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Most Expensive Steak In The World

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The Most Expensive Steak In The World: The Vintage Cote De Boeuf Rib Steak


While all the above steaks are extremely expensive and rare, they can still be obtained to be cooked at home. There are, however, steaks that are so rarified, they can only be found in select restaurants and for a very hefty price tag. More specifically, we are referring to the the Vintage Cote De Boeuf Rib Steak from Boucherie Polmard in France, which is without a doubt one of the most expensive beef cuts on the market today.

But what makes this steak so expensive and so exclusive?

For one it can only be purchased from one butcher in Paris known as Polmard Eleveur Boucher. There the head butcher, Alexandre Polmard, hibernates the beef, essentially aging it for 15 years. For comparison purposes, most beef you can buy around the world is aged for about 21 days.

Once slaughtered, the beef is stored in Boucherie Polmards on-site food laboratory where it is air chilled down to -45 °F. This is done by a special technique of blown super chilled air onto the meat at exactly 47 mph.

After 15 years of aging, the beef develops a rich and unique taste that has made it a favorite of Michelin-starred establishments around the world.

A simple ribeye will set you back a whopping $3,200 . While you can technically purchase one of these steaks directly from the butcher, due to the slow and limited production, restaurants like have years of stock backordered, making it extremely difficult to simply walk in and buy a few cuts.

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The Most Expensive Steak Cuts You Can Actually Afford

If this article has filled you with a deep desire for great quality steak, but $4,000 seems like a little too much to be spending on one meal, dont worry.

There are some fantastic cuts that you can get from your local butcher and the fact that they haven been fed on olives, imported from Japan, or aged for 15-years wont make them any less delicious.

So, if youre looking a great cut of beef to grill up for dinner, here is what we suggest:

Picanha Wagyu Is The Most Expensive Picanha In The World

Authentic Wagyu Picanha is Expensive, but the taste is impossible to find elsewhere. Famous Youtuber Gustavo Tosta introduces on his 2 million subscribers channel, Guga Foods, the Picanha Wagyu. This expensive cut, as he shows, comes with a certificate of authenticity since it was not bought in the U.S. but came straight from the Wagyu beefs home country: Japan. The whole experience is documented by the meat foodie and shows the Picanha Wagyu steaks fancy side. In the U.S, the normal price for a 3lbs piece of Picanha meat is 50$ and goes up to 100$ for a 5lbs cut. However, this price increases for a Wagyu Picanha steak to more than 500$ for a 3lbs piece. This goes to show how expensive the rump cap of Wagyu beef is. Given the quality of the animals meat, it is understandable why it is so costly. Indeed, when you buy this meat, you will not be purchasing a usual piece of meat from a normal beef strain. Instead, you will be paying for an imported Japanese product with an expensive diet built on eating quality roughage and are not just fattened by a grains diet. In addition to that, Wagyu beef spends an important part of their lives grazing in the fields of the Japanese meadows.

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Beef Tenderloin Steak Recipe

Green onions | Deep-fried scallions | How to make simple easy recipe with green onions |

Yes, its true. The recipe of sweet potato is possible to make with no onion and garlic. It is easy to prepare and fast without more time spend in the kitchen. Remember one thing when you prepare this recipe, you need to make sure to select the best quality of potato.Sweet potatoes are among the most adaptable veggies throughout the globe. It can be baked, boiling, and fried, then sauteed, mashed, and even into sweet potato fries!The sweet potato is among the most loved vegetable recipe in our diets. Also, it has a sweet taste and is high in protein, fiber, potassium, and vitamin A.My food blog –

Why This Recipe Works

Top 10 Most Expensive Steaks in the World
  • Its all about the beef. Whether its roast beef or a steak sandwich, beef is almost always sliced before being added to a sandwich. Thats because the connective tissue in a typical steak makes it difficult to bite cleanly through it. An A5 grade Wagyu sirloin from Japan is so tender that this problem disappears, which makes it possible to stuff the whole crispy cutlet into the sandwich.
  • To get the katsu crisp and golden brown on the outside and rare in the center. I start with steaks that come right out of the refrigerator. Then, theyre fried at 375 degrees F, which is significantly hotter than usual. This quickly browns the breading, while warming the center through enough to start melting the fat but not so much that it cooks it through.
  • Premium Wagyu from Japan has a large amount of intramuscular fat, which is what makes it so delicious, but it can be pretty rich, which is why my homemade Katsu Sauce for this is tangy and spicy, to help balance things out.

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Alexander’s Steakhouse San Francisco: Sanuki Wagyu

Wagyu is a huge trend in the beef industry, and Alexander’s Steakhouse is one of the best places to try the luxurious Japanese meat. It offers wagyu raised in 10 different Japanese prefectures, each with a unique flavor profile, but the chef’s current favorite is the Sanuki. The cows are raised on the island of Shodoshima in the Kagawa prefecture and finished with a diet of olives, which gives the meat a high acid content that transforms the fat into something closer to olive oil. Alexander’s is one of the few steakhouses in the world to serve it, but with that rarity comes a luxe price tag: $225 for just 3 ounces.

What Is The Toughest Meat

Beef. Naturally, the toughest parts of beef are found around the legs: The shanks, the rounds, the shoulders, the brisket, and the neck. Round or Heel of Round is another incredibly tough cut of beef, which is why it usually gets made into ground beef with a sampling of other tougher muscle cuts and trimmings.

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Highest Award Winning Kobe Beef Steak: $423

Where: Bifteck Kawamura in Tokyo, Japan You may think awards are overrated, but Kawamura doesn’t. It buys award-winning beef at events including the Kobe Beef Fair and presents you with that cow’s ID number and certificate of authenticity before you eat. For this price, you’re getting 7 ounces of the best of the best.

Why Does The World’s Most Expensive Steak Cost $3200

Kobe Beef: The Most Expensive Steaks in the World

Apparently, fine wine isnt the only thing that gets better with age, so does steak . At $3,200, the 2000 vintage cote de boeuf is the worlds most expensive steak. So what makes a rib steak at Boucherie Polmard worth so much? I talked to its owner Alexandre Polmard to find out.

The “hibernation” process could store the beef for any length of time.

While the breed of cattle for this particular steakthe Blonde Aquintaine, rivals the most expensive beef such as Blank Angus and Kobe, its the rarity of this vintage beef that makes it particularly valuable. According to Polmard, there are only 103 vintage beef ribs ranging from 1998 to 2009. By heavily investing on storing these vintage millesime beef in a ventilated negative cold room, Polmard is able to preserve one of the most exquisite, aged beef in the world.

Ample roaming space for the cattle.

Serious about creating a stress-free environment, Polmard talks to his cattle daily.

The man behind the world’s most expensive steak.

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Wagyu Picanha A: The Highest

Wagyu beef is rated in Japan from A to C ranks for yield grade and from 1 to 5 ranks for meat quality grade, and 15 ranks from the highest A-5 to the lowest C-1. These ratings have played a role in clarifying the difference in quality between foreign Wagyu and the authentic Wagyu from Japan. When Wagyu Picanha meat has the mention A5, this means that youll be having the most delicate piece of meat an animal can produce. Eating the A5 Wagyu Picanha represents a unique gastronomic experience.

The Most Expensive Steak Dinners In The World

| Stuff

The most expensive steaks in the world are primarily sourced from Japan. The legendary Kobe beef comprises the majority of the entries on this list due to how it is exclusively raised, both for quality assurance and also for value assurance.

However, Kobe is not the end-all when it comes to expensive steaks. Additionally, the kind of Kobe you buy and how the restaurant values their own creation has a huge impact on the price. The meat is just the clay we want to find out whos making the best works of art.

Here are the 8 most expensive steaks in the world.

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Prime At Bellagio: 12

The Bellagio fountains are one of Vegas’ biggest attractions, but the star of the show at the Bellagio may just be the steak at Prime. Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten conducts symphonies on the plate, with an appropriately Sin City-level price tag. Their A5-Certified Kobe Beef is available in filet, New York strip, and ribeye cuts, and costs anywhere from $360 for eight ounces to a jackpot-mandating $720 for a 12-ounce cut.

Which Is More Expensive Wagyu Or Kobe

Here Are The 5 Most Expensive Steak in The World, Are You ...

The most sought after regional varieties of Wagyu all come from Tajima-Gyu cattle, including Matsusaka, Omi, and you guessed it Kobe beef. Kobe beef is the crème de la crème it is the most sought after and most expensive beef in the world, with single portions often selling for more than $200.

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What Is Better Filet Or Ribeye

A simplified rule to remember is: the ribeye is perfect for those who prefer flavor, and the filet mignon is the better choice for those who prefer texture. Ribeye has long been known to steak lovers as the epitome of steak flavor. This cut of meat comes from the ribs of the animal, between the loin and shoulder.

Other Expensive Steaks In The World

We talked about the Wagyu, which is considered the most expensive beef steak around the world. In this portion, we will talk about other high-priced and delicious beef steaks from multiple corners in the world. We have got merely seven conspicuous steaks to review. I believe youll like it.

Japanese Kobe Steak

The Japanese Kobe steak initially generates from a special Wagyu breed named Japanese Black cattle. Predominantly, these cattle were raised in Kobe, which is a distinctive county of Japan. The city is also renowned as The beef capital of Japan. This is why the steak is named as Kobe Beef Steak.

Kobe beef is very delicious in terms of taste and has excellent fame around the world. This can easily convert to sushi, steak, sashimi, and many other multi-cuisine Japanese recipes.

However, it requires a lot of hard work behind each cow. All the dedicated farmers provide their best possible effort to their calves and help them to grow rapidly.

Before 2012, trading Kobe meats were entirely illegal. Since the end of 2012, its been approximately ten years. Kobe beef is now selling globally, including in The United States, Australia, UK, Thailand, Singapore, Canada, and many more. People from those regions are liking the meat as well.

American Wagyu Beef

However, cows that raising in Japan tastes better than the ones in America or Australia. Its because of the countrys geographical position, and the rest is for the unusual genetics of Wagyu.

The Newyork Strip

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Most Expensive Steak In The World: Conclusion

These are the most expensive steak in the world. If you arent feeling particularly bouncy, it appears that splurging on beef cuts isnt required. The outrageous price tags, on the other hand, cover the flavor, softness, and superb culinary satisfaction that these steaks would provide. Youll need to come prepared with your cash if you want the best steaks. Remember that a high price tag does not always signal that a steak is excellent quality there are numerous aspects to consider.

Why Is Japanese Wagyu The Most Expensive Steak In The World

Eating the Worlds Most EXPENSIVE Steak! (Japanese A5 Wagyu)

You will find Wagyu beef in various corners of the world. Mostly, in the United States and Australia, there are plenty of bred Wagyu. Yet, bore that belongs to Japan is most popular and costs almost 40 times than the American or Australian bred.

Now, the question is, Why? Why Japanese Wagyu Beef costs this much? Well, its primarily because of the feed they consume.

An average Japanese Wagyu takes almost 5 tons of feed in their inducement period. They are fed by high protein fiber and profoundly energetic feed made up of rice, wheat, and thatch.

Lets look up at some of the facts about Wagyu:

  • Wagyu cows are generally worth around 30,000$ in any regular auction.
  • Japanese government held a rigorous position in terms of raising Wagyu. You will not be able to raise a Wagyu in Japan without the governments permission.
  • If you want to bite on a super delicious and fragile piece of Wagyu steak, you have to count more or less 300$ for omitting your craving.

I hope you understand why Wagyu costs this much and why its considered as one of the most expensive steaks in the world.

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Ribeye Watering Vegas Restaurant Wally’s Serves Up ‘most Expensive Steak Ever Sold’

  • Wally’s at Resorts World Las Vegas served the pricey meal, a 195-day dry aged bone-in porterhouse ribeye from the Brooklyn butcher Fleishers Craft Butchery
  • Executive Chef Ryan Kluver cooked it over almond wood and Bichotan Japanese charcoal and seasoned it with truffle salt and black pepper
  • It was served with a black truffle bordelaise sauce, potato pomme anne, grilled broccolini, and fresh shaved black truffles
  • Weighing 60 oz., the massive meat dish was big enough to serve several ‘A-list VIP guests’ s including Shark Tank’s Daymond John
  • The restaurant is offering a ‘very limited supply’ of similar ‘super-exclusive cuts’ for $1,000 each

Most Expensive Steak In The World

This is the most expensive steak in the world. It is called Kobe Beef and is made out of a type of cow called Wagyu. This meat has a very good fat content which, when cooked, helps it to melt in your mouth and leaves you with a very satisfying flavor.

Kobe beef comes from cows that are born and raised in Japans Hyogo Prefecture, according to their website they have three breeds: Tajima-gyu , Japanese Black , and Akaushi .

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The World’s Most Expensive Steak Dinner

The finest cut from this noblest of bovines is a cote de boeuf which has been aging since the Y2K bug turned out to be not a thing. This particular steak can only be purchased at the Polmard boucherie in Paris, and is so exclusive that only a few restaurant chefs around the world even have the option to purchase this bovine perfection.

Should your private chef be on vacation, the best place to enjoy vintage Polmard beef is at the Michelin-starred Caprice restaurant located in Hong Kong’s Four Seasons Hotel. For $700 per person, you can enjoy your cote de boeuf as part of a special chef’s table menu. This ultra-luxe meal also includes such delicacies as rumpsteak sliced thin and garnished with autumn truffles, beef tartare with Laphroaig whiskey, and Oscietra caviar, but the star of the show is Polmard’s Rare Millesime Cote de Boeuf, Vintage 2000. This massive cut of beef has almost no marbling or fat, nor does it need it, as the flavor, with its gentle acidity, along with texture so tender you can almost cut it with a fork alone, are a truly unforgettable experience or so the restaurant’s full bookings would indicate.

Not that too many of us are likely to find out any time soon, but hey, if you’re going to dream of a steak dinner, might as well dream big, and this sublime steak is definitely the stuff of which sweet, sweet dreams are made.

Some Of The Most Expensive Steak In The World:

Top 10 World Most Expensive Steaks
  • A5 Kobe Steak
  • Select Special Kobe Filet
  • Wagyu Sirloin, and more.

The most expensive steak in the world is the 2000 vintage cote de boeuf , which costs $3,200. So, what makes a Boucherie Polmard rib steak so expensive? While the breed of cow used to create this steak, the Blonde Aquitaine can compete with the most costly cuts of beef such as Blank Angus and Kobe the rarity of this vintage meat makes it so precious. Unfortunately, only 103 vintage beef ribs from 1998 to 2009 are available. Take a look at the different selections of stake here.

According to a current report from 2021, the United States of America comfortably sits second after Argentina in terms of beef and buffalo consumption. Beef consumption is high due to various factors, including the end product, such as burgers, steaks, and bacon.

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