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Outside Skirt Steak Vs Inside

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Seasoning And Using Skirt Steak

Which Steak is better Inside or Outside Skirt Steak?

This steak has so much flavor, I usually like it with just salt and pepper. But you could add whatever additional herbs and spices you like. Garlic powder and onion powder, for example. Or chili powder and cumin. Its also nice with rosemary and thyme.

And while you could enjoy your sliced skirt steak as-is, perhaps with some potatoes or a salad on the side, its also great for tacos, burritos, and fajitas. Try it in a sandwicha cheesesteak, for example. Or as part of a steak and eggs breakfast.

Try to avoid reheating it, though, because that can lead to the meat becoming more than medium-rarein other words, overcooked and dry.

Skirt steak is versatile, quick, easy, inexpensive , and really, really good. Use these tips to cook and slice it right, and it just might become your new favorite steak too.


Which Is Better Skirt Steak Or Flank Steak

Skirt and flank steaks each yield similar results, and each one has its pros and cons. And, of course, each one has its supporters, proclaiming it to be the better choice for some reason.

While both are terrific cuts of meat, if we had to choose sides, wed go with skirt. Yes, theyre less tender, but if you cook and cut them right, that wont be an issue.

Skirt cooks faster, offers more flavor, and are usually less expensive than flank. Its a close call, but were declaring skirt steak to be the winner of this showdown.

What Is Outside Skirt Steak Used For

The thick grain of skirt steaks and the large, hearty flavor of them makes them an excellent choice. The marinades themselves are able to tenderize quickly if theres a marinade nearby. When you cook carne asada and fajita meat on the grill, this cut is the best is best cooked hot and fast on a grill and is commonly used for carne asada and fajitas.

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The Difference Between The Skirt Steak Flank Steak And Hanger Steak

Weve explained what a skirt steak is. Now, lets mention a few steaks commonly used as substitutes and often mistaken with authentic skirt steak.

The flank steak comes from the flank primal in the steers abdominal area. Just as the skirt steak, this is a tough muscle with lots of connective tissue. The flank steak is leaner than the skirt steak. Its less tender than the inner skirt steak and equally tender to the outside skirt steak.

The hanger steak is also a budget cut, but its noticeably smaller than the skirt steak, often only 7 inches long. This muscle is suspended from the last rib to the loin, and literally hangs from the steers diaphragm. This steak has a tough membrane running through it that must be removed. Flavor and texture-wise, the hanger steak is a great substitute for skirt steak.

How To Cook Flank Steak And Skirt Steak

What is Skirt Steak? (Also: Inside Vs. Outside Skirt)

No matter what sort of grill you use, you can prepare flank steak and skirt steak easily.

  • Simply preheat the grill to between 425 and 450°F.
  • If youre using a charcoal grill, light the fire using a chimney starter and then put coals in the grill to warm. If you are using a gas grill, fire the burners and tune the temperature knobs to the proper settings.
  • Searing may happen at 350°F or beyond, but the hotter the grill is, the more apparent the sear would be.
  • Lay the steak on the grate when your grill has achieved the right temperature. Then, push it down hard to ensure that the overall cut contacts the grates.
  • Depending on the thickness of your cut, you may just need to fry it for two minutes per side for the skirt steak. After two minutes, flip your pan and grill the other side for another two minutes.
  • The procedure would be the same for flank steak. However, because the flank is thicker, cooking times will indeed be longer.
  • Flank beef usually cooks for 3 or 4 minutes on each side on the grill for a nice medium rare brown.
  • If you like the medium doneness, place your steak on the rack with a low heat for a few minutes longer.

Grill the steak

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How To Cut The Meat

Despite all of their differences, skirts and flanks have a few things in common. This includes how you should cut and serve each piece of meat. Each one has a well-defined grain structure. This makes it easy to see which way the muscle fibers run. Top tip: you should always cut against the grain to reduce toughness and make it easier to chew.

What Part Of The Cow Is The Outside Skirt Steak

Contributing to the rise in prices is heavy export of the skirt steak to Japan. Because the diaphragm is classified as offal, not muscle meat, it was exported in larger quantities than other cuts of beef to Japan, which, until last month, imposed stringent import quotas on cuts of beef other than offal.

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Where Does Skirt Steak Come From

The outside skirt steak is located on the outside of the chest wall of the steer and runs in sort of a diagonal orientation from the bottom of the 6th rib to the upper portion of the 12th rib.

Inside skirt steak is located inside the chest wall of the steer further back than the inside skirt. The inside skirt also runs parallel with the steers belly as opposed to the diagonal of the outside skirt.

Can Skirt Steak & Flap Meat Be Substituted For Each Other

What’s difference between INSIDE and OUTSIDE skirt steaks? | Jess Pryles

Now, we know that flap meat and skirt steak are different. However, these two are both used for making steaks.

Therefore, you might have a question-

Can I substitute flap meat with skirt steak?

To be honest, yes, you definitely can. Unlike chopped and sliced brisket, they are interchangeable. You can easily cook one by the others recipe without any worry!

Because skirt steak and flap meat are both cooked in the same way. For example, they are great for marinating and grilling.

Furthermore, flap meat is better for marinating. Because skirt steak is denser than flap meat.

Therefore, youll get more flavors into the flap meat steak.

So, you can use flap meat instead of skirt steak. Itll cost you much less but will definitely provide you a good meal.

Now, to substitute it, you need to how to cook flap meat. Thus, weve discussed how to grill flap meat like skirt steak-

  • Firstly, take the piece of meat and cut it into strips.
  • Use salt, ginger, garlic, chili pepper paste, soya sauce in your marinade. You can even pour some lime juice and fish or oyster sauce in it.
  • Let the meat soak in the marinade for 4-6 hours.
  • Place it on the grill. And cook it for 5-6 minutes.
  • Stop cooking when the pieces reach 130-135 degrees Fahrenheit. For this, use a good-quality meat thermometer.

Plus if youre worrying about where to get the thermometer from, dont worry! Because weve provided some of our suggested meat thermometers-

Habor 022 Meat Thermometer

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How Do You Prepare Them

Before we get into the other details, let us look at how you prepare these meat cuts. From a butchers perspective, you need to do different things before you can sell these.

The inside skirt steak is relatively easier to cut and trim than the outside skirt steak. You will only need to get the huge steak out of the middle of the body of the cow by trimming it slowly.

It can be tricky since other cuts of meat surround it and one slight mistake can ruin the skirt steak or the other cuts. However, after cutting it out, it will be easier to trim and clean.

Since you have cut the inside skirt steak along a specific lining of fat, there would not be much trimming needed. There are some fats that customers might want to get rid of but thats it.

You do not need any special trimming or cleaning process with the inside skirt steak when sold to customers. In fact, as a regular customer, I can trim the fats off if I want to.

The outside skirt steak is a harder cut of beef that needs a professional or an expert to cut it properly. See, the first problem with it is that it has a thick membrane.

It separates the ribcage from the skin itself which means that there is a coating. That is why the outside skirt steak has a long slab of meat but has a membrane.

You need a professional butcher to cut the outside skirt steak properly. Once the outside skirt steak is on sale, it should have as little fat as possible.

How Do You Serve Skirt Steak

Skirt steak can be served as a main dish with roasted potatoes or grilled vegetables.

My sauce of choice is a tangy avocado chimichurri. Slice it up for fajitas with sautéed peppers and onions. Put it on a salad, with greens like romaine, spring mix, or arugula with a tangy vinaigrette. Chop it up to make quesadillas or nachos.

If I ever have leftovers, I always look forward to the next mornings breakfast, so I can enjoy it with over-easy eggs, sliced avocados, and sautéed spinach.

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Skirt Steak Marinade Recipes

Chimichurri marinade. The zesty Argentinian condiment is great for marinating in addition to being an excellent companion to grilled beef cuts. Make a full batch and use about a quarter to a third cup as a marinade simply spread it over the skirt steak, cover it and refrigerate.

Skirt steak marinade with beer. Our beer marinade for steak is great for pourous cuts such as skirt and flank.

Fajita skirt steak marinade. Use your favorite fajita marinade

Asian stir fry marianade. Use the marinade from this recipe, it is very flavorful and works really well with pre-sliced inside skirt .

Asian Grilled Flank Steak

The REAL Difference Between Inside and Outside Skirt Steak

This recipe looks to the East for inspiration and totally nails it. The blend of soy sauce and sesame oil is bang on.

Unless youre already into Asian cooking, you may need to make a special trip to pick up the rice vinegar. Dont try and substitute white vinegar its much too harsh. If you need a stand-in, try apple cider vinegar, which is a staple for most grillers and smokers.

Flavorful without being challenging, this is a great recipe for dipping your toes into international cuisine.

Its not in the recipe, but, as the pictures suggest, chopped green onions make an excellent garnish. For a side, go with jasmine or basmati rice. Youll look like a chef whos traveled the world!

Heres how to do it no passport required: Asian Grilled Flank Steak

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The Outside Skirt Steak

You can find the outside skirt steak on the chest walls as it orients diagonally from the lower to the upper ribs. It is less moist meat and has a strong beefy flavor thus, you can marinate to your preferred taste. The outside skirt is attached to the ribcage and has a thick membrane, making it tough.

However, you will remove the membrane before preparing the meat to lead to a juicy outcome. You would ask the butcher to cut the membranes and trim the outside skirt steak before buying.

The Plate Primal Explained

The plate or short plate is one of the eight main beef primal cuts of a steer. Its located below the rib primal, behind the brisket and in front of the flank. The plate can be divided into just a few subprimals or cuts.

In a nutshell, in the plate primal youll find short ribs, the skirt steak and the hanger steak. The rest of the meat is often used to make ground beef or charcuterie. Theres no doubt both the outside and inside skirt steaks are the most prized cuts of beef from this lesser-known primal.

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Outside Skirt Steak Vs Inside Skirt Steak

Outside skirt steaks are famous in restaurants, fast-food establishments, and fine dining. The inside skirt steak is more common in supermarkets. Outside skirt steaks and inside skirt steaks come from the same section of the cow.

Both outside and inside skirt steaks are scarce because one of each comes from either side of the cow. The inside skirt steak is from underneath the cows ribs against the wall of its body. The outside skirt steak comes from a cows diaphragm muscle between the sixth and twelfth ribs.

Some nutritional differences exist between a 3-ounce serving of outside and inside skirt steak.


Outside skirt steaks and inside skirt steaks also differ in texture, flavor, size, and appearance.

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The Inside Skirt Steak

The inside skirt steak is derived from the beef meat inside the chest wall of the steer. The inside skirt steak runs parallel to the belly and has fat embedded into the muscle grains. The inside steak is soft and has fat embedded within the muscles, thus giving tender meat after searing.

This is the most preferred skirt steak by chefs, and you can opt for it when buying meat from the butcher. It offers a beefy taste, but you can marinate it to get the desired flavors.

How Can You Tell The Difference Between Inside And Outside Skirt Steak

There are few differences between inside and outside skirt steak. The first one is the place where they are located in the cows body.

Outside skirt steak is placed diagonally between the 6th and the 12th rib, and it is covered with a membrane that should be trimmed before cooking.

The inside skirt steak, on the other hand, is placed in the body wall, across the lower part of the ribs, and beyond them. It is usually sold with a removed membrane so it is easier to trim it.

Another difference between the outside and inside skirt steaks is in their appearance. Outside skirt steak is thinner and longer, while inside skirt steak is thicker and wider.

They are flat muscles 20-24 inches long and 3-7 inches wide if the membrane is trimmed. Inside skirt steak is tougher than the outside skirt steak which is tender and more expensive.

They are expensive because one cow has only four skirt steaks . Outside skirt steak is available in restaurants because it is more tender than inside skirt steak. You can find inside skirt steak in the butchers shops and stores.

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Which Is Usually Bigger

They are entirely different shapes, so its a bit hard to tell which is generally larger. While skirt steaks are much longer than flank steaks, the extra thickness of the flank usually means it will weigh more.

Remember, though, youre almost always going to serve both sliced, allowing you total control over portion sizes.

Whats The Difference Between Outside Skirt Steak And Inside Skirt Steak


Glad you ask!

Outside Skirt Steak is a popular meat cut praised for its rich fat marbling, tenderness and flavor. This is a very favorite cut among Argentinians, who also know it as âentrañaâ. On the other hand, Inside Skirt Steak comes from the flank and is thinner, leaner and narrower than its outside counterpart.

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Which Is Better For Fajitas Flank Steak Or Skirt Steak

Skirt steak is the traditional cut for fajitas, but flank can work in its place. Skirt steak is better because of how well it marinades. The fibers in skirt steak arent tightly-knit, which allows the marinade and seasoning to penetrate deeper into the cut.

The strong meaty taste of skirt steak is also good, as it holds up to the heavy spicing of fajitas. Fajitas are best cooked with a quick sear over a high heat, which is perfect for the lean meat of skirt steak.

However, flank steak can also be used for fajitas, even if it isnt as well suited. Flank steak is a more tender cut, but with a closer knit fiber. This means that while it will hold a marinade, the flavors wont reach as deep. Flank steak has a less intense flavor, which some prefer.

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Where To Buy Skirt Steak Online

Porter Road

Porter Road skirt steaks are pasture-raised and devoid of antibiotics and hormones. They are sent fresh after dry-aging for at least two weeks to intensify the taste and tenderize before sale.

The smaller skirt steak weighs between 0.63 and 0.88 pounds, whereas the larger steak weighs between 0.88 and 1.33 pounds.

Crowd Cow

Crowd cow sells flank steak in two varieties: regular and Wagyu, which has much more marbling and intramuscular fat.

These always sell out rapidly, so youll have to sign up for a waiting list to be notified when they restock.

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