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Where To Buy Skirt Steak

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Flavor Texture Fat Content And Tenderness

How to grill skirt steak (and which kind to buy!)

With its open grain and distinct marbling, the skirt has a reputation for big flavor and tenderness when cooked correctly.

Having lots of muscles connected by fat, this cut has a fabulous fatty flavor, but dont expect it to taste like a regular steak. It has a profoundly unique flavor that is buttery and very beefy, which some liken to the richness of liver but with a nicer steak-like consistency.

The open grain takes very well to a marinating.

Normally, not getting much past the surface, a marinade is somewhat wasted on a steak, but with the skirt it has open ridges and a wide grain that the marinade can soak into, meaning it holds a lot more of it and can stand up to the strong flavor with its intense beef hit.

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What Is Flank Steak

As you move towards the rear end of the cow, we get flank steak. Flank steak is a favorite in many countries and has earned nicknames, like Babette in French and sobrebarriga in Columbia.

Being from the belly of the cow, flank steak is lean with lots of muscle fibers. There is often fat along the edges of the meat, with light marbling. A sizable chunk of meat that can be tough to eat if not cooked properly. Along with skirt steak, we often use flank steak for fajitas.

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Bring Skirt Steak To Room Temperature

Steak should not be cooked cold. Instead, the steak should be transferred to the counter 30-60 minutes before grilling or pan searing to help bring it to room temperature. This helps the steak cook more evenly, otherwise you are left with an overcooked exterior and cold interior, especially because the steak should only be cooked to medium rare.

Bringing the steak to room temperature also relaxes the cold muscle fibers so they release natural moisture which is then reabsorbed into the muscle for juicier results.

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Where To Buy Skirt Steak

You should be able to find skirt steak in the meat department of your supermarket, more often the inside skirt versus the outside skirt Most of the surface fat should have been removed by the butcher.

Although skirt steak and flank steak are two different cuts of meat, the two are referred to interchangeably. But they should both be labeled separately as such.

Other Names For Skirt Steak

Buy Skirt Steak x 500g Online

While the most popular name in the US is the skirt steak, its also known as Philadelphia Steak, Fajita Meat, Fajita Steak, or Beef Plate. The names most commonly used outside the US are Arrachera, Romanian steak, Romanian tenderloin, and Entraña.

It can also refer to the dish for which its the central meat, such as Tex-Mex Skirt or the fajita.

Most common names for Skirt Steak in the United States:

  • Philadelphia Steak,

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Delivered To Your Doorstep For A Fine Dining Experience At Home

To maximize freshness and preserve quality, our products are frozen in a blast freezer and packaged individually. This locks in all of the natural juices and preserves texture. Each steak is then carefully nestled into a polystyrene cooler containing more than enough dry ice and/or gel packs to ensure safe delivery. Our painstaking shipping process spares no expense in providing you with a superior-quality steak delivered straight to your doorstep.

Why Is Skirt Steak So Expensive

The main reason why skirt steak is so expensive is its popularity and limited supply. It used to be a relatively cheap cut of beef however, this changed when famous chefs started recommending it. Naturally, more and more people started talking about skirt steak, which increased the demand for this cut.

The limited demand is also because there are only two skirts per cow , and the average weight of one is about 2 pounds.

Be sure to read the fascinating discussion about the current prices of cheap cuts of beef, where plenty of people share interesting insights on this topic. Here is a link to that thread.

What is extremely interesting is that the big increase in the price of skirt steak already took place many years ago . It was mainly caused by a significant increase in the popularity of fajitas.

Skirt steak is now the second most expensive cut of beef, wholesale, with only the tenderloin costing more.

By Florence Fabricant, April 26, 1989. Link to full article.

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What Is Skirt Steak Exactly

Skirt steak is a long, thin, lean cut of meat with an intense flavor that features prominently in many cultures cuisines. The cut comes from a primal plate, the section right under the rib primal. An important fact, there are two types of skirt steak the inside and the outside skirt steak.

In the United States, skirt steak is often referred to as flank steak, which is a mistake, as they are two cuts coming from a completely different section of the cow.

Since it is a tough piece of meat, it works best when cooked rare or medium rare and should be cut against the grain for the best texture. Also, for this reason, most recipes mention marinating the meat before cooking it.

Other Names For The Skirt Steak

How To Make The Best Skirt Steak | Chef Jean-Pierre

Rarely, it is called the Beef Plate or the Philadelphia, but other than the differentiation between the inside and the outside, the skirt is rarely called by any other name because it is well known.

Sometimes it can be referred to as the dish it is intended for. So, for example, you may hear people refer to it as the fajita or Tex-Mex Skirt.

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What Is Skirt Steak Best For

And while you could enjoy your sliced skirt steak as-is, perhaps with some potatoes or a salad on the side, its also great for tacos, burritos, and fajitas. Try it in a sandwicha cheesesteak, for example.

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  • Skirt Steak Marinade Ingredients

    • Olive oil: I prefer using a good-quality extra virgin olive oil since its the most flavorful.
    • Soy sauce: use reduced sodium soy sauce so you can control the amount of salt.
    • Balsamic vinegar: use quality balsamic vinegar of Modena for the best flavor.
    • Lemon juice: freshly squeezed is best, but you can use bottled.
    • Brown sugar: balances the tangy lemon juice and umami of the soy with light caramel notes.
    • Worcestershire sauce: adds a depth of complex umami, slightly tangy flavor.
    • Dijon mustard: I promise it wont make your skirt steak taste like mustard! It adds a depth of tanginess.
    • Herbs and spices: you will need common seasonings such as paprika, pepper, dried parsley, dried oregano and dried thyme to round out the flavor profile.

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    Trim And Cut The Steak

    The butcher will often remove the top fatty membrane before its packaged, but if your steak is covered in fat, youll need to remove it. Underneath the top layer of fat will be a lean cut of meat with nice marbling with a few small channels of fat. Make sure to leave these fat pockets, they will melt away during cooking, and provide succulent flavor.

    After you trim the fat from the skirt steak, cut it into portions for easier marinating and grilling. It doesnt matter how many portions, but I typically cut one skirt steak into three portions. If you notice the steak starts to become thinner at one point, then that is a good place to divide the steak.

    Which Cut To Use

    Skirt Steak

    Always go for the outside skirt if possible because it will be more tender, less fatty, less chewy with intense beefy flavor. If you cant tell which cut youre holding at the grocery store , ask the butcher. The tell-tell sign is if its an extra great price. The outside skirt will always be more expensive, and in this case, you definitely get what you pay for! I suggest going to a butcher shop for a great outside cut .

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    What To Serve With Skirt Steak

    These thin strips of steak are perfect for use in fajitas. Just heat up some sliced peppers and onions and maybe give them a little char. Throw them on some corn tortillas with salsa verde and sour cream and it will be awesome!

    Another great way of serving this steak is to head over to the produce cooler at Costco and buy a prepackaged Caesar salad. Assemble the salad and top with the cooked steak for another amazing meal option.

    And hey, as long as you are on a buying spree, make sure to pick up one of those Prime Costco briskets to throw on you pit this weekend!

    Tips For Cooking The Best Skirt Steak

    Slice up the skirt steak into pieces. Marinate the skirt steak for about 30 minutes, or if you want to enjoy the real flavor of the skirt steak just sprinkle some salt and black pepper over it.

    After you remove the skirt steak from the marinade, pat dry with a paper towel. This will remove any excess moisture, so the meat can make a crust easily.

    Make sure to heat the grill properly before you put the steak on. For a medium rear cooked steak, you need to cook each side of the steak for 2-5 minutes depending on its thickness.

    Remove the steak from the grill and leave it on a warm plate to rest for a few minutes, so the juices can redistribute inside the steak.

    Slice the skirt steak against the grain, and enjoy the perfectly tender piece of steak.

    You can serve the skirt steak with grilled vegetables or grilled potatoes. You can also slice it and put it in a salad, or fajitas with some sauteed onions and peppers.

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    What Raised Right Means To Crowd Cow

    No Unnecessary Antibiotics

    Animal welfare is of utmost importance to us, and we only work with farms and producers that provide humane and clean living environments for their livestock.Better living conditions mean animals are naturally healthier so antibiotics simply arenât necessary.In the rare cases where an animal gets sick or requires medical attention, antibiotics are only used therapeutically never to promote growth or to âproactivelyâ prevent diseases.

    No Added Hormones

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    What Is The Ribeye Cap Called

    Wiens Wagyu Skirt Steak : What you get and cooking tips

    Spinalis Dorsi

    Its formal anatomical name is Spinalis Dorsi, its also known as ribeye cap, and deckle steak. And you may not ever have seen it on its own before, because, well, you have to ruin the entire prime rib/ribeye set to cut it away. Sometimes youll find the cap as a whole muscle, trimmed away from the primal in one go.

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    Prepare The Grill If Using

    If grilling, start by heating the grill with the lid closed cranked to the maximum temperature so it can achieve temperature more quickly plan on 10-15 minutes. Once the grill is fully heated, clean it thoroughly with a wire grill brush. A clean grill ensures direct contact with the heat to create a beautiful sear and grill marks and helps prevent sticking.

    It is important to grease your grill with a high smoking point oil such as vegetable oil or canola oil. To do this, first clean grill per directions above. Next, make a wad of paper towels, drench them in oil, then use tongs to rub it along the grill grates. NEVER spray a firing grill with cooking spray.

    How Do You Serve Skirt Steak

    Skirt steak can be served as a main dish with roasted potatoes or grilled vegetables.

    My sauce of choice is a tangy avocado chimichurri. Slice it up for fajitas with sautéed peppers and onions. Put it on a salad, with greens like romaine, spring mix, or arugula with a tangy vinaigrette. Chop it up to make quesadillas or nachos.

    If I ever have leftovers, I always look forward to the next morningâs breakfast, so I can enjoy it with over-easy eggs, sliced avocados, and sautéed spinach.

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    Grass Fed Beef Preparation & Cooking Tips

    • Sear on High heat. Then, use lower heat to finish cooking .
    • Use less cooking time when grilling or frying grass fed steaks .
    • We recommend using a food thermometer to monitor temperature.
    • Keep temperature to mediumdo not overcook!
    • See our Recipes Page for more info on preparation and cooking techniques.
    • Visit our Beef Guide for photos and descriptions of specific grass-fed beef cuts .
    • Have a question about grass-fed beef? Check out our FAQ .

    How To Cook Skirt Steak

    Wagyu Skirt Steak, 2.5 lb. avg

    Both outside and inside skirt have a good amount of fat within and between the muscle strands, which helps keep it moist when grilling it. The grain on the inside skirt is a little bit wider, so it might have slightly more fat.

    A lot of skirt steak recipes call for marinating the meat before grilling it, and because of its looser structure, skirt steak will absorb the flavors of the marinade quite well. But thereâs no need to marinate it for more than 30 minutes or so, as .

    Since skirt steak is tough, the best way to cook it is very quickly over the hottest grill you can get. As a matter of fact, some people will even skip the grill altogether and cook it directly on the coals. This actually works quite well, because you do not want to overcook skirt steak. Cooking it directly on the coals gets the surface of the meat nice and brown very quickly, without cooking the inside of the meat for too long. Ideal doneness is medium-rare to medium.

    Most importantly, skirt steak absolutely must be sliced thinly against the grain. Because itâs so long, your best bet is to cut it into shorter sections first and then slice those sections across the grain.

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    How To Properly Slice Steak

    One last bit of info before I send you on your way with this delicious skirt steak recipe, and it might be one of the most important steps how to cut steak once its cooked!

    You can visibly see the fibers running through the skirt steak , this is called the grain. Youre going to thinly slice the steak in a perpendicular cut, or against the grain to achieve the most tender bite.

    Example: For this steak, Ive made one cut right in the middle of the steak, dividing it into two more manageable pieces. Then I turn the steak 90 degrees, so the grain is going in a perpendicular direction to my slicing.

    Easy Italian Marinated Skirt Steak

    Easy Italian Marinated Skirt Steak is a delicious dinner recipe! This simple steak is packed with Italian flavors then seared to perfection.

    This steak is great for meal prep, a keto diet, an easy lunch idea, or simple dinner recipe.

    I love pairing this steak with a simple salad, but you can add this to just about anything!

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    Whats The Difference Between Outside Skirt Steak And Inside Skirt Steak

    Glad you ask!

    Outside Skirt Steak is a popular meat cut praised for its rich fat marbling, tenderness and flavor. This is a very favorite cut among Argentinians, who also know it as âentraÃñaâ. On the other hand, Inside Skirt Steak comes from the flank and is thinner, leaner and narrower than its outside counterpart.

    Varieties Of Skirt Steak

    Which Steak is better Inside or Outside Skirt Steak?

    The two types of skirt steak include the inside and outside skirt. They differ in texture and tenderness. The outside skirt is more even, longer and thicker than the inside skirt, making it ideal for commercial use in restaurants and sale in grocery stores. Its tender with a finer texture.

    The muscle fibers within the inside skirt shrink during cooking and thus become thinner. The inside steak gives a chewy bite, so it works best when cut to a smaller thickness and marinade. However, both beef cuts are tasty.

    raw skirt steak

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