as a birthday present to myself, the shipping date was October 15, 2018. Then apparently the company had a shipping issue and all orders were pushed back one month until November. Then the orders were pushed back until December. Then many folks received their devices with multiple manufacturer defects which caused some people to ruin expensive pieces of beef. In my case, to make matters worse, UPS delivered my machine to the wrong address 3 times in December before they got it right. When I finally received the SteakAger in January, it was totaled from so much postal handling. Not that this mattered, in fact, because the machine was defective it needed to be replaced with the proper updates regardless. I did not receive my unit until February, six months after my original order.

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The Worlds First Smart Dry Aging Fridge

The only Smart Home Dry Aging Fridge the will allow you to combine traditional craft & skills with modern connectivity.

Skillfully produce your own Steak House quality cuts plus traditional charcuterie from the old world.

The Steak Locker includes:

  • Smart sensors that provide immediate feedback through our exclusive app. You control the safety of your dry age steaks right from your smart phone.
  • Designed with independent smart sensors that provide immediate feedback and safety notifications
  • Fully control your inventory, time lapsed, nutritional info and custom features. Visual timely Reports you can use to follow progress no matter where you are.
  • Your smart app is a precision instrument designed by professional chefs to provide you maximum yield control.

Model: SL150

What Is A Steak Locker Meat Aging Fridge

Our steak locker meat aging fridge range is multipurpose, which means that our steak lockers may be used for a variety of purposes other than simply dry aging steaks. The curing of charcuterie, cheese, and fish is conceivable with the Steak Locker we will provide more information on this in subsequent blogs.

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